Going Down with the Ship

Note: I have edited this article because the person that I criticised in it complained that I had resorted to unwarranted personal attacks. In reviewing it I found that I agreed and so I've gone about removing them.


I'm going point out where Mahesh is inaccurate, distorting facts, etc.

The main point for supporters and skeptics alike is to determine if the evidence shows that Meier case is authentic or not. This is the reason why Mahesh tries to avoid the basic fact that the expert analyses of Meier's photos, films, sounds, etc., authenticated them years ago…and more recently with the three new analyses. This has been pointed out numerous times but continues to be ignored by Mahesh.

Why has he still not addressed all of these analyses? Probably because it would abruptly terminate his attacks and claims that Meier hoaxed his evidence, a position that Mahesh has for a long time embraced but only recently openly revealed.

1. Mahesh tries to debunk Billy Meier's information about why the planet Mercury is shrinking, saying that it was discovered in 1974. This is simply inaccurate and very misleading. You can check it out here where they explain that it was a later theory based on photographs from the Mariner mission, not determined at the time by it.

So he appears to have deliberately made a false claim.

2. Regarding Arkhangelsk, here's another desperate attempt to try to diminish the absolutely remarkable naming of the specific place to which the Russians would move their troops, which Meier foretold in 1987, and which occurred in…2011. How many of you had ever even heard of Arkhangelsk before then?

I touch on that in articles like this.

Mahesh tries to dismiss this by saying no such war has been started. Not only is this foolish, since he doesn't recognize how and even when wars actually start, but he fails to understand of course that the prophecies are…warnings, designed to help us prevent such things. This demonstrates just how and why human beings may be too short-sighted to survive. (He may wish to refresh his memory about the warning that the Chinese will destroy New Delhi…and 30 millions lives.)

3. Mahesh tells us there's "no evidence" that Meier published the 1958 letter when he said he did therefore the planets beyond Pluto prediction doesn't stand, etc. So Mahesh is calling Meier a liar, make no mistake about it. And we're treated to more sophistry and blustering as he also criticizes the late Guido Moosbrugger for not asking Meier the right questions, etc.

Mahesh is wrong again when he tries to dismiss Meier's prophetic information about the Ebola epidemic, the fall of France and worldwide Islamic terrorism as being published "after the fact".

The current Ebola epidemic is the "largest in history", not merely another outbreak. It qualifies as a true…epidemic, the others don't and it and it was published before the fact, in 1987.

Did France already fall to Islam? I guess I didn't hear about it but Mahesh obviously did. Even using the outside date of internet publication, none of these events had yet occurred.

And "irrepressible worldwide Islamist terrorism" isn't a fact yet either. And it wasn't happening even in 1995, when Meier again foretold it in Contact 251.

Mahesh was wrong again.

So a real, serious, intelligent, competent researcher would not only recognize that these events were indeed foretold by Meier but then have to realize that his foreknowledge of the WTC attack is genuine as well. Of course this will take just little bit of honest, logical, deductive thinking.

4. Regarding what Wendelle told me...I stand by it. In fact, while Mahesh is pretending to be an investigator, I noticed that when I included page 449 about the four other photographers, etc., he didn't ask the logical question: "Could this be what Michael Horn was talking about?" Please notice exactly how Wendelle expressed this:

"…we had four different photographers using four different cameras, loaded with four different kinds of film, developed in four different laboratories, etc."

This was the way in which Wendelle spoke and while I may have misunderstood something, the real evidence is right here. Trying to remember the exact words of a conversation from possibly more than a decade ago can be imperfect but a reasonable person - let alone a real investigator - would have noticed, been...objective and asked the right question. But someone lacking this kind of real life experience that also involves interviewing people face-to-face, getting a sense of how open and honest they may be, checking their record of truthfulness. etc., just may not notice or grasp such things (as Mahesh's comments about Guido also reveal).

5. This brings us to Mahesh's saying that some anonymous person called me a liar, when it's probably Mahesh himself. After all, not only would a real investigator not take some unknown person's word about a third party they didn't know and then publish it to impugn that person's honesty, etc., anyone can see that Wendelle and I obviously knew each other as we shared a stage at the 2007 IUFOC.

In fact, we met and spoke at numerous other events there dating back into the 1990s. Wendelle and I were also interviewed an all-day event at the Stirling Club, in Las Vegas, by George Knapp and a couple of other people, several years ago. Further, I corresponded with Wendelle, and his wife Suzy, over the years, as well as knowing his daughter Cece. Wendelle of course authorized me to put out CDs on his Message from the Pleiades series and other books as well.

Also, on February 12, 2015, Chris Lock, a professional photographer and researcher, sent a lengthy rebuttal to Mahesh about his professional and logical inaccuracies, as well as misquoting Lock.

Mahesh is also a bit unhappy that his "private conversation" (private, on the internet?) revealed his real, true agenda:

"Mahesh: hope Joey, he be silent and watch me deconstructing MH"

He clearly wants to attack the person, not his "logic", etc.

As far as his contributions, Mahesh had pointed out the numerous times he found corroborating evidence for Meier's information. He failed to note that finding the pieces of a puzzle doesn't mean that one can put them together, nor that he can see or recognize the picture that they make. In time people will understand that Meier never falsified evidence or information. But this must be determined by each person through their own thinking.

It seems that in Mahesh's world, everythng others do must be perfect - unlike what happens in real life. His inaccurate attacks and inability to account for means, motive and opportunity, to understand and consider real life circumstances, etc., are far more indicative of his inexperience as a real investigator. Understanding and dealing with real people in real life situations can't be fully and accurately accomplished solely by doing informational searches on one's computer. It's not only inadequate but also unnecessary in this case, since the man at the center of it and many witnesses, etc., are still alive...and the contacts still ongoing, a plane ride away from where Mahesh lives.

There's no reason for someone who really wants to know the truth - and who's been attacking the pincipals as dishonest and untrustworthy - to not do what many other interested people have done and examine some sighting/filming locations, do on-site, face-to-face interviews, etc., and get a first hand sense of the circumstances, people and situation for themselves in a matter as historically important as this.

It should also be made clear that Mahesh stated that he won't debate the facts with me unless he can set the agenda in advance. For the record, I've never made such demands of any radio host, or anyone else. If he doesn't know what he's talking about it will come out very clearly in an actual debate. The people who host interviews where Mahesh can make his defamatory accusations without having them challenged haven't done any due diligence themselves, nor have they shown any interest in having me answer the challenges and inaccuracies.

For what it may be worth, the people at FIGU distance themselves from Mahesh, regarding him as a "rat catcher", who is setting about to gather people around him to attack the truth, the Meier case and Meier himself. They knowthat things like this are to be expected…and ultimately serve the truth and the mission.

It seems like whenever a true prophet appears, there's a new generation of vipers waiting to attack him. The final result is like what happens when a scorpion, so intent on killing others, fatally stings himself in the process.

So whatever analogy you prefer, if you get on board and tie your fortunes to a badly misguided, sinking ship you will go down with it.