Pro-FIGU Study Group

The rules and regulations that govern the formation and function of pro-FIGU study groups.


Part 1: Name, Form and Office


Pro-FIGU Study Group

P.O.B 17033

Munds Park, AZ

86017, U.S.A.

Email: pro.figustudygroup@gmail.com



a)The Pro-FIGU Study Group is a study community of passive members of the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center.
NOTE: FIGU membership is not required in order to attend the meetings in Arizona.

b)The Pro-FIGU Study Group is a non-profit community

c) The Pro-FIGU Study Group is, in and of itself, apolitical in every regard, whereby, however, study members can pursue constitutionally legal political activities in their private spheres.

d) The Pro-FIGU Study Group is, in every regard, free from views which are religious, sectarian, unrealistic, or are not in accordance with humane views or are at odds with the country/state.

e) The Pro-FIGU Study Group adheres to its country’s laws.

f) The Pro-FIGU Study Group exclusively orientates itself according to the statutes of FIGU Switzerland.

g) The Pro-FIGU Study Group is subject to the leadership of the FIGU-Landesgruppe.


Part 2: Regular Meetings

a)The regular meetings of the Pro-FIGU Study Group occur on the second Saturday of every month.

b) The Spiritual Teaching Group meets at its own discretion on the second Saturday.

c) The Organisational Group determines its own meeting time on the second Saturday.


Part 3: General Conduct

a)The members of the Pro-FIGU Study Group treat each other with decency, respect and honesty, in equality and with equal rights.

b)Smoking and the consumption of alcohol is not permitted during the meetings and in the meeting hall in general.

c) The Pro-FIGU Study Group members behave - in regard to the Study Group activities, according to Part 1, c) and d) of these guidelines – in every respect apolitically, not in a religious or sectarian manner, not against humane values and not subversively.

d)All members of a Study Group behave in an anti-racist manner and non-discriminatorily as well as tolerantly in regard to religious believers and correct societal world views.


Part 4: Tasks

a) The main task of the Pro-FIGU Study Group lies in studying the spiritual teaching together and in carrying out/holding a meditation.

b) The members of the Pro-FIGU Study Group have voluntarily committed themselves to assisting FIGU Switzerland - in the context of the overall fulfillment of the mission - in publicity work, and, to the best of their abilities, to advancing themselves in their own development and in following the creational-natural laws and recommendations in a good way.

c) The Organisational Group is responsible for the planning and organisation of the publicity work.

d) The publicity work has to occur exclusively in the form of informing, and not in proselytising.


Part 5: German Language

a) The members of the Pro-FIGU Study Group in foreign-language countries abroad learn and promote the German language in every way possible to them.

b) Members of the Pro-FIGU Study Group combat and avoid - to the best of their abilities, and with all means available - the use of anglicisations in the German language and in their national languages.

c) The members of the Pro-FIGU Study Group in foreign-language countries abroad occupy themselves, among other things, with the preparation of high quality translations into their country’s languages, so far as that is possible for them.

d) The Pro-FIGU Study Group publish the FIGU texts and books which have been translated into their country’s languages, as their own responsibility, according to their own discretion, and at their own cost.

e) Members of the Pro-FIGU Study Group can offer German language instruction in the Study Group, provided that they are in the position to do so and have the necessary knowledge and training.


Part 6: Area of Activity

a) Enquiries by those interested in purchasing FIGU books and materials have to be referred to FIGU Switzerland.

b) The area of responsibility and activity of the Pro-FIGU Study Group is exclusively restricted to … .

c) Members and interested persons, who do not live in this region, have to be referred directly to the FIGU-Landesgruppe …


Part 7: Structure of the Study Group

a) The Pro-FIGU Study Group is organised into a Spiritual Teaching Group and an Organisational Group.

b) The Organisational Group consists of FIGU passive members of the FIGU Mother Centre, SSSC, Switzerland, who have formally joined the Pro FIGU-Studiengruppe.

c) FIGU passive members of the FIGU Mother Centre, SSSC, Switzerland, and interested persons, who want to take part in the study part of the regular meetings, have access to the Spiritual Teaching Group.


Part 8: The Executive Committee

The executive committee of the Pro-FIGU Study Group consists of the president, secretary (clerk), treasurer and their respective deputies.


Part 9: Election of the Executive Committee

a) The Pro FIGU-Studiengruppe elects its executive committee itself.

b) New elections are every 4 years. (Date of the most recently held election: …)

c) If a position cannot be filled due to a lack of active or capable members, but during the 4 year period a candidate for this office appears, then a by-election must be held for this position.

d) An actual election can only be carried out with seven or more persons. With up to six members, only a distribution of the positions occurs since the prerequisites for an actual election do not exist.


Part 10: Election Process

a) Election date:

Elections may only occur at a regular meeting and on the election date determined for them. A postponement of an election date is not possible! Elections which occur at other times (provided it is not to do with bi-elections or supplementary elections) are invalid and lead to the Organisational Group failing to achieve a quorum, whereby it disbands itself.

b) Voters:

At least 6/7 [six sevenths] of all members of the Organisational Group have to be present on the day of the election, whereby those legitimately absent cannot be counted. If an election cannot be carried out due to lack of attendees, the Organisational Group proves itself incapable of fulfilling its obligation, whereby it fails to achieve a quorum and therefore automatically disbands itself.

c) Candidates for Election:

On the election day, before the election process, candidates can be nominated, or interested passive members of FIGU can nominate themselves. Agreements ahead of time pertaining to the filling of positions are not allowed and are invalid as far as the election is concerned.

The members of the Organisational Group who are nominated for elections must be mandatorily present at the election meeting.

Absent members may not be elected and may not be confirmed in their positions.

d) Election Process:

The voting must be carried out secretly and according to the simple majority principle (i.e. the majority of the placed, valid votes). If two candidates receive the same number of votes, a lot decides – final, or, preference, ballots are not allowed. The placing of votes must be done in person. The placing of votes via letter, telephone or something similar is not allowed.


Part 11: Tasks of Committee Members


(elected …..)

1) Put together agendas in collaboration with secretary (clerk) and treasurer, and send them to the members of the Organisational Group.

2) Organise (rooms) and carry out regular meetings, moderate discussions.

3) Represent the Study Group in dealings with the Landesgruppe committee (render account, referral of questions and reports).

4) Represent the Pro-FIGU Study Group publicly.

5) Supervise meditation order (punctual start, seating arrangement).

6) Prepare report for the General Assembly of the passive members, and submit it to the Landesgruppe.

7) Co-ordination and responsibility for the carrying out of information stands and lectures.

8) Internet: Lay-out and administration in relation to contributions to the Pro-FIGU Study Group’s internet presentations in co-operation with the FIGU-Landesgruppe.

Secretary (Clerk)

(elected …)

a) Prepare minutes of the regular meetings of the Pro-FIGU Study Group (clear and expressive minutes contents).

b) The secretary is solely responsible for the minutes.

c) The minutes must be conveyed by email to the secretary of the FIGU-Landesgruppe and all members of the Organisational Group within three days after the regular meeting.

d) Archiving of all the group’s minutes, reports and photos of lectures and information stands; layout for composition of minutes, letterhead, accounting and promotional material (posters, brochures); meditation order and membership cards of the FIGU-Studiengruppe, and their update.

e) Updating the chronologically-sorted directives from the Kerngruppe, or, the FIGU-Landesgruppe, in accord with the minutes.

f) Pro-FIGU Study Groupvcorrespondence, provided it is of an official nature.


(elected …)

a) Administer Study Group’s financial transactions and collect income.

b) Check and pay invoices.

c) Administer materials/equipment, as in machines, stand materials; maintenance of stand materials.

d) Prepare an inventory at the end of the year, prepare stock-taking lists.

e) Tabulate annual accounts and present them to the Organisational Group for approval.

f)Present annual accounts to the Landesgruppe after their inspection and approval by the Organisational Group.


Part 12: Signing Authority

The president, together with the treasurer, has signing authority.


Part 13: Finance

a) The members of the Organisational Group jointly determine the Study Group’s financial expenditure.

b) Finances must be correctly budgeted and managed, in that the existing means are not exceeded and no debt is incurred.

c) All members of the Study Group’s Organisational Group are comprehensively liable for all emerging financial expenditures as well as for debts which eventuate, if such are indeed incurred despite the directive in point 2).

d) Speculative transactions of all kinds are strictly forbidden according to FIGU statutes, part M, B.


Part 14: Membership

Only passive members of FIGU Switzerland whose main place of residence is in the Pro-FIGU Study Group’s area of activity can become members of the Study Group’s Organisational Group. Joining the Pro-FIGU Study Group, or leaving it, does not affect the regulations which are valid for passive membership in FIGU, SSSC, Switzerland.


Part 15: Pro-FIGU Study Group Membership

a) Every human being is permitted at any time to join, leave, or rejoin the Organisational Group or the Spiritual Teaching Group of a Studygroup, regardless of what his or her social standing is and what people he or she belongs to and what skin colour he or she has.

b) Excluded from joining are only persons with whom there are serious circumstances, as in factors which have a destructive effect on the Study Group or its members, or which are criminal and offend against Part 1, points c) and d).

c) Joining the Study Group’s Organisational Group is only possible for FIGU passive members, and this is also only possible after a regular, 6 month participation in the Study Group’s Spiritual Teaching group.

d) For members, the periods for giving notice are in accordance with FIGU Statutes article, 5, 1.: “The voluntary resignation can be declared at any time in writing - with the inclusion of reasons for resigning - to the Executive Committee, but is only valid after an adherence to a termination period of at least 6 months, which ends on the 30th June or 31st of December, depending on which follows next.

e) Up until the end of the 6 month period of notice the resigning member has to fulfil all tasks and obligations, and, in fact, in financial form pertaining to obligatory contributions which are associated with group membership up until that point.”

f) If a person transfers to the Kerngruppe or to a Landesgruppe, the membership in the Study Group’s Organisational Group automatically expires.


Part 16: Contributions and Donations

a) Members of the Organisational Group pay a monthly contribution of an agreed amount decided by the entire group.

b) Trainees/apprentices and students, as well as pensioners, pay a monthly contribution according to their own discretion and capability.

c) Special gifts and donations can be voluntarily directed to the treasury of the Pro-FIGU Study Group.

d) Legacies/bequests go, without exception, to the FIGU-Kerngruppe of 49, Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, CH-8495 Schmidrüti, to use as it chooses.


Part 17: Management of Agenda

a) The treatment of the subjects under discussion runs according to fixed agendas.

b) Questions, ideas, suggestions, etc., intended for the agenda must be lodged in writing with the president at least two weeks before the regular meeting. The final item on the agenda constitutes the miscellaneous items (i.e. things of importance in addition to the contents of the agenda).

c) Agreements/arrangements regarding the points intended for the agenda are not allowed.


Part 18: Voting

a) All voting/decisions within the group are effected with a simple majority of all present members of the Organisational Group (50% + 1 vote).

b) A quorum has only been achieved when 6/7 [six sevenths] of all Study Group members are present (in accordance with FIGU regulations, article 49).

c) In decision-making, a unanimous decision is to be striven for where possible.


Part 19: Attendance

a) The members of the Organisational Group are obliged to be present in person at regular meetings.

b) In the case of absences from the regular meetings, the president, or his or her deputy, must be notified in writing ahead of time (14 days), with the absence form.

c) Absences as a result of holidays/vacations are possible and are, according to arrangements, distributed into 3 per year.

d) Absences from regular meetings are only allowed for pressing reasons.

e) Pressing reasons are: regular work, deaths of friends and family, illness, accident, official duties, orders from authorities, military, civil defence, school, training/further education, birth, special family celebrations, that is to say, celebrations concerning relations, as in marriage, engagement, godparenthood, birthdays for 60, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95 and 100 years.

f) With three breaches of the attendance obligation, the fallible member is excluded from the Organisational Group.


Part 20: Public Work

a) For the publicity work, the SSSC logo of FIGU Switzerland must be exclusively used.

b) FIGU-Studiengruppen do not have their own logo.

c) For the public/interested persons, the Studiengruppe is reachable by fax, email, internet, or by ordinary post.

d) Petrol, and travel costs for all private and group-related activities are to be borne by the Studiengruppe members concerned.


Part 21: Corrections Group

a) The Organisational Group runs a corrections committee for specific written works, or the texts of lectures, which are intended for publication.

b) The Study Group is responsible for its own publications and lectures in terms of content and form.


Part 22: FIGU Books, Texts and Materials

a) All German-language FIGU books, texts and materials for the information stands are obtained, by the Pro-FIGU Study Group in German speaking countries, without discount from the FIGU Mother Centre, Switzerland, in line with the latest price lists.

b) Orders for German-language FIGU books, texts and materials are exclusively to be referred to FIGU Switzerland.

c) The following German-language texts can be obtained free of charge for the information stands: price lists, pamphlets about campaigning and action, free pamphlets.

d) The Pro-FIGU Study Group’s purchase of German-language FIGU books, pamphlets and materials exclusively for the learning purposes of the Pro-FIGU Study Group is paid for with the Study Group’s own funds.


Part 23: Copyrights of Texts

a) Translated texts are to be furnished with the same copyright as the German original texts.

b) Three versions of the copyright and three versions of the code are in use:

- pamphlets (A6 and partly A5) and “Kelch der Wahrheit” = CC-licence.

- pamphlets and FIGU books: normal copyright, when it is not to do with spiritual teaching texts.

- A5-Spiritual teaching-texts up to 16 pages: Normal copyright and short code-version.

- A5-Spiritual teaching texts over 16 pages: normal copyright and longer code version.

Spiritual teaching books: normal copyright and detailed code-version.

c) The copyrights in the A6 and A5 texts as well as in the FIGU books, can only be published in the language of the country when it is not to do with the spiritual teaching.

d) In texts which are published with a version of the code, the copyright and the version of the code must be published in two languages (German and the language of the country).


Part 24: Letter, Fax, and Email Correspondence

a) All enquiries are to be referred to the secretary of the Landesgruppe, as long as one exists.

b) If no Landesgruppe exists, the secretary of the Organisational Group is responsible for the Study Group’s correspondence.


Part 25: Internet Presence

a) Study Group can, as their responsibility, maintain their own internet presence, as long as no Landesgruppe exists.

b) If the Study Group maintains its own website, someone must be selected to be responsible for the technical aspects, and be made known, by name, to the FIGU, SSSC, Switzerland.

c) The Study Group itself remains absolutely responsible for its own publications.

d) The directives provided by the information technology group of FIGU, SSSC, Switzerland must be followed.

e) When a Landesgruppe is established, it takes over the Study Group’s internet presence.


Part 26: Information Stands

a) The Study Group itself decides the topic of the FIGU information stands. A separation of the topics of FIGU and overpopulation is not required.

b) FIGU videos can also be shown at the Study Group’s discretion and with the necessary permission from the authorities concerned.

c) Passive members and persons who are interested in FIGU may be involved with construction and background activities.

d) Informational materials may be distributed at the information stands for free (complimentary), however not in exchange for payment.

e) If donations are offered at the FIGU information stands, they are to be refused with the advice that such may only be transferred to the Study Group’s bank account.

f) Under no circumstances may a proselytising activity be carried out with the FIGU information stands.


Part 27: Lectures und Discussions

a) The Study Group members can carry out lectures and discussions at schools, universities, in public and in private spheres.

b) The speakers/lecturers are, in every respect, responsible for their lecture and discussion topics and activities.

c) The Organisational Group monitors the correctness of the content of the lectures and topics for discussion.

d) Necessary approval (schools, universities, public locations, and so forth) for the carrying out of lectures and discussions is obtained by the Study Group’s Organisational Group.


Part 28: Radio and Television Appearances

a) Radio and television appearances are made by the Study Group’s Organisational Group.

b) With radio and television appearances, the speakers must behave objectively, without proselytising and in conformity with FIGU.

c) The content of the presentations must be factually correct and competent.

d) If required, a lecturer/speaker can be requested from the Kerngruppe of FIGU Switzerland.


Part 29: Cooperation of FIGU Groups

a) Pro-FIGU Study Group and Landesgruppen can maintain contact with each other world-wide, and work together in regard to the mission as well as privately, however each FIGU grouping remains responsible in every regard for itself and its decisions.

b) All arrangements with other groups concerning changes to clauses and/or organisational changes, and all organisational infringements and all machinations which are not in conformity with FIGU, and so forth, and so on, are forbidden.


Part 30: Reporting

a) The Study Group prepares written minutes about its activities, resolutions and meetings, and so forth, and conveys these to the secretary of the Landesgruppe or, if there is no Landesgruppe, to the secretary, that is to say, the contact of FIGU, SSSC, Switzerland.

b) With all internal and external matters, and in regard to the Study Group’s publicity work, all responsibility, power of decision, and control remain solely and exclusively with the Organisational Group.

c) If the Landesgruppe invites a Study Group to a discussion, the Landesgruppe is responsible for the minutes. A copy of the relevant minutes goes both to the Study Group and to FIGU, SSSC, Switzerland.

d) All arrangements between Study Group and the responsible Landesgruppe must be recorded in writing/as with minutes.

e) Verbal agreements have no validity.


Part 31: Valid Documents

a) Statutes of FIGU Switzerland in the currently valid version.

b) Kerngruppe Guidelines to all Studiengruppen in the currently valid version.

c) General Guidelines, of FIGU Switzerland, for the spreading of electronic information on the internet.