over South Australia

" ... if you watch the skies you're bound to see them." 

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(Identity supplied, but withheld by request, January 1st, 2007. Bold emphasis added.)

"I am from northern rural Sth Australia. We have a lot of Chemtrails through the year and it's been going on ever since I noticed them and learnt what they were.  I have just burnt off a disk of a few pics from my other computer and found a page of yours about the Sydney ones. I've been to your site before but didn't know how to send pics from here.  I took most of these from my own backyard.  They're all from 1-3 years ago.  I stopped photographing them about 12 months ago.  No matter who I show them to, almost nobody believes in them.

But there are a couple of people in the town who also believe what they're seeing.  I find it hard to believe most people are so blind actually.  Having grown up in a family that were cloud watchers and taught to see shapes, animals etc in ordinary old fashioned clouds, these 'new' creations are so alien to me.  And I've seen them formed too.  I saw a plane one day leave just 'dots' as it flew over and I kept watching as the dots disappeared.  In this now empty space, little puffy "clouds" formed in the exact same position within a couple of minutes.  Once a long chemtrail was spewed out of a plane and it stayed in the sky without dissipating.  I was angry that day so I prayed that it would leave 'MY SKY' and believe it or not, it took off like a crazy whip and spiralled and looped all over the sky as it fled north!  I've never seen anything like that. A so-called contrail, starting out straight and then going nuts.  There was no discernable wind either.   All the other ordinary clouds stayed where they were but this crazy thing must have perturbed people if they'd seen it.  It was very fast.  Surely someone would have noticed it?  See I sound like a fruit loop now.  I'm just a watcher.   Dare I say I've also seen about 5 or 6 types of ufo's too?  Both daytime and night time over a period of 20 yrs.  There's several nearby areas where they are to be seen over here.  I guess if you watch the skies you're bound to see them." 












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