Human Evolution - It's a Fine Matter

   (by Vivienne Legg) November 2002

When rationally considering our future on this planet it is clear that we must confront the still fantastic sounding reality that advanced extraterrestrial civilizations are monitoring us and interacting with us. This increasing extraterrestrial presence appears to be an attempt to wake us up to the fact that we are destroying the Earth. At the same time we need to know that we share space with other beings and must be prevented from becoming a greater menace to other civilizations through our technological advances and aggressive nature. As ordinary citizens we must have our eyes opened to the horrendous power and schemes of rogue military/industrial entities who have kept the truth about extraterrestrials and associated advances from us, while dangerously exploiting the knowledge for selfish, degenerate reasons. What a barrier this has been to our healing and evolution. But there's more. If we explore the available information honestly we are forced to acknowledge that, as well as our technological evolution being stunted by this deception, so has our understanding of reality itself, and with it our spiritual evolution. 

"The most fundamental energy which comprises the Universe, respectively Creation, is the finest of energies appropriately labeled as 'fine matter' by the Plejarans, or spiritual matter." [1] 

This 'fine matter' reality confronts us now because we see that the extraterrestrial phenomenon is not all nuts and bolts. There are hundreds of government/military Disclosure Project witnesses who have documented and/or experienced solid extraterrestrial manifestations[2], and thousands more people who have experienced and accepted aspects of the solid material nature of extraterrestrial craft, 'assets', and flesh and blood extraterrestrial bodies. But there are many who cannot accept that the extraterrestrials are also employing and manifesting an understanding of reality that would appear to us to be supernatural. But this is an integral aspect of the whole phenomenon that cannot be ignored. 

It's time to learn that manifestations that we often regard as 'super' - natural are actually natural aspects of our own reality, not yet fully understood in open science, though astonishingly well explored in clandestine projects. Disclosure Project Director Steven Greer, has written superbly on this topic in his book 'Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications'. Greer deals as thoroughly with this side of the phenomenon as he does the nuts and bolts, documentation and politics, though predictably his efforts here have also attracted cruel and savage criticism. But to omit this side of things is to drastically mislead us about the nature of extraterrestrial life and encounters, and about our own world and true potential. 

Greer describes extraterrestrial phenomena as exhibiting a combination of advanced material technology with advanced "mind technology". He talks of Technology Assisted Consciousness (TAC) and Consciousness Assisted Technology (CAT) being employed by the extraterrestrials (and by illegal military operations).The extraterrestrial beings and craft operate in a broader aspect of the spectrum of reality, which includes "laws of consciousness or mind". But there is much confusion about these manifestations and this 'broader aspect of the spectrum of reality', especially to people with set religious beliefs. "..some of the advanced technologies and capabilities of ET civilizations, especially those interfacing with mind and thought, can appear in ways very similar to so-called 'astral' or spirit beings."[3] 

United States Air Force Security Officer Larry Warren, was stationed in Great Britain at a US/British NATO base in 1980, where he experienced some extraordinary extraterrestrial manifestations. In his testimony for the Disclosure Project he boldly describes some of what he saw while on duty. This Bentwaters case[4] is now a famous, well documented one which was experienced by many, and has been confirmed by British Ministry of Defense official Nick Pope[5], among others. (There were nuclear weapons stored at the Bentwaters facility, something of continuing interest to the extraterrestrials, who have indicated their disapproval of their use by our military.) "...there appeared a structured, solid object , rather large-probably 30 feet at the base, to a pyramid-type shape. It was very rough - it would distort if you looked at it, with a rainbow-like effect. And yet, through peripheral vision, you could get a clear fix. I will tell you, there is real evidence for this thing - where it sat - to this day. ...I remember thinking what are these children doing here?...These things had an upper body, I clearly saw...these were not walking on the ground these things....This thing was following him [a member of the security personnel] - one of these beings and the light - literally following him. He jumped into the pick-up truck, slammed the door, and it [the 'being'] passed through the glass right in front of him." [6] 

A number of the Disclosure Project witnesses have talked of solid beings or creatures of flesh and blood who's bodies were recovered after the crashes in Roswell (and preserved in fluid!) Another, retired intelligence officer Major George Filer, talks of a small extraterrestrial on a military base running and dying on a runway after being shot. United States Army Master Sergeant Clifford Stone, talks of a super-secret catalogue that has been made of the 57 different known 'species' of extraterrestrials, some photos, others drawings, presumably of solid beings. But there are many other accounts also, both military and civilian, of extraterrestrial beings who exhibit less physical forms or manifestations. 

Dr. Greer is the Director of CSETI [7] (The Centre for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) which launched the beginnings of the Disclosure Project a decade ago, and which meanwhile continues its' own research in the field. CSETI's field work involves finding appropriate locations of high UFO activity and engaging in procedures which attract extraterrestrial visitors for the purpose of making peaceful, mutually beneficial contact. The success of such a human initiated approach is called a Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind (CE-5). In 'Extraterrestrial Contact' Greer's team describe some of the phenomena they experience if extraterrestrials are on the ground nearby, or among the CSETI team.

"The appearance of ETs may range from just areas of faint sparkly light to indistinct shapes to fully visible entities with clothing, facial features, and hands, etc., all fully distinguishable.... Interactions between ETs and individual group members range from just a sense of presence to loving personal acknowledgment to full telepathic conversations....The conversations are typically non-verbal. Field observers have reported shimmering-light ETs that have stood in front of them or sat at (on) their feet for prolonged times. ...If the field team has been surrounded by a craft, partially in the ground and partially above, members can sometimes see structural parts of the interior of the ship depending on how visible the ETs make it and the persons' ability to 'see'." [8] 

Exit all scientists who cannot accept the reality of these unseen fields of influence and advanced extraterrestrial technology. 

But there is a remarkable amount of advanced study now being done on fine matter, consciousness and mind in open science, though very marginalised in the same way that research on extraterrestrial matters has been marginalised. It's time to focus on those studies and bring them out of obscurity. Why? Naturally, so that we can understand and develop technologies of consciousness to use for the good of humanity and so we can appreciate the nature of our celestial visitors. But there are more specific and troubling reasons. It's time for us to learn to defeat the literally mind-bending technologies (some developed from back-engineering extraterrestrial technology) that are now being employed as weapons against General and citizen alike by shadow government entities bent on crippling our capacity to shake off their control. You may be surprised at the wealth of evidence for the existence and use of this technology. Disclosure Project witness Tom Bearden comes to mind here.

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Bearden (Ph.D.) is a nuclear engineer and retired military weapons analyst. He spent 20 years working in the US army and has worked for a top aerospace company. He has developed a now-patented, free (quantum zero -point) energy device[9] (extracting limitless energy from the vacuum all around us). He also has an astonishing web-site [10] publishing articles and emails of his detailing the science behind many seemingly magical technologies and also how these have been put to use in covert military projects. Bearden leaves no doubt that in still obscure corners of open science, and in hidden "black" or rogue military projects such technologies have been extensively explored, understood and put to frightening use, well beyond our naive imaginings. This is the crux of our current global crises. An understanding of fine matter can enable the creation of sophisticated mind control techniques, disease inducing techniques, weather-control mechanisms, confusing and frightening "spirit" manifestations and other hideous things that appear like magic and produce frightening states of confusion in an already psychically compromised population. But as you'll read later, such an understanding can also create the necessary antidote. (In fact this explains, in part, why Tom Bearden is still alive! See his October 24th, 2001 email.) 

I hope you'll forgive me for quoting so heavily in the paragraphs to come, but I'm not qualified to put this work entirely into my own words. 

In 1991 Dr. Bearden wrote in an interview for a magazine called "Megabrain Report," " QM, [Quantum Mechanics] there's a special kind of potential you can make, that can connect spatially separated things and translate energy between them, in hidden fashion and essentially instantaneously. This 'connection at a distance' directly results in action-at-a-distance...With the hidden quantum potential you can put specific energy patterns -- vacuum engines, if you will -- directly through those hidden channels." [11] In a published email in June 2001 he wrote, "About 10 nations now have what I first called scalar EM [Electro-Magnetic] weapons. They are actually longitudinal EM wave interferometers." 

Former U.S. Defense Secretary Cohen is on record stating the following in 1997 regarding such weapons. "Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…"[12] 

Bearden continues, "Presently the decisive type of weapon is Quantum Potential weapons." In another email he talks of remote disease inducing technology. "Kaznacheyev's work ...formed the basis for the decades-long microwave radiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. Many health changes in personnel were induced at the Embassy, and the radiation also caused the deaths of three U.S. ambassadors. This quantum potential disease inducing weapon -- capable of attacking an entire population of a nation or area -- has been tested several times in the U.S. at very low levels." [13] 

And on mind control, "Once one connects mind operations to time-polarized EM waves and photons, then there is a somewhat straightforward dual mechanism that (1) connects mind operations to the body, and (2) connects body changes to the mind. Both mechanisms are directly engineerable." "Already in the 1960s Lisitsyn revealed that the Soviets were being successful in the mind-engineering (psychoenergetics) area, being able to insert images, emotions, thoughts, etc. in a mind at a distance, including into the unconscious mind, and even able to control whether it would rise to consciousness or stay in the unconscious. The same science, as it develops, is in theory capable of directly engineering the collective unconscious." [14]

And in the 1991 interview for "Megabrain Report" on the creation of "ghost forms" ..."We can further directly collect and integrate virtual state energy forms, which in QM are called 'ghost forms.'Literally, eventually anything at all can be materialized and brought into physical reality, or dematerialized so as to disappear from physical reality. And we shall be able to engineer and change the local laws of nature...." 

In 1996 Dr. Greer wrote a chapter "Abductions: Not All that Glitters is Gold", which is part of his excellent book "Extraterrestrial Contact". In this chapter and elsewhere Greer explains that he has been informed by military insiders of devices in use by covert operations. These electronic devices can be run from a panel truck (or helicopter) and can make an individual or a group of people have a conversation with their God and they wouldn't know that it wasn't real. [15] " Technologies exist, which are ready, off the shelf capable, and which can fit in a panel truck or on an antennae in a city, which can totally induce an experience." [16] On top of all this he warns, "Covert military and paramilitary human groups have developed innate mental abilities approximating those of ET civilizations and non-biological spirit beings." [17] These abilities have been put to some evil uses, including in the hoaxing of hostile extraterrestrial events (which are also helped along with mind control devices, cloned biological entities and other advanced technology!) Greer continues to warn of a large scale hoaxed hostile "extraterrestrial" attack which will dwarf the September 11 attacks (organised by the same people).[18] Will enough of us wake up to prevent this madness from succeeding? 

It should be clear why the non-material side of the extraterrestrial phenomenon has been obscured (resulting in the obvious tendency for those who haven't done their homework to dismiss experiences such as CSETI's as so much hippy drug taking). The suppression of the evidence of extraterrestrials has been not only to prevent knowledge of fossil fuel industry-threatening free energy systems and all that that implies. It's been to prevent knowledge of profound human capabilities which, once understood, would threaten the current power elite (including religious institutions) far more than would more solid physical technologies. 

Happily, plans to use this knowledge of fine matter for the good of humanity are also well underway. Enter John Hagelin's Invincible Defense Technology. This is the good news! If you're thinking that this inevitable fine matter component of the Disclosure Project revelations is just too far out and is just going to make it "more impossible" to persuade our materialistic political leaders to instigate the necessary changes, you should know that things are changing in an extraordinary way. Reportedly US Congressmen and women have, behind the scenes, been approving and enthusiastically supporting a decidedly "out of the box" proposal for dealing with the perceived terrorist threat. 

This proposal to bring peace to the world has been made by John Hagelin, world authority in unified quantum field theories. Hagelin is proposing a technology of consciousness to protect his nation from terrorism. The proposal has received an "absolutely unprecedented response" with top-level US government officials. The plan is to fund 40,000 experts in Vedic meditation techniques in a particular location by the Ganges River in India. Hagelin explains, "We're talking about harnessing this Unified Field that is at the foundation of the universe, and using it to generate indomitable waves of unity and possivity, spreading that influence into the collective consciousness of the world." Dr. Hagelin heads the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy. The Institute's "Preventing Terrorism" web site [19] explains that the proposal has been validated by studies that have appeared in the world's top scientific journals, (more than 50 replications and 19 published research studies). It has also been endorsed by respected independent scholars. [20] 

Hagelin explains that "enlightenment," is the "spontaneous by-product of the fully developed, balanced functioning of the brain... Groups of individuals in close physical proximity, collectively experiencing and enlivening this...Unified field, have a much larger societal influence, causing a measurable increase in EEG [Electro Encephalogram] coherence in the surrounding population and highly statistically significant drops in crime, terrorism, warfare, and other indicators of societal stress and incoherence." [21] The effect of this group grows exponentially. "...the intensity, or power, generated by the group grows as the square of the number of participants. " (Is that what the man known as Jesus meant when he said, when two or more of you are gathered together ..?.) A group of 8,000 trained Vedic meditators (already surpassed) has been calculated to be sufficient to create a measurable effect and, in fact, 83.5 million dollars funding has already been secured to fund this number. Are we feeling the effects of this already? But the figure of 40,000 meditators has been chosen to dramatically transform the whole direction on Earth, and funding for this is still being sought. Hagelin explains that with 40,000 meditators, negativity will have trouble finding a foothold in this world! 

For perspective, we should be aware that the Nobel Prize for physics was awarded (to Professors Cornell, Ketterle, and Wieman) in 2001 for an experiment which Hagelin says confirmed the "principles of societal coherence" that are being implemented in the collective meditation approach. The experiment showed that when atoms are slowed down they reach a point where it becomes apparent that they are not atoms at all, but waves. Then when they are slowed even more they even lose their distinct wave structure, are no longer individual, and become "one giant wave of flowing intelligence". In both the meditation and the Nobel Prize experiment, "Systems ...that had been extremely localized become essentially unbounded". So (as the Eastern mystics have been telling us for Millennia) all IS One! 

Hagelin is among a growing number of scientists who agree that even big systems, like people, lose there individual existence when "slowed right down" and our consciousness becomes a universal field of intelligence. Bearden, writes, "If enough minds have the same thoughts and 'format' and intent, then there exists a coherence in the 'many-minds to the detecting charges' of the universe -- at least in that volume of space with a radius equal to the speed of light multiplied by the time since they all gained that coherence."[22] Hagelin continues "...the unified field is the fountainhead of all the laws of nature—the ultimate source of all order displayed throughout the universe and thus more powerful and fundamental than the nuclear force." 

Bearden, Hagelin and Greer (all who have had the ear of top government officials) have not been alone in this understanding and focus on things non-material. For instance, Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon and a supporter of the Disclosure Project, has for decades been following his own enquiries into fine matter. His views were presented here in Australia recently in an October 2002 David Suzuki documentary series, "The Nature of Things". In the episode "Intuition" we learn that Mitchell organised a successful telepathy experiment during the Apollo 14 lunar mission in 1971 to prove that distance with telepathy is not a barrier. It was an unofficial, ad hoc experiment which he did not announced until the mission was completed. In the experiment Mitchell concentrated on sequences of 25 random numbers. He completed 200 sequences (The four recipients on Earth intuited more than the mean chance, which was significant). Mitchell also tells how the astronauts on the Mir space craft had simultaneous dreams about Earth during the Dinosaur era. They also heard voices, received instructions and precognitive promptings about their spacecraft's future problems, which all became reality. (But not surprisingly they didn't report these things officially for fear of being judged unfit to participate in the operation.) 

Mitchell says that these things can be explained by means of the non-local Quantum Hologram [23] which is a "non-local association with all physical matter - an emission of particles at quantum level that carry information about every physical object... We have a 'spiritual' or wave aspect that's non-local." 

In 1973 Mitchell set up the Noetic Sciences Institute in California [24] for the purpose of the scientific study of consciousness. The Institute is currently running experiments in thought transference. A randomly selected image is transferred from the mind of someone in a different room to that of the receiver of the image. These experiments have repeatedly demonstrated that some people have some ability to read the thoughts of others. Another aspect of the experiments has demonstrated that people actually anticipate the nature of a picture (with the typical emotional reaction) before it has even been selected, demonstrating our inadequate understanding of the nature of time and how events can cast their shadows before them. The Noetics Institute has also recently produced results solidly demonstrating the very significant, measurable beneficial effects of prayer and meditation to the health of aids sufferers, [25] once again revealing the effects of tapping into the Unified Field. 

Also supporting the effects of unseen fields of influence is the decades-long, officially documented work of Dr. Hal Puthoff, another Disclosure Project participant, similarly introduced in Suzuki's documentary. Puthoff, a laser physicist, carried out telepathic experiments in the 1970s with the CIA [26]. Puthoff and another laser physicist Russell Targ tested Pat Price, a police officer who could read documents at a distance (and, according to Bearden, died shortly thereafter). Price was remote viewing USSR secret installations. In Suzuki's documentary Targ explains that it's the "non-local" world that enables such remote viewing to occur. It's a "quantum interconnectedness." Targ's daughter is now a fellow of the Noetics Institute. 

Also associated with Astronaut Mitchell's Noetics Institute and connecting us back with the extraterrestrial topic is biologist Rupert Sheldrake, [27] who has now bypassed the religion of mainstream science to carry out his scientific experiments. Sheldrake (reportedly not personally interested in the extraterrestrial topic) now employs the ordinary pet-owning citizens of the world to demonstrate some effects of what he terms "morphic resonance". Sheldrake's Hypothesis of Formative Causation states that there are unseen fields of influence through which species and organisms can learn, develop and adapt. This has been demonstrated in lab conditions with rats. After rats have learned a new trick in one place other rats elsewhere are able to learn it more easily. Currently, Sheldrake's pet-owners' experiments are demonstrating the effect of unseen fields of influence (morphic fields) in, for example, the fact that some pets know when their owners are coming home, even if the owner doesn't. In his 1991 "Megabrain Report" interview Bearden writes, "Sheldrake's morphogenetic field is pure-and-simply a species quantum potential, created amongst the members of a species..." 

But what about the extraterrestrial factor? My partner and fellow Disclosure Project representative Dyson has often pointed out how this "fields of influence" concept seems to have been confirmed in the startlingly beautiful "crop circles" appearing in great quantity over the past couple of decades, especially in the United Kingdom. (They peaked this year with a direct bit of advice in binary code and self-portrait, presumably, from the makers of the crop circles![28]). These creations viewed holistically, are all simply forms in fields. Dyson points out that this is perhaps the most significant message among many others that they convey. "In brief, I think that we Earthlings may be falling victim to the common human trait of being unable to see the forest because of the trees. At the most fundamental level, I think that the great variety of forms suggests that it is the forms themselves, which should be taken as a whole - not separately - as simply forms within fields. This may merely be the universal pedagogic tendency of a more advanced culture trying (within their own non-interventionist ethical restrictions) to bring us up to speed a bit about the nature of nature; about how the universe works. The idea of forms within fields is a very simple explanation of Rupert Sheldrake's brilliant Hypothesis of Formative Causation." 

It seems that we must learn to understand and acknowledge unseen fields of influence if we are to get ourselves out of this mess and continue on our evolutionary journey, and why wouldn't we? The ridicule, derision and debunking poured upon those of us who have claimed to be able to heal with the mind, or predict events before they happen, or see and interact with non-physical entities has, it seems, been fuelled by the same machine that pours scorn on those who claim to see flying disks, little grey men and inexplicable patterns in wheat fields. This represents another part of the same power struggle. As long as we are ignorant of the actual nature of the world, and universe in which we live we are more vulnerable to the exploitation of those who are less ignorant of these things. (Hagelin) "Technologies based upon partial, fragmented levels of natural law—such as electronic, chemical and nuclear technologies—not being holistic, are porous to various means of attack. Only from the level of the unified field—the Planck scale of 10-33 cm, where the Invincible Defense Technology operates—can an impenetrable armor of national defense be created." 

We have been deliberately prevented, through ridicule and disinformation, from seriously exploring what is misleadingly known as the paranormal in much the same way that we have been discouraged from developing free energy systems and learning about the existence of extraterrestrials. 

Tom Bearden wrote in 1991, "Quantum mechanics long ago destroyed materialism for all time, but it just hasn't percolated through the prevailing scientific dogma yet." Through the courage and generosity of those like Greer, Hagelin and Bearden we now have the means of understanding these hidden things. We just need to bring the knowledge right into the open where it can flourish. Machines that can induce disease can also prevent and destroy disease. Devices that can cause devastating storms and crippling droughts can generate regular, moderate rainfall and gentle breezes. And powers greater than those that can create frightening hoaxed spirit entities can be harnessed to dissolve political tension and hatred. 

This is it folks! It's time to understand and employ the science of consciousness itself. 

by Vivienne Legg

November 2002


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