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 No apology for magick Mystic sex abuse claim settled

Melbourne Victoria Australia

'Cult' fights claims of child sacrifice

Barney Zwartz
November 22, 2006

AN ANTI-CHILD-SEX campaigner accused an occult religious group of hosting parties at which naked children acted as waiters and at which members had sex with and murdered children, a tribunal was told yesterday.

The obscure group Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) claims Dr Reina Michaelson and the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program described it in a website article as a satanic cult that sacrificed children and ate their organs and blood.

It has complained under Victoria's religious hatred law that Dr Michaelson and her organisation vilified OTO members, causing revulsion, ridicule, hatred and contempt.

According to OTO's statement of complaint, Dr Michaelson said it was not a religion but a child pornography and pedophile ring, that its members practised trauma-based mind control, sexual abuse and satanic rituals to discourage its victims from complaining to the authorities, and that it condoned kidnapping street children and babies and children from orphanages for sex and sacrifice in religious rituals.

The case began at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal yesterday, but was adjourned to today to allow a last-ditch attempt to settle out of court.

The article, still accessible on a website run from NSW, suggests senior politicians and television celebrities are part of a top-level pedophile ring and have been protected by some police. It says some members of the ring pretended to support Dr Michaelson's campaign and became board members of her group to subvert it from within.

Adam Paszkowski, for Dr Michaelson, who was named Young Australian of the Year in 1997 for founding the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program, said the article was published on the website "without her knowledge or consent or authority".

Dr Michaelson last year called for a royal commission to investigate her claims that Victoria Police did not properly investigate pedophile ring allegations.

Earlier complaints led to a report by the police ombudsman in 2004 that was highly critical of two senior detectives.

OTO members follow a religion known as Thelema, founded by occultist Aleister Crowley.

Herald Sun  

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

We don't sacrifice children

Group denies claims

KAREN COLLIER.  Nov 22, 2006.  p. 9 

A SECRETIVE society linked to the occult says it was falsely accused of sacrificing children, eating organs and being tied to an alleged pedophile network of politicians, police and TV figures. 

Ordo Templi Orientis has accused a leading activist of fuelling religious hate by publishing the suggestions. 

It denies it is a satanic cult that uses blood rituals and mind control, condones kidnapping and murder, and hosts parties with naked child waiters. 

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program head Reina Michaelson is accused of spreading misinformation over the internet. 

OTO members David Bottrill and Brent Gray allege the material incited hate, contempt and ridicule and want compensation for alleged religious vilification. 

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal was yesterday told the references were included in an article making allegations about powerful pedophile rings operating in Australia. 

"Any attempt to suggest OTO is part of a satanic pedophile network involving a major TV network, high-ranking politicians and police is a false claim and a vilifying claim," counsel Jane Nixon said. 

The allegations were allegedly posted on the CSAPP website, then removed, but a link to another site repeating the claims remained. 

Ordo Templi Orientis, founded in Germany in 1902, has about 20 members in Victoria. 

Members follow the religion of Thelema, as taught by occultist and mystic Aleister Crowley. 

They say "true will" keeps humans in harmony with the universe, and every person has a higher self, that Crowley called the Holy Guardian Angel. 

Dr Michaelson and CSAPP are fighting the religious vilification allegations. 

The psychologist claims an article was posted on various internet sites without her consent, knowledge or authority, and that she took steps to stop publication on the CSAPP page, and that the words did not refer to a religion. 

Mr Bottrill complained last year to the Equal Opportunity Commission, which referred the matter to VCAT. 

The parties yesterday agreed to try to resolve the dispute and are due back at the tribunal today. 

Dr Michaelson won a Young Australian of the Year award in 1997 for her anti-child abuse program. In 2004 she claimed corrupt Victorian police officers were protecting pedophile rings and called for a royal commission.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Victoria state radio news

 Monday, November 27, 2006. 7:04pm (AEDT)

Groups settle row over website paedophile claims

A secret society accused of sacrificing children has agreed on a settlement with the child abuse organisation that posted the claims on a website.

The society Ordo Templi Orientis took the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program head, Reina Michaelson, to the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), accusing her of fuelling religious hate on the program's website.

The comments linked the society to an alleged paedophile network of politicians, police and TV figures.

They were allegedly posted on the program's website then removed, but a link to another site repeating the claims remained.

Dr Michaelson argued the information was posted without her consent and the comments were never intended for the public domain.

In a settlement reached today, Dr Michaelson will attempt to have the offending website shut down and has acknowledged no proof has ever been produced to support the allegations, which caused serious offence to the society's members.

Herald Sun  

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
No apology for magick Mystic sex abuse claim settled

Grant McArthur.

November 30th, 2006. p. 36

AN anti-child-sex campaigner has avoided having to apologise for her claims a secret society sacrificed children, ate organs and was part of a pedophile network of politicians, police and TV celebrities.

Members of Ordo Templi Orientis claimed they had been the target of revulsion and ridicule and hatred since an article by Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program head Dr Reina Michaelson appeared on several websites.

After a three-day religious vilification hearing at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal the groups have reached a private settlement.

Dr Michaelson did not apologise, but agreed to state on her CSAPP website that references to the OTO were without her group's knowledge or authorisation.

The OTO told the tribunal the article said they were a satanic cult which kidnapped street children, babies and orphans for ritual sacrifices, hosted parties where naked child waiters were sexually assaulted and murdered, and that they forced children to produce child pornography.

They said the names of senior politicians, TV personalities, high-ranking police officers and teachers claimed to have been involved in the ring were concealed by false names in the article.

OTO follows British occultist and mystic Aleister Crowley, who wrote texts including The Book of the Law and Magick in Theory and Practice.

His instructions include: "A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim."

However, OTO member David Bottrill said like other religious books the texts used metaphors and images.

"The Book of Laws is a coded religious text that is better explained by those practising the religion than those pointing fingers from outside," Mr Bottrill said.

He said it was pretty upsetting for his organisation to be called a bunch of pedophiles.

Dr Michaelson said racial vilification laws prevented her from commenting about the case or if she planned to continue investigating alleged pedophile rings.


Check out the OTO's own documents where it appears that the website Dr Michaelson was to attempt to have closed down is NOT the gaiaguys website, as suggested in the article above, but her own CSAPP website,  (Mirror Sites: , , ,  )

(You can read our .htm copy of that press release here.)


Please note: gaiaguys, as publishers of the aforementioned document, were also called before the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to answer these charges of religious vilification. Regular readers will be aware that we did not attend these court proceedings (in our neighboring state of Victoria) and have always asserted that the whole process has been a mindless travesty of justice from start to finish with no-one in authority actually prepared to use any reason, logic and basic humanity to deal with this cover-up of extreme proportions. We chose, and continue to choose, not to be a part of that. Curiously, we have not heard from the VCAT since the abovementioned November 27th, 2006 settlement, despite the fact that we were also accused of these crimes.

UPDATE: March 5th 2007.


The leaders of the Australian State of Victoria still find it acceptable that the Ordo Templi Orientis (Freemasonic) cult, which "makes any Satanism look like a two year old crying baby", can enlist the power of the courts to attempt to charge us with religious vilification for bringing it into disrepute, inciting revulsion and hatred, and so forth. Given all that has transpired so far we have no reason to think they will not succeed. Evidently nobody should be permitted to warn people about a religion which says (in court documents) that its members may interpret the (terrifying) Book of the Law as they see fit, with reference to the teachings and interpretations of their prophet, Aleister Crowley.


Obviously, as you can see from the above media reporting, it is up to us alone to report on the clear, publicly available  extreme, violent and inhumane philosophy of the OTO and to report on what actually is going on in the courts in relation to us. Otherwise you wouldn't know would you?


Let's hear from the mainstream media about this further use of the Religious Vilification laws.

Lets hear, for instance, about the incredible irony of the OTO’s  expressed extreme hatred and contempt for Christianity or the irony of the Do as thy wilt is the whole of the law letterhead on the OTO document sent to the VCAT.

The following article from Melbourne's Herald Sun deals with the VCAT but avoids the OTO case although, according to Lawyers Weekly, "Australia's leading information resource for the legal professional", " the case
was only the second time that the controversial Religious and Racial Tolerance Act 2001 (Vic) has
been tested."

Pastors' toil and trouble

by Andrew Bolt, December 20, 2006 12:00am,

and here's an earlier one...also with no mention of this case.


(Melbourne HERALD SUN )

More weasel words
by Andrew Bolt
December 2nd, 2005

"Premier Bracks fails to deliver on his promise to soften his racial vilification laws. They are oppressive, divisive and deceitful."...

"He will in fact make the bureaucrats running these "shut-up" laws not less powerful, but more. He will ensure they operate not in less secrecy, but more. And people who say "bad" things about, say, witches or the Koran, face not less punishment, but more. ",5478,17427573%255E25717,00.html

Here are his (and other) earlier articles which don't address this case either.

Here's an Age article which did mention it.

Making martyrs and mischief

By Barney Zwartz – The Age
June 22, 2005


Occult group Ordo Templi Orientis has complained about child psychologist Reina Michaelson, founder of the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program, because an article on the internet connected their organisation with satanic ritual abuse, quoting their "Book of the Law". Dr Michaelson replies that their beliefs are not lawful, but include eating flesh, child sacrifice, murder, torture and "uninhibited 'love' without restraint". She must return from the Maldives, where she is helping tsunami victims, to spend the time, energy and money needed to defend the case.


ARTICLE BY gaiaguys' Vivienne Legg

 December 24th, 2006



And yet that’s the knee-jerk misunderstanding of this statement, especially when it’s delivered in a legal setting. Similarly the word proof is wrongly assumed to be the same as evidence. Proof is something a court supposedly determines after assessing the evidence which is available when key witnesses have not been intimidated and when investigations have not been sabotaged.




Article by gaiaguys' Vivienne Legg

 January 2007

(above: logo from OTO "right to kill" webpage)

Index of documents from VCAT hearing.

Why didn't we attend the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal on the 18th of November, 2005 to defend ourselves against the OTO Inc.'s religious vilification and victimisation accusations? And why didn't we attend the further hearings?


Meanwhile, for the latest on the defamation actions in Australia's Capital Territory against gaiaguys in relation to the OTO please go here.

"Although intimidation of witnesses by police officers, repeated cover-ups by all the police hierarchy, the Ombudsman, the Office of Police Integrity and the Premier’s office has probably destroyed the possibility of child and other victim-witnesses ever coming before a court on this matter, that does not legitimize the complete disregard for the striking, compelling evidence provided by the OTO’s own texts combined with that provided by the documentation of the abovementioned cover-up. This alarming evidence should have a least warranted comment and consideration and prompted further questioning of the OTO members leading up to the finding against us. Instead, as we have often noted, Magistrate Burns simply dismissed it as ‘embarrassing’."


NSW MP Franca Arena in March 1996 alleged that there was a high level cover-up of pedophile activity involving at least two State MP's, a judge, several senior Police, lawyers, doctors, a socialite businessman and priests. It was reported in the Fairfax Sun-Herald that the whole lot was about to be exposed.

    Her allegations about the Judge were referred to the Federal Police. They did nothing. In April 1996 a spokesman for the AFP said
        'Those allegations are not substantiated'. (Heard that line before?).
    Arena and others were disgusted by the whitewash.

    In November 1996, Arena stood up in parliament and named retired Judge David Yeldham and former State MP and one-time Mayor of Wollongong, Frank Arkell as Police protected pedophiles. She went further and accused the Wood Royal Commission into the NSW Police as protecting his own by not investigating Yeldham. Immediately there was an outcry over Arena's alleged abuse of parliamentary privilege to 'slander' these two supposedly upstanding members of the community."

See more from this section by  Victorian police corruption author Raymond Hoser.


If a Mason is a defendant in court, Masonic partiality extends to the witness stand. In the (Ronayne's) Masonic Hand Book (page 183) we read: You must conceal all the crimes of your brother Masons, except murder and treason, and these only at your own option, and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason, be always sure to shield him. Prevaricate, don’t tell the whole truth in this case, keep his secrets, forget the most important points. It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you’re keeping your obligations, and remember if you live up to your obligations strictly, you’ll be free from sin.”

Masonic partiality extends to the jury box. The Blue Lodge degrees read: “Whenever you see any of our signs made by a brother Mason, and especially the grand hailing sign of distress, you must always be sure to obey them, even at the risk of your life. If you’re on a jury, and the defendant is a Mason, and makes the grand hailing sign, you must obey it; you must disagree with your brother jurors, if necessary, but you must be sure not to bring the Mason guilty, for that would bring disgrace upon our order. It may be perjury, to be sure, to do this, but then you’re fulfilling your obligation, and you know if you live up to your obligations you’ll be free from sin.”

Once a Mason reaches Royal Arch degree, he is to conceal all crimes of brother Masons, including murder and treason. Royal Arch Masons swear: I will aid and assist a companion Royal Arch Mason, when engaged in any difficulty, and espouse his cause, so far as to extricate him from the same, if in my power, whether he be right or wrong…. A companion Royal Arch Mason’s secrets, given me in charge as such, and I knowing him to be such, shall remain as secure and inviolable, in my breast as in his own, murder and treason not excepted.”

Thanks to: for their published research.

Please also see our partial listing of the details of the (formerly) secret initiation rituals for the various Freemason degrees.

"In 1934, desperate for money, Crowley sued sculptress Nina Hammett for libel in her biography of him, Laughing Torso (1932), in which she stated that Crowley practiced black magic and indulged in human sacrifice. The testimony given at the trial so repulsed the judge and jury that the trial was stopped and the jury found in favor of Hammett."

(note from gaiaguys: Why were no criminal charges brought against Crowley? Were the judge and jury loyal fellow Freemasons?)

From the Harper's Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience

SATANISTS & PAEDOPHILES AND THOSE WHO PROTECT THEM [being VCAT] by Andrew Bolt, Melbourne Herald Sun, October 31st, 2004





These two above clippings are merely representative of the extent of press coverage given the earlier phase of Dr. Michaelson's case.


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