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Updated on August 11th, 2007.

Some religions and sects institutionalize sexually abuse of children.

These and other Powers-That-Be manifestly do not see the crime of having sexual relations with minors as "abuse".

Please inform yourself about the "SCIENCE OF IDENTITY" cult, where "pleasure is the goal".

Satanic Worshipping, Child Sacrificing In Butler County, Missouri, USA
Woman comes forward with horror stories of government cover-up of hundreds of bodies.
By Greg Szymanski
November 4th, 2006

From the time Debbie Pitts was a child, she was beaten, tortured, abused and even put in a straight jacket.

According to Pitts, she was thrust against her will into a dark and deeply sinister Satanic cult, a cult protected by state of Missouri and federal authorities.

And if wasn't for the grace of God, Pitts, 51, says she wouldn't be here today to tell her incredible story, a sick and devious story illustrating how the forces of evil really work.

"As a small child, I saw a woman's body cut in half and babies cut out of the womb," said Pitts, recalling the satanic ceremonies she witnessed as a child growing up in Butler County Missouri.

"No one would help us and the authorities because the authorities were involved. I learned quickly that nobody would help us even after my grandfather tried for many years.

"Then in 1984, the federal authorities came in and removed the bodies from a mass gravesite in the woods behind the house I lived in. Since then everything has been closed up tighter than a drum and no one had been able to get any justice."

Pitts told her story of Satanic insanity Thursday on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal, a show where the truth often is hard to swallow but nevertheless told from the voices of many Americans silenced by the media's aversion to distortions and outright lies.

Pitts claimed after being thrust into a Satanic cult as a displaced child with no mother and father, she witnessed children being used as human blood devil sacrifices, the murders of hundreds of unwanted children and women being covered up by state and federal authorities.

"As I look back and look at America now, all I can say is I told you so," said Pitts, claiming the horrors of her childhood still cause nightmares. "I wanted to come forward on your show because there is nobody else listening. I wanted people to know how these people operate and how they operate today."

Pitts claims justice has never been served and never will be served for the child subjugated to Satan until the forces of evil are rooted out of the major religious and governmental institutions of America.

"I was beaten, tortured and put in a straight jacket," said Pitts, recalling her childhood. "I witnessed children being sacrificed and killed, but even to this day there has been no justice and it's hard to find anybody who has the courage to find out the truth. I know some people will think I am crazy, but this is the truth and this is what really happened."

And this is not the first time guests have come on The Investigative Journal with stories of Satanic worshipping and devil murders.

Although the host has been criticized for giving a forum to people who have claimed to witness blood sacrifices in both the bowels of The Vatican and the Mormon Temple in Utah, he shrugs off the criticism saying "it's about time we trust and listen to average Americans before it's too late."

Besides her radio interview, Pitts had this to say:

"My story can't be kept down anymore by the FBI that threatens to put me away for the rest of my life. Dan Rather has pictures of 300 bodies in this county in 1972 and the Feds got the evidence in 84 and the world will never see the piles of bodies that were collected, the evidence has been covered up and the governor refuses to arrest those because it would go public.

"I ain't healthy, but need to get my story told even if I die someday people will find out I told the truth. The first sheriff I remember was about 1959 or 60 name Massingham. He put a gun to grandpa and told him to keep his mouth shut, I want to start with that story, I was 4 years old. I want to describe the missing people the Satanic cult killed and the year of death. I want to name some names of people that were involved who should!

"I was arrested two decades ago, but the governor of Missouri refuses like I said they don't intend for this to ever get over with or ever admit that it ever happened. I am disabled for brain surgery the cops refused to protect me who ar eunder FBI control.

"They tried to get me killed and shut me up. I am a victim and witness and thugs wearing badges are not doing their job, the DA the sheriff, the police all are not under FBI control who will not let them have any of the evidence there keeping them from arresting those involved. Please help get my story out even if they pull some crap on me and threaten me again get my story out anyway."

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Sydney Morning Herald

Satanists trapped between the devil and the Holy See
January 8th, 2007

Nick Pisa in Rome

PRIESTS are to work alongside Italian police officers to tackle a rising tide of crimes linked to devil worship.

The clerics were seconded to the Squadra Anti Sette, the anti-sect squad, by the Vatican when church officials became worried about the number of churches being desecrated by satanists. In recent months there has also been a string of murders that have been linked to devil worship.

One of the Vatican's leading experts on satanism and the occult, Don Oreste Benzi, said the curiosity of young people meant they were particularly attracted to the occult, and drugs were used to influence and manipulate them.

"We will provide the units with priests who have experience in the field of devil worship and the occult," he said. "They will help the [anti-sect squad] to combat this problem, which is growing at an alarming rate across Italy We have seen churches desecrated and lives taken away through devil worship.

"We are not just talking about murders but the psychological grip that these sects have on young people, especially taking them away from traditional social values and exposing them to all sorts of horrors.

"We estimate that there are at least 8000 satanic sects across the country, with more than 600,000 members, and the numbers are growing all the time. That is why the church is more than happy to help."

Anti-sect squad units are expected to work with psychologists and the Vatican's experts. Many of the new wave of satanists in Italy combine black magic, hard drugs, sex and heavy metal.

A recent murder trial heard of a group who bludgeoned two of their members, aged 16 and 19, before burying them alive in woods near Milan.

Andrea Volpe, the ringleader, was jailed for life, and his girlfriend, Elisabetta Ballarin, was jailed for 24 years.

Police believe other victims may be buried in the woods, as several people are missing.

Civil rights groups have expressed fears that the anti-sect squad may be used to investigate the 1 million Italians who belong to minority religions.

Telegraph, London

Sydney Morning Herald

No cash for fight to halt child abuse

Date: January 5 2007

Andrew Clennell and Jonathan Pearlman

THE Premier, Morris Iemma, and the Treasurer, Michael Costa, have refused to provide new funding to tackle an epidemic of child sexual abuse in Aboriginal communities, ignoring the pleas of three ministers and the taskforce that identified the crisis.

Almost a year after receiving a report from an expert panel warning that abuse in Aboriginal communities was four times the average, the State Government has responded with a "five-year plan" containing 88 recommendations - but no extra funding to implement them.

The Federal Government, the State Opposition and taskforce members have expressed dismay at the Government's response.

The Herald understands Mr Costa blocked any new funding despite representations by the Attorney-General, Bob Debus, the Community Services Minister, Reba Meagher, and the Health Minister, John Hatzistergos.

The acting federal Aboriginal Affairs Minister, John Cobb, yesterday called on Mr Iemma to override Mr Costa and fund the recommended programs.

The state ministers are believed to have sought funding of between $20 million and $40 million a year. The Opposition has compared the request with $25 million the Government recently gave to the Lane Cove Tunnel company to compensate it for delaying road closures until after the March election.

Professor Chris Cunneen, from the University of NSW and a member of the taskforce, yesterday likened the lack of new funding to an inadequate response by governments in the early 1990s to the royal commission on Aboriginal deaths in custody.

Because of the lack of new funding, the Herald understands, the Government has scrapped a recommendation that a special case worker, dealing with child sexual assault, be provided to each Aboriginal community.

"The issue of funding is very important because it will require agencies to find funds to do this out of their existing budgets," Professor Cunneen said.

"While the Government can say it's funding the recommendations, we don't really know how they're doing that if there's no clear allocation of resources."

The Opposition Leader, Peter Debnam, said the Government had released its response during the holiday season because it was "woefully inadequate".

Professor Cunneen feared the response to the report - Breaking the Silence: Creating the Future, which the Government received in February but did not release for four months - would be "buried" in the lead-up to the state election.

The taskforce's chairwoman, Marcia Ella-Duncan, warned last month a decision not to fund the programs would be inhumane.

A Government source said the lack of funds was disastrous: "They've been sitting on this for ages. There was a lot of work in preparing budget proposals with an understanding this was a major thing the Government wanted to address.

"Treasury said they had no money ... [and] the next day put $25 million in for the tunnel in Lane Cove. There's a big opportunity to tackle a major problem and they have just missed it. It means we can't do as much as quickly."

The report found there existed a culture of "silence, denial and inappropriate responses such as protecting the perpetrator".

The Government's response said it would boost surveillance and evidence-gathering efforts by police for pedophile cases. It also promised alternative accommodation for Aboriginal people granted bail and to "encourage" police prosecutors to place more restrictions on bail for offenders.

A spokesman for Mr Iemma, Ben Wilson, said the Government was boosting spending in the Department of Community Services, which would benefit Aboriginal communities and stop abuse. He said the report had found ways to better employ existing resources.

Mr Costa's office refused to comment.

(further reading about the Aboriginal child abuse scandal: )

Sydney Morning Herald

Child porn shame exposed

Date: April 25 2007


THE double life of Dr Patrick Power, SC - the former deputy senior crown prosecutor caught with thousands of images of gay and child pornography - was exposed by a glitch in his computer.

It had crashed, so he took it to work to ask a technician to look at it. When the technician at the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions backed up files, one caught his eye. Its title explicitly and profanely described a 10-year-old boy in a sexual act with his father.

Thus began an investigation which uncovered nearly 29,000 pornographic images, including more than 400 of children as young as five. Police also found 31 videos, including one rated in the worst category, called "sadistic/bestiality", which showed pain inflicted on a child.

The videos had been found in a folder associated with an accounting software program. A search of Power's home found more child pornographic pictures on a disk labelled "Thesis back-up".

His defence lawyer, Ian Barker, QC, told Downing Centre Local Court yesterday that Power, 54, had suffered from an internet addiction and depressive illness. He tendered 76 references from barristers, friends and family "attesting to his integrity and contribution to society". They said the highly regarded prosecutor had always behaved with "complete propriety" towards children.

"In one sense the community is indebted to him and he's now entitled to call in that debt," Mr Barker said after outlining some of Power's contributions to youth causes. Power had suffered public humiliation and had already been punished, and should be given a good behaviour bond, Mr Barker said. Also, he would be in obvious danger in prison, he said. "He is not a pedophile nor anything like it. This is an extremely sad case. You have a good man, a person with integrity who is ruined by his own conduct which was contributed to very substantially by matters beyond his control."

Power pleaded guilty to one charge of possessing child pornography in January.

But the prosecutor, the Victorian chief crown prosecutor, Jeremy Rapke, QC, said there was evidence a hard drive containing more child pornography had been hidden or destroyed in the two days between Power being told about the investigation by the office of the DPP and police searching his home.

"A man who was truly remorseful would not have declined to co-operate with police by concealing or destroying evidence," he said.

Power had also initially tried to blame people staying at his house for accessing the computer, which was deceptive and showed "consciousness of guilt".

A day before Power was charged, in July 2006, he told a colleague: "I am deeply embarrassed it satisfies a long sexual fantasy but I don't engage in that type of behaviour."

But a psychiatrist's report tendered in court said his sexual preference was for lean, blond men aged 18 or older. "Power either misled his psychiatrist or [his colleague]. It must raise doubts about his reliability and, perhaps, honesty," said Mr Rapke.

"Some of [the material], particularly the videos, was repulsive, degrading of the children in them, and disturbing. There can be no doubt that some of the children seen in Dr Power's collection have been subjected to serious and probably painful sexual assault and it is deeply troubling that a man such as Dr Power would voluntarily and presumably for his own sexual gratification, possess such material."

Mr Rapke cast doubt on the extent of Power's depression, which had not prevented him from exercising his demanding job.

Power had carefully catalogued the pornography and his engagement with it was "long-standing and intense".

Child pornography was not a victimless crime, and a person possessing it had contributed to the sexual exploitation of children, Mr Rapke said.

Power is due to be sentenced on May 9.

Sydney Morning Herald

Hero, villain and the school for scandal

Date: April 28 2007

A disturbing episode in the life of the former governor-general Sir William Slim is uncovered.

SIR WILLIAM SLIM, one of Australia's most revered governors-general, has been accused of attempting to sexually interfere with a young, impoverished English boy sent to an institution in western NSW.

David Hill, a former managing director of the ABC and staunch republican, claimed that the war hero and 13th governor-general of Australia had groped students at Fairbridge Farm School at Molong when he visited in 1955.

Mr Hill said that while he was researching a book on Fairbridge the student concerned had told him of being attacked in the vice-regal vehicle.

"Sir William came in his Rolls-Royce and let the kids ride up and down in the car all day. One of the kids told me 'we were in the back of the Rolls-Royce and Sir William Slim was touching us up'," Mr Hill said. "Ten years later he was Viscount Slim and head of the Fairbridge Society in London and had the temerity to sack a principal at Molong because he was bonking one of the women staff at the school on the grounds that it was besmirching the place's reputation."

Mr Hill has not included the Slim anecdote in his book because it emerged after he completed research for the book.

Viscount Slim died in 1970.

Mr Hill's book, The Forgotten Children, records his experiences and those of scores of other destitute English children sent to Fairbridge in the hope of a better future.

Mr Hill was 12 when his impoverished mother in England, Kathleen Hill, agreed to send him, his twin Richard and their elder half brother Desmond to Australia in 1959.

His book, which will be launched on Monday, damns the school, alleging sexual and physical abuse and neglect. Suicides were not unknown, the food was inedible, the children were regarded as "educationally retarded" and three principals were sacked for sexual improprieties with children or staff. Mr Hill said the school's greatest crime was the lack of affection for the children, many of whom arrived at four and spent the rest of their childhood at Molong without one cuddle.

Mr Hill said that in 1956 the British government sent a fact-finding mission to Australia to investigate child migration and it had recommended the blacklisting of the Molong school. But he said documents in the London-based Fairbridge Society archives showed members used their influence in the upper echelons of the British establishment to get the blacklisting quietly dropped. Mr Hill said the Australian government was not informed.

In 1963 Sir William became chairman of the London Fairbridge Society, which founded and administered the Molong school.

Widely respected for welding a dispirited army into a potent fighting force that defeated the Japanese in Burma, in 1953 Sir William was promoted to field-marshal and appointed governor-general of Australia.

As a real war hero, his was a popular appointment. He retired as governor-general and returned home to Britain in 1959, and the following year was created 1st Viscount Slim of Yarralumla and Bishopston.

Mr Hill discovered documents in the society's archives showing that the Fairbridge principal Frederick Woods, a recent widower, was having an affair with one of the cottage mothers.

At a meeting on July 2, 1965, chaired by Viscount Slim, the board agreed with its chairman that Mr Woods had "created a scandal and had besmirched the good name of Fairbridge" and sacked the principal.

"Documents show the board at that meeting also had complaints from a Fairbridge girl complaining about her ill-treatment and a copy of an investigation by the NSW Child Welfare Department confirming allegations of child brutality by cottage mothers. Slim was only concerned about Fairbridge's reputation being besmirched. The kids were of little import."

A Dickensian policy dressed up in an Edwardian conceit, Fairbridge was established in 1938 as part of a plan to sprinkle England's impoverished children throughout the British Empire. It closed 36 years later after hosting more than 1000 children.

'I had a look at my little bloke under the shower one day with all his soccer bruises and I remember a kid called Terry Connell in our cottage at Fairbridge standing in the shower and all the bruises on him. Because of course there was nobody there to protect him. Everybody hurt him the other kids, the adult carers, the people in charge.

Please inform yourself about

another one of our country's elite protected sadistic pedophile former heads-of-state

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