(Dr) Reina Michaelson
Executive Director
Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program inc.

12 April 2004

Dear Chief Commissioner Nixon APM,

I am writing in response to the replies that have come from your office concerning requests for a Royal Commission into organised pedophilia, child pornography and police corruption in Victoria.

In your letter to Ms. (name withheld) and Ms. (name withheld) (31 March 2004), two professionals with expertise in the area of ritual abuse and torture of children and related criminal activity such as the production and distribution of child pornography, you stated

"Victoria Police will thoroughly investigate any allegations of this nature (pedophilia and child pornography)".

Unfortunately, your response failed to address the very point of why Ms. (name withheld) and Ms. (name withheld), along with so many others, are calling for a Royal Commission:

Victoria Police has consistently FAILED to conduct genuine and thorough investigations into organised pedophilia and child pornography in this state.

Similarly, when given the responsibility to investigate its own mis-handling of such complaints, Victoria Police has been shown to have failed in this task, with serious problems extending even to the Ethical Standards Department.

Here is a summary which I hope will illustrate to you why so many people are immensely concerned by this case and why so many people are appealing to you personally to instigate a Royal Commission.

1. A Department of Human Services inquiry concluded that the owners of a child care centre in the Mornington Peninsula region had allowed and possibly participated in the sexual abuse of children in their care.

2. The owner of the child care centre was never charged with a single offence and nor were any of the other alleged offenders.

3. The child-victims in this case independently reported being sexually abused by policemen.

4. The child-victims in this case independently identified a house where they were taken to and sexually abused. The house later turned out to be a police-officer's home.

5. A video-tape depicting police officers involved in the ritual abuse of children in this case was handed over to a detective and subsequently "lost" while in the possession of Victoria Police.

6. Members of Victoria Police (Crimestoppers) passed confidential information regarding child pornography and police corruption on to the unit at the centre of the corruption reports after having promised that the information would go straight to the Ethical Standards Division. Furthermore, the information was never passed on to ESD.

7. ESD appointed the close friend and colleague of the officers at the centre of the corruption reports to conduct the investigation, representing a major conflict of interest.

8. The ESD officer seconded to the Ombudsman's investigation failed to pass on significant information regarding the alleged active participation of police members in child pornography and ritual abuse of children and then lied about it.

9. Despite a promise being made that the police officers at the centre of corruption reports would not even know about the investigation, let alone have any involvement in it, it was revealed that at least one officer was shown to have both knowledge of and involvement in the investigation.

10. Previous complaints and investigations concerning this criminal network are legally most significant. However, the existence of previous complaints and/or investigations were initially DENIED by Victoria Police but later ADMITTED to.

11. Police officers involved in receiving previous information concerning this criminal network and/or participating in the investigation/s either outright denied having ever received such information, or stated they "cannot recall". One officer then admitted to the fact that previous report/s have been made and that he was involved in the investigation of one such complaint. When asked which other officers assisted in the investigation or were privy to the information he stated he "does not recall".

Many people have come forward with evidence concerning organised pedophilia, child pornography and police corruption in this state and Victoria Police has CONSISTENTLY let these people down.

Your current stance on this case has led many people to wonder whether or not you are complicit in what is so obviously a cover-up.

Please give the members of our community, especially the victims of these unspeakable crimes, a reason to believe in you and your integrity. I implore you to take courage in hand and instigate a Royal Commission.

I look forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely,

(Dr) Reina Michaelson
Executive Director
Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program inc.


 MAY 2nd, 2004

Now from one of the many VICTIMS of the Untouchable Pedophile Elite whose heinous ritualized child torture is still being protected by their loathsome criminal cohorts, being the corrupt police, the politicians and the traditional "news" media.

 A child victim writes an open letter to the community.

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