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UFOs, Extraterrestrials and Prophecies

The Controversy of Billy Meier

by Dirk Vander Ploeg Posted October 26, 2006

UFOs, Extraterrestrials and PropheciesLast Saturday night (October 21, 2006) I was in Toronto, Ontario attending a presentation at the Ontario Science Centre. The program was entitled "The Meier Contacts", The Key to Our Future Survival!

I was there to hear Michael Horn, Billy Meier's representative in North America, give us a glimpse into the real "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier.

The evening was divided into 3 parts: an audio/visual presentation, question and answer period and workshops for discussion of topics of interest to the attendees.

Michael Horn lives in Los Angeles and travels throughout North America promoting the life and times of Billy Meier.

As usual I wrote down a few questions that I would like to get answered by the presenter.

In this instance I was interested in discovering if Mr. Meier was familiar with or personally knows Erich von Daniken. What you probably know is that they both have made important contributions to the study of UFOs and extraterrestrials. They are also approximately the same age and both live in Switzerland.

Many of you know that I have read quite a bit about UFOs and extraterrestrials. I have also watched UFO and paranormal documentaries and was familiar, at least to a limited fashion, with the Billy Meier story.

The first term, description, thought of Mr. Meier that comes into my mind was "hoaxer." That's right, I had been influenced, biased to the point where I had formed an opinion of a gentleman whom I hadn't even met or even seriously studied. Then an image, a scene starts playing in my mind. A pendulum swinging from right to left and suspended from an invisible string is a flying saucer!

Another fact pops into my head, something about a messy divorce and allegations of model UFOs and faked photos and films. I give myself a slap in the head and pry my mind open setting back to absorb Mr. Horn's oratory.

UFOs, Extraterrestrials and PropheciesMr. Meier was quite an adventurer in his youth. See the photo to the right and imagine a young Meier as Indiana Jones. He traveled extensively going as far as India, Turkey and Greece. He even joined the French Foreign Legion, but after an unsatisfactory tour, deserted and walked back to civilization. He then tried his luck at truck driving but this turned out to be even more disastrous than his stint in the Legion as he lost his left arm in a traffic accident in Turkey.

Mr. Horn commented that after spending sometime in the emergency ward of a local hospital, Mr. Meier, hallucinating and out of his mind with fever and pain, once again went on a "walkabout" only to come to his senses some weeks later, bruised, bleeding, cloths tattered, lying on the side of the road. Mr. Meier was surprised to even be alive!

Returning to Switzerland via Greece he met his future wife Kalliope, whom he divorced as I remembered.

Between 1975 and 1976 Meier lived alone in his farmhouse, maintaining a simple life and working as a night watchman. It was during this time that the Pleiadians chose Billy to be their human contact.

One can only speculate as to why emissaries from a space faring race would choose a one armed itinerant farmer to be their conduit to humankind.

The movie footage and the photographs of extraterrestrial craft have been judged as being the best examples of flying saucers ever taken. In fact, the quality and the movement of the craft demonstrated in the photos look artificial and staged.

Over the years, debunkers, skeptics have claimed to be able to duplicate the movies and the photos. They state that Meier faked the movies and used models to create a fantastic hoax. To date, no one has managed to prove that Meier faked any film or photographs. No one has successfully duplicated any of Meier's films or photos either. Remember, the personal computer was in its infancy and Adobe Photoshop wasn't even a dream yet. Mr. Meier was not educated in photography and was handicapped by the loss of his left arm.

One of the loudest debunkers was a professional model maker Jeff Ritzmann who attempted to recreate the famous Wedding Cake photos. After months of labor, Mr. Ritzmann had his models complete. Mr. Horn compared Mr. Meier's actual photos side-by-side with Mr. Rizmann's photos and let the audience compare.

From my vantage point Mr. Ritzmann's model was very similar to Mr. Meier's. Similar but not exact. In fact, much of the detail seen in Meier's photos was missing in Mr. Ritzmann's model. This was simply a model, a static representation of a craft seen in a photo. Mr. Ritzmann, although he had promised to do so, did not attempt to fly his model or place it in photographs or film. This attempt to duplicate Billy Meier's photos and films took place in 2005!

Remember, Meier's material was shot 30 years ago.

Mr. Horn then offered evidence to the audience of Mr. Meier's films. By going to Switzerland and finding the exact locales where the films/photos were shot and by measuring distances from landmarks, the positions of trees etc. one can prove that the photographs, indeed the objects in the photographs are authentic.

There is a raging debate between advocates and debunkers concerning Mr. Meier's evidence so at this point I will leave it up to the reader to do the research before reaching their own decision.

As the title of the article states there is also a prophetic element to Mr. Meier and his Pleiadians visitors whom he describes as: Sfath, a man from the Pleiadian star cluster, Ptaah, a man, the commander of the Pleiadian spaceship fleet, Asket, a beautiful woman from the DAL Universe, Semjase, also a woman, from the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades.

The last mentioned visitor Semjase asked Meier to accept and spread their message to the inhabitants of earth. Their message begins:

"Above everything there exists one entity, Creation, it holds the power over every being's life and death. Creation alone extends its laws over everything…"

She also conveyed to Meier:

"Man must study Creation's spiritual laws, and not pray to gods who are nothing more than extraterrestrial visitors from bygone days, who had elevated themselves to the position of so-called gods to gain power over these primitive human beings on Earth and to enslave them.

Such an obstacles prevents Man from studying the Creational laws and striving for a life of harmony with nature. Man's ambition to subject Earth will ultimately destroy this planet." ---(Source: 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier - His Contacts With Extraterrestrials, His Photos, Films, Metal Samples and so Forth. Copyright 1996 by 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier, page 13.)

Over the years, Meier has received numerous prophecies from the Pleiadians, which he has recorded, and in some instances shared with others to be kept confidential until the specific predictions came to pass. I will list a few of the more amazing and leave it to you to believe or disbelieve.

Prophecy Date: February 28, 1987

Prediction: warning of the destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) by terrorism, the series of worldwide wars that the US would subsequently launch, and military actions involving Russia, China, France, Germany, Spain, England, Scandinavia and many Third World and other countries.

Event: September 11, 2001, the WTC was destroyed; the United States has already attacked Afghanistan and Iraq as of the time of this writing.Prophecy Date: October 19, 1978

Prediction: Meier described existence of Jupiter's rings, saying:
1. They are composed mainly of dust, particles, sulphur ions flung off by volcanoes on Io;
2. Described Io as the most volcanically active body in the solar system, and smooth, level-surfaced with no water; described Europa as ice-encrusted;
3. Jupiter said to have 17 "actual" moons;
4. Described nature of Jupiter's huge funnel-shaped storm.

Event: March 5, 1979, NASA's Voyager 1 probe discovered the rings of Jupiter, that Io is the most volcanically active body in the solar system and that Europa is covered in ice-five months after Meier published this information.

Event: September 15, 1998, Cornell University scientists confirmed particulate composition of rings from Jupiter's moons (first theorized by astronomers on August 2, 1995). Meier's information is 20 years ahead of Cornell's. (While scientists believe that the source of the particulate matter is explosions caused by meteorite strikes on the moons' surfaces, Meier's information seems more accurate, i.e., that matter being propelled from volcanoes at speeds up to 2,300 km/hour to heights of 180 km is more likely the true source of most particulate-forming rings.)

According to Mr. Horn's website:, Meier's contacts also predicted:

• Jonestown massacre (Nov 18, 1978)
• Overthrow of the Shah of Iran (Jan 1979)
• Chinese invasion of North Vietnam (Feb-Mar 1979)
• Iran Hostage Crisis (Nov 1979-Jan 1981)
• Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (Dec 1979)
• Terrorist attack on Iranian Embassy, London (Apr-May 1980)
• Abdication of Queen Juliana of The Netherlands (Apr 1980)
• Death of Tito of Yugoslavia (May 4, 1980)
• Mount St Helens eruption (May 18, 1980)
• Assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi (Oct 31, 1984).

These predictions are just as startling as his UFO films and photographs. If extraterrestrial visitors actually gave these predictions to Mr. Meier, then they do have information that is invaluable to all humans (or are they staging the events?).

All in all, it was an amazing evening. I was entertained, asked and had answers to several questions of personal interest and learned far more about Mr. Meier that I could have imagined. There was definitely more to this Swiss than pendulums and fake UFOs. Mr. Horn for his part gave an informative lecture and presentation and I can only guess that those who entered the hall with an open mind truly learned more about UFOs and extraterrestrials than they had anticipated.

The lecture was sponsored by the FIGU Canadian Study Group, P.O. Box 703 Station P, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5S 2Y4.

The story of Billy Meier is so intriguing that I would like to travel to Switzerland and meet him. I understand that he is sixty-nine years old so I can only hope that he continues to have a long and healthy life. Remember that question I wanted to ask Michael Horn about Erich von Daniken?

Well I forgot to ask it. Maybe next time.

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