When Truth Prevails

When Truth Prevails

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When Truth Prevails

The historic first presentation of the Billy Meier case at a major American university, Northern Arizona University (NAU).

This film documents how Michael Horn's attempts, over many years, to present the Billy Meier case to university students - despite outright censorship and banning from places like Arizona State University - was finally realized with the help of Prof. Scott Antes, a skeptical, but intellectually honest, professor.

You'll see Michael inviting the participants at an all-day skeptical event to learn about the Meier case, with fascinating footage of the reactions of Ray Hyman, a world renowned professional skeptic, who was courageous enough to examine a new book full of Meier’s UFO photos.

And you'll see Michael's entire, fast paced, information packed, enthusiastically received presentation to Prof. Antes' anthropology class. Michael also answers numerous questions from the students about how:

God was based on extraterrestrials who ruled over primitive human beings millennia ago

Our religions and fundamentalism will bring conflicts and disasters

The contact the Plejaren offered to the US government, in 1979, was rejected

The great dangers of atomic energy that plagued the Plejaren also now face us

Meier foretold the radical Islamic attacks on France and Europe, etc.

He introduces the students to elements of the spiritual teaching, including the Talmud Jmmanuel

The reaction to this unprecedented, historic presentation showed that the students are interested in, and can handle, the truth.

The purchase of this DVD helps Michael to continue to bring awareness to students in universities, the generations that are inheriting this world with all the dangers and damages that Billy Meier has long - and quite accurately - forewarned about. This information, so long suppressed by SETI, MUFON, academia and the various powers that be, holds the key to our future survival. That key belongs in the hands of the coming generations who've been burdened by the irresponsible behavior of the preceding ones.

Most importantly, this film is a testament to how one can apply the might of their thoughts to persevere until the desired goal is reached. This is what can happenÂ…when truth prevails.

Also included: Segment from "The Meier Contacts - The Key to Our Future Survival", from 2004, showing Meier's specific warning about Islam attacking France and Europe.

Running time: 1 hour 17 minutes

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