A Sampling of Billy Meier's Prophetically Accurate Published Evidence


The following scanned pages are provided as evidence that Billy Meier published specific, accurate scientific information that was later effectively, and unknowingly, corroborated by our scientists when they claimed their findings to be "new discoveries". I have also risked putting in evidence information that hasn't yet been completely corroborated by scientists but that has now arisen as likely in the scientific community.

These are only a few examples of the voluminous documentation that we include in a 22-minute long segment in the new film, as the time fulfills.

The information is shown as it was published in the Message from the Pleiades series, by Wendelle Stevens. It should be noted that even earlier translations of this same information was, and still is, in the possession of many people who got the orignal 1800 pages of the Contact Notes, distributed in the early 1980s, in mimeographed form. I first read them in 1986 and can vouch for their contents.

It should also be noted that the book publishing process, back in the late 1970s and 1980s, was anything but fast and efficient. In addition to the German texts, from 1975 - 1978, having to be translated, the laborious process of putting a book together, and effectively self-publishing it in those days, took a very long time. Hence Stevens has copyrights that may run from the date of orignal publication by Meier, and/or translations into English, to the outside date that a book was most recently printed or reprinted.

It has been pointed out that some of the things that we have said were first published by Meier were possibly existing in rarified scientific papers, to which Meier had absolutely no access. In fact, while we were doing our research for the documentation, which we include in the new film, such previously published information didn't appear in the searches we performed. This isn't surprising because such papers, of very specialized interest, may actually take a long time to find their way online and they certainly weren't available to Billy Meier...long before the internet even existed.

Of special interest to any thinking person is this question, "Not only HOW but WHY would this particular man, living in a remote part of Switzerland and with no resources, scientific background, money, means, or motive, etc,. even come into contact with ANY of this information, let alone publish it in complex conversational form...and then NEVER point to it himself in order to convince anyone of its accuracy, evidence of extraterrestrial contact, etc.?"

We must understand that there are many so-called intelligent and/or ediucated people for whom the very notion that this man is telling the truth so contradicts their belief systems, and threatens their egos, that they will do anything to resist the possiblity...including ignoring the evidence and the logic that supports the conclusion. In this regard, the diehard skeptics often understandably focus on trying to win a small "battle"...in a futile attempt to stave off losing the "war".

Covers, Copyright Pages and Contact Information

Immediately below you will find the cover and copyright pages for Volume 1 Message from the Pleiades. Pages 269 through 274 follow, from the 29th Contact of July 7, 1975, with a detail of the information on page 271 pertaining to how the Earth slowed Venus' rotation and caused it to rotate in the opposite direction.

As we present in the new film, in March 2010, a French scientist postulated that this was the cause so, while this isn't an established fact - as of this posting - we are confident that, once again, Meier's information will be corroborated as factually accurate...decades after he first published it.

Additonal information pertaining to Venus is also included in the attached pages and interested persons are invited to examine it as well and do their own due diligence to determine the accuracy, as well as when it was first "offically discovered".


Vol. 1 cover Vol. 1 Copyright

Venus 1 A Venus 2


Venus 3 Venus 4


Venus detail


Venus 5 Venus 6


Venus 7

Following below are the cover and copyright pages from Volume 3 of Message from the Pleiades. The first featured pages are from the 59th Contact of July 8, 1976, which succinctly states that an exploding planetoid, broken into two parts, crashed into the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and hit through the Earth's crust there. In 2009, scientists discovered two craters on the bottom of the Atlantic that they theorized could be...impact craters. This is obviously some 33 years after Billy Meier verifiably first published the information.

What do you think the chances are that the information provided to him by the Plejaren was, once again, "prophetically accurate? One doesn't need a degree in anything to begin to accumulate the documented information and critically evaluate it, using logic and common sense...something that - clearly - isn't guaranteed just because one has initials after their name. Is there a preponderance of diverse, specific, unique information that...even you knew nothing about before, or even until you just read it, etc.? What are the chances that our reclusive, rural dwelling Swiss friend came to know all of this - remember, the accuracy isn't being called into question by the skeptics! - well before it was widely known, let allone before the events even occurred?

As I said, we don't just need fact checkers, as truly important as they may be; we need thinkers who can make logical, reasonalbe...honest conclusions when presented with the evidence.


Vol. 3 cove Vol. copyright


Atlantic craters 1 Atlantic crater 2


Next, you'll find information from the 66th Contact pertaining to Mercury's having a metal core accounting for the contraction of the planet. Now, from here on, I will refer you to as the time fulfills to see the corroboration and, of course, you can go online and find the articles that we referenced in showing corroboration for Meier's information...as well as how far in advance of "official discovery" or occurrence he published it.


Merc 1 Merc 2


Merc 3


The last example here, from the 69th Contact of December 10, 1976, has nothing to do with astronomy but pertains to the Easter Island statues' hats, specifically where they were produced, which was also only recently verified.


Easter ats 1 Easter Hats


This is just a smattering of the documentation (without posting the corroborating articles that we do feature in the new film) that is contained in the 22-minute long presentation. Again, a thinking person should have not just food for thought but a virtual banquet to feast upon and even critique of course.

In this regard, the over-educated but under-thinking "experts" are at a distinct disadvantage. Certainly they may find, and some already have, that our research failed to discover some previously existing information which, I must emphasize, so far never contradicts Meier's information. And, as already stated, the likelihood that Meier had the opportunity, access, resources, motive, etc. to somehow, magically, come across such rarified information well prior to the internet age, is absolutely nil. Should any "expert" be able to actually show otherwise, I will stand corrected.

What I predict (pardon me for using such an...unscientific phrase!) is that it will be the so-called ordinary human being who has the requisite interest, thinking abilities, and the all important common sense, who will see that the core claim in the Billy Meier case, that he indeed met with and received absolutely accurate, specific information from the extraterrestrial Plejaren, is simply the truth although the magnitude and implications of such a reality is anything but simple...it would be the most important story in all of human history.

Unfortunately, the internet age has given rise not only to multitudes of armchair experts but also an epidemic of naked cowardice in the form of people who hide behind screen names. In the case of the skeptics who attack the Meier case, they may figure that they are somewhat immunizing themselves from the consequneces of their overly confident but foolishly wrong assumptions and conclusions. Most of the people involved in the Meier case, its research, etc., subscribe to the notion of declaring their actual identities - with the exception being if their very lives could be at risk from religious, political, or other serious persecution.

Protecting one's fragile ego isn't considered sufficent reson to hide behind the skirts of online anonymity, it's merely evidence of intellectual dishonesty and cowardice which, again, are not awarded with academic degrees.

Michael Horn

September 12, 2012