Alien Abductions: Delusional Disinformation

Harvard Professor "increases the hysteria"; Barbara Marciniak "hardcore liar, fraud and cheat"

American Ivy League Harvard University has initiated an investigation into activities of its resident psychiatry professor John Mack, who published the bestseller Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens. The book is bulging with reports about purported sexual encounters between terrestrials and extraterrestrials. In his sensationalistic book, the 64-year-old Pulitzer recipient assembles and describes not only 78 cases of alleged "cosmic sex," but he also claims that no less than 3.7 million US citizens of both genders were abducted by extraterrestrials at which time the abductees and the extraterrestrials engaged in numerous sexual acts.

Had the suave professor declared his book a fictional action novel or the like, for this is precisely what it truly is, his colleagues would not have given him the flak he has since encountered. But because he leaves absolutely no doubt that he considers all the experiences he describes as being truthful, his colleagues naturally took offence. The university teacher hired two attorneys since his book was published, supposedly to look after his interests.

Regarding his claim that 3.7 million people in America were willingly abducted by extraterrestrials and occasionally, willingly or unwillingly, abused by the aliens, our Pleiadian/Plejaran friends tell us that these statements are absurd, and they serve only to escalate the already prevalent mass hysteria. In particular individuals with a labile psyche, people having delusions, as well as various addicts in "UFO and extraterrestrial" matters, will be influenced by these figures and statements via the terrestrials' collective sub-consciousness. This influence is especially wielded by the masses who have fallen prey to this nonsense at a faith-type level. The Pleiadians/Plejarans explain that genuine abductions of human earthlings by extraterrestrials for the purpose of so-called examination contacts (medical exams and tests, etc.) occur rather infrequently. The reason for this lies in the fact that extraterrestrials do not visit Earth en masse but come here only in very small numbers, and that these few visitors do not abduct millions of people on Earth. Professor John Mack's book is therefore an additional influence on mass stultification as is also the book by the American Barbara Marciniak. In her delusional state she perceives herself as a trance medium, and claims -- against all better judgment -- that she receives messages from the Pleiadians. During the 252nd Contact, February 14, 1995, Ptaah stated the following in this regard:

"Ptaah: . . .It pertains to a certain person called Barbara Marciniak who, in her delusions, perceives herself as a trance medium, while she is, truthfully, nothing more than a hardcore liar, fraud and cheat of the same category as Fred Bell. She lies, defrauds and deceives other people on Earth as well as herself by purporting to have contacts with an energy collective from the Pleiadian star cluster. The truth is that in this cluster there exist only very young, blue and extremely hot celestial bodies which are completely incapable of supporting any type of life form -- be it in coarse material, semi-material or spiritual form. All claims made by this lying fraud and cheat are simply her own inventions and fantasies and there is not the tiniest shred of truth in them -- except, possibly, for a few items she has plagiarized from your written material. She reproduced many contact conversations you and I held and, without obtaining your permission, she usually produced these documents from material which had been stolen from you. Regarding the fact that there exists no intelligent or any other type of life on the Pleiades -- hence, neither an energy collective nor any similar terrestrially-invented foolishness -- we have received a related confirmation from the Arahat Athersata, who queried the highest of all existing high spirit levels and received a reply to this question to which Arahat Athersata already knew the answer beforehand: namely, no intelligent energy form, let alone life form of any type, exists on the Pleiades' celestial bodies. The same applies also to Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus. With their age being only approximately 62 million years [by terrestrial standards], the Pleiades are simply far too young to support life. Furthermore, the Pleiades are celestial bodies that will never bear any life in form of an energy or material nature, since their existence will only be short-lived prior to fading and dissolving again into interstellar energy, from which gases and new formations will evolve one day."

Here ends the excerpt from Ptaah's conversation. His statements once and for all clarify the fact that the Pleiades star cluster in our space-time configuration within the DERN Universe does not support any form of life, and that the Pleiadians/Plejarans, with whom I now have been in contact for twenty years, do not come from these stars but from another space-time configuration in another dimension 80 light years beyond the Pleiades. Their constellation is also called the Pleiades/Plejares, just as they are named here. This probably means that all of those frauds, liars and deceivers regarding purported contacts with the Pleiadians will one day claim that they, of course, were maintaining contacts with the Pleiadians from beyond our visible Pleiades. Perhaps I have said a bit more than was needed, and from here on people will be more cautious now with new fraudulent claims?

Thanks to Professor John Mack's book, inane stories are going to spread once again the fantasy stories about the "breeding of a new hybrid race" between extraterrestrials from the constellation Zeta Reticuli and terrestrial human beings. Through this university professor's ludicrous book, once again, fictitious stories (see FIGU Bulletin #2, May 1995 - "Little Greys") are kindled that fuel the fires of fear among the believers and others. This, in turn, increases the hysteria regarding purported abductions and sexual acts by extraterrestrials that now extends into Germany and other European nations, and is slowly spreading elsewhere because of the media personnel, who publicizes claims and other material of alleged abductions and sexual activities. Their activities substantiate the fact that, contrary to fanatical claims made by abduction believers, this type of hysteria manifests itself only when such false information is disseminated and announced publicly.

If one were to believe all the nonsense that surrounds abductions and impregnations by extraterrestrials especially in America and Germany, the world would be simply crawling with hybrids. These two countries would be swarming with newly bred children, adolescents and adults who supposedly were procreated between extraterrestrials and human terrestrials, in particular by the "Little Greys" from the Zeta Reticuli constellation. The source of these nonsensical sexual contacts between extraterrestrials and earthlings can be ascertained very quickly. This feeblemindedness originated with Elisabeth Klarer in South Africa who, contrary to better judgment, spread the lie that she had been impregnated by an extraterrestrial and subsequently had given birth to a son. Because she could not present this son as proof for her claim, she resorted to lying by stating that she was, of course, unable to educate and raise him on Earth in her own environment and, therefore, she was forced to leave him behind on the alien world with her own father. From the time she construed and publicized this lie, sufficiently large numbers of simpletons (and there still are some in existence today) accepted her con game as the truth.

Many people claim that these hybrids, sired through sexual acts between extraterrestrials and Earth humans, are ugly and often disfigured. This is simply as nonsensical as the assertion that the hybrid births are real. Babies who are born deformed are merely deformed and such deformations have occurred from time immemorial without influence of a sexual or genetic-manipulatory nature by extraterrestrials. Anyone who believes otherwise has fallen prey to some well-orchestrated, extensive con game and nonsense. The same applies also to the alleged animal mutilations by extraterrestrials. If it were otherwise, and if these stupidly-impudent, fanatical claims were true, the media of every type would be the first to pick up, disseminate and make the most of this sensational news. Actually, they would pounce like vultures upon such a sensation to make the most of it, and the entire world would soon hear about every detail. The fact is, however, that such horror stories are, as a rule, only spread by certain gullible people who deal with UFOs, extraterrestrials, sectarianism, esoterica, parapsychology and the like -- they preoccupy themselves with those who, far from any reality, accept each and every feeblemindedness and nonsense tossed their way as the truth, while the originators and writers of such rumors and tales make themselves an immense financial profit. Apparently, the genuine truth is not in demand, and the patrons of such trivia and nonsense only race after every incredible sensationalism based upon the inexplicable, which countless terrestrials pursue as loyally as puppies trotting behind their master.

In general, the hysteria, such as the one about alleged abductions and sexual activities by extraterrestrials, is a psychosis to which the purported abductees have succumbed. One must keep in mind, however, that many of these abduction claims arise from inferiority complexes, reasons of the individual's own image, and factors of self-esteem and the like. Oligophrenia may frequently play a role as well, though, and individuals afflicted by it fail to realize what nonsense they are telling others. In such cases, oligophrenia is linked with a psychosis as well.

Oligophrenia (Greek) - A weakness of the intellect or, rather, feeblemindedness. This infirmity of the intellect may be inherited or acquired as the result of brain damage that generally has its roots in infancy; oligophrenia can also be caused by inherited metabolic anomalies. Depending on the severity of oligophrenia, serious disturbances of the thinking and speaking process may manifest themselves. There are usually four degrees of differentiation: retardation, debility (slightly feebleminded), imbecility (demi-feeblemindedness) and idiocy.

Billy Meier