An Open Letter to Stanton Friedman and the UFO Communities



(Note: This open letter consists of an email to me, and my response to it.)



Hi John,


Good timing, I just got back from a presentation in New Mexico where Stanton also was presenting. I saw and greeted him but didn't get to his presentation due to things going on for me there.


I consider Stanton to be a decent guy and certainly a strong proponent for the Roswell case. That being said, I am not shy about speaking quite plainly regarding these matters.


As for Wendelle's work, I understand that Stanton wanted in on the Meier case as soon as he found out that Wendelle had a lot of the photographic (and other) evidence. From what Wendelle said, Stanton was very unhappy with his decision to have the evidence analyzed at by experts at reputable labs, etc. and not to put it in the hands of any people in the UFO community, precisely because they would be (quite accurately) perceived as less credible.


If Stanton would like to make any specific points or charges regarding the evidence, the expert photosound and metal analysis and comments about it, Wendelle's well documented work, the trashing I've given to the top international skeptics, etc., then he really should belly up to the bar and stop hiding behind these very vague - and long dealt with - charges.


My presentation in NM also dealt with the fact that Stanton, and others, continue to beat the very dead horse in the dead-end and favorite case of the U.S. government...Roswell. I made the point - and I am continuing to make it loudly - that there's simply no "there" there anymore. Nothing. Zip. Zero. And it is enormously counterproductive to getting the truth out for Stanton to keep promoting Roswell and products about it when, he must certainly realize, there will never be any proof, let alone government acknowledgement, about Roswell (unless they tie it in with a fake ET attack, etc.).  


The cover up is not about's about the Meier case. The mainstream media is more than happy to cover Roswell, and any other so-called UFO case. But it won't touch the Meier case because it's real, still ongoing and contains truthful information that will potentially turn our world upside down in a number of ways.


So, since you're in touch with Stanton, I guess you could offer this up to him. If Stanton has integrity and isn't just pushing a career along, if Stanton is really interested in the truth - even if he can't make a profit from it - if Stanton wants to be remembered for something truly important...then I suggest that he does exactly what I'm suggesting that all of the various UFO groups, MUFON, "exopolitics". Steven Bassett, etc. do, i.e. proceed to join forces to examine the Meier case and all of its evidence. I suggest that they do so critically and thoroughly. If they have questions and/or challenges I am available to deal with them to the best of my ability.


If they find that the Meier case indeed has the most abundant, varied and best physical evidence, and the most amazing amount of scientifically accurate information, published by Meier up to decades before "official discovery" or occurrence, then it will be incumbent upon them to report it far and wide. 


There is absolutely no need to still be wasting time complaining about, or petitioning, the government to reveal the little that it may know about UFOs per se...and certainly not Roswell. It's completely unimportant, irrelevant and unnecessary - if people decide that they are adult enough to take personal responsibility for finding and disseminating the truth themselves.


I have indeed begun to reveal the suppression by the mainstream media and, even more importantly, this dissemination of information about the authenticity of the Meier case that I mention above requires very little effort. It no longer requires that the mainstream media do, or do not do, anything. It only requires that those people who come upon the truth decide to put a few words to their friends in an email, blog, text or tweet and...push SEND.


The real cover-up can be completely exposed if enough interested people just take a few moments to use their publishing power to do so. This is an historic time when each person with access to a computer can set truly revolutionary events in motion. And it's a bloodless, silent revolution. 


If people want to still participate in meaningless discussions about the cover-up, disclosure, UFOs, etc., then they can but they'll have no one but themselves to blame for the fruitless, pathetic charade. Of course "UFO experts", who write books and runaround giving interviews about things that they actually know very little about, would prefer that the sad and useless, entertainment-oriented scenario continue to roll on.


But for those who truly want to make an historical difference - and I do hope that Stanton Freidman is one of them - becoming the new heroes by making the real truth freely available is the best way to do it.


And each person can find out for themselves if the still ongoing Billy Meier UFO contacts are indeed true. 




Michael Horn




Hello Michael,


Hope you've enjoyed a 2010 summer wherever you may have found yourself to be in your busy schedule.


I've been communicating with Stan Friedman recently and he (as well as others you/& I are familiar with) continues to hang with a perceived distrust in the work Wendelle did as well as the hype about phony photos and models hanging from filaments etc.


I wouldn't expect there to be fireworks between yourself and Mr. Friedman when you're in the same room at the same conference but can you offer me any of your personal perceptions re: Mr. Friedman?


In all courteous regard,






September 13, 2010

Michael Horn