Corroborated Information Sources


Will Humanity Wake Up…in Time?

A partial compilation of Meier’s prophetically accurate information, focusing on scientific discoveries that confirm and corroborate Meier’s preemptive publication of the information

Press Releases

Published one-page documents announcing specific corroborations usually of a scientific nature

Prophecies & Predictions

Useful for reading the original the English translations of Meier’s prophetic and predictive information and for noting new corroborations of information contained in the documentation as they may occur

UFO Proof & UFO Evidence

Various documentation, photos, video, sounds, analysis and comments by scientific experts

News Headlines & UFO Updates

Several years’ worth of featured articles and commentaries pertaining to the Meier case and its evidence

The Witnesses

Detailed documentation pertaining to the many dozens of eyewitnesses, some who witnessed multiple events

They Fly Blog

Numerous articles put up in response to new corroboration of Meier’s information, as well as commentaries relating to different aspects of his information

Swiss Skeptic Photographs Plejaren UFOs!

Something for the skeptics themselves to think about