Danger of Collision with the Red Meteor!




The following information provides an abundance of documented proof that Billy

Meier has published specific, prophetically accurate information about Apophis,

referred to here as the Red Meteor. The documentation includes copyright

information registered in the Library of Congress. While there is admittedly

much information to review, it is provided especially for those who, quite

correctly and understandably, require that extraordinary claims require

extraordinary evidence, which they can independently verify.






For the sake of all humanity, it is now time to offer (additional) proof positive that Billy Meier has had decades of contact with extraterrestrial human beings, which has been largely for the purpose of helping us to assure our future survival and to encourage us to study and to learn the eternally true, non-religious, spiritual teaching. In order to immediately establish the fact that Meier published his warnings about the Red Meteor (known to us now as Apophis) long before "official discovery", I direct readers to the easily established fact that this warning (in addition to the referenced transcripts below) appears on pages 316 and 317 of Guido Moosbrugger's book, And yet...they fly! - first published in English in September, 2001...three years before Apophis was discovered by terrestrial scientists.


It also appears on pages 265 and 266 of And still they fly!, - published in 2004.


However, both of these books are the English language translation of the orignal German language book, first published by Guido Moosbrugger in 1991....13 years before Apophis was discovered by terrestrial scientists. It is, therefore, absolutely ironclad, copyrighted, published proof of the Plejaren's and Meier's prophetic accuracy and truthfulness. (CORRECTION: I found that the text was not in the German book in 1991, though it was first published in German in 1981 and, as mentioned below, available in English shortly thereafter. Of course, the copyright in English, in 2001, is ironclad.)


So we can ask, are the Russians reading Meier's information and warnings? Let's hope so, as this headline story from the Associated Press indicates that they are taking seriously the predicted threat from Apophis, called the Red Meteor by Meier and the Plejaren. People may wonder why, since Meier foretold the coming of comet Toutatis - and that it would be named Toutatis! - in 1978 (again, years before "official" discovery) why they would refer to Apophis initially as the Red Meteor.


But an Austrian physicist has suggested that, by doing so, they were giving our own scientists a hint as to the absolute certainty that the object will collide with Earth if not deflected. In order to appreciate the very real possibility that this is the case, please read this information on the Torino scale. This may be an indication that, occasionally, we have to use our own minds to not only figure things out but to appreciate the intelligence of those who wish to help us...to help ourselves. And it should be further noted that the Torino scale was created by scientists in 1995, again, years after Meier's information was first published.


(NOTE: Aren't scientists always wondering if extraterrestrials will be "smart" enough to recognize our radio frequencies, or refer to some comon scientific or mathematical standard, to make contact with us? Well, do we think that they may have passed such a "test" by pointing to a color standard that our scientists would use to identify an object that would hit us with absolute certainty? And might we take notice of the fact that they did that years before that standard was even created?).


However, the Plejaren do suggest the *appropriate use of a nuclear explosion, contrary to what is currently stated by the Russians (see full article):



Russia may send spacecraft to asteroid


By VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV, Associated Press Writer – Wed Dec 30, 8:28 am ET

MOSCOW – Russia's space chief said Wednesday his agency will consider sending a spacecraft to a large asteroid to knock it off its path and prevent a possible collision with Earth.
Anatoly Perminov said the space agency will hold a meeting soon to assess a mission to Apophis, telling Golos Rossii radio that it would invite NASA, the European Space Agency, the Chinese space agency and others to join the project once it is finalized.
When the 270-meter (885-foot) asteroid was first discovered in 2004, astronomers estimated the chances of it smashing into Earth in its first flyby in 2029 were as high as 1-in-37.


Original Article: 


Despite an abundance of specific, prophetically accurate information about coming events, many people have asked that Billy Meier provide even more. Some want to satisfy their curiosity, or to just have more thought provoking information to ponder, Others want to keep raising the bar, so to speak, demanding always more information as evidence of Meier’s authenticity and accuracy, but failing to either understand, acknowledge or act on that which was previously given.


So the following information should meet the needs of everyone, the mere curiosity seekers, the genuine truth seekers, and the governmental and military personnel that monitor this website for information.


The first information below is a new translation, direct from FIGU in Switzerland, that has not been published before. Following this translation is the text of Contact #150, from October 10, 1981, which I first had in my possession and read in 1986.


The official discovery of the object now called Apophis was on June 19, 2004

(see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/99942_Apophis)


Please note that this has nothing to do with the fictitious Planet X now being discussed in New Age circles.


The Meier prophecies containing this information of course predate the “official” discovery by over 22 years. The real question is, will the scientists and governmental leaders do anything to heed and prepare for this event, so that it doesn’t have to occur?


And, of course, will you do anything to spread the information, to direct it to responsible parties, leaders, etc. – or were you just…curious?


Michael Horn




475th contact between Ptaah and Billy


(Excerpt from page 3486 of the original notes; see original *German text below)


Billy: Regarding the Red Meteor that endangers Earth on the 13th of April, 2029 and of which we have already spoken on the 16th of September, I have been asked about certain things and, therefore, would like to know how big that bloke is.


To my knowledge the terrestrial astronomers have already detected it for quite some time and are calling it  Aprophis or something.


It shall either hit Earth in the year 2029, or only whiz past by very closely.


If the second version should occur, it (the meteor) would dangerously reappear in the year 2036, and its close approach to Earth could really lead to a catastrophe if the scientists undertake nothing against it or if there is no change in the meteor's trajectory.




152. It’s size is about 350 metres.


153. What you are saying regarding the great danger that the Red Meteor represents to Earth: the scientists know about it.


154. And if there will be no special influence by the outer SOL “trabants”*, a catastrophe really threatens the Earth.


155. In order to avoid it the terrestrial scientists are also urged to undertake every conceivable possibility to ultimately push the meteor from its orbit.


Billy: To my knowledge certain models exist for this purpose, but the scientists cannot come to a mutual agreement with each other.


You are saying that the fellow shall be pushed from its orbit, and I gather from it that blowing it up is out of the question.


Therefore, only a reaction principle could be applied, like e.g. an extremely strong nuclear reaction unit, solar sail principles, or atomic explosions near the meteor.




156. **Whereby atomic explosions near the meteor should be especially considered, because they are very efficient and produce a strong drifting effect.


157. However, the explosions may not occur too close to the meteor in order to avoid breaking it up, from which an even greater danger would result.


158. Such a project must be executed early and not at that time when the real danger is starting to threaten, because otherwise it would be too late for a success.


159. Working towards it must be started today.


Billy: And what about big reaction units and solar sail principles?




160. Those are possibilities, but they are much more difficult to carry out, and the necessary effectiveness is questionable; besides, with regard to their efficiency they are not to be recommended because meteors are unstable with regard to a regular self-position, which makes the application of any effective reaction units and sun sails etc. nearly impossible.


Billy: Those things have to be profoundly thought about by the scientists.




161. That’s really so, but time presses.


*Trabant: Objects circling around and at great distance from our sun 



Translated by CF 24th January, 2009



Here is the is the text of Contact #150, from October 10, 1981, mentioned above, which was published in German and English well before the object was discovered. I have taken the step to emphasize certain words with the hope, again, that those scientific, governmental and military intelligence parties who monitor the Meier material, on this site as well as others, will take the information to heart, if for no other reason than their selfish desire to perpetuate their own interests, undisturbed by an inconvenient cataclysm.



From Contact #150, Dated October 10, 1981


(For the complete Contact #150 and the side-by-side orignal German text, please see this page.)





493. The meteor mentioned in the prophecies, which proves to be of enormous size and will cause most severe destructions on the Earth, and which threatens to bring, aside from climatic and tectonic changes, also additional changes, will threaten to split the crust of the Earth from the present-day North Sea down to the Black Sea which, however, does not have to occur with certainty, because certain factors speak against this.


494. It approaches from the depths of outer space towards the SOL-system and is a so-called stranger.


Billy: You mean, that this does not refer to a known comet, which again and again passes our system on its path?




495. That is correct, because the meteor travels on a path, which leads it to the SOL-system for the first time.


496. At earlier times, it was never in this area of space.


Billy: And its path shall end on the Earth? Could you not do anything about this?




497. You know very well, that this will be the case and that we are not allowed to halt this event.


498. The cosmic powers have pre-programmed this event, which could only be stopped or prevented by Earth humanity themselves.


499. In their materialistic and misled disunity and in their megalomania, however, they disregard all warnings and prophecies, so that what is going to happen is probably inevitable, as an admonition and punishment, if you want to see it that way.

500. And as this warning and vengeance must occur, we are not allowed to take any steps in order to prevent the occurrence.

501. Earth humanity should listen to your words and warnings, but that especially they do not do.

502. You stand in a lost position, like one calling in the wilderness, and only few are and will be willing to listen to your words, to grasp their meaning, to reflect about them and to learn how to act correctly.

503. Those who will not listen will find death in exchange, when the meteor begins its work of death and creates a new continent, due to an enormous crack of the Earth, from the North Sea to the Black Sea, from which will spew forth red hot lava, if the prophecy should be fulfilled in its entire proportions which, however, has not been determined in its final consequence.

Billy: You say that so dramatically and unscientifically.


504. It is our nature to remain human, including in scientific explanations without scientific language.

505. Scientific language prevails primarily only with the Earth people, who believe that they need to excel by using this language.

506. It is a degeneration of brazen megalomania, which leads, besides, to the playing down of all dangers.

507. That is one reason why we and also every other intelligent and honest-minded life form never get involved in scientific language, but only speak in a human linguistic manner, which must sound somewhat dramatic because the fact of the existing drama of the extraordinary is given.

508. A purely scientific manner of expression is always wrong, due to the playing down and minimizing and disregard of the dangers.

Billy: In all other respects, I would be interested to know where this Earth tear arises.


509. In reference to the event to be expected, and already told you, that this one will part the land portion between the North Sea and the Black Sea.

510. Red hot lava masses and natural gas etc. will, in addition, create from it a deadly sulphurous wall which, drifting westward, will cover the land and with that creates an additional death-zone, if the prophecy should actually be fulfilled in its entirely, and if Earth humanity does not undertake something in unison to stop it.

Billy: Aha, that was also stated in one of the prophecies. But is there not the slightest possibility, that you could yet prevent something?


511. Your question is rather illogical, my friend, on the other hand, we try very well to be helpful to Earth Man, in that we make these approaching horrors and events visible to many sensitives by visions, and also include you in these visions.

512. Unfortunately, however, all these sensitive ones, Earth humans, who are receiving corresponding vision-impulses from us, are always involved in some type of error religion, so they are not able to recognize us, and they attribute the visions they receive from us to some godhoods or cosmic world directors etc., although such figures and powers in truth only exist in the religiously misled minds of Earth humanity. . .

Here is a question and answer, regarding the Red Meteor, that was originally posted on the FIGU online forum about one and one-half years before Apophis was discovered:


George Madeyski
Posted on Monday, December 16, 2002 - 10:49 am

Hello Billy,
Is the impending 'Red Meteor' event still on?
(it will rip a gush in Europe from Baltic Sea to Black Sea).
Is it fair to ask you this. When you say 'IMPENDING' does that mean:
within next 20 years, 50 years or what does that word realy imply?
Will this event stop the growth of the food crops for few years and
consequently cause famine leading to war for food sources by nations
who have nothing to loose(desperate)?
George Madeyski

ANSWER: Hi George,
It is still on its way. It has not yet been discovered.
Well, "officially" Billy doesn't know. :-)
Regarding the end question: No, and the Earth will not explode.

I am also now posting an even earlier warning from Petale, in poetic form, that was published by Meier in 1976 in the same document with the 1981 warning, which I first read in 1986:

Saturday, January 31, 1976, 01:05 AM

A meteor from space - comet-like,
races close and crashes in the big pond,
the air it burns up as a glowing ball,
in the year of the three-value, with terrible sound,
with terrible howling, gigantic power,
as death-missile it crashes on the Earth.
As concentrated power racing through space,
it brings a deadly destroying seed.
Mountains, they crash and life, it dies;
a death-monster, which now spoils much,
loud cry the people all together in one voice,
their misery upward to Creation in heaven.
They scream and cry and plead to her,
for much blessing and love and help from now on
but they never thought about the great law,
about the love-request, which they broke.
They lived along, passing Creation by,
because all-the-while love was all the same to them.
Only the punishing power of the highest one,
allows a few to find their way back to the greatest One.


And it would be good to refer to what astrophysicist David Froning publicly stated (emphasis added):

“My colleagues and I may have made breakthroughs in our understanding of possibilities and ways for traveling faster than light from Billy Meier's accounts of his encounters with the Plejarens.” He also said, "If what this Meier is saying is just a hoax, he's being cued by some very knowledgeable scientists. I've only discussed this Meier case with scientists who are fairly open-minded about interstellar flight, but I'll tell you, the majority of them think it's credible and agree at least part, or sometimes all, of the things talked about by the Pleiadians (Plejaren)."

**Original German text for 475th contact between Ptaah and Billy:


Billy:  Es ist ihnen nicht möglich, zwei Dinge voneinander zu trennen.

Bezüglich des Roten Meteors, der am 13. April 2029 die Erde gefährdet und von dem wir bereits am 16. September gesprochen haben, da wurde ich nach einigen Dingen gefragt und möchte daher wissen, wie gross der Kerl eigentlich in etwa ist.

Meines Wissen haben die irdischen Astronomen ihn auch schon vor geraumer Zeit entdeckt und nennen ihn Aprophis oder so.

Im Jahr 2029 soll er entweder die Erde treffen oder nur sehr knapp an ihr vorbeizischen.

Sollte letzteres der Fall sein, dann wäre ein nächstes gefährliches Meteor-Erscheinen
im Jahr 2036, wobei dann eine Annäherung an die Erde erst recht zur Katastrophe führen könnte,
wenn von den Wissenschaftlern nichts dagegen unternommen wird oder sich in bezug auf die Flugbahn
des Meteors selbst etwas verändert.

Ptaah:  Seine Grösse umfasst rund 350 Meter.

Was du sagst bezüglich der grossen Gefahr, den der Rote Meteor für de Erde darstellt, das ist den Wissenschaftlern bekannt.

Und wenn sich nicht etwas durch einen besonderen Einfluss der äusseren SOL-Trabanten ergibt, dann droht der Erde tatsächlich eine Katastrophe.

Um diese zu vermeiden sind aber auch die irdischen Wissenschaftler angehalten, alles erdenklich Mögliche zu unternehmen, um den Meteor endgültig aus seiner Bahn zu drängen.

Billy:  Meines Wissens existieren dazu diverse Modelle, doch können sich die Wissenschaftler nicht darüber einigen.

Du sagst, dass der Geselle aus seiner Bahn gedrängt werden soll, woraus ich entnehme, dass Sprengen also nicht in Frage kommt.

Also könnte nur ein Rückstossprinzip Anwendung finden, wie z.B. ein ungeheuer starkes atomares Rückstossaggregat, Sonnensegelprinzipe oder atomare Explosionen in der Nähe des Meteors.

Ptaah:  Wobei besonders nahe des Meteors atomare Explosionen in Betracht gezogen werden sollten, weil diese sehr effizient sind und bei solchen Objekten einen grossen Driftungseffekt erzeugen.

Die Explosionen dürfen jedoch nicht zu nahe des Meteors stattfinden, damit nicht eine Zerstückelung erfolgt, durch die eine noch grössere Gefahr entstünde.

Ein solches Vorhaben muss jedoch schon frühzeitig durchgeführt werden und nicht erst dann, wenn die wirkliche Gefahr zu drohen beginnt, weil sonst kaum noch ein Erfolg gegeben sein kann.

Es müsste also bereits heute daraufhin gearbeitet werden.

Billy:  Und was ist mit grossen Rückstossaggregaten und Sonnensegelprinzipen?

Ptaah:  Auch das sind Möglichkeiten, doch sind diese sehr viel schwieriger durchzuführen und in ihrer notwendigen Wirksamkeit fraglich, und zudem sind sie in bezug auf ihr Effizienz nicht besonders empfehlenswert, weil Meteore in bezug auf eine gleichmässige Eigenposition unbeständig sind, sondern eine Eigenrotation aufweisen, durch die das Anbringen von wirksamen Rückstossaggregaten und Sonnensegeln usw. so gut wie verunmöglicht wird.

Billy:  Diese Dinge müssen von den Wissenschaftlern also noch gründlich bedacht werden.

Ptaah:  Das ist tatsächlich so, doch die Zeit dazu eilt.Updated January 2, 2010

Michael Horn