The Three Alien Groups that Currently Observe the Earth

Excerpt from the 532nd Official Contact Conversation of Saturday, December 24, 201l.

German to English unofficial translation by Larry Driscoll. Original German text copied from the internet website in order to present the following English translation. Date: June 17, 2012

Billy Then my next question, which does not apply to the future, with those of whom you of course do not want to have contact, but my question does apply to the unknown to you, respectively, to the unknown to you Earth aliens, of whom we have spoken about in our last conversation. I have indeed no contact with them and also do not want to get in touch with them, yet I think, that you nevertheless know something about them, for I can myself imagine, that you do not put aside the matter without observation and thought.

Ptaah That’s correct, yet we do not concern ourselves too much with it, for the technology, on which they operate, as well as their conduct does not correspond to prerequisites, which would be important in accordance with our directives, which would allow us to enter into contact with them. Alone from their technology and from their conduct we are able to conclude upon their consciousness ability position, of which not one of them complies, who would allow us to start a contact with them.

Billy Their technology must however still be well developed, for they are able to come from somewhere in space to the Earth. And with their conduct…

Ptaah Admittedly, this is actually so, yet the aliens are, regarding their consciousness development and their fallible conduct patterns, contrary to the inviolableness and the dignity of all life in exactly the same way still are not sufficiently developed enough, as also not their technology, as a result we are not able to arrange them in accordance with our directives into the important security stages, which are predetermined by us as our directives. And regarding their conduct, many matters do not correspond to a consciousness development, which would allow a contact starting and association with them in accordance with our directives. There, were and are, many incidents caused by them, which are not able to be reconciled with a healthy and higher consciousness ability development as well as also not with various creative-natural predetermined laws and regulations. Despite the higher developed technology, through which they are able to cope with travel through space, they are on this matter not much further developed than terrestrial scientific field skilled workers, who as a rule, all live just according to Earthhuman laws and regulations, while at the same time, they however still follow little, or in general nothing, in the exercising of the creative-natural predetermined laws and regulations. Such is it by them in exactly the same way not to observe also the, through these laws and regulations preexisting inviolability of the body as well as the psyche of human, animal and wildlife, as this also is the case with Earthhumans.*

Billy And is this the case with all three groups unknown to you?

Ptaah Yes. With these three groups is however to understand here, that it concerns a matter about them of three different factions, who however all together build a unity, thus belonging together and in accordance with our observations of only one origin, however who have different areas of responsibility on the Earth. Of three groups is only generally to speak, because our realizations of these earth aliens is that they are clearly organized for certain tasks in three different terrestrial areas, in which they become evident and are variously working. So one group moves entirely in the west continental area of Antarctica over Tierra del Fuego and all Americas with various islands up to Alaska and to the Arctic, then another group moves in entirely Europe with Africa and all islands, with Greenland, Eurasia, Arabia, Madagascar and the Arctic as well as various islands, and finally the third group moves entirely in Asia and Oceana with all islands, as also in Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and in a part of Anarctica.

Billy Thus, also, here once again a misunderstanding, for we always thought, that with the three groups may have meant three different earth alien races, which would come from different worlds.

Ptaah That was actually a misunderstanding, hence, it is good that you have again brought up this matter.

Billy And were you able to find out, where these Earth aliens come from, respectively, where their origin is?

Ptaah Regarding the discovering of their origin planet, we have ourselves tried, yet I can not give any information about it, because up till now we do not know of this and also on account of the lack of their consciousness- and technological development, do not want to enter into association with them, in order to find out. There must arise, regarding this, an unwanted foreordination, which however is doubtful, because we ourselves in no way seek a contact with them, as I already explained. Hence, we also do not watch their exact activities, but only take notice of them, which arises through unintentional observations, etc.. And as far as the number of Earth aliens is concerned, such were we able up to now only to observe a few of them, although all of these however were clearly registered by us.

Billy However you still would be able to follow the chaps secretly, in order to find their home world if they would currently leave the Earth.

Ptaah Up to now we were not able to register any excursions by them from Earth space, as a result we presume, that they are permanently stationed here.

Billy Then regarding this I will not continue to enquire…

*NOTE: No further information regarding this extraterrestrial human race, which operates as three groups, is expected to come from the Plejaren. One is, therefore, left to draw their own conclusions as to whether the groups have so far acted as anything more than observers. It should be said that in previous conversations with Meier, wherein the Plejaren mentioned the presence of these groups, they did say that they aren't going to enter into contact with human beings of Earth.


June 21, 2012