The frequently heard question is, "If this is really true, why haven't I heard about it before?"

The simple answer is that those whose duty it is to research, investigate and report the truth abdicated their responsibility to do so.

And those whose egos felt threatened because their knowledge and importance was revealed to be infinitesimally small in comparison tried to ridicule - or avoid - the matter entirely.

Thank you very much for your interest in this enormously important - and very suppressed - story. Since Billy Meier's contacts have been ongoing for over 72 years, the fact that it's still unknown to most of the world shows that this is the story that the UFO cover-up is really all about.

Meet “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier, a real-life combination of Indiana Jones, Lawrence of Arabia and Luke Skywalker, as he reveals his fascinating adventures in over 40 countries, including his discovery of what may be the most important and heretical document of all times – and his life long contacts with extraterrestrial (alien) human beings.

See many of the UFO photographs, a movie clip and startling video, for which Meier has become famous worldwide, listen to the UFO sounds themselves and even see and hear Meier speak about it.

But extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, not beliefs, so you’ll find scientific analysis of both the UFO photographs and sound recordings, never before seen seven-fingered hand prints from extraterrestrials (aliens), plus the opinions of scientific experts who examined much of the evidence.

In addition to the stunning, still irreproducible physical evidence, Meier has single-handedly transcribed more than 24,000 pages of information, most of it still in German, which includes a true history of human beings in the universe going back tens of millions of years.

But it’s the startlingly accurate prophetic information that has caught the attention of millions of people worldwide, even high-ranking government officials, especially now with the fulfillment of Meier’s prescient foretelling of the disastrous U.S. war with Iraq, global warming and other events – that he published in 1958!

You’ll learn how the laws of cause and effect (upon which prophecies and predictions, and all life tiself, are based) unfailingly operate and how we bring upon ourselves many of our own worst problems through ignorance and violation of them.

And – since no one is coming to save us from ourselves – you’ll learn why the only lasting solution is for us to take back our self-responsibility on every level from all outside sources, including false leaders, politicians, religions, cults, sects, imaginary gods, angels, saints, gurus, etc.

In addition to extremely controversial information about the true extent of CIA power, the origin of the UFO cover-up, there are also international discussion forums, a Q & A section and a topical listing of Meier’s incredibly extensive information.


Please also note that former UN diplomat, Phobol Cheng, is a personal eyewitness to the UFOs and to the extraterrestrials, one of dozens of credible witnesses, who have corroborated Mr. Meier's story. In addition to 17 witnesses taking and completely passing lie detector tests, including Mr. Meier, both he and Ms. Cheng were evaluated by an expert consultant to the U.S. Army Special Forces as being honest and truthful. And there are numerous other experts, including Dr.Michael Malin, who have commented on Meier's evidence.


The Billy Meier contacts are really more about helping us to assure our own future survival than about UFOs. You may also want to read the additionalinformation about the case and new information from the Plejaren about the real scope of the BP Gulf disaster.



So, while this is really only the tip of the iceberg, it should be enough to help you to decide if the Billy Meier UFO contacts are the biggest, most impenetrable hoax or – the most important story in all of human history.

There's really nothing in between.


Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts