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Michael Horn


Professionals in any discipline must, of necessity, evaluate information produced, submitted and/or published in their field of study based solely on its merits. Any personal animosities, or prejudices either for or against the source of the information, must be set aside so that only clear thinking in determining the factual accuracy is the basis of consideration.


If this standard is applied to the scientific information published by Swiss UFO contactee Billy Meier - and it rarely has been by those in the scientific field - a unique situation presents itself, which will indeed challenge the thinking of many scientists. It will also shed light on any unconsciously held beliefs about "such things as UFOS and extraterrestrials" - and their own actual level of knowledge and expertise.


In addition to having an abundance of the best, clearest and still irreproducible physical UFO evidence, Meier has published a voluminous amount of very specific, highly detailed scientific information in numerous fields of study, most of it still only available in German. Thankfully, due to recent efforts by interested parties, more is being translated into English all the time. The ongoing corroboration of Meier's information automatically occurs with each so-called "new, official discovery" of something Meier had already, verifiably, published. It's even more compelling because the "discoverers" and the reporting sources are consistently unaware that the information was first provided to a "Swiss farmer" by "extraterrestrials", often decades ago.


For the skeptics, who are suddenly compelled to launch serious online searches in efforts to show that Meier is really just plagiarizing already existing scientific information, several problems occur. First, a good deal of Meier's information was published in copyrighted books and documents beginning in 1975, while earlier documents from the 1950s and 1960s are harder to prove (even though there is an interesting mechanism that may ultimately confirm their authenticity, as well as accuracy, too). 


When it is said, for instance, that Meier scooped scientists by 23 years regarding information about the moon's surface, some skeptics will search the internet (certainly not available to Meier or anyone else during the 1950s through 1980s, and even later) and perhaps point to scientists who offered theories that were similar in varying degrees. But even then, such information wasn't easily available, and with no effective search technology at the time much, if not most, of it only saw the light of day in specialized, often obscure academic papers and/or publications, etc. 


To this we add that there is absolutely no evidence that Meier had access to even the theoretical or academic information. The investigations established that he didn't receive or purchase scientific periodicals and didn't have access to universities, libraries, or even television, etc. Nor was there evidence of interest in, or reasons for writing about, the various (often abstract) scientific matters, especially for a poor, one-armed, "Swiss farmer" (on a disability pension) who was verifiably concerned mainly with eking out an existence, in a remote and rugged area of rural Switzerland, while renovating a rundown farmhouse for his family. And also, of course, while he was quietly presenting the world with the most stunningly clear UFO evidence, which he actually began doing in 1964 in India*. (Click on the image in this article to enlarge it, which reveals that the reporter saw some 80 of Meier’s early UFO photos and refers to Meier’s claiming to have had some 400 additional ones, which were stolen. Phobol Cheng, a retired UN diplomat, was also an eyewitness to the events in India, along with 100s of other people.)


However, when it's the scientists of today who are proclaiming that something is a "new discovery" it means that they have confirmed that information and are themselves not referring to any previous "theories" as the basis for their announcements. And so it must also be noted that Meier's information always has the (ultimately correct) information presented as fact, not theory, and usually presented in the context of a casual, informative conversation, or in respose to a specific question that Meier himself posed to the extraterrestrials.


So a good detective might say that both the means and opportunity were missing, as can also be said of the motive, when one considers that Meier has never chosen to seek any fame or fortune. Nor has he even been a driving force in having his information translated into English - where most of the world's "mainstream" scientific information is broadly published. In fact, all the proceeds from his books, etc., go directly into FIGU, the non-profit organization that basically exists to disseminate his information, do charity work, etc.


While the skeptics seek to discredit Meier, none of them have produced, or will ever produce any evidence that they accurately foretold any of these "new discoveries" - brilliant as they fancy themselves to be. So, in addition to barking like mad dogs at Meier's heels, they have to concoct baseless theories and conspiratorial fantasies that effectively attribute to Meier fantastic psychic abilities, along with flawlessly deft accomplishments and sheer mastery in dozens of technological fields. 


And skeptics and scientists alike will have to ask themselves, "Did Meier, the one-armed man who presented hundreds of clear, irreroducible, daytime UFO photos, films, video, sound recordings and metal samples, with no educational background in the sciences, no collaborators or resources, also find a magical way to come up with volumes of impeccably accurate scientific information, years and decades before 'official discovery', and leave it lying around in German texts for equally long, never publicly trumpeting it himself, until interested parties would find, translate and publish it in other languages - and do it all just to try to fool...me?"


There is so much specific, "prophetically" accurate information published by Meier, on so many topics, that the skeptics simply don't have enough fingers to plug the dyke against the inevitable flood of undeniable evidence of Meier's authenticity and must inevitably come to the only logical conclusion: Meier is telling the truth.


Regarding the mechanism I mentioned earlier that will serve to authenticate Meier's information from decades ago, where no original documents may still exist, if I am correct this only requires that we periodically revisit this information and see if more of the  - specific - events are occurring as foretold. (Speaking of which, just how likely is it that Meier would have long ago published information that is relevant to the very rarified discussion, under way since 1994, about pre Big Bang events? Wouldn't real scientists want to know? Even I, as a layman, sure would.)

Hopefully it won't require the fulfillment of even more negative events, or the coming exhaustion of all excuses and convoluted, failed conspiratorial theories by the skeptics, for the real scientists to swallow their pride, put aside their egos and study the treasure of scientific information provided by a very advanced extraterrestrial race, and made available to us with the help of one rather courageous man named Billy Meier.


*Photos below taken by Billy Meier in India, 1964.








(Enlarged below)






Eight UFOs near the Ashoka Ashram with Phobol's ayah (nursemaid in the foreground looking at the ships)



  8 Clear




  1 UFO India


Posted by:

Michael Horn

November 27, 2010