Alex Collier's Stupid Stuff

The Delusional Writing of the Imaginary “Alex Collier”

“Alex Collier”, who claims to be a “genuine, life-long, Andromedan contactee”, wrote the following “predictions”. This in itself is a nice trick since this fifty or sixty-something year-old fellow has only existed since about the early 1990s. Do the math.

Before then he was known as Ralph Amagran, a former IRS agent, who, at the time that I first met him in 1986, was also unemployed and searching for something to do, or perhaps become. (He apparently found both in the creation of a new identity as “Alex Collier”.) It was Amagran who first presented me with the Contact Notes of Billy Meier, for which I remain grateful to this day.

However, it is apparently this same amazing information of Meier’s that he plagiarized, in some cases, and that he based part of his false identity and life story on in order to make money and create a following…of very gullible people.

Among these gullible, as well as overly ambitious, people is Dr. Michael Salla, one of the “leaders” of an equally fictitious area of study known as “exopolitics”. Salla himself is distinguished by having lost his academic status, job and work standing in the U.S. – according to information proudly provided by his cohorts at “exopolitics”. (No explanation is provided for why academia gave Salla such an unambiguous boot in the butt. Nor is there an explanation as to why his unequivocal expulsion warranted exopolitics’ bestowing on Salla an award for “Intellectual Courage”, based on the kind of professional denouncement that is usually, dare I say normally, considered shameful rather than praiseworthy.)

Seemingly oblivious to the inconsistencies in “Collier’s” story, several years ago Salla defiantly offered the predictions below, as evidence of this same “Collier’s” genuineness. To this day, despite my numerous requests for him to either substantiate or defend this information, or admit that he was wrong to promote such an obviously delusional lunatic, Salla has stubbornly refused, perhaps in order to demonstrate the kind of irrationality, and/or incompetence, that resulted in his being not only unceremoniously expelled from an actually credible educational institution but also denied further employment in the field.

Michael Horn


Now, for your reading pleasure, I present “Alex Collier’s” own words:

I have information regarding mission children. If nothing else should make you angry, it should be that hundreds of thousands of children each year are vanishing from our planet.

The moon is an artificial satellite brought here from Ursa Minor. It's hollow and operational, and it can pull out of here any time. Human beings from Earth have been there for at least 45 years. It started with the Germans, but primarily it was the Americans and the Russians. The Germans moved on to Mars.

We are told that it is 4,200 miles in diameter. Morenae says that is an absolute lie, that it is 11,421 miles in diameter, and that our people know about this. (MH: WRONG!)

When the extraterrestrials get here, sometime next year (1997) or the year after, when they physically land and they start showing themselves,

This bridge is 21 miles long. You will see this same structure on Venus.

See these structures. Ladies and gentlemen, this is where the New World Order is on the moon. This complex has 35,000 human beings from Earth in it, right now. These are living compounds. The Andromedans are very clear about this, because they want you to wake up.

The monument, since the moon came from Ursa Minor, is Orion in origin. Now, our moon used to share an orbit with Phobos. Both of them are artificial satellites.

Between 1996 and the end of 1997, there is a very strong possibility that one third of Japan is going to sink below the ocean surface in a very violent earthquake.

Between June and October of 2003, there is a strong probability we will wake up one morning and the moon will no longer be in orbit.

During the next seven years, between 1996 and 2004, the major cities in the United States will be under quarantine because of the spread of tuberculosis. The average life expectancy of men in the inner cities will be 43 years of age, and for women 55. You are going to see the end of welfare, free medical and county services, because everybody will be bankrupt.

They said that somewhere around the beginning of December 2013, third density will implode. It will implode.

According to the Andromedans, our physicality is the sum total of 22 different races that have come down here, spend the "weekend", messed with us and then took off and went home.

Blue bloods: Their blood is copper-based. That's ET. OK?

As most of you know, the "AIDS" virus was created.

There is life as we speak on Uranus, right now. There's life. Plant life and animal life.

Apparently we all had copper-based blood systems at one time. All of our physiology was based on copper. We were all "blue-bloods". We were all royalty.

Even earth was moved from its orbit - twice. There is a possibility that they want to do it again. The "flood of Noah" was a result of the moving of earth from its original orbit. That is was caused it. We are talking about huge ships that can move planets. They have this technology.

This aggression occurred against those on your worlds that included not only you Terrans, but also those called Niburu.

Nibiru won, but only a short battle, before they and other outposts were forced to leave (the solar system) because of genetic damage. Your original races were green-skinned. This we know, because of large copper traces in your Terran 22 blood type (refers to the composite of human genetics which comprise genetic codes from 22 humanoid species).

Your system contained three suns at that time. Only two remain (one is on the opposite side of the visible sun, and rotates in such a way that it is hidden from view from the perspective of the Earth).

Your true (original) blood color was green, like your chlorophyll. Some, we have discovered, even had (blood of a) gold tint.

The genetic changes were the result of radiation damage. Your race (skin color) went from green, to red (Native Americans, Egyptians and Mayans), to yellow (Asians), to black (Afro-Americans and Africans), and then to white.

The red is the closest to the original form among you. Your physicality had a natural defense to positive and negative frequencies (due to the) copper mineral in your blood (resistance to electromagnetic variation). This lack (now) of copper in your blood has caused a partial loss of brain capacity and nervous system (capacity). Remember (that) your DNA contains cellular memory. It is possible to unlock this memory with (the) use of minerals such as copper. Your blood systems (are) adapted (now) to iron, because of copper depletion due to (ambient) radiation. We will share more, but we must return now.

Some of the missing children on this planet have not only been taken by the Greys, by Orion, but also by the Pleaidians. Now, apparently in the systems in Aldebaran, there are human Terran colonies. The Pleaidians have taken human children from here.

What's happening is that third density is beginning to implode because as the frequency of third density matter starts to rise, those that choose to evolve will pass out of here.

There are other races, the Pleaidians for example, that in 982 years will start to show genetic breakdown, because of so much interbreeding.

Whatever we do here on third density moving into fifth density, we will literally changes all the dimensions above us in a domino effect all the way up,

The name "Gabriel" was the name of another fleet of craft, and so on.

They will start with a magnetic pole shift, which could happen anytime between now and the year 2001.

They have told all of the negative extraterrestrials in and on our planet, and the moon, to be out of here no later than August 12, 2003. I have also been told that there is a very high probability that we could wake up some morning in that area of time and our moon will not be there.

That is because the moon is the first stage of defense, and that they will literally hit it with a tractor beam and pull it out of orbit if they are going to do battle.

I am told that most of the dinosaurs were brought here, and to Mars, where they came first. Our current human form was crafted on Mars, where the primate and human genes were combined, and then brought to earth to work as slaves in the mines.

They enjoy human flesh, and human children best, for two reasons. The first is that children don't have the accumulation of pollutants in their bodies that adults do, and when children are put into a state of fear, their energy and field and andrenylin just explodes. The reptilians get a "rush" from this stuff.

And folks, there are bases on the moon that have been built by the United States, Russia and the British, using British money. I suggest you keep an eye on Prince Charles.

Q: I am wondering if you could elaborate on the Draconians and Hale-Bopp a little bit.

A: What I have shared is really all I know. I just know that life is going to be very different here. The media says it is a 'comet'. It's not a comet. I can tell you that it has split into two pieces, and both pieces are rotating around a common axis as its moving. I have heard, but not confirmed, that an astronomer has seen a large craft that is now flying alongside Hale-Bopp, that is larger than the earth. So, if it doesn't change course, its going to be great. All the denial will be gone.

Q: Where is the second sun?

A: It is behind the sun that we see. It is smaller than the sun we see and lies behind it. If you are standing on Mars, you see it, ok? Now, the reason our planet was moved is because the planet could not handle the radiation from two suns after the last war. So, they moved it. When I asked Morenae who moved the earth, his response was that it was something the Pleaidians had to answer.

Val: I thought the basic concept was that we didn't need to be "saved" from anything - that how everything turns out, from the Andromedan perspective, is already a "done deal". We eventually "pass the test" and after 2003 everything is fine and the regressive tyranny is stamped out. I presume that is what is being inferred is that it is already a "done deal."? I mean,that's what is being inferred, isn't it?

AC: Yes.

AC: I wrestle with that one myself. I honestly don't know. Apparently, certain things are predetermined but other things are not, and their might be a time where they need to come in and help us.

Val: That time would presumably be before or after August 12, 2003?


Galactic Interplay Behind the Scenes


AC: Or, around August 12, 2003. Many of these groups here are the ones who will be involved. The Tau Ceti group has wanted to invade this planet already and go after not only some of the regressives, but more importantly factions of the United States government.


AC: Well, there's more. They also found more than 1,000 human children that had been placed in cryogenic stasis, and over 1,000,000 of these little boxes that contained the life forces of souls from Earth.

Val: Captured human souls.

AC: Souls.

Val: And what do they do with these souls?

AC: They feed off the energy radiated by the souls. What they are doing, Val, is that they are taking the life force and they are somehow siphoning it off a little at a time and feeding it to the hybrids in order to keep them alive, trying to keep them alive and create a soul in them.

Val: Meanwhile, what happens to the soul in the box?

Val: What about us? We pass the test and those who do not go to fifth density create another 3rd density holographic reality to continue to play the game until they mature beyond that. In that light, what does happen to all of us?

AC: My understanding is that all of us become teachers.

Val: All of us?

AC: Yes. We all go to different parts of physicality in fifth density.

Val: And become teachers. Because of this experience we have had on Earth?

AC: Yes.

AC: Yes it would. The bottom line is that you won't know who you are or where you're going until you get there, and we're all going to be in that boat together.

Val: How soon will that be?

AC: It could be as early as April of 1997. It's probably going to be sooner, but April of 1997 I was told would be the highest probability.

Val: That's about the time Hale-Bopp arrives.

AC: Yes. Hale-Bopp will be here in February-March 1997.

Val: So, a lot of other things will happen around the same time.

AC: Yes.

AC: Yes it would. The bottom line is that you won't know who you are or where you're going until you get there, and we're all going to be in that boat together.

Val: How soon will that be?

AC: It could be as early as April of 1997. It's probably going to be sooner, but April of 1997 I was told would be the highest probability.

Val: That's about the time Hale-Bopp arrives.

AC: Yes. Hale-Bopp will be here in February-March 1997.

Val: So, a lot of other things will happen around the same time.

AC: Yes.

AC: But, there's a much higher agenda here. It obviously involves us as souls, but it also has to do with something that is very strategic about this solar system. I will tell you why so many people are interested in this solar system. We have some

strange planets here. Not only is Earth unique because of all the life forms here, but according to Morenae, when we as Paa Tal came down from a higher density to inhabit these bodies in third density, we used a type of vehicle to travel from where we were to where we are now. A type of vehicle. They say that the planet Jupiter was the vehicle we used.

Val: Which is also now a sun on fifth density.

AC: Yes.

Val: So, what happens next? Everything must turn out fine after 2003, because they're looking at from a position in time.

AC: Yes. We're going to go through some stuff, and I don't know how its exactly going to play out, but they have said on more than one occasion that they are very proud of us in the end, as a race.