Thoughts about Neutrality in Everyday Life

From WZ No. 147, by Elizabeth Gruber, translation by Robyn Foley 24th December 2008


“Neutrality”, probably no other concept reveals the difference between theory and practice as seriously.

This only becomes really apparent when one grapples with the topic seriously and deeply, from which then awareness also arises that applied neutrality quite conclusively makes everyday life easier.

Hence one can assume that practicing neutral-positive thinking and behavior, is the basis for life proceeding successfully, happily, peacefully and harmoniously.

If the discussion is about neutrality, this concept is often seen as too theoretical, because what really lies behind it and what lived neutrality demands of the person, is only realized when the person deals with it in detail.

The person must know that learning a neutral-positive way of thinking conforms to creational law, and only if he actually learns it, can he consciously take on self-responsibility in life.

Hence it is not fitting for the study of the spirit lessons to be concerned in detail with physical and scientific laws and to acquire knowledge and proficiency in related knowledge areas, and on account of this to arrive at the conclusion thus to have satisfactorily fulfilled his striving for evolution, if this extremely important part of the spirit lessons is neglected.

Basically it can be said, that it is certainly not so, that the person can decide at the touch of a button, to behave neutrally from now on, because neutrality must be learnt with great effort by every single person.

This is because people do not learn from an early age to perceive the actually existing reality with neutral-objectivity, but according to their respective ways of thinking and the feelings emerging from it and emotions mixed with all their ideas, assumptions, prejudices and subjective judgments.

The infant has the natural ability to make his environment real with pure-observing however, this is lost very quickly in the course of growing older, because the external influences which have a substantial effect on the childlike nature, promotes illogicality, incorrect assumptions, bad habits, inability to cope with life etc. and this affects his mental block.

This is not satisfactory, because instead of young people being instructed about the truth of existence and the creational laws and directives, cult-religious and sectarian nonsense is drummed into them.

If mistakes in education and negative environmental factors are not neutralized by self-education, which already begins around the seventh year of life, illogicality, wrong practices, bad habits etc., become dragged along till adulthood and reinforced.

Accordingly many people are weighed down, feel unhappy, and are subject to their fears and aggressions with the subsequent contamination of themselves and their environment.

Should however, the wish come true, which is profoundly present in every person and pressing for realization, namely that love, peace, freedom, joy and harmony should dwell permanently within him, it cannot be acquired without a change of direction to a neutral-positive way of thinking and behaving, and to study in this regard, the important creational laws and to apply them in his daily living with his fellow men, according to his attained understanding.

The fact that successful practice of meditation and the possibilities for the use of consciousness powers developing from it, are dependent on progress in the development of neutrality, is of fundamental importance.

In every domain in which people turn to creational laws, their existence becomes foremost truly worth living, which is why with an increasing capacity, as they behave neutrally towards their environment and within themselves, an increasingly perceptible and wholesome balance unfurls inside them.

All negative feelings, and emotions like annoyance, frustration, disappointment, fear, grief, insults, feelings of self-injury etc., which dwells within the person, that burden the psyche and prevent the inner peace, love, joy and harmony from arising, fall away if an increasingly neutral-positive manner in dealing with himself and his fellow men resides within.

In practice, the acquisition of a neutral manner and approach, by oneself, towards our fellowmen, and the whole environment also for seriously determined people, is unquestionably a real challenge.

Only too quickly does the laboriously erected building called neutrality collapse like a house of cards onto itself, if even great effort is not rewarded and people in apparent ingratitude seek out your sore spot/painful point, in order to begin a frontal attack.

However, from a negative action can also originate something of value, because it could bring to the surface an existing underlying problem, which in the next step could lead to the acquisition of neutrality whereby one can aim at its removal.

It depends always on how a matter is evaluated and is processed.

The fact that it is inevitable that one is confronted in everyday life and in professional life with aggressive and self-opinionated peers makes it difficult for many people.

However, cynical, dominant and aggressive peers cannot win any power over their fellow men, if they do not get involved in it, but instead take a neutral inner posture.

This way, one leaves the negative action with the instigator and thereby empowers himself and his own well-being.

Offensiveness, insults and verbal injuries have no chance if one does not allow them to become effective in one’s own consciousness.

All people more or less, have events, pictures, occurrences, observations, experiences etc., stored in their subconscious and in memory, which do not correspond to the respective reality and therefore self-created distorted prejudices, presumptions and wrong interpretations etc. reach into their inner being.

The impulses from the subconscious are shaped accordingly.

These impulses must be registered and vigilantly neutralized, because only in this way one succeeds in making appropriate perceptions in order to attain from it learning, knowledge, awareness, experience and wisdom.

Many people have the tendency, to face new, unknown and foreign things, skeptically, with bias, super-critically and quite often full of distrust.

In order to be able to fathom new, unknown and foreign things however, there is needed an impartial, observant, objective and reasonable way of thinking.

Only this action guarantees a result corresponding to the facts.

Well-intentioned welfare, misunderstood sense of duty etc. – reasons, which encourage interference in the lives of fellow human beings and thus limiting their personal freedom, are quite numerous.

Knowledge about the direct responsibility of every single person as well as the fact that every person walks a completely personal, unique life, which did not have its beginning only in this life but was shaped through countless former personalities, should be of assistance to behave neutral-positively and to be able to renounce uninvited interference.

It is very unfortunate that many people make living together so difficult by frequent conflicts and disharmony.

Frequently ridiculous misunderstandings are the origin of disagreements which can lead in the end to life-long hostility – misunderstandings which are built more upon supposition, prejudices, sensitivity and so on.

If only one time, a neutral, objective and untangled/clear conversation was held, much balance could be achieved and thereby unnecessary and burdensome disagreements be prevented.

Very many people are afraid of negative experiences; besides, it is also not considered that a lot of value can come from negative experiences, if the positive that is contained in all the negatives are acted upon.

This is e.g., the case when a person has a serious illness or has suffered an accident, begins to think profoundly about his own life thereby deviating from a superficial interpretation of life and developing from this virtues like sympathy, empathy, understanding, helpfulness, tolerance, etc.

For the welfare of the person it is quite significant to understand life as a constant learning process and to accept positive as well as negative experiences as necessary steps in striving for evolutionary progress.

This means that one would always be more successful due to the efforts to master neutrality and everyday life with its challenges ahead, making the most of all situations with more calm and balance.