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The Silent Revolution of Truth
Movie Reviews

Kate Mucci writes about the spiritual information and credibility of the Meier case in the film:

Don Allis talks about the unique look into Meier's life and the unique quality of the filmmaking:

Dirk Vander Ploeg on the comprehensive content and quality of the film:

Plus here are some reviews submitted by various viewers from around the world:

Jack Gerlach and Michael Horn's film The Silent Revolution of Truth is not
only a downright interesting film, packed full of tantalizing imagery and up-
to-date explanations about Billy Meier and his extraterrestrial contacts.
Showing us the enormity of the case, it importantly takes a closer look at the
challenging and profoundly historic meaning behind those ongoing contacts.
Along with the delightfully clear, daytime films and photos of ET craft,
this presentation, fashioned around Michael’s firm grasp of his information,
doesn’t dodge the other highly controversial components, and also provides
a glimpse into Billy Meier’s intriguing past. The rare view of life at the
FIGU centre in Switzerland, and interviews with FIGU members and the
now elderly Billy Meier, are also a rare treat for viewers already acquainted
with the story.
Sensitively scored, naturally provocative, this is a film for both sceptic and
enthusiast to watch over and over.
Michael's song makes an inspiring companion piece to this data-
rich composition.

That new documentary was top grade Mike. I think the cinematography was
excellent and definitely worth the extra step in production! It felt like a
complete "debate" and an extremely solid story, one I know very well. Take
Care Michael.

Jack Gerlach, Michael Horn, Wolfgang Heynold (editior), Tom Batoy
(music) and Lightsource Entertainment are to be congratulated on a superb
and historic milestone. Their film represents an inspiring display of strength,
as they shoulder back the language barrier which still safely quarantines
more than a billion Earthlings in the English-speaking world from 95% of
the existing and growing Billy Meier contact information. Those relatively
few of us already familiar with that vast treasure-trove of information know
that to label it "catastrophically iconoclastic" is no exaggeration. And this
film boldly, yet sensitively, provides a glimpse of it, in such a way that it is
finally open for scrutiny for millions who would otherwise still be groping in
the dark for ancient truths, still deeply buried by our insanely planeticidal
"terrorcrats", to use the fitting term Billy coined recently.
We see many never-before-published photographs of ET spacecraft and
learn more about Billy's early years as the fearsome, Middle East lawenforcement
official known as "The Phantom" whose weapon of choice was
a long barrel 44 magnum six-shooter and steel bullets. His aim is legendary,
bordering on the miraculous. Billy also shows us part of the formidable
arsenal of weaponry at the Semjase Silver Star Center which has doubtlessly
been a factor in keeping the attempts on his life at only twenty-one.
This DVD even reveals a detailed pencil drawing made by Semjase of none
other than the ET human criminal "god" of the Old Testament, himself - the
jealous and wrathful Jehovah "the Cruel, the Unjust". I said it was
With another six hours of already recorded interviews with Billy Meier, the
Prophet of the (dawning) Golden Age of Knowledge, sitting on the shelf, I'm
confident that this mind-blowing film will prompt eagerly-awaited sequels
well into our brightening future.
This DVD's 38 minutes of special features also provides a time-line of our
universe from the Big Bang - more than 47 trillion years ago - right up to the
TRUE (non-ape) origins of humans and the repeated waves of
extraterrestrial fugitives, refugees and immigrants whose descendants now
overpopulate our brutal planet.
- Professional "Skeptic", Derek Bartholomaus, the self-described
(presumably non-German speaking) "lead investigator of the case for the
past four or five years", is given all the scope he needs to let the truth
make itself known through his manifest ignorance, errors of fact and
lack of simple logic. Don't miss Derek's "artificial trees" theory.
- It provides all the details needed to start the rewarding personal voyage
of discovery about the REAL teachings of the man named Jmmanuel,
falsely misunderstood as the fictional character known as, "Jesus".
- It introduces us to a catchy new song, whose provenance is as
fascinating, as its lyrics are inspired. Full marks to Mara for her
powerful performance and Leon Rubenhold's perceptive arrangement.
- And this DVD has got an absolutely fantastic trailer!
In short, I give "The Silent Revolution of Truth" - the DVD - unqualified
endorsement as the most important film yet made about the most important
story in our planet's surprisingly long and exciting history.

To read all current reviews of  "The Silent Revolution of Truth":

As reviewed by Living Traditions Magazine

The Meier Contacts
The Key to our Future Survival (DVD)

They Fly! Productions





And Still They Fly
The Henoch Prophecies

Guido Moosbrugger

Steelmark Publications




Both available through

The UFO Story is a fascinating one, while many credit the Kenneth
Arnold sightings of 1947 as the beginning of the UFO age, there were
many others earlier. One of the most fascinating cases is that of Billy
Meier. "Billy" Meier was born in Switzerland in 1937 and hence is one
of the earliest recorded UFO contactees. He began to receive physical
and telepathic visits from extraterrestrial beings who claimed they
come from the Plejares star cluster at the age of five and has
continued to do so for over fifty years. During that period he has
continually documented contact with the Plejarens (also called the
Pleiadians) and recorded evidence in the form of video and film (and
some physical materials as well). On January 28, 1975, he began a
series of over 100 contacts with Semjase, a female Pleiadian/Plejaran.
Since 1989, Billy has been having approximately four contacts a year
with Ptaah, the father of Semjase, and has had over 250 contacts to

This case is especially fascinating as it is the longest running UFO
contact every recorded. In the Meier Contacts:The Key to Our Future
Survival (DVD) we have an excellent overview of the Billy Meier case
with biographical materials, evidence of a variety of forms and more
importantly an outline of the materials Meier has received. The
evidence produced ranges from video through a very large range of
photographs, to physical evidence and prophecies. Each type of evidence
is well documented and assessed. While the Meier case is controversial
and there is much debate about the validity of the videos and
photographs, they have been studied by many experts and declared
genuine as have the metal samples. The samples in questions have been
extensively studied and Dr.Edwin Walker and Dr. Marcel Vogel found that
they had been created by a cold synthesis process not known to our
current state of technology.

By far the most impressive and powerful evidence is that of the
prophecies given by the Pleiadians. Time and time again these
prophecies have been proven correct. The proof offered for these is
close to what one would consider to be irrefutable, they are first
documented in German, in many cases are also published in German and
then later translated and published in English, all quite some time
before the events described. This is the sort of evidence I find most
powerful. Over the over again we can see the prophecies in print and
generally available and then later proved to be correct. These
prophecies range from scientific discoveries through to political
events. They are too numerous to discuss here but outlined in much
detail on the DVD and even more so in the book “And Still they Fly”.
The Website ( also includes a good range of
evidence and prophecies for download.

What is especially significant about the Billy Meier materials is that
they are not just UFO evidence. Certainly photos, videos and physical
evidence have their place, it is important to prove via scientific
evidence that UFO’s exist. However the question then arises as to the
value or importance of these discoveries, even if we prove without
doubt UFOs exist what does that mean? The Pleiadians through Meier
answer this question by moving beyond “simple proof” to offering
insight into a whole range of questions. Since they are clearly an
advanced culture, they offer critiques of our current situation,
philosophical and scientific information and prophecies regarding man’s
future. This is very challenging and confronting material, many people
have complained about the directness and incisiveness of the Pleiadian
revelations in regards to the modern political situation, for example.
Yet if we honestly examine the state of the world today it is perhaps
very necessary for a honest appraisal of our current situation,
platitudes and messages of peace will not stop the current madness, it
is possible that the Pleiadian messages just may wake us up. There is
an amazing array of materials including The Talmud of Jmmanuel which
offers a different view of the Christian story. On a fascinating
website by Jim Deardoff documentation is offered to prove that this
document was the original from which the Gospel of Matthew derived !

The Billy Meier story is complex and challenging. In a single life he
has offered not only some of the best evidence for UFO contact but
created the largest archive of contact materials ever seen. These
materials range from religious to scientific and include prophecies
which cannot be easily refuted. The Billy Meier contact is the most
documented UFO case, offers the most evidence and offers extensive
insight into the human condition. The materials he has received could
revolutionize our way of thinking. They demand to be taken seriously.
Anyone with an interest in this subject should get hold of this DVD and
Book. Much of what it says could have important ramifications on our
future as a species.


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