Excerpt from 537th Official Contact Report

The following unofficial and unauthorized translation by Larry Driscoll, USA, August 24, 2014,
is an excerpt from 537th Official Contact Report, Saturday, March 03, 2012,
from Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports - Block 12, page 451.


German Original English Translation

Auszüge aus dem 537. offiziellen Kontaktgespräch
vom 3. März 2012

Excerpts from the 537th official contact conversation
from March 3, 2012

Billy: ...

Billy: Then, I want to ask, what actually is the truth regarding the number of dead and missing, which there were from the Fukushima catastrophe in Japan. One hears different information about this event again and again. However, I assume that you have made clearing up explanations in regard to this occurrence, am I correct?

Ptaah: 28. ...

Ptaah: 28. That is correct and it is actually such, that false numbers regarding the deaths and missing are reported by the responsible ones, whereupon the missing likewise are all buried dead either under mountains of rubble or were swept back into the sea by the mass of the retreating water.

29. ...

29. Our very exact clarifications have given, that altogether 27,413 human beings have lost their lives through the catastrophe.

Billy: ...

Billy: This is many thousands more than what generally has been presented in contradiction.

Ptaah: 30. ...

Ptaah: 30. Our clarifications give results without doubt.

Billy: ...

Billy: Indeed, I do not question this.


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