Excerpt from FIGU-Stimme der Wassermannzeit No. 162

The following translation by Renate Stiller, Canada, 2015,
is an excerpt from Stimme der Wassermannzeit (Voice of the Aquarian Age), No. 162, March 2012,
Umwege oder Plan B (Detours or Plan B) written by Eva Bieri, Switzerland.


Life often thwarts our plans. Unexpectedly, suddenly something happens which we had not counted on; often connected to health or relationships. Then here we are, angry, melting in self-pity, asking ourselves: "Why is this happening to me of all people?"

I personally find this question the most stupid of all questions that have ever been asked on this planet. My answer is: "Why not?" The meaning of this question stands for nothing but this: As long as it affects our fellow man, we couldn’t care less what misfortune, what pain and what disaster they are going through - the most important thing is that it doesn’t hit us. Bad blows happen - even ones we have absolutely no control over.

Try as we might to do everything right and avoid risks, living a healthy lifestyle, etc. It happens, and suddenly we are going down a path we never dreamt of ever taking. We come to places that are utterly unfamiliar, meet people that seem more foreign than Klingons.

We are no longer on the highway with our predetermined destination. Plan A has said good-bye, so to speak, never to be seen again. That means we have to make a detour and accept new challenges and summon up the courage to discover new worlds, whereby our knowledge of a place is increased immensely. So plan B comes into force. If necessary, we work our way through to the last letter; who knows, maybe we will meet up with plan A again.


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