The number 666 to those with Christian roots represents "the Devil", "Satan", "the Beast" as portrayed by Christianity, and the spirit of evil as promoted by satanists like Aleister Crowley, the "prophet" and founder of the Ordo Templi Orientis (Eastern Templar Freemasons) in its current form. But at last we can learn the true meaning of 666, a meaning that was falsified and twisted into the Christian concept of Anti-Christ.

666 actually represents the Anti-logos, the un-reason, which leads to all forms of evil.

It is the child of evil, the child of destruction, who is a deadly enemy of knowledge, wisdom, and truth – an enemy of love, peace, reverence, and harmony. It is the Antilogos, in a myriad of forms.

Im Namen der Schöpfung, der Weisen, der Gerechten.

In the name of Creation, the wise, the righteous.


"The most sordid pretext of maximum power in the name of false and mendacious love that literally walks over dead bodies wihout hesitation or scruple.

"Backed by the false doctrine of the New Testament, the Christian cult religion meddles in the politics of all countries. Moreover, it is not embarrassed to interfere in the most intimate family life of human beings --even in the bed of marriage partners--in order even there to attack and destroy the last and most private secrets of human beings.

Now finally has come the time when a stop can be put to all these unscrupulous activities, if man becomes sensible enough, revises his thinking and devotes himself to the real teachings of Jmmanuel. In all likelihood, all those who have bashed their heads against the brick wall of the cult religions deceitful madness and are therefore no longer capable of normal and sensible thinking, will fight and oppose it with all means; and yet, their desperate fight will be in vain because truth will be stronger than any cult-religious mania or dirty lie, even though the lie has been in existence for thousands of years. The scandalous falsehoods of cult religions will now be shattered and destroyed for good, no matter how much the cult religions and all their followers and advocates rebel against it. Finally truth will be victorious, even though it must be secured through great struggles, as it has been written in the Scriptures, which say that the truth will provoke a worldwide catastrophe. However, truth is required and must no longer be silenced. A catastrophe will be understandable if one considers that the cult religions have attained immense power, which so far has enabled them to suppress, with murderous and sordid means, all truths directed against them. They will again attempt to do this, even if it means indulging in murder as has often been the case in the past." - Billy MeierTalmud Jmmanuel,  Introduction

(Herr Meier is the documented victim of twenty-one assassination attempts.)

The below webpage represents the Official Australian Mirror Site (of the anonymous author) that was summarrily deemed "illegal" by his ISP in Brazil on January 1st, 2005. It is published below exactly as received.


The Hinduism, the Islamism, the Judaism, the Buddhism, and the Christianity, all of them divide the eartlhy human beings. THEREFORE FREE YOURSELVES FROM THESE THINGS!!!  (Note by The Anonymous Compiler.)

While we are very young maybe most of us are not largely affected by the conflicts of life, for the concerns, for the passing and brief happiness we have, for physical disasters, for the fear of death and the mental distortions that weigh on the oldest generation. Happily, while we are young, most of us still don't meet in the battlefields of life. But, as we grow old and become aged, the problems, the anguishes, the doubts, the economical and interior fights, all this begins to accumulate in us, and then we want to find the sense of the life, then we all want to know what is the meaning of life. We get perplexed with the conflicts, with the pains, with the poverty, with the disasters. We want to know why some people are well put and some people are not; why a human being has health, is intelligent, well-endowed, capable, while another human being is not. AND if we are little demanding, we were soon arrested by some hypothesis, by some theory or faith; we found an answer, but it is never the TRUE answer. We have then verified that life is ugly, painful, sad, and we began to inquire; but having not enough own trust, energy, intelligence, innocence, to continue inquiring, and soon we are picked in the meshes of some theory or faith, speculations or doctrines that explains satisfactorily all this. Little by little our faiths and dogmas become deeply rooted and unshaken, because behind them there is a constant fear of the unknown. We have never examined the fear; we strayed from it and we took refuge in our faiths, - the Hinduist, the Buddhist, the Christian, the Jewish, the Islamic - we then have in truth verified that all of them just divide the human beings of planet Earth. Each group of dogmas and faiths possess a series of rituals, a series of compulsions that they tie the mind and they only separate one man from the other. 
(Jiddhu Krishnamurti)

"Who will not comprehend the truth with his understanding, but only with his belief, can not harvest the fruit from it." OM 53:26

Wer die Wahrtheit nicht mit seinem Verstande, sondern mit Glauben erfassen will, der kann die Früchte aus ihr nicht ernten. - OM 53:26.

portug portug


TJ 35:41. Dies aber wird sein in zweinmal tausend Jahren, ehe die Zeit kommen wird, da meine Lehre unverfäschet neu gepredit wird, wenn der Stand der Irrlehren und Irrkulte und der Lug und Betrug und Trug der Totenbeschwörer, der Wahrsager und Hellseher sowie aller Scharlatane um die Wahrheit am höchsten sein wird.

TJ 35:41. "It will be two times a thousand years before the time comes when my teachings will be preached anew, without being falsified. This will occur when false doctrines and erroneous cults, when lies and fraud, and when deception by the conjurers of the dead and of spirits, by the soothsayers and clairvoyants, as well as by all the charlatans of the truth, will be at their peak.

from Talmud Jmmanuel

Translation from the original book in German Language Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 2 (Plejadian-Plejaren Contact reports, Dialogues, Block 2)

Passages from Dialogues of Semjase with Billy Meier.

Contact Nr. 45, Wednesday, February 25, 1975, 03:04hrs, lines 138 to 148.
(Please note: This translation is not an official, approved FIGU translation.)


138. Die Zahl 666 trifft wohl auf einen Menschen der Erde zu, zugleich aber auch auf einen Ausserirdischen und auf beider Werk.


138. The number 666 points fully to one of the Earth humans, but at the same time also to an extraterrestrial, and to the work of both.


139. Zu beachten dabei ist aber, dass der irdische Mensch wider seinen Willen zum Zahlenwert 666 gelangt ist, zum Antilogos nämlich, zur Lüge und Unwahrheit.


139. But thereby to bear in mind is that the Earth human has arrived at the numerical value 666 - namely to the anti-logos, to lies and falseness - against his will.


140. Dies durch einen ihm wider seinen Willen zugegebenen Lügennamen, gegeben durch Fanatiker, Lügner und Betrüger, durch Religionen, Scharlatane und Machtgierige.


140.  This (happened) through a false name attributed to him against his will, given through fanatics, liars and deceivers, through religions, scharlatans and power-greedy ones.


141. Also trifft der Wert der Zahl 666 nicht auf die eigentliche Person und das Denken und Tun dieses schon längst dahingegangenen Erdenmenschen zu, sondern auf die Wahngestalt, die aus ihm gemacht wurde und die als religiöse Kultgestalt die Erde beherrscht.


141. The value of the number 666 also does not point to the essential person and the thoughts and acts of this already long passed away Earth human, rather on the delusional figure which was made out of him and who governs the Earth as a religious cult figure.


142. Es ist dies das absolut Böse und Irreale, das Vernichtende und Zerstörende, nämlich die Lüge und Unwahrheit, das Antilogos.


142.  It is this that is the absolute evil and unreal, the anhilating and destroying, namely the lie and un-truth, the anti-logos.


Billy: Das ist sehr gut dargelegt, doch du könntest ruhig den Namen nennen.


Billy: That is very well described, yet you can just name the name.



143. Der Name ist in kabbalistischen Kreisen schon sehr lange bekannt, auch der des Ausserirdischen und seines Werkes.


143. The name is already long known in Kabalistic circles, as well as the name of the extraterrestrial and his work.


144. Doch aber versuchen seit zweitausend Jahren die Kabbalistiker die Zahlenwerte der Buchstaben zu ver­fälschen, weil sie die Wahrheit nicht anerkennen wollen.


144. Indeed, but the Kabalists attempt, since 2000 years ago, to falsify the numerical values of the letters, because they do not want to acknowledge the truth.


145. Der Zahlenwert 666 trifft auf die deutschsprachigen Werte Gott, Kirche, Christ und Jesus zu.


145. The numerical value of 666 corresponds to the the German language values of God, Church, Christ and Jesus.


146. Jesus ist die lügenhafte Bezeichnung für Jmmanuel, der sich schon zu seinen Lebzeiten gegen diese Benennung verwehrte, weil er die Zukunft kannte und wusste, was aus ihm gemacht würde.


146. Jesus is the mendacious title for Jmmanuel who already during his life time rebelled against this title, because he recognised the future and knew what would be made out of him.


147. Jesus ist der Wert Antilogos, das jedoch die christliche Kirche in Antichrist umfälschte, weshalb ja auch die wahrliche Lehre Jmmanuels bis zur Unkenntlichkeit verfälscht wurde.


147. Jesus is the value of anti-logos which, however, the Christian church falsified/turned into antichrist, wherefore also indeed the true teachings of Jmmanuel would be falsified to the point of being unrecognisable.


148. Diese Dinge jedoch sind den Kabbalistikern schon seit rund zweitausend Jahren bekannt, weshalb sie die Zahlenwerte dauernd zu verfälschen versuchen, wie ich bereits erklärte.


148. These things are/were however already known by the Kabalistics for around two thousand years wherefore they continually attempt to falsify the numerical values as I already explained.

"Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity."
Marshall McLuhan

The Son of Lie

The Face of the Liar and Non-Existent Jesus Christ


Truth: ISAIAH 7: 14 Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Emmanuel.

NOTE: In the book "FORGERY IN CHRISTIANITY", by author Joseph Wheless - 1930, it is explained: Isaiah's original Hebrew, with the mistranslated words underscored, reads: "Hinneh ha-almah harah ve-yeldeth ben ve-karath shem-o immanuel"; -- which, falsely translated by the false pen of the pious translators, runs thus in the English language: "Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel" (Isa. vii, 14.) The Hebrew words ha-almah mean simply the young woman; and harah is the Hebrew past or perfect tense, "conceived," which in Hebrew, as in English, represents past and completed action. Honestly translated, the verse reads: "Behold, the young woman has conceived -- (is with child) -- and beareth a son and calleth his name Immanuel."

Almah means simply a young woman, of marriageable age, whether married or not, or a virgin or not; in a broad general sense exactly like girl or maid in English, when we say shop-girl, parlor-maid, bar-maid, without reference to or vouching for her technical virginity, which, in Hebrew, is always expressed by the word bethulah. But in the Septuagint translation into Greek, the Hebrew almah was erroneously rendered into the Greek parthenos, virgin, with the definite article 'ha' in Hebrew, and e in Greek, (the), rendered into the indefinite "a" by later falsifying translators. (See Is It God's Word? pp. 277-279; EB. ii, 2162; New Commentary on the Holy Scripture, Pt. I, p. 439.) And St. Jerome falsely used the Latin word virgo.

Half Truth: Matt. 1:23 Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. (correct meaning is ‘one with godly knowledge’ see TJ 1:87)

Truth: TJ 1:87. "'They will name the fruit of her womb Jmmanuel, which translated means 'the one with godly knowledge,' as a symbol and honor to god. Through god's power and providential care the Earth was made to bear intelligent human life when the celestial sons, the travelers from the far reaches of the universe, mated with the women of Earth. (From Talmud Jmmanuel Chapter 1)

Lie: Matt 1:25 And knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called his name JESUS. (contradictory statement as to Matt. 1:23 and Isaiah 7:14 - Note by "Der Meramiemann")

Truth of the Liars: It is an act of virtue to deceive and lie, when by such means the interest of the church might be promoted -Bishop Eusebius (260-339)

Truth of the Liars: How well we know what a profitable superstition this fable of Christ has been for us - Pope Leo X (1513-1521)



Monstrance/die Monstranz/Ostensório/Altar/der Altar Click here to see Chruch:

" the name of false and mendacious love that literally walks over dead bodies without hesitation or scruple."

The Real Truth contained in this text the reader is about to read is especially directed to all those who ever built or are building temples erected to lies, to deceiving, and to the enslavement of humankind minds and souls. Those existing ancient and beautiful temples and cathedrals which are called by many the "house of God", which are spread all around the planet, are in reality and in Truth temples and cathedrals erected with innocent human blood. Their columns and every single brick of their walls are made of human bones, the cement they used was made with smashed human flesh, the water they used to mix all this was human blood itself and everything made “in the name of the holy cross".

The Real Truth contained here is intended for the honor and memory firstly of Judas Iscariot himself, who was NOT the real betrayer of Jmmanuel, and also for every single human being: woman, small babies, little boys and girls, young and old men, and to all slaves, be it with white or black skin color, and to every single Indian, from every single tribe, from both North and South America and to every single droplet of innocent human blood that was shed –because of the name of the cross - and all those who were killed, assassinated – because of name of the cross - by the sword, with spears, arrows, axes, by stoning, by hanging, by dismemberment of arms and legs, by crushing with heavy wheels, the thousands that were killed by burning at the stake (like Giordano Bruno - a Wiseman himself - who believed there was life in outer space and he was right!), to those who died by drowning, by being cooked alive in boiling hot oil or by being obligated to swallow molten lead or molten candles’ wax, or by stripping off the skin. 

This truth is dedicated to all those who were innocently killed by the merciless assassins, with the "blessings from the church", known as "Crusaders Knights", "Templars Knights", considered to be “heroes and saints": (the Fathers and the proud of Freemasonty!), but in reality and Truth were merciless murderers and are also known and praised by a well known secret brotherhood knonw as Freemasonry - ex-builders of immense Cathedrals in Middle Age - erected to lies and deceiving, and as the founders of the “Knights Templars", which in reality were real assassins, well paid by the "Holy Mother Church", who also killed with the sword, arrows, and spears, thousands and thousands of human beings in the Middle East in ancient times. This truth is dedicated to every single innocent human being who was judged and assassinated, accused of "heresy", just for not believing in the poisonous only-son serpent by the ignorant leaders of the "Holy Mother Church" in all "Holy Inquisitions" and all this, all this bloodshed, made only in the name of the "holy cross".

The time of truth has come to all of you, each and every single one of you of the clergy, from the lowest ranking priest to the highest of you: the so called “supreme representative" of a non-existent and evil "God" on Earth and who also represents the legacy of his non-existent only-son; his only-son who is a poisonous crawling serpent and root of all evil who supposedly holds Peter’s keys of heaven that in reality are the keys of the doors of the hell and darkness of ignorance only you yourselves opened and have created on Earth and who considers himself to be the maximum Crown of Creation. This truth wisely written/researched below is intended for each one of you for you to swallow it down your throats the true and real "serpent of evil" and real root of all human bloodshed and horrible suffering throughout all known Earth history. Solve the puzzle you "wisemen" from the Churches and secret pseudo esoteric orders of all colors and denominations!

Ignorant Templars

The LIARS: Builders of Churches, Temples and Cathedrals in order to deceive humankind!

Fictitious "Jesus Christ" is itself a poisonous serpent you yourselves - clergymen, Pharisees, and secret societies - created a long time ago, more precisely 2000 and a few years ago and that is one of the most hideous lies existent on this Planet called Earth and one of the main causes of all evil existent on this planet.  You yourselves and other Pharisees created this fairy-tale and fictitious character called "Jesus Christ" by the ones deceived by you and you are the main personages of the horror story: the bloodthirsty wolves hidden behind the bushes of your lies! To all of you who wear cassocks and to all those who handle a crosier and wear tiaras I give you my wise whip of despise and my sword of knowledge, understand you the metaphors: With this whip, made of wise words, I do whip you and with the sword of knowledge I firstly tread on the serpents bodies then I cut off the heads of the serpents itself with it. May my words of knowledge be echoed throughout all existent Universes and may it be heard by all humankind of Earth and by all human beings in all Universes! So be it!

Lixo Maçônico tal qual o Cristo criado por eles e a Igreja de Roma Lixo Maçônico igual ao Cristo imundo criado por eles e junto com a Igreja de Roma

The Time of Truth Has Come!

Writing Right Things Through Distorted Lines

In Brazil, the country I was born, there is a very popular Christian saying that is used when things go contrary to what one was expecting; which goes something like this: “God writes right things through distorted lines." I was never fond of Bibles but felt obligated to study it to understand some matters. After you finish reading these quite interesting and enlightening passages from the Bible you will understand correctly the same saying above that I changed to: Creation really writes right things through distorted lines.

I am used to sending these explanations below as a last resort and last argument only, and especially to those hard-headed persons that do not accept in any form any kind of argument that might be contrary to their pious beliefs in a character known as Jesus Christ, and, who, instead of using intelligent arguments in reply to my tentative way of explaining to them that there was never someone called JC anytime in history and that this JC is just a fictional character intentionally created by the minds of fanatics of ancient times, attack me with harsh words and also accuse me of being some kind of "Satanist" "Antichrist" or something foolish and irrational like that. I use this text as the last card to finally terminate once and for all the subject and dialogues with them in order to make things very clear to them at once. The reader must bear in mind that such characters as Lucifer, Satan, and Devil do not exist in reality, be it in spirit-form or human-shaped form, but such fictitious characters are a concept, an “idea, a “thought form" or an evil implanted conscience that simply represents everything that is contrary to the Wisdom, Knowledge, Perfect Harmony, and Love of Creation and its Laws and Directives and actually is the situation of extremely spiritual confusion and the general situation of extreme havoc planet Earth has been made into by the irrationality of wrong and false teachings of earthly religions, especially Christian sectarian ones, politics, governments, etc… I wonder which Creation’s powerful forces induced the ancient writers/redactors/falsifiers of the biblical passages below for them to unconsciously write the right "hidden things" contained in the verses the reader will have now the opportunity to understand perfectly. There are clearly signs that such things were written a long time ago to be clearly understood by a few people, in the distant future, that means certainly our present Era when we all know that on Earth there is a REAL PROPHET OF NEW AGE living among us and that is known and recognized as such only by a few conscientious people who are spread around the world. I really do not know how many people ever realized this hidden - allow me to say - "secret" contained in a book that for many is considered to be the real word of "God" but in reality and truth is a collection of words created in the minds of very pious, deceived, and self delude men of ancient times who distorted real truth and also added wrong interpretations of their own wrong comprehension of what was and what really is Creation. For millennia thousands of the so-called occultists and mystics of every sort tried hard, without measuring efforts, but without any success at all, to find out by means of Kabballah, Numerology, Taroth, Astrology and other unimaginable means of "divination" possible intending to reveal who, in reality, is the so called BEAST 666 mentioned grego2in Revelations. Pure and simple waste of time, paper, money, brains and saliva in long discourses in both written and spoken form. Many personalities of Earth history, dead or alive, were pointed to and considered to be the so-called Beast. There were really an innumerable quantity of “candidates" to be nominated the so-called Beast. BUT until now nobody was able to realize that the Beast 666 had always been imbedded in their own minds, hearts and souls and also around themselves for millennia inside and outside the churches all over the planet and that in reality the Beast is/was a fictitious personage created and has been sustained by religious groups, more precisely the Roman Catholic Church, from which all other Christian churches and sects of every imaginable denomination existent on Earth were derived or originated from and that the “Conscience of the Beast" was implanted solely by those churches themselves as well.

("Der Meramiemann")

Please, read the text carefully to understand that these passages, or metaphors if you wish, were surely intended to be understood by certain predestined persons of this present Era we are living in now as it is implied in the following passages in the Talmud Jmmanuel:

TJ 32:45. "And it can be read in the stars that the people of the new age will be great revolutionaries. Thus, some special predestined people, who will be the new proclaimers of my teachings, will preach them unfalsified and with great courage." (From Talmud Jmmanuel Chapter 32)

TJ 23:49. "The harsh words of truth themselves will be the instructive judgment and penalty for all those who live according to false teachings and degrade the wisdom of the spirit." (TJ Chapter 23)

TJ 21:29. "Therefore, beware of the false and adulterated future teachings that will insult me when they call me the Son of Creation and the Son of God." (TJ Chapter 21)

TJ 21:30. "From these false teachings, lies will be spun, and because of them the world will suffer much deprivation and misery. " (TJ Chapter 21)

TJ 26:37. 'Just as you will bind the land of the Greeks to an evil religious cult because of your false teachings, so you will call me "the Anointed" in their language.' (TJ Chapter 26: Jmmanuel speaking to Saul/Paul.) *

TJ 26:38. "It will be your fault, due to your lack of understanding, that they will call me Jesus Christ, which means 'the Anointed.' " (TJ Chapter 26)

TJ 26:39. "And it will be your fault, due to your lack of understanding, that human blood will be shed in this name, so much that it cannot be held in all existing containers. (TJ Chapter 26)

* der Gesalbte: die englische Übersetzung des griechischen Titels Christos xes2

* the Anointed: the English translation of the Greek title Christos xes2

xes2Equals to xes




Verdadeira face do Cristo é esta aqui! Mentira criada pela Loucura da Igreja CRISTÃ!


(In original Greek language text supposedly written by John in Greece )


English language translation:

Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number [is] Six hundred threescore [and] six.

xes= 666.  In GREEK they use letters INSTEAD of numbers.

The number 666 is represented by the Greek letters , xes2,xes3and xes3, (Chi, Xi and Sigma). The explanation below shows how these Greek letters can be interpreted to represent titles for Jesus.  

Note: There are various Christian symbols used throughout the history of the Church which employ letters from Christos, , the Greek word for Christ, sometimes in combination with letters from other titles for Jesus. For instance, the famous chi-rho monogram, a symbol which became part of the official standard of the emperor Constantine, was made from the first two letters of Christos , and . Other symbols use the first and last letter, or just the first, and so on. 


 600 = (Chi)xes2 first letter of his name

 60 = (Xi)xes3 represents a serpent like the letter E

 6 = (Sigma)xes3last letter of his name


Christos = 666 are the initials of the name of the Beast, in Greek.

xes2 xes3xes3corresponds approximately to    Xes or Ches.  

( "Xes" and "Ches" have the same sound as the "Jes" in Jesus.)

Note: In the 16th century, the "J" version of the “I" adopted a new sound, like in “X". "XEZVS" in Roman letters: Xesús (Jesús).

We can clearly observe that Revelations 13:18 loses real meaning/sense when original Greek numbers are translated in other languages to written form as six-hundred-and-sixty-six. ("Der Meramiemann")



Livro da MENTIRA da Igreja e maçonaria PURO LIXO!


The following is a list of Masons reprinted with some updates from the Bulletin de l'Occident Chrétien Nr.12, July, 1976, (Directeur Pierre Fautrad a Fye - 72490 Bourg Le Roi.) Each man's name is followed by his position, if known; the date he was initiated into Masonry, his code #; and his code name, if known.

  1. Albondi, Alberto. Bishop of Livorno, (Leghorn). Initiated 8-5-58; I.D. # 7-2431.
  2. Abrech, Pio. In the Sacred Congregation of Bishops. 11-27-67; # 63-143.
  3. Acquaviva, Sabino. Professor of Religion at the University of Padova, (Padua). 12-3-69; # 275-69.
  4. Alessandro, Father Gottardi. (Addressed as Doctor in Masonic meetings.) President of Fratelli Maristi. 6-14-59.
  5. Angelini Fiorenzo. Bishop of Messenel Greece. 10-14-57; # 14-005.
  6. Argentieri, Benedetto. Patriarch to the Holy See. 3-11-70; # 298-A.
  7. Bea, Augustin. Cardinal. Secretary of State (next to Pope) under Pope John XXIII and Pope Paul VI.
  8. Baggio, Sebastiano. Cardinal. Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of Bishops. (This is a crucial Congregation since it appoints new Bishops.) Secretary of State under Pope John Paul II from 1989 to 1992. 8-14-57; # 85-1640. Masonic code name "SEBA." He controls consecration of Bishops.
  9. Balboni, Dante. Assistant to the Vatican Pontifical . Commission for Biblical Studies. 7-23-68; # 79-14 "BALDA."
  10. Baldassarri Salvatore. Bishop of Ravenna, Italy. 2-19-58; # 4315-19. "BALSA."
  11. Balducci, Ernesto. Religious sculpture artist. 5-16-66; # 1452-3.
  12. Basadonna, Ernesto. Prelate of Milan, 9-14-63; # 9-243. "BASE."
  13. Batelli, Guilio. Lay member of many scientific academies. 8-24-59; # 29-A. "GIBA."
  14. Bedeschi, Lorenzo. 2-19-59; # 24-041. "BELO."
  15. Belloli, Luigi. Rector of Seminar; Lombardy, Ita- ly. 4-6-58; # 22-04. "BELLU."
  16. Belluchi, Cleto. Coadjutor Bishop of Fermo, Italy. 6-4-68; # 12-217.
  17. Bettazzi, Luigi. Bishop of Ivera, Italy. 5-11-66; # 1347-45. "LUBE."
  18. Bianchi, Ciovanni. 10-23-69; # 2215-11. "BIGI."
  19. Biffi, Franco, Msgr. Rector of Church of St. John Lateran Pontifical University. He is head of this University and controls what is being taught. He heard confessions of Pope Paul VI. 8-15-59. "BIFRA."
  20. Bicarella, Mario. Prelate of Vicenza, Italy. 9-23-64; # 21-014. "BIMA."
  21. Bonicelli, Gaetano. Bishop of Albano, Italy. 5-12-59; # 63-1428, "BOGA."
  22. Boretti, Giancarlo. 3-21-65; # 0-241. "BORGI."
  23. Bovone, Alberto. Substitute Secretary of the Sacred Office. 3-30-67; # 254-3. "ALBO."
  24. Brini, Mario. Archbishop. Secretary of Chinese, Oriental, and Pagans. Member of Pontifical Commission to Russia. Has control of rewriting Canon Law. 7-7-68; # 15670. "MABRI."
  25. Bugnini, Annibale. Archbishop.Wrote Novus Ordo Mass. Envoy to Iran, 4-23-63; # 1365-75. "BUAN."
  26. Buro, Michele. Bishop. Prelate of Pontifical Commission to Latin America, 3-21-69; # 140-2. "BUMI."
  27. Cacciavillan, Agostino. Secretariat of State. 11-6-60; # 13-154.
  28. Cameli, Umberto. Director in Office of the Ecclesiastical Affairs of Italy in regard to education in Catholic doctrine. 11-17-60; # 9-1436.
  29. Caprile, Giovanni. Director of Catholic Civil Affairs. 9-5-57; # 21-014. "GICA."
  30. Caputo, Giuseppe. 11-15-71; # 6125-63. "GICAP."
  31. Casaroli, Agostino. Cardinal. Secretary of State (next to Pope) under Pope John Paul II since July 1, 1979 until retired in 1989. 9-28-57; # 41-076. "CASA."
  32. Cerruti, Flaminio. Chief of the Office of the University of Congregation Studies. 4-2-60; # 76-2154. "CEFLA."
  33. Ciarrocchi, Mario. Bishop. 8-23-62; # 123-A. "CIMA."
  34. Chiavacci, Enrico. Professor of Moral Theology, University of Florence, Italy. 7-2-70; # 121-34. "CHIE."
  35. Conte, Carmelo. 9-16-67; # 43-096. "CONCA."
  36. Csele, Alessandro. 3-25-60; # 1354-09. "ALCSE."
  37. Dadagio, Luigi. Papal Nuncio to Spain. Archbishop of Lero. 9-8-67. # 43-B. "LUDA."
  38. D'Antonio, Enzio. Archbishop of Trivento. 6-21-69; # 214-53.
  39. De Bous, Donate. Bishop. 6-24-68; # 321-02. "DEBO."
  40. Del Gallo Reoccagiovane, Luigi. Bishop.
  41. Del Monte, Aldo. Bishop of Novara, Italy. 8-25-69; # 32-012. "ADELMO."
  42. Faltin, Danielle. 6-4-70; # 9-1207. "FADA."
  43. Ferraioli, Giuseppe. Member of Sacred Congregation for Public Affairs. 11-24-69; # 004-125. "GIFE."
  44. Franzoni, Giovanni. 3-2-65; # 2246-47. "FRAGI."
  45. Gemmiti, Vito. Sacred Congregation of Bishops. 3-25-68; # 54-13. "VIGE."
  46. Girardi, Giulio. 9-8-70; # 1471-52. "GIG."
  47. Fiorenzo, Angelinin. Bishop. Title of Commendator of the Holy Spirit. Vicar General of Roman Hospitals. Controls hospital trust funds. Consecrated Bishop 7-19-56; joined Masons 10-14-57.
  48. Giustetti, Massimo. 4-12-70; # 13-065. "GIUMA."
  49. Gottardi, Alessandro. Procurator and Postulator General of Fratelli Maristi. Archbishop of Trent. 6-13-59; # 2437-14. "ALGO."
  50. Gozzini, Mario. 5-14-70; # 31-11. "MAGO."
  51. Grazinai, Carlo. Rector of the Vatican Minor Seminary. 7-23-61; # 156-3. "GRACA."
  52. Gregagnin, Antonio. Tribune of First Causes for Beatification. 10-19-67; # 8-45. "GREA."
  53. Gualdrini, Franco. Rector of Capranica. 5-22-61; # 21-352. "GUFRA."
  54. Ilari, Annibale. Abbot. 3-16-69; # 43-86. "ILA."
  55. Laghi, Pio. Nunzio, Apostolic Delegate to Argentina, and then to U.S.A. until 1995. 8-24-69; # 0-538. "LAPI."
  56. Lajolo, Giovanni. Member of Council of Public Affairs of the Church. 7-27-70; # 21-1397. "LAGI."
  57. Lanzoni, Angelo. Chief of the Office of Secretary of State. 9-24-56; # 6-324. "LANA."
  58. Levi, Virgillio (alias Levine), Monsignor. Assistant Director of Official Vatican Newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano. Manages Vatican Radio Station. 7-4-58; # 241-3. "VILE."
  59. Lozza, Lino. Chancellor of Rome Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas of Catholic Religion. 7-23-69; # 12-768. "LOLI."
  60. Lienart, Achille. Cardinal. Grand Master top Mason. Bishop of Lille, France. Recruits Masons. Was leader of progressive forces at Vatican II Council.
  61. Macchi, Pasquale. Cardinal. Pope Paul's Prelate of Honour and Private Secretary until he was excommunicated for heresy by Pope Paul VI. Was reinstated by Secretary of State Jean Villot, and made a Cardinal. 4-23-58; # 5463-2. "MAPA."
  62. Mancini, Italo. Director of Sua Santita. 3-18-68; # l551-142. "MANI."
  63. Manfrini, Enrico. Lay Consultor of Pontifical Commission of Sacred Art. 2-21-68; # 968-c. "MANE."
  64. Marchisano, Francesco. Prelate Honour of the Pope. Secretary Congregation for Seminaries and Universities of Studies. 2-4-61; 4536-3. "FRAMA."
  65. Marcinkus, Paul. American bodyguard for imposter Pope. From Cicero, Illinois. Stands 6'4". President for Institute for Training Religious. 8-21-67; # 43-649. Called "GORILLA." Code name "MARPA."
  66. Marsili, Saltvatore. Abbot of Order of St. Benedict of Finalpia near Modena, Italy. 7-2-63; # 1278-49. "SALMA."
  67. Mazza, Antonio. Titular Bishop of Velia. Secretary General of Holy Year, 1975. 4-14-71. # 054-329. "MANU."
  68. Mazzi, Venerio. Member of Council of Public Affairs of the Church. 10-13-66; # 052-s. "MAVE."
  69. Mazzoni, Pier Luigi. Congregation of Bishops. 9-14-59; # 59-2. "PILUM."
  70. Maverna, Luigi. Bishop of Chiavari, Genoa, Italy. Assistant General of Italian Catholic Azione. 6-3-68; # 441-c. "LUMA."
  71. Mensa, Albino. Archbishop of Vercelli, Piedmont, Italy. 7-23-59; # 53-23. " MENA."
  72. Messina, Carlo. 3-21-70; # 21-045. "MECA."
  73. Messina, Zanon (Adele). 9-25-68; # 045-329. " AMEZ."
  74. Monduzzi, Dino. Regent to the Prefect of the Pontifical House. 3-11 -67; # 190-2. "MONDI."
  75. Mongillo, Daimazio. Professor of Dominican Moral Theology, Holy Angels Institute of Roma. 2-16-69; # 2145-22. "MONDA."
  76. Morgante, Marcello. Bishop of Ascoli Piceno in East Italy. 7-22-55; # 78-3601. MORMA."
  77. Natalini, Teuzo. Vice President of the Archives of Secretariat of the Vatican. 6-17-67; # 21-44d. "NATE."
  78. Nigro, Carmelo. Rector of the Seminary, Pontifical of Major Studies. 12-21-70; # 23-154. "CARNI."
  79. Noe, Virgillio. Head of the Sacred Congregation of Divine Worship. He and Bugnini paid 5 Protestant Ministers and one Jewish Rabbi to create the Novus Ordo Mass. 4-3-61; # 43652-21. "VINO."
  80. Palestra, Vittorie. He is Legal Council of the Sacred Rota of the Vatican State. 5-6-43; # 1965. "PAVI."
  81. Pappalardo, Salvatore. Cardinal. Archbishop of Palermo, Sicily. 4-15-68; # 234-07. "SALPA."
  82. Pasqualetti, Gottardo. 6-15-60; # 4-231. "COPA."
  83. Pasquinelli, Dante. Council of Nunzio of Madrid. 1-12-69; # 32-124. "PADA."
  84. Pellegrino, Michele. Cardinal. Called "Protector of the Church", Archbishop of Torino (Turin, where the Holy Shroud of Jesus is kept). 5-2-60; # 352-36. "PALMI."
  85. Piana, Giannino. 9-2-70; # 314-52. "GIPI."
  86. Pimpo, Mario. Vicar of Office of General Affairs. 3-15-70; # 793-43. "PIMA."
  87. Pinto, Monsignor Pio Vito. Attaché of Secretary of State and Notare of Second Section of Supreme Tribunal and of Apostolic Signature. 4-2-70; # 3317-42. "PIPIVI."
  88. Poletti, Ugo. Cardinal. Vicar of S.S. Diocese of Rome. Controls clergy of Rome since 3-6-73. Member of Sacred Congregation of Sacraments and of Divine Worship. He is President of Pontifical Works and Preservation of the Faith. Also President of the Liturgical Academy. 2-17-69; # 32-1425. "UPO."
  89. Rizzi, Monsignor Mario. Sacred Congregation of Oriental Rites. Listed as "Prelate Bishop of Honour of the Holy Father, the Pope." Works under top-Mason Mario Brini in manipulating Canon Law. 9-16-69; # 43-179. "MARI," "MONMARI."
  90. Romita, Florenzo. Was in Sacred Congregation of Clergy. 4-21-56; # 52-142. "FIRO."
  91. Rogger, Igine. Officer in S.S. (Diocese of Rome). 4-16-68; # 319-13. "IGRO."
  92. Rossano, Pietro. Sacred Congregation of Non-Christian Religions. 2-12-68; # 3421-a. "PIRO."
  93. Rovela, Virgillio. 6-12-64; # 32-14. "ROVI."
  94. Sabbatani, Aurelio. Archbishop of Giustiniana (Giusgno, Milar Province, Italy). First Secretary Supreme Apostolic Segnatura. 6-22-69; # 87-43. "ASA"
  95. Sacchetti, Guilio. Delegate of Governors - Marchese. 8-23-59; # 0991-b. "SAGI."
  96. Salerno, Francesco. Bishop. Prefect Atti. Eccles. 5-4-62; # 0437-1. "SAFRA"
  97. Santangelo, Franceso. Substitute General of Defense Legal Counsel. 11-12-70; # 32-096. "FRASA."
  98. Santini, Pietro. Vice Official of the Vicar. 8-23-64; # 326-11. "SAPI."
  99. Savorelli, Fernando. 1-14-69; # 004-51. "SAFE."
  100. Savorelli, Renzo. 6-12-65; # 34-692. "RESA."
  101. Scanagatta, Gaetano. Sacred Congregation of the Clergy. Member of Commission of Pomei and Loreto, Italy. 9-23-71; # 42-023. "GASCA."
  102. Schasching, Giovanni. 3-18-65; # 6374-23. "GISCHA," "GESUITA."
  103. Schierano, Mario. Titular Bishop of Acrida (Acri in Cosenza Province, Italy.) Chief Military Chaplain of the Italian Armed Forces. 7-3-59; #14-3641. "MASCHI."
  104. Semproni, Domenico. Tribunal of the Vicarate of the Vatican. 4-16-60; # 00-12. "DOSE."
  105. Sensi, Giuseppe Mario. Titular Archbishop of Sardi (Asia Minor near Smyrna). Papal Nunzio to Portugal. 11-2-67; # 18911-47. "GIMASE."
  106. Sposito, Luigi. Pontifical Commission for the Archives of the Church in Italy. Head Administrator of the Apostolic Seat of the Vatican.
  107. Suenens, Leo. Cardinal. Title: Protector of the Church of St. Peter in Chains, outside Rome. Promotes Protestant Pentecostalism (Charismatics). Destroyed much Church dogma when he worked in 3 Sacred Congregations: 1) Propagation of the Faith; 2) Rites and Ceremonies in the Liturgy; 3) Seminaries. 6-15-67; # 21-64. "LESU."
  108. Trabalzini, Dino. Bishop of Rieti (Reate, Peruga, Italy). Auxiliary Bishop of Southern Rome. 2-6-65; # 61-956. "TRADI."
  109. Travia, Antonio. Titular Archbishop of Termini Imerese. Head of Catholic schools. 9-15-67; # 16-141. "ATRA."
  110. Trocchi, Vittorio. Secretary for Catholic Laity in Consistory of the Vatican State Consultations. 7-12-62; # 3-896. "TROVI."
  111. Tucci, Roberto. Director General of Vatican Radio. 6-21-57; # 42-58. "TURO."
  112. Turoldo, David. 6-9-67; # 191-44. "DATU."
  113. Vale, Georgio. Priest. Official of Rome Diocese. 2-21-71; # 21-328. "VAGI."
  114. Vergari, Piero. Head Protocol Officer of the Vatican Office Segnatura. 12-14-70; # 3241-6. "PIVE."
  115. Villot, Jean. Cardinal. Secretary of State during Pope Paul VI. He is Camerlengo (Treasurer). "JEANNI," "ZURIGO."
  116. Zanini, Lino. Titular Archbishop of Adrianopoli, which is Andrianopolis, Turkey. Apostolic Nuncio. Member of the Revered Fabric of St. Peter's Basilica.



  1. Fregi, Francesco Egisto. 2-14-63; # 1435-87.
  2. Tirelli, Sotiro. 5-16-63; # 1257-9. "TIRSO."
  3. Cresti, Osvaldo. 5-22-63; # 1653-6. "CRESO."
  4. Rotardi, Tito. 8-13-63; # 1865-34. "TROTA."
  5. Orbasi, Igino. 9-17-73; # 1326-97. "ORBI."
  6. Drusilla, Italia. 10-12-63; # 1653-2. "'DRUSI "
  7. Ratosi, Tito. 11-22-63; # 1542-74 "TRATO."
  8. Crosta, Sante. 11-17-63; # 1254-65. "CROSTAS.

What is the name of the Antilogos falsifier?

"The followers of Christianity have been misled to worship a false person; a non existent and fictional character named "Jesus Christ" and proclaim this wrong, deceiving and evil name now for over 2000 years, convinced by the names they hear from their pastors and read in their establishment Bibles. Yet some wonder what the name of the impostor who is foretold to come will be, though the answer is under their very noses if they only could understand the correct words of ISAIAH 7: 14 Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Emmanuel.."

his real face

die Herr XezVs-ChrIstos

the LorD XezVs ChrIstos

D + C= 600

L + X = 60

V + I = __6


Transcribed for biblical Hebrew, it will be:


Therefore summing up 666 in Hebraic numerals!

(Thanks for the above information go to this writer, who, however, is still very confused by the false teachings.)

And so it is!! There really is wisdom and knowledge here! Did you understand it now? The real meaning of Anti-Logos? It is very different from Anti-Christ! The Great Beast 666 is this one everyone has adored for more than 2000 years and its name is JESUS CHRIST, and is hung on a cross at the churches and is adored and followed by thousands of mislead and deceived people by all the churches of all denominations and that itself in turn originated from the Church of Rome-Vatican, whose erroneous and false teachings transformed the world in the horror and in the madness, and in the total poverty it is nowadays! And many "pseudo-doctors" of the churches and other crazy and lieing Pharisees of an existent and well known "secret fraternity just and perfect", they always knew about it and they used it to deceive all humankind to enslave it by all possible and imaginable means through politics and the erroneous teachings of religions!



Painting by Norbert Kox,


Not Copyrighted. Unknown and Anonymous author. Can be freely used.

Yeshuw(a) exu666Which is an acronym for “Yemach Shemow W-zikhrow, meaning, “May His name and memory be

erased, and it was used in the “Toldoth Yeshu, a very old rabbinical Judaist document that scorned the so called "Anointed."

The jewish community says that the hebrew name of Jesus is Yeshu exu1 exu2 exu3 in the Jewish traditional way for the name Jesus.

The name * Iasous * in Greek is the equivalent for the hebrew word "Yehoshua"

These Jewish pseudonyms were transliterated into Koiné Greek, which has no “sh" sound, Iesoú And which routinely alters proper

names, conjugating them: Iesoús

The Romans transliterated that, giving it the Latin “-vs (-us) masculine suffix: Iesús (IESVS). In the 14th century, initial “I letters were extended below the line in order to distinguish it from the “l Iesús (jesús)

"Je-SUS" pronounced Gee-SOOCE and this is from the Latin word/name

"Ie-SUS" pronounced Ee-SOOCE. The suffix is the same as the Latin word for "PIG".

"Je-SUS"pronounced Gee-SOOCE and this is from the Latin word/name "Ie-SUS" pronounced Ee-SOOCE. The suffix is the same as the latin word for "PIG".

Excluding the Greek word/name, this Latin word for SWINE i.e. pig ---"SUS" is identical in writing to the suffix of the Latin and the

English transliteration "Ie-SUS" and "Je-SUS". "SUS" pronounced "SOOCE" or "ZUS" in English! In Latin it means "SWINE" i.e. PIG,

and has the same sound as the Greek suffix in the word/name "Ie-SOUS" , pronounced "SOOCE" Here are some more interesting

parallels In the Spanish translations of the scriptures such as in Mexico for example the name is written "Je-sus" but it is pronounced

He or HEY - SOOCE. Both the suffix spelling and sound of the suffix is the same for the Latin word "SUS", which means SWINE.

(According to the dictionary this word SWINE can also mean a CONTEMPTIBLE Person) THE LITERAL WRITTEN PARALLELS ARE



[ME fr.OE swin; akin to OHG swin swine LATIN -SUS--more at SOW]

1: any of various stout-bodied short legged omnivorous mammals (family Suidae) with a thick bristly skin and long mobile snout; esp.: a domesticated member of the species (Sus Scrofa) that includes the European wild boar often used collectively 2: a contemptible person (Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary)

The Catholic Church uses the Latin a DEAD LANGUAGE, whose words always retain the same meaning: 1: To preserve the “original

doctrine in all it's purity;

2: To safeguard the proper “Forms of the Sacraments;

(The Converts Catechism of Catholic Doctrine) If you look you can easily see the Latin word for pig is written "SUS"! Not hard to understand is it?

According to the Catholic's the meaning in Latin DON'T CHANGE!

Now take a real hard look at this, what do Christians call their Savior?

"Je-SUS" pronounced Gee-SOOCE and this is from the Latin word/name "Ie-SUS" pronounced Ee-SOOCE.

The suffix is the same as the Latin word for "PIG".

Did you know that there was a Celtic “demon god by the name "ESUS" pronounced Ee-SOOCE also know as "HESUS" pronounced

"He" or "Hey" -SOOCE. This god was worship by the ancient Druids (Dictionary of Pagan Religions) page 117 and page 152

"SOOS" in Hebrew can mean "Horse". But in Latin it has a totally different meaning. "SUS".suis 1. Prop.: A swine, hog., pig, boar, sow:

Not Copyrighted. Unknown and Anonymous author. Can be freely used.

Excerpt from Clarification of a Defamatory Claim

(Note: Figu Switzerland Copyrighted)

by Hans Georg Lanzendorfer, Switzerland

Note: HERR EDUARD ALBERT MEIER or Billy Meier is DEFINITIVELY NOT JESUS CHRIST please read complete text here:

In contrast to Jmmanuel's true spiritual teachings, the confused teachings that refer to a Heavenly Father by an imaginary Jesus Christ, contain negative ramifications of lust for blood, of death and destruction, as is also the case with the Bible. By pronouncing the words Christ or Jesus, and based on the true meaning of these words, their evil significance is released through cabbalism a negative ramification full of negative excesses and manifestations. The same also holds true in this context for the terminology "Jesus consciousness", "Christ consciousness", "Christ principle", "God principle", "God consciousness" and the like. Furthermore, Christianity's "New Testament" elevates a human being into an emissary of Creation and allows the person of Jesus Christ to become a cult worship figure. Jesus Christ's confused teachings point to the veneration of an almighty Creator-God who sits in heaven as creator of the entire Universe and organizer of the fate of the world and all human beings living on it. These are confused, nonsensical Christian false teachings whose absurdity, horrendous contradictions and insanity can hardly be expressed in words. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for human beings on Earth to revert back to the true Creational teachings, and to squelch once and for all every word formation that may be associated with the fictitious cult figure Jesus Christ, no matter how slight.

The name Jmmanuel denotes the virtue and meaning of "he of godly knowledge", which, of course refers to the knowledge of an Jshwjsh, i.e., the knowledge of a human being with extremely high learning, of an initiated and wise counsellor. On the other hand, the title Jesus Christ contains the value of all that is evil, excessive and murderous. Christ is the English version of the Old Greek word Christos and is a direct reference to ancient, mysterious cult activities. That is to say that the title Christos was applied to the actual cult rite during cult and unreal rituals, when anointment and unction sacraments were performed on sacrificial offerings and idols. If we speak here of anointments and unctions, it does not refer to ointments and oils, but the blood of infants, girls and virgins, who had been brutally slaughtered and their blood gathered in urns. The votive offerings to the idols and gods of the cult were then smeared or "anointed" with this blood Moreover, in most cases these sacrifices and votive offerings consisted of human tributes who were offered to some bloodthirsty, sacrifice-demanding gods. Only later were these human sacrifices and human killings slowly superseded, an the human blood substituted by fragrant ointments and oils. In place of human sacrifices, people used increasingly more animals fruit or vegetables and the like. But it is for all these reasons that even today the title Christos or Chrestos stands for absolute negativity, contempt for Creation and evil with the numerological value of 666.

This correlation to idolatrous and sacrificial cults was one of the reasons why Jmmanuel rebelled at the time against the name Jesus Christ. He was perfectly aware that his spiritual teachings would be greatly falsified and coupled with an insanely contrived person called Jesus Christ. The same holds true also of the title Jesus. Hence, if Christians speak of a "Jesus consciousness", "Jesus principle" or similar things in reference to the Christian religion's false teachings that came into being as a consequence, then they are behaving very negatively and evoking all negative forces into an excessive reaction.



Excerpt from the book, Prophetien und Voraussagen (Prophecies and Predictions).(Copyright 1982/1996

Lines 1 - 21 of 87

Telepathically received from the PETALE-Spirit-Plane by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, Thursday, January 29, 1976 01:05 AM


"Es ist das Kind des Bösen, das Kind des Verderbens, das da ist tödlicher Widersacher wider Wissen, Weisheit und Wahrheit, und Widersacher wider Liebe, Friede, Ehrfurcht und Harmonie.

(English translation Please note: This is not an official, approved FIGU translation.)

It is the child of evil, the child of ruin,  that is the deadly opponent against knowledge, wisdom and truth, and the opponent against love, peace, respect and harmony.

Es ist das Antilogos in vielfacher Form.

 It is the Anti-Logos in manifold form.

Es ist die Gewalt des Bösen, die 666, das da ist wider die Wahrheit der Schöpfung, wider die Wahrheit des Geistes und wider die Befolgung der Gesetze und Gebote.

It is the force of evil, the 666,  which is against the truth of Creation, against the truth of the Spirit  and against the obedience to the laws and commandments.

Das ES ist ER - in Verkörperung Mächtiger, in Gesetzeslosigkeit, Herrschsucht und Blutrunst, im Anti-Logos.

The IT is HE - in the embodiment of the mighty  ones,  in lawlessness, lust for power and bloodthirstiness, in the Anti-Logos.

 Macht des Bösen mit lügnerischen Kräften, Wundern und Zeichen und allerlei Verführung, Täuschung, Lug und Betrug, zur Ungerechtigkeit und Irrlehre bei denen, die verlorengehen im Irrwissen des Anti-Logos, weil sie die Liebe zur Wahrheit nicht annehmen zur Rettung.

Power of evil with lying forces, wonders and signs and diverse seduction, deception, lying and betrayal,  toward unrighteousness and erroneous teaching by those who get lost in the erroneous knowledge of the Anti-Logos,  because they do not accept the love for truth unto salvation.

Es ist das Kind der Zerstörung, das Anti-Logos, das Bösartige, Verwirrende, Schleichende, Lauernde und Tödliche. Es ist das Kind der Vernichtung, mordend der Wahrheit, 666, Anti-Logos.

It is the child of destruction, the Anti-Logos, the malicious, confusing, sneaking, lurking and deadly.

In achter Folge ist gezeugt das Anti-Logos im Totalen, das Ding als Mensch der Unwahrheit , der Schmach, der Zerstörung und des Todes.

In eighth succession is created the Anti-Logos in total, the thing as man of untruth, of disgrace, of destruction, and of death.

Vor ihm sind sieben Verkörperungen Mächtiger, in sich selbst Anti-logos, sieben Kinder des Bösen, wirksam im Mord der Wahrheit, und mordend, blutrünstig den Menschen in vielfacher Millionenzahl.

Before him are seven embodiments of mighty ones, within themselves Anti-Logos,  seven children of evil, working in the murder of truth, and bloodthirstily murdering mankind numbering in manifold millions.

Es ist das Kind des Bösen, das Anti-Logos, geboren aus dem Leib der Gottverehrerin, gezeugt in Falschheit und Lug vom Klosterbruder.

It is the child of evil, the Anti-Logos, born of the womb of her, the God-honorer, begotten in falsehood and lying by the monastery-brother.

In unscheinbarem Orte geboren, gegen Sonnenaufgang, um die siebente Stunde, ausgesetzt nach Osten gebracht, da es sterben soll an nagenden Eingeweiden.

Born at an insignificant place, against sunrise, around the seventh hour, abandoned, brought to the East, where he was to die of gnawing bowels.

Es ist aber gerettet, aufgenommen und genährt vom Schleichenden, das nie satt ist von Lug, Betrug und Falschheit.

But it is rescued, taken in and nourished by the creepy one that is never satisfied with lying, betrayal and falsehood.

Das Kind des Bösen in vielfacher Form, das Jetzt und das Zuvor, ist das Doppel Jmmanuels zum Scheine, so es aber doch nicht is das Doppel."

The child of evil in manifold form, the now and the previous, is the double of Jmmanuel in pretense, but it is not the double."

Logos= Reason; that which is logical.


This is the True Face of Christ!
The reader can read the following verse in ISAIAH 14:12


ISAIAE 14:12


Isaiah 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! [how] art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! (KJV)

Note: Some modern Bible translations the word Lucifer was changed or translated to “o morning star! Like this example:

Isaiah 14:12 How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! (note name Lucifer was altered to ‘morning star’)

In another bible it reads like this: Isaiah 14:12 O how you have fallen from heaven, you shining one, son of the morning! How you have been cut down to the ground, you who were disabling the nations! (New World Translation of the "holy" Bible)

German/Deutsch: Jes:14:12 Wie bist du vom Himmel gefallen, du schöner Morgenstern! Wie bist du zur Erde gefällt, der du die Heiden schwächtest! (LUT)


In Hebrew:

SpanishEspañol/Español: Isaias 14:12 ¡Cómo has caído del cielo, oh lucero de la mañana, hijo de la aurora! Has sido derribado por tierra, tú que debilitabas a las naciones.

Port.: Isaías 14:12 Como caíste do céu, ó estrela da manhã, filha da alva! como foste lançado por terra tu que prostravas as nações!


Some religious scholars argue there is no doubt about it that Isaiah 14:12, which speaks of "Lucifer," is referring to the king of Babylon. In fact, the name "Lucifer" does not even appear in the Hebrew text. The Hebrew behind this translation consists of three words meaning "Helel son of Shachar", which is probably a name for the morning star (Venus), and thus is translated as "son of the morning star" by most translations. The translation of "Lucifer" was carried over from the reading in Jerome's Latin Vulgate, not the Hebrew text. There are several interpretations of these verses. (1) Lucifer is another name for Satan, because the person here is too powerful to be any human king. (2) This could be Sennacherib or Nebuchadnezzar, kings with supreme power. Their people looked upon them as gods. These kings desired to rule the world.

But after one has read Talmud Jmmanuel and once understood its genuineness one can perfectly realize that the arguments above are not true.




Ego Iesus misi angelum meum testificari vobis haec in ecclesiis ego sum radix et genus David stella splendida et matutina.



I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, [and] the bright and morning star.

And So it Is! There is really Wisdom here!

Do you understand now who is the ANTILOGOS?

It is quite different from what people wrongly understand/know as Antichrist!


(Lucifer: in Hebrew helel; Septuagint heosphoros luci3 , Vulgate lucifer)

The name Lucifer originally denotes the planet Venus, emphasizing its brilliance. The Vulgate employs the word also for "the light of the morning" (Job 50:17), "the signs of the zodiac" (Job 38:32), and "the aurora" (Psalm 109:3). Metaphorically, the word is applied to the King of Babylon (Isaiah 14:12) as preeminent among the princes of his time; to the high priest Simon son of Onias (Ecclesiasticus 50:6), for his surpassing virtue, to the glory of heaven (Apocalypse 2:28), by reason of its excellency; finally to Jesus Christ himself (Petr. 1:19; Apocalypse 22:16; the "Exultet" of Holy Saturday) the true light of our spiritual life. The Syriac version and the version of Aquila derive the Hebrew noun helel from the verb yalal, "to lament"; St. Jerome agrees with them (In Isaiah 1:14), and makes Lucifer the name of the principal “fallen angel who must lament the loss of his original glory bright as the morning star. In Christian tradition this meaning of Lucifer has prevailed; the Fathers maintain that Lucifer is not the proper name of the devil, but denotes only the state from which he has fallen (Petavius, De Angelis, III, iii, 4). The Catholic Encyclopedia.

Note by <<"Der Meramiemann">>: Lucifer is another name for “Satan, an Arabic word: Ash-Shay-tan also, Shaitan, Sheitan and in Hebrew: "accuser/adversary" (also fictitious evil character and was created by church fanatics and liars!) and this meaning is the real valid one because this meaning is in the collective conscience of humankind for millennia and was created and implanted in humankind minds by ancient Christian churchmen in order to create fear in church followers menacing them with the “fire" of a non-existent place known as "hell" in order to the faithful not to leave the “Holy Church". Those churchmen lied so much to themselves and to humanity that they loose track of the multitude of written lies that they commit foolish mistakes like changing the word/name Lucifer in some translations of the Bible but not alterations at all in other Bibles. Those churchmen/clergy are so immersed, drenched, and entangled in their self created lies that they simply do not know what to do anymore to correct their errors made with fake words and all this unaware (or fully aware!!!) of their true meanings because the gigantic confusion they themselves have created cannot be corrected anymore neither by them or their scholars or by their faithful followers. The book Talmud Jmmanuel which, for its turn, contains the real truthful words as they were said by Jmmanuel make it clear that the real meaning of words are very important and cannot be changed by anyone. The shameful alteration/falsification made in the true wordings contained in Talmud Jmmanuel is the real culprit for the whole Planet Earth be in such a state of calamity as it is today. Therefore correct interpretations of words and its correct use is very important and one can destroy a whole planet by the use of wrongly interpreted meaning of a single word as we all can witness nowadays. Now you can understand everything.

(Copyright: The Catholic Encyclopedia)

who is?
Who is Who now???

Jesus IS The Beast 666. Math PROVES it!

By J.J. Hitt and Sean Mccullough 19 Jul 94 @ 18:11
Preston Simpson wrote:

Given a bit of time and some scratch paper, I can "prove" anything with numbers. Heck, one day, I may even go so far as to calculate that Jesus Christ equals 666.

J.J. Hitt replied:

I've already done it for you. Behold...

A = 1 * 9 = 9
B = 2 * 9 = 18
C = 3 * 9 = 27
ect ect ect...
Y = 25 * 9 = 225
Z = 26 * 9 = 234

OK, duped your whole tables here. You then proved that on a
simple 9-multiple numerologic table, JESUS == 666:

J = 90
E = 45
S = 171
U = 189
S = 171
------- Total

To which Sean Mccullough added:
You forgot about the "CHRIST" part -- but I've taken care of that also. The Greek term "Christ" is a mild mistranslation of the Aramaico-Hebrew term proper to the supposed role of Jesus/Yeshua: MESSIAH.

Lookie how MESSIAH adds up on your sweet little 9-times table:

M == 117
E == 45
S == 171
S == 171
I == 81
A == 9
H == 72

you guessed it, total is: 666!!






25. In der Bibel wird Gott als die Schöpfung persönlich dargestellt, was die ungeheuerlichste Irrlehre der christlichen Religion bedeutet, denn Gott ist nicht die Schöpfung. - von Ein Offenes Wort, p.4,  bei Billy Meier

(non-official translation)

25. God is described in the Bible as Creation itself, meaning this is the most monstrous false teaching of the Christian religion, because god is not Creation. - from An Open Word, p.4,  by Billy Meier



Please feel free to visit to know more details about Mr. Billy Meier’s case and who is Eduard Albert “Billy" Meier, a real contactee, and more about the book TALMUD JMMANUEL, or visit this website created by Dr. Jim Deardorff (Emeritus Phd.) with detailed research on Talmud Jmmanuel where you will be able to read and study the precious fruit of more than 15 years of the most complete and detailed research and sincere dedication to Real, Irrevocable and Incontestable Truth that no-one on Earth can or is able to change or to deny. This work is also dedicated to you, dear Dr. Jim Deardorff and also mainly to dear Mr. Eduard Albert Meier also known as “Ufo Billy" or “ Billy" Meier: Real and Only One Prophet of New Age in Truth! This is my legacy to you dear Billy! May it be heard throughout all Universes!




“TJ 35:46. So gibt es aber auch nichts Verborgenes, das nicht offenbar würde.

“TJ 35:46. "There is nothing hidden that will not become revealed.

“TJ 35:47 Es erkenne der Mensch, was vor seinem Angesichte ist; und was ihm verborgen ist, das wird sich ihm offenbaren, wenn er suchet die Wahrheit und die Erklärung der Weisheit.

“TJ 35:47. "Humans will recognize what is before their faces, and what is hidden from them will reveal itself when they search for the truth and the enlightenment of wisdom…



Now I, "Der Meramiemann" , and all humankind , want to see you WISEMEN from the ‘churches’ prove to the whole humankind of this beautiful Planet Earth, that you have destroyed with a web of lies and fairy-tales, that everything that is written here is a lie, or a ‘heresy’ as you say. You are trapped and sinking in a huge and deep quicksand pond of lies that only you yourselves and the gods of old have created and there is NO ONE there to pull you out! May you sink in it and learn the error of your ways and turn your thoughts and actions towards the laws and directives of Creation, where you can find peace. Only Creation itself is to be honored NOT your bloodthirsty God of hate and his non-existent “only son": itself real root of much evil on Earth!

This Truth is especially directed for you Churchmen of all denominations, colors and hues for you to learn to be wise!

The Time of Truth Has Come for YOU!

The Time of Truth Has Come!

Orgy of Hoaxers: The Hoax of Saint Germain and Other Imaginary and Non-existent Masters of the also Non-existent Great White Brotherhood also known as Brotherhood of Masters.

Who are the Hoax Ascended Masters?

liar1 liar2 charlatan

Some of the many Non-Existent "masters" of Lies.

“TJ 35:41. "It will be two times a thousand years before the time comes when my teachings will be preached anew, without being falsified. This will occur when false doctrines and erroneous cults, when lies and fraud, and when deception by the conjurers of the dead and of spirits, by the soothsayers and clairvoyants, as well as by all the charlatans of the truth, will be at their peak.

TJ 35:42. "Until then, false cults, as well as liars, deceivers, charlatans, conjurers of the dead and of spirits, false soothsayers, clairvoyants, and false mediums pretending to speak for supernatural, other-dimensional and extra terrestrial beings from the depths of the universe, will be so numerous that they can no longer be counted. “

Above verses/passages were taken from the book “Talmud Jmmanuel” whose original scrolls in Aramaic were discovered in Jerusalem in 1963 by Eduard Albert “Billy” Meier.

Open Letter to all worshippers of the so called ascended master’s flames of every colors and hues and especially directed to those who adore and follow preach and teach false teachings, instructions, decrees, affirmations and invocations of the non-existent, hoax, and deceiving Saint Germains’ Violet Consuming Flame and many other non-existent masters of lies.

My compromise with Real TRUTH and the well balanced boldness that always has guided me will not let you in doubt in relation to what I feel related to the so called (and imaginary) Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters. In the following text I will make it clear to all of you Saint Germain and his cohorts followers of every corner of this planet Earth what really are those fake, hoax, imaginary, non-existent and deceivers masters. Saint Germain IS NOT neither was an ascended master pure and simple because this character is a real HOAX and a shameless invention created, imagined, and is fruit of the delirant minds of schizophrenic and psychotic persons.

There are absolutely NO ascended masters at all! A real human being by the name Count of Saint Germain really existed in Europe, a very normal human being like anybody else and he used to be a student of pseudo occultism and matters related to it; and that is all. This so called Saint Germain never ever was a master or belonged to the non-existent and hoax/deceiving White Brotherhood of Masters whose existence for its turn is also an imaginary, a fantasy, a very lucrative fairy tale as is also the fictional character known as Jesus Christ created also by the fruit of fertile imagination and fanatical, psychotic/schizophrenical minds of persons of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries that piously believed in such a lie and then gave continuation to the lie themselves through centuries.

The Great White Brotherhood is the name given in all pseudo metaphysical/occult circles to those inexistent/fake “adepts” of pseudo-wisdom tinted with “Christian messages” who supposedly have finished their earthly pilgrimages (the cycles of reincarnation) and, while ascending to a supposed higher state of existence as masters of space, time and material existence, have “assumed responsibility” for the cosmic destiny of the human race, both individually and collectively. Most occult groups assign a high level of importance to the inexistent White Brotherhood, but some claims to make interaction with the Ascended Masters of “The Brotherhood” a major focus of their existence. Many well known and very active occult/esoteric/mystic secret societies consider the “masters” to be real.

Well known persons as Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Guy Ballard also known as Godfré Ray King and his wife Edna Ballard all of them invented, created, imagined out of their own illusions, deliriousness and self deceiving such a brotherhood of ascended masters in order to gather more followers and to give credibility to the false teachings of their sects, organizations and societies be it secret or not all of the mentioned persons never told or has written a single word of truth regarding such masters, their white brotherhood and their colorful 7 Rays brotherhood. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky herself established a Theosophical Society in India. It was there that Madame Blavatsky revealed her “contact” with a “mysterious” Indian and Tibetan “masters” called KootHoomi (aka Kuthumi), Morya (aka El Morya) and Dhjwal Khul (aka The Tibetan). Saint Germain was another of Blavatsky’s "masters" who were largely fictions of her imagination. Self deluded and mislead Alice Bailey’s books mentions a non-existent Christ or Maytreia who supposedly will establish the New Age a pseudo and confusing FAKE and HOAX New Age! Geraldine Innocente another Saint Germain and masters channeler is said she herself commited suicide. Followers of her split from I AM Movement group called “Bridge to Freedom” ("Brücke zur Freiheit") believed her father, Gus Innocente, had been previously embodied as the one who helped Jesus to carry His cross.

Madame Blavatsky and her Non-existent masters of Lie

(from Denouement of the Prophets Cult written by Dr. Joseph Szimhart)

Our interest is in the Theosophy established by Madame Helena P. Blavatsky (1831-1891) who was perhaps the most colorful and infamous occultist of the latter 19th century. HPB, as her devotees refer to her, was born Helena von Hahn to an upper class Russian family. Eccentric, willful and high-strung from an early age, she developed a talent for telling fantastic tales and for contacting spirits by the time she was eleven. When she wished, she learned languages and music readily. She became an accomplished if unladylike equestrian as she chose to ride like the soldiers under her father’s command. She acquired the coarse language and humor of the soldiers. Helena was an attractive young lady with stunning azure eyes, kinky hair, and elegant hands, but she was hardly a lady in manners. At age sixteen, on a dare that no man would have her, Helena approached Nikifor Blavatsky, then age forty, and was shortly betrothed, and having just turned seventeen married him. At the altar, when the Orthodox priest asked Helena would she honor and obey her husband, a relative reported that she mumbled, "I’ll not obey God himself let alone a mere man." The brief, awkward union was not consummated according to HPB, and it ended with Helena running away from the marriage. All she took from the bewildered Blavatsky was his name.

HPB traveled extensively and in her early life lived from a stipend sent to her regularly by her wealthy family. She did work briefly as an equestrian in a circus, as a concert pianist and later as a free-lance writer, but her primary pursuit was the occult and metaphysics. By 1873 HPB had settled in America where she established herself as an exotic medium, especially in New York City and Philadelphia. Spiritualism was yet popular and it was at a séance that she met Henry Steele Olcott who would later help her establish the Theosophical Society. Olcott was a Civil War veteran, an attorney, a Mason and a journalist. He was also a student of Mesmerism with skills in hypnotism. Olcott was quite taken by HPB. He basically believed her claims to spiritual and telepathic contact with hidden masters like, John King and Saint Germain, and in her apparent paranormal powers. HPB thrilled many of her early devotees with sounds, music and written notes that magically manifested, as if from thin air. Spiritualism, however, was falling into ill repute after many exposures of fraud. Olcott and Blavatsky ventured into more serious territory with the establishment of their Theosophical Society in 1875. Its stated goal was to research and reveal ancient wisdom as well as to promote the brotherhood of mankind no matter what the religion or culture.

By 1878 Olcott and Blavatsky established a TS presence in India. It was there that HPB revealed her contact with mysterious Indian and Tibetan masters called Koot Hoomi (aka Kuthumi), Morya (aka El Morya) and Djwhal Khul (aka The Tibetan). Saint Germain was another of Blavatsky’s "masters" who were largely fictions of her imagination. The Theosophists later supported Hindu and Buddhist causes of independence from colonial and Christian imperialists. HPB eschewed politics and religiosity as she concentrated on occultism, ancient wisdom, Gnosticism, and an odd array of metaphysics. From the point of view of Church Universal and Triumphant HPB was the first in the line of modern "messengers" who channeled occult teachings from a hidden brotherhood that guides planetary affairs to revolutionize the consciousness of mankind.


One more Freemasonic Lie.


The famed 19th century Russian born mystic, world traveler, feminist, Theosophical Society co-founder, and author of occult classics Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine, Helena Petrova Blavatsky (1831-1891) is also reputed to have been a user of cannabis:

She [Blavatsky] wrote, sometimes under the influence of hashish, several books filled with esoteric lore, which owed a great deal to Hindu and Buddhist systems of thought, and brought to public awareness in the West such concepts as karma, prana, kundalini, yoga and reincarnation.” — Benjamin Walker, Tantrism: Its Secret Principles and Practices

A.L. Rawson, a close friend of Blavatsky for over forty years, stated concerning her relationship with cannabis:

She had tried hasheesh in Cairo with success, and she again indulged in it in this city under the care of myself and Dr. Edward Sutton Smith, who had had a large experience with the drug among his patients at Mount Lebanon, Syria. She said: “Hasheesh multiplies one’s life a thousandfold. My experiences are as real as if they were ordinary events of actual life. Ah! I have the explanation. It is a recollection of my former existences, my previous incarnations. It is a wonderful drug and it clears up profound mystery.”[41]

The modern day Theosophical society denies hashish had any great influence on Blavatsky's life, admitting she may have experimented with it in her youth, but that is about the extent of it. But a number of well known authors, such as Benjamin Walker and the much respected English writer Colin Wilson, thought her use of cannabis was relevant enough to have commented on it. The Theosophists point to a couple of negative comments towards hashish Blavatsky made near the end of her life when her health had deteriorated from chain-smoking cigarettes, and found herself unhappily surrounded by scandal.

After Blavatsky died in 1891, her floundering cause was taken up Annie Besant who successfully guided that branch of the TS until her death in 1933. The influence of Blavatsky’s TS far outreaches the relatively low membership. The TS splintered shortly after HPB’s death as there immediately arose a controversy over who "the masters" would use as Secretary (HPB’s position in the TS) or "Messenger." In conflict with Besant, William Q. Judge, a TS founding member, assumed this task of messenger. Judge formed a separate TS sect established initially as the Theosophical Society in America in 1909. An offshoot is the United Lodge of Theosophists. Meanwhile Besant came to rely on Charles W. Leadbeater (CWL), a former Anglican priest, who also claimed to have telepathic contact with the masters. Church Universal and Triumphant – CUT - has referenced some of Leadbeater’s teachings, especially on the chakras, spirits and the human aura, but its leaders have avoided mention of him as a "master."

The Ballard’s cult and the Mighty "I AM" or "I AM ACTIVITY"

(from Denouement of the Prophets Cult written by Dr. Joseph Szimhart)

CUT’s formation, however, depended primarily on two mediums and their teachings: Guy and Edna Ballard, who founded the I AM Activity in 1934. CUT reveres Guy Ballard, a.k.a. Godfre Ray King who died in 1939, as an “Ascended Master”. The Ballards were an eccentric couple who dabbled extensively in occultism, New Thought, Christian Science and Theosophy for some years before appointing themselves as Messengers of the Ascended Masters, a.k.a. the Great White Brotherhood. Much of their doctrine on ascension, affirmation and decrees, the "body electric," suppression of negative thought and the I AM concept borrowed heavily from the New Thought writings of Annie Rix Militz (1856-1924). Rix Militz was a key if somewhat forgotten figure in the New Thought milieu. She established the Home of Truth centers.(16) There is also some evidence that the New Thought mail-order religion of Psychiana inspired the Ballards in their formation of colored "rays" and lessons . (Violet Flame was created/invented out of the schizophrenical and psychotic deliriums of the Ballards)

In the early 1930s the Ballards associated with the Legion of Silver Shirts, the first fascist if ultra-patriotic party in America. Incorporated in 1933 it meant to establish a new Christian society modeled after Hitler’s Third Reich. The Silver Shirts’ founder, William Dudley Pelley, had been a screen writer whose early career as a journalist took him through Russia where he witnessed horrible atrocities perpetrated against citizens by the Communist revolution. Pelley came to view the liberal Jew coupled with the Illuminati as the masterminds of the Communist threat to world domination. He also believed in the now infamous "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" , a forgery disseminated by anti-Semitic factions in nineteenth century Russia. Later, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet also presented the Protocols as "real" to their devotees. Pelley was harassed legally and politically for his growing fascist activities that attracted thousands of members. Edna Ballard especially absorbed much of Pelley’s political and metaphysical rhetoric that she recycled into early "I AM" FAKE teachings. While Pelley struggled with the law at his headquarters in Asheville, North Carolina, many of his disaffected members joined with the Ballards to launch their I AM movement from Chicago.

Beyond Theosophy, New Thought, and the Silver Shirts a fourth significant influence came from Guy Ballard’s personal contact with Baird T. Spalding, who wrote Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East. This was a series of six volumes, the first published in 1924. Spalding lived with the Ballards briefly in 1929. (22) In his series he recounts his claimed adventures from 1894-98 in India and the Tibetan region where he and his party of eleven met superhuman "masters" with magical powers who initiated them into mysteries of the great I AM. Despite his claim to the contrary in volume one, Spalding had not been to the Far East until after his third volume was published in 1935. Both Spalding and Ballard wrote their adventures in the magical autobiography genre, a euphemism for writing from the imagination. CUT promoted the Spalding series in their bookstore at conferences I (Dr. Joseph Szimhart) attended in 1979-80 and members I knew believed the stories literally.

Guy Ballard claimed to have met Ascended Master Saint Germain around 1930 on the slopes of Mt. Shasta in California. Under the name Godfre Ray King, Ballard published his incredible adventures with Saint Germain and other "masters" in two volumes, Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence. All other publications in the basic I AM series are a compilation of dictations through the Ballards from a variety of Ascended Masters including Saint Germain, Jesus, Morya, Hercules, Helios, Nada, Bob, Lord Maitreya and many others. The Mighty "I AM" movement sustained a meteoric rise within a few years gaining more than 10,000 members ("50,000" according to an elderly member I interviewed in 1975) across America with major centers in Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Santa Fe, and Mt. Shasta, California.

The sect ran into serious setbacks by 1940. The leaders were sued in 1938. The Chicago Herald & Examiner ran a large headline: "WOMAN SUES ‘GREAT "I AM"’ on October 14, 1938. During 1923-24 the Ballards had allegedly duped many clients to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a dubious Lake of Gold in California venture. Guy Ballard had claimed to have special knowledge of a secret cache of gold in a lake. The Ballards faced criminal charges in 1929 over another gold-in-the-lake venture, but managed to avoid arrest. The indictment read: "Obtaining Money and Goods by Means of the Confidence Game." They were apparently very convincing but never produced an ounce of gold. The Ballards continued to claim special knowledge through their Ascended Masters about large gold deposits in mountains in India and America. Guy Ballard died on December 29, 1939 of painful complications from "arterio-sclerotic heart disease and cirrhosis of the liver" despite his claim and the members’ belief that Ballard had an "eternally enduring" body and would ascend before physical death.

Within months after Guy died, several I AM leaders, including Mrs. Ballard were indicted on eighteen counts of mail fraud (USA vs. Ballard, Los Angeles Super. Ct., No. 14496).(30) The trial went through several stages of conviction and reversal through 1944 when remaining charges were dropped under a First Amendment protection clause pertaining to freedom of religion. The I AM leaders paid fines and were forbidden to use the U.S. Postal Service again until 1954.(31) Membership and support for the group dropped dramatically and remained relatively low until a mild revival since the 1980s that coincided with the burgeoning New Age movements. Edna Ballard died in 1971. The I AM has remained without a Messenger since and is basically run by a committee of five leaders. It continues to have annual gatherings in Mt. Shasta, CA when reportedly a thousand or so people convene. (from Denouement of the Prophets Cult written by Dr. Joseph Szimhart)

And what do we see today? A huge multitude of persons intending/pretending to “transmutate” their “Karmas” and also of the whole mankind by means of “Invocations” and “Flames” of every imaginable colors and hues. That is a complete absurd and a shameful lie!

Self deluded and deceived and mislead persons claiming to be “channelers” pretending to be the bearers of “channelized messages” from the beyond, from deceased persons, from non-existent “masters”, from “jesus christ” “himself” in person, from extraterrestrials from other light years distant planets and universes and from every kind of imaginary “friends from beyond” from who knows where and astonishingly they even contact “Talking Dolphins from Pleiades”! This is the psychotic neurosis of their Fake New Era.

There already exist organizations of sectarian groups and persons and - astonishingly as it may be – are selling “Saint Germain’s Toilet Soap” “Ascension Food”, “Saint Germain’s T-Shirt” “Saint Germain’s crystals/stones” and even invented the so called “Saint Germain’s Florals” and every kind of foolish objects, from fancy trinkets and gadgets to false teachings channelized multitude of books with the brand Saint Germain and everything well characterized by the violet color: the color of lie and the purple color of a dead body. All of this is pure and simple an aggressive strategy of marketing originated and created by groups of followers and their deceivers gurus of pseudo-esoteric organizations being 100% of them all pure and simple cheat and charlatanry in connection to the lucrative greed and madness of the pseudo New Age. Many mislead and deceived followers of such inexistent masters use to pay large sums of money for an annual huge meeting on Mount Shasta – U.S.A where supposedly the so called “invisible masters” invisible use techniques of “ascensional invocations” in order to “burn” attendants” and whole humankind “karmas”. They call it “Wesak Festival” where the “spirits” of Buddha himself, as well as “Christ” and other “Christened Extraterrestrial” as Ashtar “The Evil One” Sheran meet altogether in NON existent “invisible realms” supposedly close or on top of this well known Mount Shasta.

The REAL higher spirit-forms, that really DO exist are in the inaccessible higher spiritual planes known as Petale and Arahat Athersata, and these higher souls of these higher planes never ever contact those self deluded mislead and deceived “mediums” or “channelers” who claim to be “messagers” from the so called “masters” and extraterrestrials form other universes and far away planets. There exists in North and South America and especially in Brazil and all over the world millions of printed books of every sort and 100% of them - without exception - are written lies, deception, fake channelings and pious religious texts, related to Christianism messages, sayings, invocations of “blazing flames that burnts one’s karma”, and well detailed descriptions of the illusory “realms” of the hoax and illusory and non-existent ascended masters, all of the books have fancy titles and very attractive covers and also are supposedly written by “ascended master such and such” or written by demand of such and such master. All of these books are nothing else than pseudo channelized texts and are based on the madness and illusions of supposed deceased “human authorities” that do not exist beyond their own imagination and on “mediuns/channellers” certainly influenced by some entity or self created characters created by their own minds and thought forms that created/assumed self life and are covered by a violet/purple tainted mask of lie and of pseudo wisdom and fake philosophy, therefore entities created by their own self deluded minds that are feeded by the written channalized hoax and lies of others also deceived by books and faith and this thing goes on and on one person contaminating other person’s mind with delusions, and with inutile multicolors flames invocations, fake masters, etc.


About Ashtar Sheran or Aruseak:

Many people have heard this name in regards to channeling and FAKE UFO contact.

This Ashtar-Sheran is also a lie, nobody, absolutely nobody can “channel” this character who actually is DEAD! This person really existed and was/had a very evil mind. Ashar-Sheran was killed in DAL Universe in 1983 because of his wrongdoings for so many years on Planet Earth influencing persons by means of thoughts impulses on matters related to religious lies and deceiving. Also the person known as "Tuella" real name is Thelma Terrell, who later changed her name to "Tuella" when she later decided to “channelize” “Ashtar material" and write many pseudo-channeled books thus calling it all "Ashtar Command channelings". Her sister later turned out to be no better. From that point on, many more people decided to channel Ashtar themselves for more dollars a sure profit and this same act spread worldwide as a disease and many mislead people in their illusions also started to “channelize” the same messages of lies.

I will list below the names of all, at least most of all, the so called masters and cohorts, that do not exist in any form be it human, spiritual, extraterrestial or anything imaginable. The hoax, lie, deception, non-existent misleading entities are known by sectarian groups, new-agers groups, psychotic and schizophrenic fanatics are the following:

Master Rackhozy aka Count Saint Germain, Master El Morya, Master Kuthumi, SAI BABA, Master Paul the Venetian, Master Zoser, Master Serapis Bey, Master Hilarion, Master Lanto, Master Lanello, Council of the Twelve, Lord Buddha, Christ Sananda, Lord Mahatma, Amen Ptah, Archangels Zadkiel, Archangel Metatron and his Merkabah, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Rafael, Archangel Micheal, Archangel Faith, Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst and many others inexistent archangels, Sanat Kumara, Lord Christ Maytreia, Jesus Christ himself, Melchizedek, Djwhal Khul, The Holy Spirit, Oromasis, Lady Portia, Lady Rowena, Lord Krishna, The Cosmic and Planetary Ascended Masters, His “Holiness” Lord Melchizedek, Elohins Arcturus and Victoria, Elohim Masters, The Goddess of Liberty, “Mighty I Am Presence”, Ashtar-Sheran, Hatton, Germaine, Emmanuel, Immanuel, Dharma, The Lord and Lady of Arcturus, Virgin Mary, Mother Mary, Divine Mother, Lady or Master Nada, Allah Gobi, Apostle Paul, Melchior, Helios and Vesta, Lady Quan Yin, Shtareer, Nibiruan Council, Talking Dolphins from Pleiades, Lyran and Pleiadean Brotherhood, Sirian High Council, and astonishingly “Christened Extraterrestrials”, and a huge multitude of many others “Cosmic and Planetary hoax Ascended Masters of lie”.


Every single one of all the above mentioned names of the “masters” are names of imaginary and illusory entities they do not exist in any spiritual form or human form visible or invisible and are mental and psychotic/schizophrenically creations/inventions of deceivers and channelers. The same applies to all those persons who claim to receive messages from Jesus Christ a fictitious character that never existed in any point of real history of planet Earth and does not exist be it in human form or spiritual form. All persons claiming something like this are lying to themselves and to other self-deluded, innocent, and mislead people all around the world who blindly believe and follow those who teach those fictitious characters are real. All channelers and mediums who claim they are real have become thereby totally self-deluded and they continue to draw innocent souls into the chaos of their delusion. They are definitively not real!

No further comments for all those who have read the Real Truth contained in the book Talmud Jmmanuel.

So it is up to you to believe in such hoaxers and deceivers and non-existent masters of lie! So I have spoken in Truth and so it is!

Painting by Norbert Kox,



Talmud Jmmanuel

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400 Years Of Imaginary Friends: A Journey Into The World Of Adepts, Masters, Ascended Masters, And Their Messengers

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Kenneth and Talita Paolini A critical examination of a New Age belief system.



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Talmud Jmmanuel

The Clear Translation in English and German - third edition

Why are "THEY" here?

One reason is to set the record straight about religion in general and the New Testament in particular.

"Religion is only a primitive concoction by man to command, suppress and exploit others, to which only spiritually weak life forms succumb.

Bring this truth to light throughout the world and make it known to the people.

This is an additional part of our mission.

If this does not happen, mankind will slowly destroy itself and fall into complete spiritual darkness.

We know that you are aware of a secret old text whose originals were unfortunately destroyed through the carelessness of our delegate, your friend, who, regrettably, has failed through fear.

Disseminate the translation of this text, for it is the only truly authentic one and free from lies.
We also know that you are writing a book on this text and on the real truth.

To us it seems to be the most important book ever written by a human being of your Earth, even though it will be harsh in its language and be met with hatred.

It finally offers the truth to the Earth humans, although it still contains some speculations.

It has the power to finally destroy the madness of religion within many people or cause them at least to seriously ponder these matters.

It is an extraordinarily good piece of work and you should make it available to other people."

- Semjase, at the first contact, Tuesday, January 28, 1975, 2:12 p.m

The book Talmud Jmmanuel German/English


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Billy Meier Information in the English Language


Saalome gam naan ben uurda, gan njjber asaala hesporoona!

Im Namen der Schöpfung, der Weisen, der Gerechten.

Friede sei auf der Erde, und unter allen Geschöpfen!

Peace in wisdom be on Earth and among all creatures.

In the name of Creation, the wise, the righteous.