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Symbole der Geisteslehre

aus den Speicherbänken von Nokodemion und Henok

Eine Auswahl von 601 Geisteslehre-Symbolen aus einem Speicherbank-Bestand von mehreren Millionen Symbolen.

Symbols of the Spiritual Teaching

from the Storage Banks of Nokodemion and Henok

A Selection of 601 Spiritual Teaching Symbols from a Storage bank Inventory of Several Million Symbols

This following paragraph is not a translation, but an explanation provided by gaiaguys which reflects our understanding of the material provided by FIGU. Please note that this webpage contains almost 2mb of graphics files, which may load slowly and require an (F5)"refresh" to fully load.

There are a total of 52,476,812 of these symbols, which are in full color in their original complete and very complex form. They were recorded in very ancient times by Nokodemion and Henok for the spiritual teaching and some were laboriously retrieved and reproduced by Billy Meier from his storage banks. Due to the enormous effort required to retrieve and reproduce the amount of data contained in the colored versions, the book reproduces them in black and white. These symbols are used for spiritual telepathic communications, and to convey the Plejaren Federation contact notes, which Billy then automatically translates and types into the German language. This is not a simple picture book, but a book designed for the study of the symbols of the spiritual teaching, and each symbol can open an entire world and universe of new thoughts, insights, recognitions, and connections if correctly studied and contemplated. This is not something that is achieved over night but rather an ongoing process that can continue for the rest of one's life.

These tiny thumbnails are intended only to encourage the acquisition of the actual precious book, and, due to their low resolution, are not adequate for any more than a whetting of the appetite for the originals from FIGU, and are offered here to serve as a representative glimpse of what is now available in print for the very first time on our planet. Many of these 601 sample symbols are exquisitely detailed with very fine parallel lines in various quite specific and significant orientations which – due to the size of the tiny thumbnail samples and the individual pixels in this digital reproduction – display an artificial patterned effect that does not adequately represent the true appearance of the book versions. Some of these symbols, or their parts, will be familiar to us as they have seemingly been adopted and adapted by what we call The Powers That Be, steered by the Bafath, and in some instances have even evidently been assigned opposite meanings to the ones evoked by the originals. Billy sites the Christian church as having produced falsifications, and a more modern example is seen in our now familiar "Peace" symbol, which is, in reality, an adaptation of the ancient and universal spirit symbol for war (Krieg), represented by an upright flaming sword, and is essentially the same as the symbol for death (Tod).

(A complete text (as opposed to image) index of the names of these symbols can be found here.)

Frieden = Peace





















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