Global Warming

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Official Contact Report 212, Thursday, November 6, 1986


Yes, exactly, Ptaah said that, too. But what do you know about global warming? Is this actually to be solely attributed to the environmental degradation, etc. of the person?


49. Global warming is not just an effect of the environmental and atmospheric pollution caused by the Earth people.

50. The greenhouse effect, in the rotating form of pollution, is also to be attributed to special events and processes that occur on the Sun and whose effects also become noticeable on the Earth.

51. Through this, not only are the atmospheric layers of the Earth warmed up but also the atmospheres of all other planets in the SOL system.

52. Moreover, the Earth, in its interior, generates great heat radiations, which penetrate to the outside and help with the greenhouse effect.

53. The Earth’s core, thus the center of the Earth, is not simply a solid mass, as is erroneously supposed by the earthly scientists; rather, it is a core that is similar to what the Sun is in its entirety.


So it’s a bubbling, nuclear furnace.


That is a good comparison.


Official Contact Report 213, Tuesday, December 2, 1986


Good, accepted. So no other question about it. As it now stands with the climate of the Earth, however, it is always said that this is warming up. Does it actually become warmer?


157. The year 2001 will be the warmest one out of the previous 200 years until then, and global warming will still continue even after that.

158. On the one hand, this warming has already been happening for decades through entirely natural processes and phenomena of the Earth and the Sun, as I already explained once before, and on the other hand, it also occurs through the unreasonable interference of the Earth people on the climate, through air pollution and consequent production of a greenhouse effect.


Official Contact Report 215, Saturday, February 28, 1987


337. 5) Earth humans should no longer be destructive in all areas of science and in the cultivation of land and forests, as well as water utilization, etc., but rather be constructive and progressive.

338. This also refers to the preservation of a healthy atmosphere and ever more threatening climatic change, with reference to that which originates through human fault.


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