Matthew Wieczkiewicz


Matthew Wieczkiewicz

Resume regarding work with NASA, International Space Station, Space Shuttle, Boeing, Honeywell Space Systems, McDonnell Douglas, etc.

Qualifications: Diversified Software/Systems Engineering background with eight years in direct support of NASA programs, eleven years in commercial aerospace/military avionics and simulation programs, and seven years of customer training experience. Previous direct interface with NASA customer. Experienced with the entire Software Life Cycle. Six Sigma Green Belt, DFSS and ESD Certified. Excellent communication skills. Private Pilot ASEL.

MCSE #376860. Myers-Briggs: INTJ.

Software: All Windows OS, All Mac OS, UNIX (Sun, Solaris), All Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access), Visio, Photoshop, Google Earth, Google Sketchup, MS Visual Studio, SourceSafe, Rational Rose, TeamView. /Prog: Fortran, C, C++, VB, Pascal, HTML, XML, Ada, SQL, PHP, Java

Previous Work Experience:
Belcan Engineering Group – Phoenix, AZ (6/2010 – 7/2013)
Software Testing – Honeywell 787 Flight Controls Electronics Group
Planned and conducted developmental 787FCE software review oversights using packet selection criteria. Conducted formal 787FCE Run-for-Score (RFS) software testing for Boeing/FAA Certification conforming to FAA DO-178B. Troubleshooting/resolution of RFS problems. Test queue monitoring using NAGIOS and other proprietary tools. Source code control using CM21. Planned and conducted RFS eReviews.

Honeywell Space Systems - Glendale, AZ (10/2006-2/2007)
Sr. Design Engineer - Test Engineering
Development of avionics test bench requirements for NASA CEV project.

Honeywell Electronic Test Services - Phoenix, AZ (7/2004-9/2006)
Sr. Design Engineer - Simulation Group
Avionics test bench support of Embraer 170/190, Agusta AB139 programs. Development and maintenance of aircraft dynamic simulation models, controls, and displays using the DO-178 life-cycle. Creation of bus definition databases for analog, discrete, ARINC 429 data and the simulation interface. Troubleshooting/resolution of bench problem reports using PCSIM and other tools. Code development using MS Visual C++, MS Fortran. Database development using MS Access. Source code control using Serena ChangeMan Dimensions (formerly PVCS).

Honeywell Commercial Electronic Systems - Phoenix, AZ (2006)
Sr. Design Engineer - Test Engineering Group
Software Project Lead for Maintenance Executive Tool development which retrieves and decodes EEPROM/Flash memory contents from Honeywell Primus Epic family of avionics. Requirements definition, human interface design, coding, integration, testing, and certification. Code configuration management using Serena ChangeMan Dimensions. Assisted program management to develop cost and productivity metrics.

Honeywell Space Systems - Glendale, AZ (10/2003-6/2004)
Sr. Design Engineer - Software Process Group
Development of training material for achieving SEI Level 4 for the software department using TeamView for process control. Co-facilitator of STS Historical Overview class which won '2004 Best New Class Idea' Award from Engineering Training Council.

Honeywell BRGA - Glendale, AZ (5/2003-9/2003)
Principal Software Engineer - FMS Core I/O Software Group
Voluntary temporary assignment in the assisting with DO-178 Certification of commercial avionics flight management software for the FAA.

Honeywell Satellite Systems Operations - Glendale, AZ (10/2000-4/2003)
Principal Software Engineer - Space Station Program
Software development related to the Space Station Multiplexer/Demultiplexer (MDM) computers. Worked with Boeing customer to resolve software problem reports. Coding in Ada, C, and MS Visual C++. QA with Rational Rose. Image creation with Ghost. Performed Formal Qualification Tests for the ISS propulsion module MDM, the MDM Loader Utility, MDM solid state HRDL, MDM Boot and Operate software. Performed upgrades to MDM Memory Decoder and MDM On-Orbit Tester (currently flying on the International Space Station). Participated in MDM On-Orbit Tester training session for ISS Expedition 5 crew at Sonny Carter Facility in Houston.

Manpower, Inc. (7/2000-9/2000)
Contract Software Engineer - Honeywell Satellite Systems Operations - Glendale, AZ
Software development related to the Space Station MDM.

inXsol, LLC. - Phoenix, AZ (1999-2000)
Lead Software Engineer - Desktop Simulation Trainer System (DSTS)
Development of interactive Part-task Trainer for Pilots and Maintenance Personnel. Software development of graphical user interface design and active subsystem diagrams for McDonnell Douglas DC-8, Boeing 727, and Airbus A-300 DSTS. Programming using MS Visual Basic 6.0/MS Access/Active-X controls. Graphics using Adobe Photoshop. Delivered Airbus A-300 BETA DSTS program to DHL Airways two weeks ahead of project schedule. Also served as backup Microsoft Windows NT administrator.

Academy of Business College - Phoenix, AZ (1998-1999)
Part-time Faculty Member - Microsoft Certifications
Classroom instructor for students preparing for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. Certified to teach classes in Networking Essentials, Microsoft Windows-95, Microsoft Windows NT Server/Workstation/Enterprise, Microsoft Exchange Server 5, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Administration.

Maricopa County Community College District - Mesa, AZ (1993-1998)
Arizona Community College Provisional A.4.b Teaching Certificate (1995-1997)
Contract Trainer - Motorola University West
Classroom/Lab instruction of application software including all Microsoft Office Suite applications and Netscape Navigator. Classroom/Lab instruction in the Programmable Automation Literacy Lab: Technology Awareness, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Machine Vision/Image Processing, Programming Robots, Pneumatics, HTML programming, and Motorola SPS Capital Reporting System. Wrote original HTML code for Motorola University West Intranet website. Served as network administrator for classroom PCs.

Self-Employed Computer Trainer - Tempe, AZ (1989-1993)
Training of corporate/small business personnel in the application of computer technology to efficient business operation.
PROMIS WIP training and PROMIS Administration support at Motorola PPD. (1997-1998)

McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Co. - Mesa, AZ (1987-1989)
Systems/Software Engineer - Simulation Systems Dept.
Transcribed, developed and tested Apache Trainer Systems hardware emulation test cases on automated test equipment. Analyzed test results to verify proper Apache Trainer Cockpit Panel Emulator functionality. Coded test files on MicroVAX in script language and tested script running on Gould and MicroVAX computers connected via Ethernet as master and slave units. Designed, coded and documented real-time Simulator Control Station (SCS) operational concepts on Macintosh computers. Designed, coded and documented real-time SCS software on VAX/VMS and UNIX-based Silicon Graphics IRIS workstations in Ada and C languages using object oriented design techniques. Published SCS System Specification, Interface Control Documents and User Manual according to DOD-STD-2167A. Designed and documented LHX and Apache Simulator Systems using DOD-STD-2167A as part of Systems Engineering Group. Served as SCS group task planning coordinator and liaison to Tactical Mission Computer and Ownship Computer task leaders, assisting in systems design and documentation and to identify integration problems. Served as SCS operator during simulator testing and actual case studies to verify proper SCS operational capabilities and to collect test data.

McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Co. - Houston, TX
Systems Engineer - Space Station Program (1985-1986)
Prepared and presented Space Station assembly sequence conceptual design trade studies, analysis, and requirements definition to NASA-JSC as part of the Phase-B proposal team using a variety of computer systems including: HP-9000, Unigraphics, SDRC IDEAS, VAX, and Macintosh. Specialized in the areas of Space Shuttle Remote Manipulator System (RMS) and Extra Vehicular Activity technical disciplines, general Space Shuttle systems knowledge and on-orbit operational procedures. Created 3-D Space Station models and graphical depictions of phased Space Station assembly concepts using RMS Planning System (RPS) software on HP-9000. Served as co-chairman of weekly MDAC Space Station assembly sequence working group video conference with west coast teammates for over a year. Served as MDAC liaison to NASA Space Station Technical Working Group developing new analytical tools for Space Station. Definition of conceptual design requirements for Space Station Flight Tele-robotic Servicer.

Systems Engineer - Space Shuttle Program (1982-1985) (SECRET CLEARANCE)
Analyzed payload and STS mission requirements to produce RMS mission-specific level-C data tapes for 8 STS missions on IBM and HP personal computers. Generated 3-D payload models and graphic depictions of Space Shuttle payload deployment sequences using RPS software. Performed RPS software development and maintenance using FORTRAN on IBM and HP computers. Performed Space Shuttle systems analysis for 14 missions as part of the Non-Propulsive Consumables Electrical Power Systems database group for NASA-JSC STS Mission Planning and Analysis Division. Developed and maintained a database of electrical power systems usage on IBM and HP computers for use by NASA personnel. Wrote user manual for electrical power systems database. Learned Pascal programming.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) #376860 (1997)
Qualified to effectively plan, implement, maintain, train and support information systems in a wide range of Windows NT computing environments.

B.S. - Aeronautical Engineering Technology - Arizona State University (1981)
154 semester hours. Emphasis on aerospace systems analysis and design by computer solutions, aerospace materials, testing and instrumentation, aircraft performance analysis, aerospace propulsion, orbital mechanics, technical writing.

SurePrep Learning – Scottsdale, AZ
High School AIMS math tutor for:
RCB High School, Career Success High School – Phoenix (10/2011 - 12/2011)
NorthStar Charter High School, RCB High School – Phoenix (2/2010 - 4/2010)


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