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Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports, Volume 1, Pages 11-20


Sfath's Explanation

Saturday, February 3rd, 1945, 12.10PM


1. Eduard, listen very closely to what I have to say to you:

2. It is not for no purpose, rather for certain reasons that our series of meetings has come about.

3. The grounds for the reasons lead back to determinations that lie very far back in the past and in accord with the measure to which you are arranged in a self-determined task during the time of your present life - as was repeatedly the case in your spiritual lineage of reincarnations in earlier life and in other personalities and bodies - in order to fulfill the mission of an announcer and bring the whole of humanity peace, true love, freedom, and unity as well as open, unencrypted knowledge of spiritual matters as well as wisdom and that which pertains to Creational laws.

4. Because of some of these determinations which advance far into time, you have entered life as announcer of the truthful creational laws and directives and thus as prophet, whereby, however, you will first take up and fulfill your actual mission when the time has become ripe for that, and indeed with the date of January 28th, 1975.

5. Until then you will be rigorously learning in many countries of this world and with different teachers who are instructed about your advent, who have been in connection with me for a very long time or will be in connection with me in the time to come.

6. As with all really great announcers and sages - who have taught here on the Earth since time immemorial, and brought the whole of humanity the teachings of the spirit, peace, love and knowledge, harmony and wisdom as well as real freedom - you have also been born an inconspicuous human, and, like all genuine announcers and sages, you will also first have to learn very much before you take up and fulfill your task at your predetermined time.

7. Thereby you must however consider that you will have to endure a quite adventurous and hard life, often full of deprivation, which, from the year 1965, will still increase in a way which will demand very many strengths from you in every respect.

8. This will especially lead back to your spouse who you will meet and marry in the named year, which however is inevitable and will be very closely associated with your mission.

9. To this end, this matrimonial step is therefore necessary because your true strengths, which you will require at this time, will be initially built up though this path, which you must take.

10. If, however, you become aware that everything in this regard which intrudes on you will be pitiless and unavoidable, then only by you surviving and also mastering this hard lesson, may you fulfill your duty imperturbably and without fickleness as well as without doubt, in absolute honesty, modestly and in real love and joy for your task and for your fellow humans.

11. Thereby, however, you will not be spared from very much grief, nor from slanderous accusations and hate, which in many ways will lead back to your spouse.

12. Yet you must powerfully and imperturbably confront these attacks, which will also be backed up by assaults against your life, because you may fulfill your mission only if you overcome everything.

13. However, you will not have to bear the worst machinations forever because your spouse will maliciously turn away from you when she finally recognizes that you will go your way imperturbably and will fulfill your mission.

14. Unfortunately she will, however, be so blinded by hate that she will covertly spread further slander about you and will practice intrigues against you.

15. But you will not have to compete with that if you are studious, as I instruct you to be.

16.You are already now wise for your age in a way that old humans feel drawn to you, enjoy conversation with you and are astonished over the knowledge that is now already yours, thus they also often ask you for advice.

17. Truthfully, your words contain a vibrancy that testifies to a great inner power and which helps humans.

18. Thereby you may work those with vices, and the wicked, as well as the strife-ridden and ignorant, out of the world.

19. Because of this inner power, which also expresses your modesty and your honesty as well as your love for humans, a great trust will also be placed in you, to which you have already done justice since our acquaintance, and you are constantly making an effort to never injure or to misuse it.

20. The value of your words and your virtues lies in the inspirational form with which you impart everything.

21. When you speak with humans then your words contain such a modest and honest power that they do not simply fade away unheeded, rather they will be contemplated and the actual truth will be sought in their meaning.

22. This contemplation of your words succeeds in a meditative way, to such an extent that action also then results.

23. Your name is Eduard Albert Meier, and, as the value of your given name expresses, you are a "protector of the treasure", which in this case relates to the treasure of the teaching of the spirit, which you will learn in all things and will teach the humans.

24. But you will not be called this name during your lifetime, because on a certain date in Teheran, in Persia, you will receive the name Billy, with which you will become known worldwide.

25. Also, the designation "BEAM" will arrive, which will come from the beginning letters of all your names, thus from Billy Eduard Albert Meier.

26. But, in spite of that, you are only a simple human and will also remain as such in honesty and modesty.

27. You will not make a fuss about your person, rather, at a given time, establish yourself in the background, so as not to be valued as something special and to not let yourself be admired or adored.

28. And you will do very well at that, because the Earth humans are too very attentive to their creation of idols, to which they dependently and pathologically oblige themselves, and which they emulate, and they deny their own individuality.

29. That is not permitted to be, and so you will do well, in relation to that, to go your way of modesty and honesty and into the background, which is now also already your pronounced manner.

30. Work in silence and don't go into the public too much.

31. Let others do this for you, as they will not be flattered and adored.


32. Perform your work and mission in written form and stay in the background if possible.

33. Only bring the teaching of the spirit in direct verbal form to those humans who will belong to a close group, which will assemble around you.

34. Yet also, for them, be only like a mirror that they look into, and can only see you, yourself, and indeed just as you are and as you present yourself to them, so that they see that you are also only a human the same as them and not a higher being placed above them who only looks down on them.

35. But, in spite of that, be like a fire, and do not stay too far away from them with the warmth of your love, so that they can come to you at any time and feel your warmth, security and love as well as your peace, your freedom, poise and harmony.

36. But do not get too close to them with your knowledge and with your wisdom and with all your powers, so that they do not burn themselves.

37. Therefore, also do not use your powers of consciousness for official demonstrations, rather employ them in your group, which will be established in 1975, only to provide evidence that the powers of consciousness and of the spirit can be used, and can therefore also be developed.

38. Therefore, learn the correct distance from humans so that you do not come too close to them, however, also do not stay too distant from them.

39. You have come into this world in order to give, not, however, to take.

40. Hence, always take only that which is rightly yours, which you can think of as your own earnings or which has been given to you out of love, respect and togetherness.

41. Thus never demand something for yourself when you have not performed the corresponding work for it.

42. Any work is worth its wage, yet you should never demand more.

43. But it will not be that you can disseminate your written works without payment, because that is impossible through the money-economy system of terrestrial humanity.

44. But you should not give attention to that, because the time, and your traditional teaching of the spirit, will bring with it that, in the group which will come about, the truth of the teaching will be recognized and, accordingly, also the financial means will be established with which your writings and books can be professionally prepared and disseminated at reasonable prices.

45. Every beginning will indeed lie with you, for which reason you should work and be thrifty in order to be able to finance the start of your mission when the time has become ripe for that.

46. Yet already at the beginning of your task you will find modest help, which will however quickly expand.

47. However, never demand, because you and your mission are not the same as the religions and the groups and circles and so forth, which have sprung from them, as well as their leaders, preachers and heads.

48. Constantly give everything that you are able to give, if the humans are ready to receive.

49. However never give more, in respect of the teaching, its knowledge and its wisdom, than the humans are capable of understanding and coping with.

50. The rule proves that they always want to know more than their understanding can cope with, so, for that reason, be told that you should always teach and give away only as much knowledge and wisdom as is demanded by the immediate state of the humans' understanding.

51. If the understanding and grasping of the actual truth climbs in regards to the learning material, then the new understanding can be expanded in its value and its details in accord with the teachings.


52. However, as a rule, this first comes about at the point in time when a correspondingly precise question is brought forward.

53. Nevertheless, always be aware that it will only ever be a few who will really ask about the actual and essential in respect of the essence of everything spiritual and creational, and, in order to teach them, you will fulfill your mission in this life through your current personality.

54. You stand in this life to teach the humans the truth of all truth, so the humans gain clarity and free themselves from the false teachings of the religions and their harmful consequences.

55. Through the teaching of the spirit, which you will teach and spread from 1975, the real truth and light should come to the humans, thereby fulfilling the Earth humans' deepest wishes for true love and freedom, and for peace and harmony.

56. For the teaching of the spirit, which has been the teaching of Nokodemion, Henock and all your earlier personalities since time immemorial, you should, as it was in all past times, as a reciprocal gift, only require a will to learn, love, peace, freedom, harmony, joy, industriousness, justice and humanity as well as humanness, not, however, any material things through which you could attain wealth, because if you want to acquire such, then you should create this through manual labor, not, however, by growing rich through the teaching.

57. It will indeed be required that you can also finance your livelihood, for which reason you must take it upon yourself that you have, through regulated provisions, a secure position in respect of your work, which, however, never permits a foothold for the acquisition of wealth.

58. Your work will be hard and you must work very much, and indeed in regard to the mission itself, as well as also for your livelihood before doing the mission.

59. Additionally, your work will not be simple and confined to one occupation, because, in order for you to master everything that you must master, you will learn and practice very many different occupations.

60. That which you learn will be especially important from the year 1977 when you will construct a site of learning, and indeed quite near to the birthplace of your mother.

61. You will therefore have, in your life, very much to do, and indeed unusually much, and also unusually much to learn and to experience.

62. Yet this is necessary, so you can fulfill your task.

63. But that does not exalt you above other humans, so you are not their master in regard to the teaching of the spirit, as also nobody can be master over you.

64. You will certainly be a guide of a group from 1975, yet not in the form of a mighty one, ruler or master, because only thereby can the humans move freely and be independent in their thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as in their personal actions and behavior.

65. You have come to teach oneness and unity, however not humility, subservience and bondage or enslaved servitude and fanaticism, and, however, also not disunity and dualism or trinity, as it is with certain religions.

66. Oneness and unity bound with true love as well as with peace, genuine freedom and harmony, are not of a political nature, rather they are values that are only to be won through insight and through the recognition of the actual truth, and indeed without money and other kinds of wealth, without war, dispute, hate, force, bombs and weapons.

67. You will produce an inexhaustible wellspring of knowledge, wisdom, love, freedom and peace as well as harmony.

68. A wellspring from which all humans of all races and every faith, every skin color and every standing can be refreshed.

69. And what your desire is - what you want to bring the humans - is oneness, peace, unity, knowledge, wisdom, love, freedom, and harmony in the deep truth and cognition that in the entire creational realm, in the entire universe, everything is one and joined together.

70. But, this being one and being joined with all and everything, is the result of the power and the immeasurable love of Creation which gives everything selflessly and demands no payment for it.

71. The humans' biggest problem is their ignorance with regard to Creation and its laws and commandments.

72. This in not a problem of one single class of society or of an individual direction of belief, rather it is a problem of every single human, a problem of the whole of humanity.

73. In this ignorance, the humans are dependent on their illusions, wishes and desires, on their addictions, vices and on all the pleasures and the material trumpery; on all that from which neither the individual human is able to free himself, nor from which the entire humanity is able to free itself.

74. And through this ignorance, an uncertainty for life spreads out, whereby hate, wars, murder, avarice, jealousy and revenge as well as all kinds of criminality come into being, such as even monstrous, destructive and annihilating weapons, like the atom bombs, which already in a short time, will be misused by the Americans for a deadly and annihilating function if they destroy the Japanese city of Hiroshima in this year on the 6th of August through a nuclear weapon operation, and claim hundreds of thousands of dead, then to repeat the same crime on August 9th with the likewise Japanese city of Nagasaki, which yet again will cost around 100,000 human lives.

75. The teaching that you will bring, the teaching of the spirit, is, to that end, intended to lead the humans on the path of truth, love, peace, freedom and harmony.

76. It is intended to transform the humans and the world.

77. And in order to bring this teaching, you have obliged yourself in relation to yourself and in relation to life, as well as in relation to Creation and the humans.

78. Therefore you will work hard and incessantly in the observation of your entire responsibility.

79. Through your knowledge and your wisdom as well as through the power of your consciousness, your body and through your manual work, you will point to an old new direction in love, peace, freedom, balance, joy and harmony, which can point to progress in the entire thinking as well as in the feelings and functions and actions of humans.

80. It will be your true love, with all your knowledgeable and wise values, which will help the humans who need your help and who will accept your help.

81. And so, always be openly devoted to them if they open themselves with regard to you and with regard to the teaching of the spirit, because your goal must always be to teach and to help.

82. Eduard, it will be your task to awaken the Earth humans out of their sleep of untruth and ignorance.

83. You must teach the humans further that they must hold themselves ready for the revolution of truth as well as for the fact of their duty, which they have to fulfill with regard to Creation and its laws and commandments.

84. The obeying of this fulfillment of duty also comes like a revolution, because only few will take it upon themselves to consciously fulfill this obligation.

85. This comprehensive revolution is however not built on politics and also knows no parties at all, because real freedom is arranged in its essence, accordingly, every single human has the free choice of his thoughts and feelings as well as his actions and his dealings, as every individual can therefore freely decide whether he will further turn to untruth and ignorance or to knowledge, wisdom and true love, peace, welfare, and balance and harmony.

86. The teaching of the truth, respectively, the teaching of the spirit - the teaching of the truth of Creation - should, however, be that which points the way for every human, so that everyone can follow it according his own will, if he is willing to do that.


(To be continued with verses 87-191)


Translators' notes: (supplementary details and specific references for the below are in the works)

- "Billy", then Eduard, was eight years old at the time of this 1945 contact, as pictured above.

- At Billy's request, the pencil sketch of Sfath was drawn, on May 15th, 2000, by his son, Ptaah.

- Verse 12 refers in part to a serious physical attack by Billy's ex-wife. She threw a heavy kitchen utensil at him and hit him on the head. He was immediately rescued, taken aloft and healed by the Plejaren.

- Verse 18 Our awkward expression "... work (being a verb) ... out of this world" is a deliberate attempt to give some needed weight to the word schaffen, which implies effort.

- Verse 75 may seem to go very harshly and unfairly against the "conventional wisdom" that USAmerican forces were compelled to annihilate the Japanese industrial cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in order to prevent a far greater loss of innocent life as Japanese Imperial forces could sweep across the Pacific to eventually attack the West Coast of the USA. According to the Plejaren, this was not at all the case, but that the USA, in a cold-blooded "Five Year Plan" very deliberately provoked (and then did nothing to hinder) the terrible Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, thus providing a pretext for what was planned; namely the deliberate testing of the super-weapons, the atom bombs, on inhabited metropolitan targets. A smaller translation is already underway of the pertinent 238th contact of May 18th, 1991, which will provide the blood-curdling details of this unbelievable conspiracy, and goes some way to explain the Plejaren attitude towards the current military machinations of the USA.

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