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Excerpt from Special FIGU Bulletin #27 August 2006

Readers' Questions:

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Are we on the path to the Third World War?

How is it with the world political situation and what do the Plejaren have to say about that?

What is to be made of the politics of the USA as well as the general western world and Arabic-Islamic world?

John Preston, USA


Because I don't want to trouble the Plejaren with your question, I permit myself to take on your question from my view in respect of the information in the media, in the hope that I can also be of service to you.

Now, it is not easy to answer your questions, yet I will try to give a clear answer: the fact of the matter is not easy to show, that presently - in August 2006 - the signs for a Third World War once again show that there is a storm brewing, which was still not the case in the month of June 2006 in the way it is now.

If the political encampments are considered worldwide, then many voices prophecy times quite filled with war, and indeed even if the weapons of the Hezbollah and the Israelis are silent in Lebanon .

Worldwide, however, especially in the Middle East and Near East, instability and bloodshed grow in ever stronger measure and to a degree which more and more escapes every control.

If the whole thing is regarded with a clear view then it can very much be said that the situation corresponds to an early stage in a third world war, whereby quite especially US-America is working on allowing such a war to become reality because the completely irresponsible political vultures and corpse-robbers of the USA openly scream for more wars, murders and destruction.

A real end to the bloodshed cannot be foreseen, in Lebanon, in Israel, in all Palestinian areas, in Afghanistan and in Iraq, as well as also everywhere the US-Americans have their dirty and murdering fingers of war, intrigue and terror at play, as also, however, everywhere else where war, civil wars, revolutions and uprisings rage.

Even professional optimists and foreign ministers of many countries have already long given up all hopes for an end to the entire terror, the bloodshed, the war and uprisings.

Seen in its entirety, however, great disunity rules in regard to the causes of the gloomy years lying before the world, because the criminal, war-natured invasions and machinations of the USA, in regard to foreign countries, are absolutely incalculable, because US-America strives with all evil means for world control and, to that end, goes over masses of corpses - over violated bodies of murdered, tortured and raped women, over corpses of innocent children and uncountable men.

Next to the USA there are, however, also the degenerated, fanatical and terrorist fighters of Islam who unceasingly murder and destroy and thereby bring their entire people into discredit just as much as the political USA-vultures do, because everything is generalized and no humans who have nothing to do with the political, and terror, machinations are left unmolested.

For a long time now the fanatical and terrorist Islamists have not only been pillorying the USA in regard to its arrogance, rather generally the West, respectively, the western population, because many within it agree with their leading political vultures and they go with the US corpse-robbers anew.

So the extreme Islamists demand the extinguishing of Israel and propagandize the, "Holy War".

The neoconservatives, who stand unambiguously firm, are of the opinion in regard to the "war between the cultures" that this is absolutely unavoidable, and that consequently, sooner or later, the slaughter between the West and the, "Islamic fascists", respectively, the nationalistic, right-wing radical and anti-democratic Islamists, will go over the world stage, and fulfill the old prophecies in regard to this, and through war, will spread the radical Islamists over Europe and the entire world.

The fact is, thereby, that indeed the so-called, "War against Terrorism" of the irresponsible US-president George W. Bush and his vassals, as well as every worldwide supporter from diverse governments and from the populations, carries the guilt that the world is set in flames more and more.

Insanely, US-President Bush still nominated Condoleezza Rice, who is completely prejudiced and absolutely incapable of her post, as US Secretary of State, who spreads her verbose nonsense-talk worldwide and pathologically stupidly thinks that the bloody murdering and the monstrous destruction in Lebanon and in Iraq are, "birth pains of a new Near East".

This feeblemindedness can actually only be countered with scorn and mockery and with the question; how stupid and dimwitted must a human actually be who can blather such nonsense; this includes the question; how stupid and dimwitted must the highest superior - George W. Bush - be, who ordered such a person to a foreign ministerial office and who, in addition, is yet of the same stupid, primitive, ignorant, arrogant and dimwitted opinion.

Such idiotic political talk leads inevitably more than ever to confrontation and heats up the justified anti-Americanism worldwide.

Bush himself is so unintelligent that he sees the wars in the Gaza Strip, in Lebanon , in Afghanistan and in Iraq as only small mosaic pebbles in the entire global confrontation - his intelligence apparently does not reach to more.

And, no one who, over all the years, has followed the fruits of Bush's intelligence on television and in all the media, is at all surprised that he has already employed the term, "Third World War" himself.

In addition, however, the question must also be asked about the Intelligence Quotients [I.Q.'s] of all citizens of the USA who choose a man as Head of State who has commandeered the stupidity and lack of intelligence just as much as the power-greed and sectarianism, out of which he leads bloody wars because he sees himself as God's executor of revenge.

If the entire world events are regarded, then it must actually be said that the Third World War has already begun, even if this has not yet come to breaking out openly.

It is a matter of fact that the Arabic-Israeli conflict has already been merged for a long time with the West and especially the worldwide war and terror of the USA as well as with radical, extremist and terrorist Islam, only - the clever politicians in all the world have manifestly not yet noticed that.

Truly, it is already so far after Fascism and Communism that now, next to the USA, the radical and terrorist Islamists also raise a claim for world control and, through their criminal acts, bring the entire innocent world of Muslims into disrepute, as do the powerful US-political vultures and screamers for war - headed up by George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice - with any US-American people who turn away from the criminal, political machinations.

The USA is principally steered by sectarian ideologies whereby these are formed such that the USA sees itself in a divinely stipulated omnipotence, out of which it cuts itself the right to bring the world under its rule.

That, however, is not astonishing, if all the many religious and political sects of US-America, as well as the murderous administration of justice and many other unusual and inhumane things, are thought of.

US-America's innovations are enormous in nearly every respect, yet in large part everything is transformed in such a way that it is serviceable to the war machinery, through which foreign countries can be invaded, wars can be led and the resources of the countries can be exploited.

That is US-America's great freedom, whereby this freedom, however, is also oriented towards enjoying freedoms, which completely undermine every decency and a normal, healthy tradition of humanity.

So, everyone is a friend with the other, yet if the friendship is used, then it deflates as fast as the empty, hollow words out of which the alleged friendship came about.

An essentially valuable culture and healthy ideology remain great dreams because everything is only oriented towards commercial and political, as well as militaristic takeovers, as, however, also towards arrogance, highhandedness and self-righteousness, and so forth.

In opposition to the USA stands the Arabic-Islamic world, which is full of age-old traditions, which, as a consequence of their obsolescence, can have no more continued existence in today's world.

Correctly viewed, the Arabic-Islamic world is shackled by an Early and Middle Age ideology of martyrdom and an attitude of sacrifice out of which results a refusal to open itself in every regard to the modern, like the worldwide modernizing culture, politics, commerce and punishment-practices, as well as religious and personal human freedom, in particular for the female gender.

It must be clearly recorded that this statement is not directed against the religion of Islam and not against the belief of Muslims, rather it only lays the facts there as they have been named.

On the other side to the Arabic-Islamic world stands the USA , which is greedy for world power and, as a result, is incapable of forging a coalition, which acts worldwide.

However that is not surprising if it is observed that an exceptionally great part of the world population hates US-America, in particular the sectarian and irresponsible president, George Walker Bush, his vassals and war-servants.

Out of this hate, and out of the criminal way of acting and the greed for world power of US-America, an alliance of terror networks and countries has formed worldwide which are ready to employ, along with conventional weapons, chemical, biological or nuclear weapons in order to destroy the, "degenerated and evil modern civilization".

But not only US-America is counted as a modern civilization, rather also all European countries and indeed, in particular, any which have a friendly sense towards the USA and who in some form and way perform support for their terror, which they spread over the entire world by means of their secret service, politically and militaristically.

For a long time now, anxiety and approval in regard to a Third World War has already been haunting around about in the USA and in Europe, and so forth, and that is no different in the Islamic world.

"If the USA wants to kindle the Third World War then we welcome that", were recently the reported words of Iran 's Hezbollah boss Mojtaba Bigdeli.

His words were even cited in the US media, which, however, fully serves to stir up the people and drive them into angst and terror, thereby it accords with US American war politics.

Especially Israel 's latest war with the Hezbollah is judged to be of quite special significance by the USA , because Iran demonstrated its claim to leadership and its capacity for the destabilization of the region.

And Israel's armed clash against Hamas and the Hezbollah can quickly prove to be a war by proxy, through which one side lets loose a shot to the rear and flattens the state of Israel to the ground when an evil, widespread conflagration comes about which then indeed leads to a big and third word war.

The rightists in the USA vehemently demand - as ever - that, "the gloves come off", and Iran should be attacked and annexed.

It is pondered, and asked, why should there still be a wait for the act of Iranian aggression to be avenged with an extensive military attack against the Iranian nuclear facilities, and to station the US Army there - naturally also to access the Iranian oil which the USA requires so very much.

The neoconservatives demand more hardness from US President Bush, who is already irresponsible in and of himself, and call out that Israel pays the price, with the Lebanon war, for the soft course of the USA in regards to Tehran and Damascus.

Additionally, it is a wrong signal from Israel that it practices an, "extremely humane restraint" in Lebanon , and not once did it hit Iran 's and Syria 's embassies with bombs and rockets through, "coincidence".

There are even candid voices in the USA , which have become raised that Israel should attack Syria and thereby reduce the USA 's dirty-work.

In a quote of Bush-biographer, John Podhoretz, it is written that a considerateness of civilian casualties is, "in reality an unacceptable brutality".

If the, "unscrupulous, barbaric enemy" cannot be beaten, then that signifies endless bloodshed.

The fact of the matter is that only the releasing of atom bombs in Japan and the monstrous bombardment of Dresden could have ended the Second World War.

(Translator's note: Remember that Billy is paraphrasing Podhoretz here.)

He writes further in the "Washington Times", enquiring: "Was it not already a mistake, that we have not killed enough Sunnis at the beginning of the Iraq war in order to sufficiently intimidate them?"

In the USA , the liberals and the left fear, with a rebuke about the dangerous, "politics of appeasement", that among Bush and his vassals, new preventative wars against implacable enemies are pondered.

There are enough historical examples that the free world did not collapse in upon itself when the USA was not victorious in wars; one only considers, for example, Korea and Viet Nam .

Along with everything, the fact of the matter is, however, that there are also reasonable humans in the USA , because, in the US Congress, as well as also in the US State Department, intelligent humans demand a cleverer US diplomacy instead of extremely questionable military operations - through which they naturally provoke vehement voices of opposition.

But that is the autocratic nature of US-America.


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