Christian Frehner of FIGU writes about racism

Published on  16 Oct 2006


We Condemn All Racism

FIGU distances itself from any form of racism. People who are mastering German and, therefore, can read all publications (more than 24,000 pages so far), will have noticed that there is quite some criticism regarding the USA, Israel, China and many other countries, including Switzerland. These "accusations" are mainly published in the Bulletins/Newsletters and the Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte (Contact Notes).

As has been emphasized again and again (during the talks between Billy and his ET friends) is the fact that if, e.g., Israel is accused of crimes etc., it is never meant that the whole people of Israel (or the USA, etc.) is blamed or made responsible for the bad things that are happening.

In each country on this earth there are people living who are really striving for peace and who are against hatred, revenge, death penalty and all the other many vices. But of course there are also those people who are electing criminals into the governments.

If you look at this year's Lebanon war it is plainly visible that only criminals can start and execute a war like this.

And just today I read in my newspaper that an estimated 650.000 Iraqi have died because of the war. Therefore the persons and the government who started that war were/is personally and collectively responsible for the death of those victims. Anyone who was supporting the beginning of that war, of any war, is personally responsible for any death and injury that happened because of the war!

If someone is accusing Israel, or the USA, of mass murder, then this is no racism at all.

It must be stated clearly, though, that it is necessary to make a difference between Jews, Israel, the Israeli government, the Israeli who are/were supporting the devastation in Lebanon, the Israeli who were against the war, the U.S. citizens, the U.S. government, the supporters of the Iraq war, the peace movement, etc. etc.

And of course it is not acceptable the accuse "the Jews" of all the bad in this world, just as one cannot accuse all Christians or all Muslims or Hindus etc. of all the bad that there is on this planet.

Such statements are clearly the sign of poor (or lacking) intelligence of the person who is voicing such silly claims. Just as all Christians are not ONE race, the Jews are also not one race.

Perhaps it may be of interest to the readers of this forum that ten (10) Israeli tribes had migrated to the Afghanistan and Western Pakistan region more than 2000 years ago (and since they did not get extinct, but procreated, it's up to the reader to ponder the political aspects of this issue).

Regarding Israel, I want to add my opinion that the foundation of the state of Israel after WWII was a severe mistake and should never have occurred. It wasn't simply an occupation of free land that didn't belong to anybody. However, even if this "mistake" occurred (which brought uncountable grief and deaths to this earth, and especially to the Near East), I don't think that it can be made undone today. I don't think that all those Israeli, who are hating the Arabs and Palestinians, will decide to leave for the USA or Russia or Europe and let the rest make peace with the peace-loving part of the Palestinians.

But I also don't think that Israel will exist long into the future if it doesn't change its war-mongering and suppressing politics and thinking and acting.

As long as we have governments and nations on this planet that are endangering world peace it is the duty of every peace-loving person to criticize them, be it the USA or Israel, Iran or North Korea, or other nations or terrorist organisations. And since there exist close connections between the USA and Israel, many Jews (as well as Christians) must be held responsible for the bad situation the world is in today. To accuse those persons of being war-mongers etc. is NO racism at all.

I know that the expression/term "racism" is misused by many people and organisations, even states. But as it is written in the OM, canon 32, verse 253: He who keeps silent if he is kicked, is not lenient, but wretched, and he who keeps silent if he sees that his fellow-human being is maltreated, is a traitor of performing one's duty towards life. (Wer stillschweigt, wenn ihm ein Fusstritt versetzt wird, der ist nicht nachsichtig, sondern erbärmlich, und wer stillschweigt, wenn er sieht, wie der Nächste misshandelt wird, der ist ein Verräter an der Pflichterfüllung des Lebens.)

Christian Frehner

FIGU Forum Moderator