The Skeptic's Last Gasp

Final Attempt at Duplicating Meier's UFO Photos

by Michael Horn

James Deardorff’s recent article about Meier’s Hasenböl photo, the famous “sunlight photo”, which is one of 34 photos in this series, is a succinct masterpiece of evidence and reasoning that conclusively shows the genuineness of Meier’s UFO photos.

However, British skeptic Tony Wharton wanted to make his very best attempt at duplicating this famous photo of Meier’s and so here is his version, which you can compare to Meier’s original photo, taken in 1976:

Wharton Last Gasp




Copyright 2009, Anthony Wharton


Hasenbol Sunlight Small

There are of course some obvious, very apparent differences between the two photos, such as the fact that Tony’s small model UFO is nowhere near the tree in the background, as comparing the very clear small model to the far less clear large tree in the background clearly reveals. To have placed it next to the tree would have immediately and conclusively revealed it to be a tiny, barely visible object, unlike the large UFOs that Meier photographed.

Tony’s “UFO” is also immediately revealed as a small object close to the camera, not only by its extreme clarity as opposed to the less clear tree behind it, but also because there is no shadow anywhere on the ground that would have to be cast by a large object near the tree. The shadows of trees close to the camera confirm that some shadow from a large object near the tree would result because of the sun’s position.

And one can also appreciate the proximity of several of the barren branched trees to the UFO, both closer and farther away from the camera than the one that the UFO hovers next to.



One last, irritating fact for the skeptics to have to deal with is that the tree was not only found by the original investigators but ... photographed, with a man standing next to it, during a season in which leaves covered the formerly barren branches:

Hasenbol tree in leaf

And, as indicated, the photo can be found in every copy of the book (Vol.1), thus also ending the nonsensical and forever unsubstantiated charge that Meier used model and/or miniature trees in his UFO photos and films.

Of course, actually seeing Meier and a film director walk over to the tree doesn't hurt either.

July 16, 2009


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