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The Spiritual Teaching


The core of the Meier material is the spiritual teaching, the clearest, most insightful, and penetrating spiritual teaching

to be found. There are no hierarchies, beliefs, superstitions, rituals, etc. such as are found in virtually all terrestrial religions,

and which serve only to enslave humanity in fear, guilt, war, etc. The real meaning of life is consciousness-related evolution. So

it is through the study of the spiritual teaching, originally brought to earth by extraterrestrials, that one can learn how to

evolve their consciousness, as well as learn how to live in true love, peace, freedom and harmony.

Foreword by Arahat Athersata

1. The terrestrial human race is entering and witnessing a phase of very powerful cosmic change. It is a new era, a new age, which continually and distinctly becomes clearer to the eyes of observant, consciously more advanced human beings.

2. While most of mankind here on Earth lies in a deep abyss of ignorance and of consciousness' enslavement, it has become an urgent necessity, through thorough investigations, to find the causes of mankind's decline, and to demonstrate this to human beings in a correct, clear, and revealing message and lesson.

3. Simultaneously, it necessitates showing new ways, which would guide mankind toward a future of conscious comprehension and harmony.

4. It is now time, therefore, for the Earthling to open his eyes and ears and detach his enslaved thoughts from false teachings, to free himself from traditional falsehoods and all evil, and to finally comprehend everything according to the truth."

German original by Arahat Athersata

1. Das irdische Menschengeschlecht ist in ein Stadium einer Zeugenschaft eines gewaltigen kosmischen Umbruches getreten; in ein neues Zeitalter, das sich vor den sehenden Augen denkender Menschen immer klarer und deutlicher abzeichnet.

2. Nichtsdestoweniger aber liegt das Gros dieser Menschheit im Abgrund der Unwissenheit und Bewusstseinversklavung, so es notwendig geworden ist, den Ursachen ihres Abstieges auf den Grund zu gehen und ihr dies in einer Botschaft darzutun.

3. Gleichbedingt ist es aber auch erforderlich, neue Wege zu weisen, die in eine geistverstehende und bewusstsein- sowie geistharmonierende Zukunft führen.

4. Der Erdenmensch öffne daher seine Augen und Ohren, er reisse seine versklavten Gedanken von allen Irrlehren, Unwahrheiten und von allen Übel; er öffne seine Bewusstseinsinne zur Erkennung der Wahrheit.

About Arahat Athersata

ARAHAT ATHERSATA (Sanskrit) which means: “The precious one who contemplates the times”

Excerpt from the inspired writing from a higher spiritform. Transmitted from a bodiless, immaterial and purely spiritual level.

Inspired receiver of the message:

<BILLY> Eduard Albert Meier

Message received and written down from May 15th, 1975 until August 11th, 1975



Kelch der Wahrheit

The first 20 chapters of "Goblet of Truth" ("Kelch der Wahrheit") are now available as a freely downloadable PDF file. "Goblet of Truth" is the ultimate, definitive collection of all the teachings of the six prophets who have assisted in the development of earth human beings for the last 11,000 years. These teachings are based on the original teachings of Nokodemion which go back billions of years in the history of our ancestors and our distant "cousins", the Pleiadians/Plejaren extraterrestrials, and will endure for countless years into the future. More chapters of this profound work will follow in the future.

NOTE: The term "tin god" appears frequently in the Kelch der Wahrheit and is explained as "A tin god, as the translation for Götze, is a visible, touchable and under certain circumstances also audible thing that represents a god – called a "false god" by the Judeo-Christian religions and sects that have an invisible god – and is worshipped and prayed to because people mistakenly believe that it has might or power and could grant them happiness, health, good harvest, protection, etc. Although usually inanimate and man-made, it can also be a natural or living thing, i.e. sun, moon, tree, animal, geological formation, etc."


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