The Twelve Recommendations

Geisteslehre - Spiritual Teaching


Here are the 12 recommendations from the Petale level as transmitted to Billy on the 16th of October 1975 from the book Decalog.

Recommendations for the personal benefit of human beings.

To observe these recommendations guarantees to the human being that he may rapidly progress on the path of his evolution.

Additionally, human beings who observe these recommendations are a good example to their fellowmen.


English Version:

1. You shall have no other powers and no gods, idols and saints next to Creation.

2. You shall keep holy the name of Creation and not abuse this name.

3. You shall make every day into a day of celebration and hallow it (control it).

4. You shall not break your bond with Creation, including this: You shall not commit adultery.

5. Honour Creation just as you honour, respect and love your father and mother.

6. You shall not kill in depravity.

7. You shall not rob and expropriate.

8. You shall not bear false witness against the truth, Creation and life.

9. You shall never, never speak an untruth. (More information on the Ninth Recommendation can be found here.)

10. You shall not greedily covet material wealth and your neighbour's possessions.

11. Do not curse the truth.

12. Never, never put Creation's recommendations and Creation's laws into unworthy cults.


Original German:

1. Du sollst keine anderen Mächte und keine Götter, Götzen und Heilige neben der Schöpfung haben.

2. Du sollst den Namen der Schöpfung heilig halten und ihn nicht missbrauchen.

3. Du sollst jeden Tag zum Feiertag machen und ihn heiligen (kontrollieren).

4. Du sollst nicht brechend warden im Bunde mit der Schöpfung, darin enthalten: Du sollst nicht Ehebrechen.

5. Ehre die Schöpfung, gleich wie du Vater und Mutter ehrest, achtest und liebst.

6. Du sollst nicht töten in Ausartung.

7. Du sollst nicht raubend und enteignend sein.

8. Du sollst nicht falsch zeugen wider die Wahreit, die Schöpfung und das Leben.

9. Du sollst nie und nie sprechen die Unwahrheit.

10. Du sollst nicht begehren in Habsucht nach materiellen Schätzen und dem Besitztum des Nächsten

11. Fluche nicht der Wahrheit

12. Lege die Schöpfungsgebote und Schöpfungsgesetze nie und nie in unwerte Kulte.


If one ponders these "principal recommendations" which were transmitted to the people on Earth by the Petale spirit level, one inevitably will come to the realisation that an immeasurable amount of precious thoughts and ideas are hidden behind these recommendations, which in the daily routine can show one the path to a life that is righteous and responsible. Alone the sixth recommendation is so very profound and far-reaching-from the eradication of floral and faunal species to the psychic and consciousness-related "murder" of fellow-men-that there is no room in these short explanations to deal with everything in detail.

It is important to know the following: So-called "Creative recommendations" do exist if they are, or have been, derived from "Creative laws" or "laws of Creation", respectively. Basically, recommendations result from all laws, no matter from where the latter originate.

These Creative laws and recommendations, which can be called "the laws and recommendations of life", serve for the purpose of enabling, preserving and supporting life. To observe these Creative recommendations is the duty of every knowledgeable and responsible human being, because in this way alone, peace and harmony may be achieved and secured in the long term among all people and with the whole of nature.

Christian Frehner


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