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New South Wales Whistleblower's Pleas of Desperation

Ignored by Police, Police Minister, Media and Politicians.

December 3rd, 2003

The extraordinary tangle of corruption that gaiaguys presents in these pages under the title "Causley's Destruction" and "Costa Scandal" has been recapped and updated in the following recent letters and faxes (see below) to authorities by whistleblower Bill McDonnell. This monumental scandal is centred around the Clarence Valley in Northern New South Wales, more specifically around National Party's Federal heavyweight, now Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Ian Causley (rumored to now have his sights on the position of Speaker of the House).

Bill's story was initially shared with the broader public on this website in 2001, after all other reasonable steps to have the outstanding frauds, bashings, intimidations, rape, cover-up, money laundering and more investigated, produced no results other than further threats and attacks on Bill's livelihood and threats to his life, including from police officers. As Bill says, " ... if you have crooked police investigating crooked police, how can you get a fair outcome?". Only this story goes far beyond just crooked police, as our articles and Bill's letters reveal.

In recent months Bill and his wife Lyn had been given renewed assurances from further police detectives beyond the Clarence Valley that the police would fix everything up. Bill was even told by an Inspector Carey from Tweed Shire, as well as other police officers, that his solicitor (responsible for fraudulently disposing of Bill's farm and the subject of Bill's initial reports to the police in the 90's) should indeed have been charged. (He still has not been charged.) Carey told Bill in March this year that he had compiled a 27 page URGENT report for Sydney about Bill's case. Meanwhile Bill was asked repeatedly by staff from Premier Carr's office and Police Minister Watkins assistants not to put anything more on the internet because something was now really being done. Bill and Lyn, homeless, living out of a suitcase and surviving on emergency payments from Centrelink, have refrained since May from putting anything more on the internet, hopeful that finally these assurances were genuine.

When Bill's former wife was brutally bashed six years ago in a park in Maclean just after Bill had written to the then Police Commissioner detailing crimes committed against him and others, she was told, "Tell Bill to lay off and not go to the police". That was supposed to stop Bill from continuing his campaign for justice. But it had just the opposite effect. Still, the terrible images of Judy beaten unconscious, bruising over two thirds of her body, still loom large in Bill's mind and in the mind of his current wife, Lyn.

Just weeks ago Bill learned of a murder attempt by hired killers that was to be made on his wife and himself in Maclean as he visited to collect mail and do errands. Only someone tipped them off and they fled the area, shaken, in the nick of time. A desperate fax from Bill to the Police Minister's office screams,



Bill made a number of desperate faxes and phone calls from Queensland to the Police Minister's office regarding the murder attempt about which Bill had learned some details. But he was given contradictory advice about the receipt of his fax, he was hung up on, and was eventually told, "It will take weeks for any action to be imposed."

These contacts with the Police Minister's office reportedly prompted further threats of National party funded hit men planning an attack. The police have seemingly done nothing.

This is a story about cronyism and serious, tax payer funded criminality with Freemason loyalties featuring prominently. Many of Bill's original very serious complaints in the '90s to the police were made to Yamba's Detective Weir, who consistently failed to follow any of them up. Adding further weight to Bill's assertions that the fact that many of those involved in his downfall are Freemasons has added to their effectiveness in ruining his life, is the following statement made by Bill Dougherty, Manager of Westlawn Investments. Dougherty was heavily involved in the local scams and in Bill's ruin.

Bill writes, 'Mr. Jim Dougherty of Westlawn Investments confirmed to me in his office that not only was officer Weir a good friend but that they "ALL HAD ME STUFFED" and that Weiry was on their side!'

Bill has been given information about other police officers apparently prepared to do favours for political masters.

"It was known that both Tutt and Shepherd could be bought to arrange favourable Court outcomes and to protect particular names around town. Not only were there covered drug incidences and extremely large amounts of monies but victims of brutal, physical beatings. Are these reported complaints against them still on record?"

Bill has repeatedly informed all the appropriate authorities about these matters and the information is consistently ignored. Meanwhile others apparently see Bill as a channel for releasing sensitive information.

''"Muscles" known as a child molester and working for Michael Rosser, was to have been taken in for questioning and confessed most of the names of the perpetrators but was released because of the well-known public identities involved. This information came from within police ranks!''

It should never have come to this point, where in desperation and in the complete absence of justice, Bill has taken this information to the Internet. But there is clearly no justice on the horizon.

The network involved in Bill's financial ruin and maintenance of the cover-up includes, solicitors, real estate agents, bankers, the Council, police, politicians and individuals scattered throughout the bureaucracy . It now covers all sides of politics and reaches up to the very highest levels. It's far too serious to be exposed by traditional methods.

So after another year of crippling disappointments, denial of justice and duplicity at the hands of the police and politicians, we heartily agree with Bill when he angrily asserts in a letter to the Police Minister,

"Both Officer's Hodgson and Carey have had an opportunity to do something and in 12 months each, have done nothing! You're just stuffing around with our lives!"

And what will become of Bill and Lyn, and all the other victims of this conspiracy, which, in the end is all of us? This is a wake-up call to all Australians. Something has to change. This corruption runs through all levels, right up to the top and right down to the ground. It is not confined to New South Wales. It is destroying this country quicker than you can imagine. Change begins at an individual level. Will you help turn this situation around?

April 27th, 2003 - Letter to the Irish Embassy

June 23rd, 2003 - Letter to The Hon. John Watkins, Minister for Police


July 31st, 2003 - Urgent fax to The Hon. John Watkins, Minister for Police


August 5th, 2003 - Urgent fax to The Hon. John Watkins, Minister for Police


August 13th, 2003 - Urgent fax to The Hon. John Watkins, Minister for Police

sent on September 24th, 2003 to Senators and staff.


August 18th, 2003 - Urgent fax to the telephone company, who seem to be in on it.


August 25th, 2003 - Interim form letter from the Office of The Hon. John Watkins, Minister for Police

"A further reply will be forwarded to you as soon as possible."

(Apparently that's still not possible.)


September 1st, 2003 - Urgent fax to The Hon. John Watkins, Minister for Police


October 6th, 2003 - Urgent fax to The Hon. John Watkins, Minister for Police

with copies to Police Commissioner Moroney (below, left), Premier Carr (below, right, with quote), N.S.W. Senators & Administrators and the Irish Embassy.



October 17th, 2003 - Letter to The Hon. John Watkins, Minister for Police


Why are we waiting, Minister Watkins?





Whatever happened to Inspector Carey's 27 page report??

See the context March 16th, 2003: Bill finally received a letter from the NSW Police.


 And what sort of leader do we have in Australia who could allow such a scandal?

The Right Honourable Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia, Mister John Winston Howard

Click here to learn more about our morally reprehensible Prime Minister.

Cartoon by Alan Moir, S.M.H. April 18th, 1998


UPDATE 7th January 2004

In December 2003, fearful for their lives and in the total absence of help from the state government and police regarding this serious criminal matter, Bill and Lyn McDonnell faxed letters to Prime Minister,John Howard appealing for help, with a copy to the Human Rights Commission.

8th and 12th December faxes to the Office of Prime Minister John Howard

"The acts committed against us have reached their peak because of continued bribery, fear tactics and cover-up. I have been informed that Hon Ian Causely paid into the organised premeditated murder attempt against us and that he has made it very clear to all party members and others involved, that if he goes down, he'll make sure that they all go with him!"

Read on below for a recent summary of events, or go here for the whole shocking story.

Bill's ex-wife was bashed unconscious and left for dead some years ago by hired thugs who told her to tell Bill to lay off and don't go to the Police. Now both he and his current wife have been targeted for murder. They last contacted us in May, and they are currently still on the run from these killers, hiding out in Queensland.

It seems that this scandal has many resonances with the one south of us in the state of Victoria.

Same old story: including Freemasons protecting the untouchable politically/socially elite leaders of pedophile rings.



IMPORTANT UPDATE - June 26th, 2004

Bill and Lyn McDonnell are still alive, in spite of efforts continually being made to assassinate them. Still in hiding, Bill managed to pass some updated information onto gaiaguys, which we publish here just as it was given to us. Australia's vile Prime Minister Howard continues to pretend that none of this is real, and ignores all correspondence. (Please see January updates, immediately below)

 Finally at the end of his tether, Bill has at last seen fit to draw public attention to Howard's stunning hypocrisy in regards to his cruel and exclusive "family values" political platform by starting to allude to Howard's nasty open secret (among those in the know).

Please click here to read Bill's entire June 16th, 2004 letter to Prime Minister

"I write in confirmation of my phone call to your office today with disappointment at your own public statements on family values learning from National Party sources of your extra-marital liaisons in Canberra and Tasmania."

This is the email that Bill refers to in the above letter

Bill assures us that if Howard still refuses to address the reality of his cabal of criminals (pedophiles, rapists, wholesale drug-pushers and murderers) operating above the law, the public heat will be turned up as far as necessary, and more details will be forthcoming on this website and others.

Here's a June 28th, 2004 follow-up letter to the Prime Minister

Similarly, Bill is now finding diverse and powerful allies among the growing ranks of voters disgusted with the criminal corruption, slowly coming to light, that is rotting the heart of this once great nation, and Bill is now active again distributing thousands of photocopied fliers (below) throughout the northern New South Wales regional centres of Lismore, Casino and Ballina, in an increasingly desperate effort to bring to justice known rapist, Deputy Speaker of the Australian House of Representatives and national Party Member for Page, Ian Raymond Causley MP, pictured below.

Causley should know that there are now many others who, as soon as the election date is announced, will swarm from the shadows to assist in the distribution of thousands of similar fliers throughout the electorate.

Please stay bookmarked as these issues develop and please pray for the safety of Bill and Lyn McDonnell.


Please click here to read Bill's revealing May 26th letter to the Parliamentary Secretary.



UPDATE August 2004

This is the advice given to Bill McDonnell on 19 February 2004 by Assistant Commissioner PC Parsons, Northern Region.

 "no further action will be taken by this unit [professional Standards Unit] concerning your allegations involving NSW Police (current and former) or any other persons."

There are many ways corruption works against a whistleblower. After he/she has spent some years unsuccessfully seeking justice from the appropriate authorities, things (technically) become much easier to dismiss by those to whom he/she continues to appeal.

" ...a number of your allegations were of a historical nature..."

and so the office has no authority to deal with the matter. How convenient to those whose wrongdoing was raised with the authorities by Bill many years ago.

When you have explored by reading (or better yet, your own experience) the relentless delaying tactics of a bureaucracy bent on not dealing with the particular injustice you have encountered - all the lies, letters that are ignored or take months to be answered, investigations that take years, being shunted from one department to another, important documents that are lost from files, convenient transfers and retirements of key personnel, continuingly just  re-labelling departments to escape accountability, and that loathsome request (when things are getting obscured by a tangle of error and/or lie-filled paperwork), "Look! Just start again." etc - AND THEN are confronted with the advice that your "allegations" are NOW of a historical nature, you become aware that such delays are not merely the result of a tardy, buck passing bureaucracy, although that helps. They are intentionally employed and encouraged by some at the top to facilitate cover-ups. How simple.

The other reasons given by the Professional Standards Unit for not investigating, typically, have nothing to do with carrying out most basic preliminary investigations (and according to Bill are based on bold faced lies). Naturally, no attention is given to the history and breadth of Bill's case for context - a context which enables rational just people to make a rational, just judgment.

Superintendent Sponberg of Coffs/Clarence Local Area Command also chose not to investigate Bill's complaint,

(excerpt) "Snr Detective Breton of Coffs Harbour has a list of most names of these pedophiles and refuses to act to charge those for past acts committed but covered for!"  October 6th, 2003 - (Urgent fax to The Hon. John Watkins, Minister for Police)

against Detective Breton of Coffs Harbour. Superintendent Sponberg has judged Bill's complaint to be "...frivolous, vexatious or not made in good faith."  See the whole letter.

Demonstrating the ceaseless buck-passing of our taxpayer funded government officials and others, here is some further, recent, related correspondence, concerning Telstra, the Federal Police the New South Wales Premier, Bob Carr and, in view of the upcoming Federal election, the National Party/Hon. Ian Causley.


The profound corruption of those at the top is being held in place by bureaucracies and other institutions (like the media) made up of individuals and yes, secret society networks of individuals. In the end nothing will change until justice is exercised at an individual level.


Ex cane farmer/whistleblower Bill McDonnell continues to beg for protection from attacks on his and his wife’s lives, from the relevant authorities. While dodging ongoing harassment related to his campaign to expose Federal Deputy Speaker/National Partly heavyweight Ian Causley, the police protection he enjoys and the associated Freemason network of cronies he’s written so many desperate letters and made so many phone calls to John Howard’s office that he now quips that he should be on first name terms with John, who has never seen fit to acknowledge these appeals. Bill remains determined to expose the horrendous filthy network that continues to protect those involved in his ruin (and who continue to victimize others) including the loss of his farm, his business, the bashing of his first wife – ongoing death threats, etc. The most basic investigations have never been carried out in this ongoing case, just extraordinarily sickening buck-passing. All the while the threads become more and more confused.

The picture Bill paints in the absence of justice from ANY of the responsible bodies and individuals is totally in accord with out own experience and is increasingly confirmed by fellow victims. It’s no exaggeration. In view of the upcoming election, please consider Bill’s account, and be very aware of the bipartisan nature of, not only the cover-up, but the original offences. Don’t you think that the politicians, regardless of which party they’re from, have an obligation to inform you about this? And what about the media?

Here is some of the latest round of correspondence.


Here are two desperate letters in July  2004 to the Governor General 1  &  2 and a heartfelt letter to Senator Stott Despoja from Bill's wife Lyn.



Bill has recently given us a lot of his background correspondence with the corrupt and Freemason-infested Irish Government and press, which we have published here.

 It started in 2003, and is very revealing.








From: "gaiaguys" <>
To: <>
Cc: <>
Subject: Willian S. Mcdonnell
Date: Monday, 29 November 2004 9:42 AM

Mr Dyson A. Devine
775 Upper Coldstream Rd
Tyndale, New South Wales
Australia 2460

Dear Minister Ahern,

re: Letter dated October 19th, 2004 from Assistant Private Secretary to the Toaiseach, Mr Nick Reddy, to Mr William S. McDonnell ( )

I am writing to you now at the urgent behest of Mr McDonnell and his wife who, still in hiding, are desperate to know what action your government plans to take in regard to the untenable situation they still find themselves in regarding their ongoing persecution at the hands of high-ranking protected Australian criminals.

I draw your attention to the webpage where the above scanned letter can be found, , and thank you in anticipation of a prompt acknowledgement of receipt.

I thank you also for your valuable time in dealing appropriately with this urgent situation.

Yours faithfully,
Dyson A Devine
(currently enjoying about 8 million hits a day)

Copy to Mr Reddy and the WWW


Date: 12/2/2004 12:38:56 -0000
From: <>
To: <>
Subject: Acknowledgement email

Mr. Dyson A. Devine

02 December 2004

Our Ref:  CON040578

Dear Mr. Devine,

On behalf of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Dermot Ahern T.D., I wish to acknowledge receipt of your email of 28 November 2004, regarding Mr. William S. McDonnell and his wife.

Your email is receiving attention at the moment.

Yours sincerely,

Cyril Brennan
Private Secretary
pp Darren McDonagh



From: <>
To: <>
Subject: Reply to your recent email
Date: Tuesday, 21 December 2004 2:16 AM

Mr. Dyson A. Devine

20 December 2004

Our Ref : CON040578

Dear Mr. Devine,

On behalf of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Dermot Ahern, T.D., I would like to thank you for your recent e-mail on behalf of Mr William S. McDonnell.

It is not appropriate for the Department of Foreign Affairs to get involved in the legal process of another country. However, both the Irish Embassy in Canberra and the Irish Consulate General in Sydney are aware of Mr. McDonnell's case and they requested the State and Federal police to investigate the matter. The police informed the Consulate in Sydney that they investigated the matter on a number of occasions but that they were unable to substantiate his claims as no evidence has been produced. I understand that the police did indicate that they would carry out further investigations should any such evidence be made available to them.

As you will appreciate, a legal representative is the most appropriate person to advise Mr. McDonnell regarding the options available to him to pursue the matter through the Australian legal services.

Yours sincerely,

Cyril Brennan
Private Secretary
pp Darren McDonagh



 January 5th, 2005


From: "gaiaguys" <>
To: <>
Cc: <>
Subject: Your Ref : CON040578
Date: Wednesday, 5 January 2005 1:03 PM

Mr. Dyson A. Devine

775 Upper Coldstream Rd.

Tyndale New South Wales

Australia 2460

Your Ref : CON040578

Dear Mr. Brennen, (et al)

re: Your email - appended below* - Freemason conspiracy against Wm. McDonnell & family

I acknowledge, on behalf of Mr McDonnell your email to us and your letter to him.

You state, "It is not appropriate for the Department of Foreign Affairs to get involved in the legal process of another country."

You were not asked by us to get involved in any legal process. There are no legal proceedings involved here. Indeed, assistance was sought from you in the first instance because high-ranking Australian perpetrators of the most serious crimes imaginable are being protected from public exposure (and the very legal proceeding that would ineluctably ensue from that successful public exposure) by The Brotherhood, who are perfectly willing to pervert the course of justice in order to fulfill their solemn oaths of loyalty to each other, which take precedence over loyalty to the law of the land or common human decency.

There are very compelling reasons why the rank and file Police in your country are now required by law to reveal all their memberships in secret societies. Unless and until that happens with the Widow's Sons at your level of authority, here in Australia, and the rest of the planet too, Freemason conspiracies will continue to represent more than merely the officially designated exemplar of paranoid schizophrenia.

I take it, Mssrs. Reddy, Brennan and McDonagh, that you are also Freemasons, as is your Prime Minister, recently televised here  exchanging a (formerly) secret Freemasonic handshake with the UK Prime Minister?

You state, ".The police . investigated the matter on a number of occasions but . were unable to substantiate his [McDonnell's] claims as no evidence has been produced."

I draw your attention to the fact that your office was asked to assist with exposing police (et al) corruption at the highest levels. Is it appropriate to unquestioningly accept the same police's reassurances that no criminal evidence has been provided; when your own eyes tell you that manifestly these reassurances have no basis in fact? It was the police's refusal to accept McDonnell's explosively politically destructive criminal evidence that led to its eventual and reluctant publication on the World Wide Web in the first place. That is axiomatic.

It is self-evident that if criminal evidence is not formally accepted in the first case it cannot be investigated, and therefore no further evidence will ever come to light. That is precisely the intent.

You further state, "As you will appreciate, a legal representative is the most appropriate person to advise Mr. McDonnell regarding the options available to him to pursue the matter through the Australian legal services."

Mr Mc Donnell initiated this contact with his homeland because he recently discovered, to his unhappy surprise, that he was lied to many years ago when he paid his trusted Australian legal representative to arrange his Australian naturalization, who just defrauded him like the subsequent ones, and ether did nothing except lie and accept the fee, as in this instance, or actively conspire to persecute him through the network of The Brotherhood to perpetrate all manner of very serious crimes against him, including - among many other pieces of ignored criminal evidence published on the WWW - the most audaciously crude forgery of a signature on a deed that I could imagine!

I hope that you may now more fully appreciate that Mr and Mrs McDonnell and their many supporters are not trying to expose petty police corruption which can be curbed by administrative intervention, but a full-blown criminal Freemason conspiracy. If you are still in any position to offer any assistance whatsoever to your besieged countryman, please let us know. He and his wife are living like hunted dogs.

Yours sincerely,

Dyson Devine

*the email is located directly above this one.


Watch this space.



 December 10th, 2004

 Finally the (now EX) Australian Leader of the Opposition gets a detailed letter from Bill

"Your are a disgrace to the Australian people you purport to care about. While I continue to try and protect myself and wife from the contracts on our lives, you enjoy your social comforts."

(Please note that gaiaguys does not share Bill's view that Mark Latham is a Freemason, but he might as well be.)



 January 24th, 2005

The (future?) Australian Leader of the Opposition gets another detailed letter from Bill and we add one from last October to the Premier.

Bill surfaced again with more letters, and he names more names. The below ignored letter was sent to state leader Bob Carr.



And it seems that Kim Beazley is yearning for power, but not the associated responsibility.

gaiaguys and friends have a long history with this old Labor warhorse that he may be very unhappy to have exposed to genuine public scrutiny here. Stay bookmarked for some surprises.

( For more on our Australian illegal regime, please go to )

( For more on ritual satanic sacrifice, please go to )




Above: self-explanatory note from Mrs. McDonnell received July 6th, 2005

NEW AUGUST 28th, 2005





 Updated September 20th, 2005






 Updated October 3rd, 2005

(The below letter was also sent as an email.)

Naturally, he's a freemason too.

See the giveaway here: "That" handshake.

 January 13th, 2006




The eleven pages sent to Her Excellency represent a selection of the letters published on this webpage.

Interestingly, a quick search for images of Her Excellency (right, in photos below) shaking hands shows that she seems to be displaying what looks very much like the old master mason (formerly) secret handshake.

Is the Governor of our state of New South Wales a member of the Order of the Eastern Star (a.k.a. Lucifer)?

We think it would be an ironclad requirement of the position.

February 25th, 2006

Since the authorities ignored whistleblower Bill McDonnell's above January 13th legal requirement, he decided to turn up the heat with this public warning to the citizens of the North Coast of New South Wales.

Please click on the thumbnail to read this document, suitable for printing and distribution.

On March 11th, 2005, Bill McDonnell rang to tell us about a couple of telephone calls he’s just made to Police Minister Carl Scully’s office. He spoke on both occasions with a man named Troy Lyall who Bill describes as being “cocky” in his first encounter. This is the first half of a pattern. Troy, employing their tired old mantra, informed Bill that Minister Scully was treating all his information “very seriously”. Bill directed Troy to this website, and rang back an hour later to find Troy’s cocky attitude replaced with quiet thoughtfulness. This is the second half of the pattern. Troy then chanted the rest of the mantra. “This has gone on too long. It will have to be cleaned up."

                                           April 11th, 2006

Inadequate activity from those supposedly responsible, regarding William S. McDonnell's public accusations, has prompted him to now provide the public with further details of GRAVE private and public-sector institutionalized dishonesty.

He has also written more letters to the putative Leader of the Australian Federal Opposition, the Honourable Kim Beazley, putative state Opposition Leader the Honourable Peter Debnam, as well as emailed New South Wales state leader the Honourable Morris Iemma, with a copy to up-and-coming young Australian Labor Party Federal hopeful Ms. Julia Gillard. Let's see how long they can continue to pretend to their electorates that none of this demonstrable corruption is real.

Please read his detailed email to Iemma and Gillard here.

          And please click on the two thumbnails to read these damning letters to our elected officials




April 27th, 2006



 in this shocking open letter to the Honourable (Master Mason) Chris Ellison, Australian Minister for Justice


The PRIVATIZED Police Integrity Commission Inc. "All-seeing eye of Horus" logo makes a nice addition to our growing SYMBOLS webpage.


This explosive, insider's document, now finally on line, has been making the rounds and putting the cat amongst the pigeons for months, and - understandably - the local corrupt corporate media DON'T WANT TO KNOW.

Read how FOUR GENERATIONS of honest, hard-working N.S.W. North Coast dairy farmers have been RIPPED OFF by the organized criminals in government who we pay handsomely to look after our democratic interests.




Senator Chris Ellison (right), and His Excellency Mr Thomas Schieffer, United States Ambassador, US Consul-General ... at the signing of a landmark reciprocal agreement between Australia and the United States on 8 May 2004.  This agreement will allow the deployment of US air marshals on US-registered flights and Australian Air Security Officers on Australian flights to and from Australia and the United States.

THAT handshake, (AGAIN!) and much much more

 MAY 6th, 2006

Rebel Queenslander National Party backbench Senator ("Backdown") Barnaby Joyce puts his foot RIGHT in it!

"The male assistant dismissively & abruptly informed me that they had viewed all the letters sent & seen the website & would NOT BE DOING ANYTHING TO HELP US!"- Mrs. William S. McDonnell

"...I only hope to ...(make) our nation of Australia a continuing legacy of justice and freedom."- from Joyce's first speech in Parliament


“I will assist a Companion Royal Arch Mason when I see him engaged in any difficulty, and will espouse his cause so far as to extricate him from the same, whether he be right or wrong.”  Malcolm C. Duncan, Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor, p.230. Blood on the Altar


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