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Since the Honourable Mr Causley has such an affiliation with the sugarcane industry, we thought this little tune by Leopold Stokowski would nicely set the mood. 

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And please Cc copies to us and the corrupt mainstream media.

JOHN X. BERLIN, the conscience of the Clarence Valley, is finally ON LINE!

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From: JXB - "Semper Fidelis"
To: Letters, Northern Star Lismore
Sent: Monday, July 04, 2005 3:42 PM
Subject: Causley & Cabinet
Letters Editor : Northern Star
ABC Radio has just reported that Ian Causley MP, The Member for Page, is surprised and disappointed he was not promoted to the Ministry or Cabinet, today.
Anyone who has ever received a threatening letter from this man, written on Government supplied letterhead using Government secretarial labour and posted by taxpayers funds will not be. I have a collection of these letters, all of which I dutifully photocopied and mailed to the Prime Minister, House of Representatives Speaker and President of the Senate.
John X. Berlin





The media in Australia and around the world is a dangerous, deceitful, two-faced, lying entity which is accelerating our path to destruction.

 It pretends to inform us while actually keeping the truth from us.

A gaiaguys article.




Causley misses out on ministerial position

The Member for Page, Ian Causley, has missed out on a role in the Prime Minister's new ministry, despite years of experience as a politician.

Prime Minister John Howard announced his new ministry on Friday and Mr Causley was hoping for either the trade or agriculture portfolios.

However, both were taken by other candidates - Lyne MP Mark Vaile has retained the trade portfolio.

Mr Causley says he is disappointed he did not make it to the frontbench.

"Oh look I'm pragmatic about this, I understand that there are only so many positions and obviously we have to try also balance representation between the states - it's not so simple down in Canberra, so I accept that," he said.



"The true spirit of Christmas reflects a dedication to helping those in need, and to giving hope to those in despair."



Grafton Daily Examiner


February 14th, 2004: Federal National Party Member for Page Ian Causley has committed to serving another full three-year term in office if re-elected at this year's Federal election. "There is no doubt about it ... unless somebody knocks me dead," the Deputy Speaker of the House quipped last night.



 Here's a news item that will concentrate Ian Causley's mind wonderfully.



"I do not think he should resign. I do not think it effects his position as Governor general."




gaiaguys replies

February 27th, 2003




"You're dealing with a man who has no regard for human life ..."

(He'd know.)


...Mr Causley is keen to get back into the political cut and thrust of his demanding job as deputy speaker when Parliament returns on February 4.

"I'm glad to be back after that little episode. It's a tough job, but I enjoy doing the job I'm doing. The deputy speaker actually runs the parliament," he said, relishing the thought of another good battle...


November 12th, 2002

We sincerely desire that the Honourable Ian Causley's medical tests prove negative, and genuinely hope that he remains healthy enough to robustly face the music, so justice can be served and is seen by all his many victims to be served.

(Courtesy of the Grafton Daily Examiner, page one, November 12th, 2002)



So which is it? It would be nice if they could at least get their story straight.

And the next day...



We initially thought that it was a really astonishing coincidence that during the Friday night opening ceremonies of the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Ian Causley's solicitors sent our former Internet Service Provider a strident fax which demanded this whisleblowers' website's removal from the World Wide Web within 48 hours.

But that pales compared with this.

Within hours of us revealing on this site that evidence exists that Ian Causley wrote off his brand new Commonwealth car by speeding, not looking where he was going and smashing into another vehicle (and naturally successfully pressuring the corrupt NSW Police to hush it all up) we hear on the local radio that the Honourable Mr. Causley is taking a week off from his Parliamentary duties as newly appointed Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives in order to have a possibility of cancer in his lower body investigated.

To compound the coincidence, while getting the local paper, we hear on the radio that infamous self-professed cancer victim Senator Mal Colston, who successfully escaped legal scrutiny three years ago due to his "terminal illness" is now being pursued again by the Federal Opposition for surviving so extravagantly.

June 27th, 2002

Causley drunk and sexually abusive in Parliament?


Official Biography

(Legible contact details for copying and pasting)

Dracula has been made boss of the bloodbank.  

We received a thoughtful email informing us that the Honourable Ian Causley, our federal Parliamentary representitive here who's at the heart of this scandal, has been appointed by federal Environment Minister, Senator Robert "We cannot intervene" Hill, as the (impartial?!) Chairman of a House of Representatives Standing Committee on Environment and Heritage "Inquiry into public good conservation - Impact of environmental measures imposed on landholders"

Public Notices to this effect, calling for submissions, were apparently published on April Fool's Day.

Here's their media blurb. But don't take our word for it. Go see for yourself.

If your read our published submission, that will give you some idea of the apparent sadistic sense of humour which prevails in Australia's grim regime under the "leadership" of our vile Prime Minister, John Howard.


gaiaguys has been redistributed out of Ian Causley's electorate!


Click here

for your free Honourable Ian Causley fridge magnet 2001 calendar with an even better photo of him!

For sheer hypocrisy, don't miss his 1999 Australia Day message to the country

(text of above)

A different opinion



This colourful (day-glo actually!) little mailbox stuffer from the Oct.3rd 1999 election eventually came our way. It must represent new depths of scare-mongering. Who was it who said, " No politician was ever defeated by underestimating the stupidity of his electorate"?

Grafton Daily Examiner

September 30th, 1998

"A Southern Cross University telephone survey conducted on the weekend asked 163 Page voters to name the candidate of the party getting their vote. In Page, 56.4 per cent could not name that candidate. An analysis of that survey by S.C.U. commerce and management lecturer Peter Vitartas concludes preferences would return National Party member for Page, Ian Causley..."
And he was.


He's taking about us in this article.

Sydney Morning Herald, August 23rd, 1993.

"It is a very poor piece of land. I would like to see it emblazoned on the front page of every newspaper to show how hypocritical these people are!"



"You have a lovely bit of rainforest there.

Very interesting. Very complex."

Famous botanist and rainforest expert, Alex Floyd  12 May 1997

"I donít know what they call rainforest..... whether itís something that rain FALLS on, but, ah, ah, yí know, it is a, itís not a great block of land!"

- August 17th, 1993. The Honourable Ian Causley, (rebel) National Party Representative for the Northern New South Wales Federal seat of Page, Howard back bencher, quoted from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's public regional radio.

"Look! There are a few clarifications need to be made! I think that, ah, Vivienne made, ah, accusations against me, about interference! Ah, I certainly didnít interfere in any of this! I think she has to understand the processes that are involved!"

"And to infer that I, in some way, am favouring the owner of the land, is quite libelous!"

The Honourable Mr. Causley, A.B.C. Radio, October 17th, 1994

(The Honourable Ian Causley was the "local member" referred to above)

Forestry Commission internal document March 12th, 1993.

Forestry Commission internal document February 21st, 1989

click on it

Forestry Commission internal document dated March 3rd, 1992

Mr. Kratz's solicitor to the Dept. of Lands, December 6th, 1993.


The above letter plainly demonstrates that the area and position of the so-called "Voluntary Conservation Agreement" was actually determined on December 16, 1992, by The Honourable Ian Causley, M.P., then simultaneously NSW Minister for Natural Resources and Mr. Kratz's representative (JUST A LITTLE CONFLICT OF INTERESTS THERE!?) together with his Public Service lickspittles. All subsequent "flora surveys" etc., which were supposedly carried out to scientifically determine the significant conservation values of the site, were just so much sophistry! It also explains why all the most significant conservation values, which ARE OUTSIDE the C/A area, were never properly identified until 1998.

When we finally lead these stooges to the rainforest, they simply introduced a brand new term ("moist" forest) for what the Australian Heritage Commission still calls remnant rainforest!

It also helps explain why the Greens are unable to act on this.

So does this Nov. 14th, 1998 feature article from the Sydney Morning Herald

All of these outrageous claims are thoroughly supported here by our detailed documentation.
"And to infer that I, in some way, am favouring the owner of the land, is quite libelous!" The Honourable Mr. Causley, A.B.C. Radio, October 17th, 1994

OCTOBER 15th, 1998

Sydney Morning Herald

Backbench ire as Nats gain minister 


Causley Challenges Leadership Again!

"My position is that I would want to hear from the leadership about what they intend to do about issues that are hurting the bush," he said. 



The Honourable Ian Causley has been re-elected.
Photograph (below) courtesy of The Grafton Daily Examiner October 5th, 1998

While The Honourable Mister Causley M.P. , indulges in his psychotherapy (above), we wonder if he reflects upon the fact that the overworked sugarcane fields he cruises back and forth across in his huge air-conditioned juggernaut was - not long ago - lush riparian rainforest as far as the eye could see, and had been undisturbed since the Dreamtime. We wonder if he is proud to be the individual responsible for the illegal destruction here on the Pine Brush National Estate, where the recently discovered last tiny healthy remnant of that unimaginably vast rainforest is now threatened with oblivion. We wonder if he feels god-like, invincible, high above the parched earth in his giant machine.

We wonder if he would have been re-elected if we had been able to expose the truth.

We wonder where all the Australian environmentalists are.

We wonder if anybody else loves Australia enough to try to protect her.

Yes, we wonder.



And our vile Prime Minister has been given another three year term.
God help Australia!
Another damning little note 

The great thing about democracy is that it gives every voter a chance to do something stupid. - Art Spander


(Click here for a text version of the above September 12th Grafton Daily Examiner editorial) 


Mr. Causley, who said he was seeking to keep his how to vote card simple, said he did not really want to give One Nation candidate Warren Wenban last preference "but we can't give him number two".

"It's one thing to put them (One Nation) above Labor but it's another thing to give them number two preferences," he said.

Front page, Grafton Daily Examiner, September 14th, 1998


What a nice guy!

Here's another example of The Honourable Gentleman's charmingly diplomatic wit and political loyalty from the

Grafton Daily Examiner

September 11th, 1998.

MEMBER for Page Ian Causley has told former Federal National Party leader Ian Sinclair to "butt out" of the current Federal election campaign.

Mr Causley's comments came yesterday after Mr Sinclair publicly stated National Party candidates should put One Nation last on their how to vote cards in the upcoming Federal election in the best interests of the country.


July 3rd, 1998

Forest war 'only just beginning'

"He (Causley) said the State Government seemed to be walking away from scientific studies, not conducting research based on science......." 

Did he really say that!!!???

"Where else in the world would such charity be displayed?"

- the Honourable Ian Causley on Australia's treatment of its indigenous population

It appears that the Honourable Mister Ian Causley, National Party member of Federal Parliament for the electorate of Page, thinks that the Bishop of Grafton, the Right Reverend Philip Huggins, should not just promote the virtue of justice, but should give equal time to the sin of avarice.

Click here for text of above 1997 article



Click here for text of above article

Mr. Causley came to national prominence by publicly challenging the National Party leadership as the anti-Wik faction leader.

According to the June 1997 issue of Land Rights News, members of the parliament with pastoral interests include Pauline Hanson, Ian Causley, (party leader)Tim Fischer, Bob Katter, Ian Sinclair, John Anderson and Senator Amanda Vanstone.

What's that I smell? Another Causley vested interest*?

Mr. Causley has wielded a disproportionately large amount of influence in Australian government decisions because of his role as the leader of the splinter group of right-wing malcontents within the National Party. They changed their minds, and decided not to back their party's leader's promises to support their coalition's major partner with Aboriginal Native Title legislation. (Which was unacceptably racist as it stood, let alone with the changes Causley's people got!) They appear to want the blanket extinguishment of Native Title in Australia. Because their National Party requires unity, concessions were made to Mr. Causley's small faction, and because the ruling federal Liberal government requires the National Party as a coalition partner in order to remain in power, THEY had to dance to Causley's tune.

Because of a peculiar set of circumstances, Mr. Causley set the whole country's agenda on this critical issue.

* "[Pine Brush National Estate] Was to be added to Pine Brush S[tate] F[orest] but Minister [for Natural Resources] (Causley?) intervened calling it, "extremely poor forest"....Inclusion in Pine Brush S[tate] F[orest] may now be an option but Causley has a vested interest"

- December 15th, 1992, Forestry Commission interdepartmental memorandum purchased by gaiaguys under Freedom of Information legislation

We DO wonder where the mainstream media is.

Has this character Causley got all the journalists in Australia wetting themselves with terror that he'll sue them for libel if they report anything even slightly disapproving about him?!

gaiaguys firmly believes that our world would be a better place if Australia's steering wheel was wrested from Causley's firm grip.

We have more than enough evidence on this web site to do just that, but we can't do it alone.


Here's a little abstract, to show how

(Ian Raymond Causley)

the guy who worked the illegal quarries here in the 50s and 60s* 

is the self same person who has a lot of blame to shoulder for this unspeakably ugly situation into which Australia has been thrown.

Don't miss this link on the Wik Native Title legislation,

and how Ian Causley played a disproportionately big role.

*"We are instructed to state that material from this property was used on the construction of the Pacific Highway in the late 1950's and early 1960's and, that the (then) present Member for Clarence (The Honourable Ian Causley, Howard back bencher) drove a vehicle which was used to win and carry material from the site for the then DMR." (N.S.W. Dept. of Main Roads)

-John Stone's Development Application

(Oh yes, gentle readers, its all in our zipped file.) 


 This incisive political cartoon by Moir, depicting our vile Prime Minister being ridden by his Liberal* Party's minor coalition partner, the National Party, was gratefully scanned from the Dec. 4th Sydney Morning Herald. A more accurate metaphor for the dreadful political situation here in Australia would depict the Honourable Ian Causley, as leader of the right wing National Party renegades, astride the horse, spurring him viciously back to the 19th century.

*"Liberal" in the Australian context is utterly different that that of the U.S. usage, and denotes conservatism more equivalent to the British Thatcherites or U.S. Reaganites. 





He would have replaced one of the three gentlemen who wasn't ethical enough to keep his front bench portfolio!

We always like to offer you his quotes.

"The fact is - there are some big concerns in the bush."

Here is what our Federal Representative, Mr. Causley has to say about the gun debate, after Australia woke up to the fact that making high-power self-loading rapid-fire semi-automatic firearms easily available to intellectually challenged homicidal maniacs puts our police at a distinct disadvantage. I have personal experience with such weaponry, having been trained with M16s, and can vouch for their terrible efficacy as military anti-personnel weapons.

Perhaps if Mr. Causley knew more about the issues he speaks out on, he would think differently.  

Sydney Morning Herald

December 5, 1997

 Pastoralists taking up arms, says MP 

Those delightful people in the National Party (a.k.a. "Nats", formerly the "Country Party")

are talking about their guns again.


February 5th, 1998

Causley wants to remain in politics


FEDERAL Member for Page Ian Causley will stand for pre-selection for the National Party despite expressing feelings of disillusionment about the political process.


If you'd like to read more of Mr. Causley's wit and wisdom, THEN CLICK HERE for his entire maiden speech in federal Parliament.

Some of you, gentle readers, may be wondering why the Honourable Ian Causley M.P. hasn't slapped us with a libel writ. Simple. Two reasons. Firstly: we are not "conveying an unjustly unfavorable impression" of the Honourable Member, and secondly, he made the grave error of judgement on the 23rd of March, 1995, ( at a large public gathering, witnessed by a lot of acquaintances and strangers) to remark (broadcast on 2GF regional commercial radio), of this website's author: "I know you! You're nothing but a stupid, pot-smoking, dole-bludger who's never worked, would never own land, and couldn't understand a land contract!" He intemperately bellowed a bit more calumny, followed the next day with some nasty racial vilification on the same radio station, but that serves to give you the idea.

In my defense: The Honourable Mister Causley and I have never met, and he manifestly does not know me. I am not stupid. I took an I.Q. test at age ten, and scored 159, and again at age 40, and scored 163. (I'm 55 years old now; older and wiser.) I don't smoke pot or tobacco. I'm not a dole-bludger (unemployed welfare cheat). I'm a veteran (Sargent), former radar/electronics technician, and early retired, long-serving ex - N.S.W. Government Officer. I bought my first suburban property at the age of 23, after coming to Melbourne as a fully assisted passage migrant. That means the Australian Federal Government paid my full fare. And I purchased this 100 acres four years later, earned by the sweat of my brow.

And I'm rather good at understanding land contracts, if I do say so myself.

Any other friends of Ian Causley might wish to contact us with fond memories of his charm.

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