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Bill McDonnell exposes NSW police and political corruption - 2007

In 2001, Bill McDonnell began his web page exposé aimed at exposing, and having resolved, the serious crimes he had become aware of in the Clarence Valley, in Northern New South Wales, in connection to the  Federal (originally State) National Party Member for Parliament, Ian Causley, who in recent years has enjoyed the position of Deputy Speaker for the Federal House of Representatives. Defiant, in the face of attempts on his life, and of his wife, on the part of the "We've all got you stuffed" community leaders involved with Ian Causley, Bill turned to the Internet because NONE OF THE APPROPRIATE AUTHORITIES, INCLUDING THE POLICE, would take the appropriate action in relation to his reports, and in fact proved themselves to be complicit in the crimes in the first instance, or prepared to continue to cover for them after the fact. These crimes include frauds, drug wholesaling, money laundering, bribes, rapes, bashings (including of Bill's former wife) and eventually even the covering of pedophilia, all involving a network of professionals, police and politicians in the Clarence Valley, and evidently, inevitably, extending to the highest levels of state politics. Freemasonry clearly also plays a key part in the protection and activities of this network with Ian Causley, and others named, known to be Freemasons. (Informed readers will know that Freemasonry membership is high amongst politicians, police, the judiciary, and legal professionals to name a few, and demands strict loyalty from members.)

[Above pic. from Clarence Valley Review 21.Oct.2005. "Grafton's Freemason Lodge celebrated its 125th anniversary on Saturday. ...Honoured guests were Hon Ian Causley Federal Member for Page and Mrs June Causely, Hon Steve Cansdell State Member for Clarence, Cr Terry Flanagan and Cr Chris and Vicky Gulaptis."]

After SIX years of persistently documenting and bringing these awful things to the attention of the various authorities with the help of the Internet, Bill has succeeded in demonstrating to the wider (Internet literate) public the extraordinary and complete lack of responsibility of our government and law enforcement agencies and their COMPLETELY CONSISTENT WILLINGNESS TO AVOID TAKING GENUINE CORRECTIONAL MEASURES OF ANY KIND in relation to this. Bill's efforts have exposed a deep and sordid view into our completely rotten system. It doesn't take much to work out what this means for our whole nation, nor does it take much to realize that individual citizens MUST finally REALLY hold their representatives to account and have a duty get informed about what really lies behind the glossy political brochures and community grants and other propaganda.

Despite all that Bill has revealed, which should speak volumes to any rational human being, both the National Party and the Coalition government of which Causley is a part have been willing to keep him in their ranks for all these years (and give him the additional post as Deputy Speaker). In fact their attitude has been pretty well summed up by the words of our local National Party coalition Member for State Parliament, Steven Cansdell, when Bill informed him of all he knows about Ian Causley.

" I don't want to know. I will not go against Ian Causley. Ian Causley has been very good to me."

Bill told Cansdell that Ian Causley is a notorious rapist and that he (Bill) will do anything within his power to expose Ian Causley. Cansdell said, 

"If you keep up this campaign you are going to bring me down."


You may recall that on the 20th of October, 2006, Ian Causley announced he would not be standing again for the next election.

Please Visit Ian Causley's Very Popular Unofficial Webpage

 Here are some news items that will concentrate Ian Causley's mind wonderfully.


 ("It was that #%&#! website that did it!!" - anonymous insider. )



(Right: Picture courtesy of Grafton Daily Examiner, 20th October 2006.)

Bill's campaign has grown to encompass Ian Causley's acts further afield in the more Northern reaches of our state and others who recognize the truth of his claims, because of their personal experience, have joined him. Indeed more revelations have emerged confirming that Causley was behind a terrifying shooting incident many years ago directed at whistleblowers trying to expose the NORCO (dairy co-op) scandal where dairy producers were being defrauded by the Co-op. Is it any wonder people fear speaking out? (Read how FOUR GENERATIONS of honest, hard-working N.S.W. North Coast dairy farmers have been RIPPED OFF by the organized criminals in government who we pay handsomely to look after our democratic interests. )

Lately Causley has also been launching legal and other kinds of attacks on John X. Berlin, "The Conscience of the Clarence Valley", (well known to readers of the Grafton Daily Examiner) and has  managed to knobble his web site. Here's a taste of what John has been dealing with.

From: JXB - "Semper Fidelis"
To: Letters, Northern Star Lismore
Sent: Monday, July 04, 2005 3:42 PM
Subject: Causley & Cabinet
Letters Editor : Northern Star
ABC Radio has just reported that Ian Causley MP, The Member for Page, is surprised and disappointed he was not promoted to the Ministry or Cabinet, today.
Anyone who has ever received
a threatening letter from this man, written on Government supplied letterhead using Government secretarial labour and posted by taxpayers funds will not be. I have a collection of these letters, all of which I dutifully photocopied and mailed to the Prime Minister, House of Representatives Speaker and President of the Senate.
John X. Berlin

(right: Brethren Causley and the current Premier of NSW, Morris Iemma)

source: http://www.thomasgeorge.com.au/gallery/photos/180505%20Nimbin%20MPS%20TG,%20IC,%20Iemma2.jpg


Without the support of law enforcement, media or other supposed community services, and in the face of continued threats to his life, Bill McDonnell is left only with the option of publishing his own correspondence and accounts, to the best of his ability, of what he knows in the hope that something will finally be done to correct past wrongs and prevent further damage to the community at the hands of these various unaccountable powerful criminals and institutions who run New South Wales. Please help to make sure his efforts bear real fruit.

The following represent the continuation of Mr. and Mrs. McDonnell's resolute efforts, beginning with this update of just a few of the matters Bill reported to various police where no charges were laid, crimes were covered over and offenders were protected.

Following are letters to New South Wales State Opposition Leader Peter Debnam, starting back in March 2006 when Bill learnt more about who was behind the attempts on his and his wife's lives. In response to claims of a dodgy deal surrounding the dangerous State Office Block in Lismore and the involvement of Westlawn Investments the NSW Attorney General's "Community Relations Division" absurdly asserts,  "In NSW, Police investigate allegations of criminal activity..." And, needless to say, Debnam's office did not bother to answer Bill's letter of 18th September 2006 in which he recaps on the protection of pedophilia in the valley and Causley's favors to those who have harassed Bill and his wife.

Please make sure you visit Causley's Destruction to see how it all began. And then you can visit this page for all the follow-up to that.

on February 8th, 2007


Please note that a notarized Statutory Declaration is the equivalent being under oath in a court of law.

It speaks well for Mr. McDonnell, that, as a display of his good faith, he waited 10 long months WITH NO RESPONSES AT ALL FROM THE MANY RECIPIENTS before FINALLY publishing this.

A report to the UN on the continuance of the application of British law within the sovereign nation of Australia.



Below: Australia's Freemason Head of State, the Honourable General Michael Jeffery, from his own official website http://www.gg.gov.au/speeches/html/multimedia_2004.html . These were the ninth and twenty-first photographs from the top. We are informed that His Excellency joined The Craft relatively recently in order to get the top job. See more "crunches" here.

Her Excellency Doctor Marie Bashir, the Governor of the state of New South Wales.

Interestingly, a quick search for images of Her Excellency (right, in photos below) shaking hands shows that she seems to be displaying what looks very much like the old master mason (formerly) secret handshake.

Is the Governor of our state of New South Wales a member of the Order of the Eastern Star (a.k.a. Lucifer)?

We think it would be an ironclad requirement of the position.

 Let's pull that Freemasonic GOLD FRINGE off our state flag!


 Fat chance.

 Not as long as NSW Premier Morris Iemma gives Master Mason handshakes on TV.


“I will assist a Companion Royal Arch Mason when I see him engaged in any difficulty, and will espouse his cause so far as to extricate him from the same, whether he be right or wrong.”  Malcolm C. Duncan, Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor, p.230. Blood on the Altar

Bill delivered another batch of damning correspondence to our criminal overlords

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