Please scroll down to learn about the transcript from this "hearing". including the bit we later received which had been left out of the previous copy of the transcript we were sent.

When you read the transcript in which these OTO executive members relate how terrible it has been for them to have our allegations about them on the internet, do try to keep in mind the following lines from their Law of Thelema, as described in their Book of the Law, which they swear to defend and which they are committed to promoting.

II,21: We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit: let them die in their misery. For they feel not. Compassion is the vice of kings: stamp down the wretched & the weak: this is the law of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world.

You may remember that they also say that man has the right to do what he wills, including writing what he wills etc., and man has a right to kill those who would thwart him. Can anyone see how outrageously hypocritical this all is, to say the very least....?

Be advised that this material deals with EXTREME violence, sexual references and adult themes.

Australian Court finds guilty of defaming advocates of torture and child abuse

 July 8th 2005 - by gaiaguys

(Updated November 9th 2005 and more details below from the 6th December 2005.)

On the 28th June 2005, the Australian Capital Territory Magistrate's Court judged authors of, a web site hosted in the United States, guilty of defaming the Ordo Templi Orientis Freemasons, who are advocates of torture, rape, child sacrifice, pederasty, cannibalism and more. The authors Vivienne Legg and Dyson Devine live in the Australian State of New South Wales.

Magistrate Burns of the ACT Small Claims Court obviously judged that gaiaguys' exposé of this dangerous network is not in the public interest! He ordered that we pay OTO members David Bottrill (National Treasurer), Stephen Joaquim King (Chief Executive Officer) and the Ordo Templi Orientis Incorporated each $9998.00 for our imputations that these applicants actually involve themselves in the ritual abuse of children, child pornography and paedophilia, blood ritual involving the sacrifice of small children and animals, satanic rituals and the murder of small children, presumably "...bringing the applicant into hatred, ridicule and contempt ..." etc., as claimed in point six of the original damages applications. (Hatred, ridicule and contempt are notably three primary values which are clearly expressed in the philosophy of the Ordo Templi Orientis).  We are in the process of attempting to obtain transcripts from the hearing, not having received any further explanation than in the below forms. [9th November '05 - We now have the transcript. Please see following section for details.]

According to it's own statements and documents Ordo Templi Orientis members practice and swear to defend these "principles of Thelema" as spelled out in The Book of the Law. A legal document sent to the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria from a Melbourne OTO member, Brent Gray, states that, "The Book of the Law is the primary religious text of Thelema." "The OTO is an international body of men and women dedicated to the promotion of Thelema. These principles are taught through a graded series of degrees, or initiations, and understood through practical engagement with these mysteries in the initiate's own life."

The following are excerpts from the Book of the Law. "I will give you their flesh to eat" “Sacrifice cattle, little and big: after a child.", “damn them who pity!”, "Kill and torture”, "Compassion is the vice of kings".

Having been advised by an officer of the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria that him dealing with this matter as a member of any of the groups affiliated with the OTO, (being the Freemasons, Order of the Eastern Star [a.k.a. "Lucifer"], Knights Templar, etc.) would constitute a conflict of interest, gaiaguys wrote the ACT Magistrate's court twice seeking statements confirming that no conflict of interest would be present in this case. Those requests were completely ignored. Do we assume that Magistrate Burns is also a Freemason? [ December `12th Note: Actually they gave a sort of response without admitting to any Freemasonry membership.  They said  that the senior deputy registrar could not make decisions as conference officer in the mediation conference which was first ordered by the court. But the transcript of the actual Court hearing seems to reveal that he did anyway.]

Gaiaguys has just sent a letter to the Federal Treasurer asking about the legal, not-for-profit status of the Ordo Templi Orientis and asking how long it will be before this "we have a right to kill those who would thwart us", organisation has it's legal, religious, tax-exempt status removed! [18th August - we got an answer. ie. They can't tell us.  9th November 2005- Please follow above link for further responses.]

We have still had no response to our May 24th registered letters to the ACT Chief Minister and the ACT Human Rights Commissioner calling for action against this criminal group who enjoy legal immunity in Australia. Similarly we have still had no response to our May 24th registered letters to the Victorian Attorney General and head of the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria in relation to the OTO's use of Victoria's ludicrous Religious Vilification laws against us, (although the Premier responded saying that we should get legal advice.) [PLEASE follow below link, "Keeping up Appearances", for responses which arrived shortly after this article was posted.] Nor have we heard from the Victorian Police Minister, [We have now. See "Keeping up Appearances" link below], Police Commissioner or Assistant Commissioner in relation to a report we drew up concerning bloody rites of Babalon which were scheduled to be performed by the OTO in Victoria on the Queen's Birthday weekend. And of course, we did not receive any acknowledgement of our many critical points in the original February 19th 2005 response we made to the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria in response to its enquiries prompted by the religious vilification charges made against us by the OTO.

Rather than serving to protect the community from this violent and cruel network, Magistrate Burns' decision has demonstrated once again just how stunningly widespread and complete is the high-level protection enjoyed by the Ordo Templi Orientis Freemasons in Australia.

(Please scroll down for documents.)

(On a technical note, according to the applications to the court the applicants relied on the number of hits on our website since 15th March 2004 and upon its readership since 15th March 2004. How did they determine these figures given that our own hit counter is very erratic and unfortunately has "quirks", to use the words of one of our ISP technicians on the 12th of March 2005?)


 Gaiaguys' defence struck out as "embarrassing" by ACT Magistrates Court judge

9th November 2005 - Revealing highlights of transcript of 28th June Magistrates Court proceedings...

and, (6th December 2005), highlights of a previously missing section of the below ACT court transcript which was left out of the first copy we were given of the court transcript. See below.


This transcript document confirms much of what we have been asserting. Judge J. Burns "struck out" our appeals and evidence against the OTO child abuse advocates (see their own documents, including those to which we repeatedly refer) with callous and irresponsible disregard, evidently not even bothering to check any of our claims, labeling our written response as simply "embarrassing".

Instead he judged our case merely on the basis of whether or not our claims (which have not been tested by the Judge) cause damage to the reputation and finances of the OTO Inc. and its two executives, Botrill and King. And of course, nobody bothered to address the legitimate and crucial matter of whether the judge or any court officials involved in this process are freemasons.

Following are some noteworthy points revealed in the transcript.

- The judge indicated some concern that a judgment had been entered in the pre-trial even though we filed a written defence, and he said that the appropriate procedure would have been to deal with our written defence. However, he then struck out our defence because he found it "embarrassing". To whom? Us? Hardly. It merely supports the evidence. We're sure it was "embarrassing" to the Brotherhood. After-all, it mostly quoted from the Freemason supported OTO's prime religious text.

- The OTO Inc. solicitor indicated to Judge Burns that only an apology and retraction were sought for the other legal action proceeding against us in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. However, since this statement was made, the OTO has indicated that it also seeks damages. "AND THE COMPLAINANTS SEEK: ... D   An order that the Respondents pay the Complainants an amount the Tribunal thinks fit to compensate the Complainants for loss, damage and injury suffered by reason of the conduct set out in these particulars of complaint. "  -  (See the OTO particulars of complaint document.)

- Mr Botrill, treasurer of the Ordo Templi Orientis, Inc. revealed, " I - I - I represent Australia overseas on diplomatic postings ..."  with a top-secret security clearance. We are not at all surprised to hear this given that the accumulating evidence consistently points to protection of this blood-thirsty religion by people in high places. Perhaps this is the opportunity to mention the near treetop level fighter jet which shook our concrete house and terrorised the wildlife on its northerly pass over our house and then again on its return trip, distinctly marking our first webpage exposé and reaction to the OTO's initiation of its first legal moves against us. No. Jets don't do that around here, and no, there were no other occasions, although when we first wrote to the National Security Hotline there was that low-flying, black, unmarked military helicopter. Clearly our work is not so embarrassing that they can simply laugh it off.

- Mr King, Chief Executive Officer of the OTO, Inc. revealed that he is a volunteer tutor at Darlington Public School working with disadvantaged children. "He works with disadvantaged children trying to offset some of the damage that these people have incurred." Remember OTO Prophet Aleister Crowley's explanations about any sexual act at all with whomever...See excerpt regarding children further down this page.

-  Mr King revealed that the Victorian police downloaded OTO web pages, in response to our report of their annual general meeting (in which various bloody rites were to be "performed".) This is a significant revelation, considering the police have apparently consistently resisted acknowledging any need to investigate the OTO in light of independent reports from victims of terrible abuse which correspond to "satanic" rituals described in the OTO's own published religious texts and documents. King seems to claim that the OTO liaised with the Victorian police for fear of public reprisals due to our exposé and that the police played some kind of protective role for the OTO. (Sounds familiar)

- They reveal that their ultimate goal is to have this website shut down.

- They reveal that membership with the OTO has been detrimentally effected by our exposé, as has revenue and attendance at the annual general meeting.

- They suggested that they were forced to alter their webpage as a result of our exposé. However they did not tell the judge that what they removed, among other things, was the page named "... righttokill.htm " in which they had presented verses from one of their rituals which asserts that man has a right to write what he will, eat what he will, etc, etc...Man has a right to kill those who would thwart him. And they also removed the erect penis .gif (left) with the 666 beneath it which accompanied the aforementioned verse. And also they removed their copy of their prime religious text which outlines the law of Thelema which, despite what the OTO says, promotes revenge, torture, lust, ritual sacrifice and all those other horrors we have previously outlined.

6th December 2005 - The extra part of the transcript which was sent to us on the 28th November (coincidentally the day of the latest Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal hearing involving us) revealed that the OTO National Treasurer described the OTO for the Magistrate thus: "...the objects of the association are the promotion of the religion of Thelema and Thelemic culture as we describe it, you know, sort of artistic endeavours by persons of that religious persuasion."

- OTO Inc. solicitor Moerkerke asserted that we have made no attempts at research. I guess they haven't read our web site, after all. I suppose the judge didn't tell him that we also provided the court with a CD of 2954 files about the OTO. If you haven't seen the following already, please do read our "embarrassing", "there's been no attempts at research" response to the court, as well as this  "Compassion is the Vice of Kings - Mark 2" article and this letter we wrote to Premier Bracks, the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria and the Attorney General of Victoria for starters. All are already linked in above section as well.

- They falsely asserted that we alleged that several murders were going to take place at the OTO AGM. We said they "may" take place,  judging by the OTO's own material which already exists on the internet.

 - They refer to a presentation we apparently made which they interpreted as a veiled threat.  For the record. All of our presentations have been for the purpose of exposing the criminality of this situation and seeking humane rectification thereof. Although we have certainly expressed views that the OTO are in (self- induced) strife because of their own activities and may face public retribution, and because we do expect their will be repercussions due to their own actions, we never threatened them with any inhumane retribution as they suggest, nor do we condone such acts. We do however, sincerely urge them to finally comprehend the grave harm, both social and spiritual, they do to themselves as well as others as they continue to pursue this dangerous course.


From: "gaiaguysnet" <>
To: <>; "Perkins, Felicity" <>
Subject: transcript file number discrepancy, missing section
Date: Monday, 5 December 2005 3:24 PM

Vivienne Legg and Dyson Devine
775 Upper Coldstream Road
Tyndale NSW 2460
5th December 2005

ref: 051123

- file number discrepancy, missing section and "truth" replaced with "proof".

Dear Registrar,

We have received from your office, dated 28th November 2005, a transcript and an audio tape of the court session no. 50689 of 2005 at 11.23 AM, Tuesday, 28th June 2005, as requested. However there are discrepancies between the two. The most outstanding discrepancy we have noticed is in the case number noted on the last page. In the audio recording the number is clearly 50689, as you would expect, but in the transcript it is noted as 57789. Please explain how this came to be.

A further point for which we require explanation concerns the missing section. We are rather puzzled that following our request to your transcript clerk for the complete transcript (having first received an incomplete transcript by email on 7th November), we received this current version of the transcript which contained a section not on the audio tape.

Also, according to that transcript there is still a section missing. It reads,

"(Audio stops at 2.12.54)

35 RESUMED [2.49 pm]:"

Please can you explain why there was a break at that point or why that section of the hearing has not been recorded?

Our third point concerns the transcriber's error in recording the word "truth" as "proof". Although the words are similar sounding the word "truth" can be distinctly discerned on the audio tape. Also, we have noticed that when his Honour says, "We can't give you any more than you asked for." it was transcribed as "Don't you mean more than you've asked for?"

Although these latter points may not be hugely significant in legal terms it is clearly important to note the inaccuracies considering the Ordo Templi Orientis members have indicated their intention to launch further proceedings against us which will, no doubt, be based on this extraordinary hearing of the 28th of June (in which our defence was struck out as "embarrassing").

Thank you for your attention to this matter and we look forward to receiving a correction from your office of the above points as well as an explanation for the discrepancies. Considering that legal action, seeking damages, has also been taken against us by the Ordo Templi Orientis through the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (last directions hearing the 28th November 2005) you will appreciate the need to clear these matters up.

We will forward the remaining amount owing for the transcript and tape on receipt of the corrected and complete transcript.


Vivienne Legg and Dyson Devine

(Copy to follow by ordinary mail.)


From: "Perkins, Felicity" <>
To: <>
Subject: Ordo Templi -v- Devine
Date: Thursday, 22 December 2005 8:46 AM

Attached is the transcript again with the mistakes amended. however we have not been able to recover the missing piece of audio. We must have had a system problem that day and an error message is preventing us from retrieving the audio.

Sorry for the inconvenience. The Registrar has waived the remainder of the transcript fees.


Felicity Perkins
Transcript Clerk
ACT Law Courts
Phone: 02 6217 4372
Fax: 02 06217 4509



(July 15th 2005 - by gaiaguys)



Victorian Attorney General, Head of the Equal Opportunity Commission and Police Ministry Respond to Outstanding Urgent Correspondence.

A Further Clarification

(NOTE: The prophet of the Ordo Templi Orientis, Aleister Crowley, said in his commentary* on the Book of the Law, that every man, woman and intermediately-sexed individual is free to interpret and communicate self by means of any sexual practices at all, regardless of ethical, legal or religious concerns, etc, and that all children shall be accustomed from infancy to witness every type of sexual act. We have found another extraordinary composition of his which sheds more light on the kinds of sexual practices he had in mind!!!!!!

 WARNING! This piece by OTO Prophet Crowley is extremely obscene and revolting, and we only include it on our site now in the hope of finally waking up the people of Australia to what is going on here with the approval of our elected representatives and public servants, etc., while child victims, of the sorts of crimes described in the Book of the Law, are betrayed by the Police in Victoria. (Even with victims of horrific ritual abuse independently reporting to Victoria police the Victorian authorities do not consider this group to be worthy of investigation! ) [9th November 2005 - please see previous comments from the court transcript]


"There are a large number, but not a high percentage, of people in high places and positions of trust who take it for granted that they can indulge their sexual appetites for children of both sexes so long as they arrange to cover it up and get away with it," "It's a national problem and MPs involved seem to know each other."  - 1st April 2005 statement, South Australia Parliamentary Speaker of the House, Peter Lewis

"The most outrageous thing of all, which disturbs me most about the information ... is... what appears to be the related and organised activities of those paedophiles in high public office—that is, the judiciary, the senior ranks of human services portfolios, some police, and MPs, across the nation, especially within the ranks of the Labor Party."  - 4th April 2005 Resignation Speech


(Interesting in relation to the South Australian case which blew up in Parliament recently are a couple of harassment emails we received coinciding with our local Internet Service Provider being threatened on two occasions by OTO solicitors. (Understand that whoever wants to send scary emails can't simply do something blatant.) On the first occasion, December 3rd, 2004  we received a "Tsunami warning" email which included some coded messages. On the second occasion, June 21st,  when OTO solicitor Jan Moerkerke threatened Nornet again we received one including the phrase "rise and shine" which also included coded messages. What is most interesting is that someone working with the activists in the South Australian case also received a coded "rise and shine" email, along with a reference to a powerful hand gun, just as things were hotting up over there.)

The below represents three documents mailed to us. We've stitched them together because they are all the same except for the names, and we wanted to save space.

Please see more background about the Small Claims Court Action here.

WHO censored the postal route barcodes on our registered mail receipt from the Human Rights Commissioner and WHY?

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