Some selected quotes about the Pine Brush National Estate scandal.

"I will raise your concerns [about Pine Brush National Estate] with the Minister for the Environment, Mr Bob Debus."


"It seems on the face of it to be totally wrong. Both on environmental, on an environmental basis, but on a justice basis for those people, ah, within the bureaucracy as well as who are neighbouring this land who could see it’s value and believed it was going to be made a reserve for all times. Not suddenly with the, ah, apparent turn of a Minister’s pen converted into a quarry.”

Senator the Honourable Bob Brown, Leader of the Australian Green Party (ABC radio)
"I was astonished when I read your letter. I can't believe rainforest could sell for as little as $1 an acre. And then for it to be cleared beggars belief". - Senator the Honourable Meg Lees, Leader of the Australian Democrat Party (personal correspondence)
"Your account of the history of the decisions concerning this area of bushland is most extraordinary". - Hon. Carmen Lawrence, (former) Federal Shadow Minister for the Environment (personal correspondence)
"All that is sought is an answer. Did the Minister mislead the Parliament? Does the Pine Brush National Estate area have sufficient environmental safeguards, and how much longer will it be before we get a response out of Debus, Woods and Carr?" - Shadow State Environment Minister Ms Peta Seaton (press release)
No way in the world should the people’s land be flogged off to people at the, the, at the expense of the whole of the state. And it would appear that this warrants very serious investigation.” The Honourable Bob Martin M.P., (former) Federal Minister for Natural Resources, SBS-TV
"Is the [former NSW Environment] Minister aware of illegal logging currently taking place on the [Pine Brush National Estate] land?" NSW Greens MLC Ian Cohen M.P. -hansard (Questions Without Notice, Legislative Council Article, Page :423)
"It is clear from the website that the complainants are trying their best to find out the truth."NSW Democrats Leader the Hon. Dr. Arthur Chesterfield-Evans, M.P. (Letter to Democrat candidate for Clarence, Mr. Alec York.)
"In the case of Pine Brush it is difficult to identify a Commonwealth action or decision which would trigger the application of the Australian Heritage Commission Act in such a way as to allow me to intervene." - Australian Environment Minister Senator the Honourable Robert Hill M.P., hansard - (Senate Question No. 288)
They [NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service] feel that in this case the matter [of the protection of the Pine Brush National Estate] becomes a local planning issue and they have very little jurisdiction. - Australian Environment Minister the Honourable Senator the Honourable Robert Hill M.P. (correspondence to Senator the Honourable Bob Brown)
... despite numerous claims to the contrary, the Member for Clarence, Ian Causley, was involved in quarrying on the site during the 1950s and 60s.”

Minister for Regional Development & Rural Affairs the Honourable Mr. Harry Woods, M.P. (correspondence to The Hon Pam Allan (now former) Minister for the Environment
"the greens are committed to helping save the pine brush national estate so we would like to clarify and rectify if there has been any problem with our work to date." NSW Greens Party Member Ms Lee Rhiannon, M.P. (personal correspondence)
“...the issue obviously has merit...”

NSW National Party Member for Monaro Mr. Peter William Webb, M.P. (personal correspondence)
"Concerning my qualifications to be Mayor under the Local Government Act I do not require any specific qualifications to hold the position of Mayor." "Regarding your concern of Pine Brush National Estate and any Nature Reserve that may be created the care, control and management of these areas is left to the experts. As for National Parks having very little jurisdiction is incorrect and in fact National Parks and Wildlife Service policy overrides planning instruments in such cases." "I would also like to point out that I am not in a position to help destroy the environment."

- Ulmarra Shire Mayor, His Honour Kerry Lloyd (personal correspondence)
"I hope the campaign is going well and that there have been no repeats of the fires and break-in you experienced. - Senator the Honourable Bob Brown (personal correspondence)
"I would like to compliment you on your concern for the future, and your hard work. Keep fighting, and please keep me informed of your progress." - Doctor Karl S. Kruszelnicki, Julius Sumner Miller Fellow, The Science Foundation for Physics, The University of Sydney. (personal correspondence)
Excellent web page. I will take a closer look at it shortly"

Pilita Clark, Sydney Morning Herald investigative journalist(personal correspondence)

"The proposal [to do a story on the Pine Brush National Estate scandal] has been put, energetically, once before. I have proposed it again. I will do my best." - Chris Masters Australian Broadcasting Corporation "4Corners" television investigative journalist (personal correspondence)
"A Voluntary Conservation Agreement was negotiated and finalised covering a portion of this parcel of land which adequately protects the significant conservation values of the site."

- the Attorney General, the Honourable Jeff Shaw, representing the Minister for the Environment, the Honourable Pam Allan (hansard. Questions Without Notice in the New South Wales Parliament Page :1429 Legislative Council Article)

"Please find information enclosed concerning the location of the Endangered species and their positioning outside the Conservation Agreement, could this point be clarified as it contradicts the response you gave to my question and I therefore consider it to be a priority." Ian Cohen M.P. (correspondence to the Minister for the Environment, the Honourable Pam Allan)
"First will National Parks release for conversion otherwise aquire (sic) or replace subject to present market value, (if overruled) if gazeting (sic) Forestry means constitute to a permanent Bar of Conversion without a mention of market value, then my total rights if an old law would be taken away by one sided comunist (sic) cunning policies." -holographic correspondence from the new private landowner of Australia's National Estate, Trevor Kratz, (written for him by his legal council, Mr. A. J. Gallagher), to the Honourable Ian Causley. 

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