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The Masons USED to enjoy public esteem. Many of our grandfathers and uncles were members of Masonic lodges, back when it was mildly prestigious, particularly amongst owners of small businesses etc. And those grandfathers and uncles took themselves very seriously sometimes. Others simply advised their sons and nephews that gaining membership of a Masonic lodge was 'the way to get on in business'.

There has always been a certain type of person who 'needs' to belong to a club, committee or lodge in order to feel 'safe' and 'important'. And the Masonic heirarchy are all too aware of the snivelling type of individual who will toady for years in order to gain membership. They ostentatiously engage in infantile ritual and imagine they are important links in a mighty chain. But let's face it: the vast majority of Masons are nothing more than lowly foot soldiers. They are the banal foundations of a pyramid they will never scale. They know no more about actual Masonic agendas than the public in general. They are pretenders. In truth, they are the male equivalent of the women who belong to the Ophrah book of the month club. In fact, from the public's perspective, Masons and Cub Scouts seem to share a lot in common.

Masons no longer enjoy public respect or esteem. Just the opposite. The cats are out of the bag. The Masons, the OTO and similar groups are generally reviled by the public. Too many truths have been aired. The Masons have been exposed and the disclosures have sickened decent men and women. So the Masons have an image problem and seem to believe that self-righteous, self-serving propaganda in open forums is the way to repair it. Not working. Counter productive in fact.

Vulnerable young people are being subjected to perverted, sickening ritualistic abuse by pot-bellied, foul-breathed, dandruff-scalped males who enjoy protection from 'government connections'. The public knows about it and about the young people who are led to the slaughter and never seen again -- or whose murders are claimed to be the result of self-inflicted drugs, alcohol and 'accidents'.

As other posters have remarked, it would be fitting if there were less self-righteous justification of perverse 'lodge' ritual (and origins) and more evidence of *genuine* concern for the victims of loathesome paedophile rings.

The reality is: people do not trust or respect secret 'lodges', 'brotherhoods' or their members. What little illusory glory was once bestowed via membership is long gone. And it's not coming back.

It's clear the OTO used every card in the pack to try to discredit, i.e., 'silence' Gaiaguys.

Yet all OTO achieved was to attract suspicious public scrutiny of itself, the Masons, the police, the  judiciary, the political octopus. Leaving the public with the firm conviction that (1) OTO and its friends-in-authority must have had a LOT to hide ... and (2) that the Gaiaguys claims about OTO/Masons must have been VERY close to the mark !

Instead of trying to blame the victims and destroy the messengers --- secret societies would be better employed in ridding themselves of the depraved lunatics who lurk in their midst.

Any organisation that believes itself entitled to engage in 'blood sacrifice' or to base itself on the ravings of a psychotic in this the 21st. century, urgently requires to be sent en masse to a prison psychiatric facility until it's shown it's prepared to conform with society.

After all --- SECRET societies? Secret? Secrets are for those with much to hide. Society can't afford to harbour men who lurk in 'secret' societies. We need to know what those 'secret' societies are getting up to. So it's society itself which determines if it will tolerate 'secret' societies in its midst.


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