Be advised that this material deals with EXTREME violence, sexual references and adult themes.


21st  February 2005  - By Vivienne Legg (gaiaguys)


(Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law.)

CROWLEY, (Edward) Aleister (orig. Alexander),


"These principles are taught through a graded series of degrees, or initiations, and understood through practical engagement with these mysteries in the initiate's own life."

This remarkable and revealing sentence is one of several which are part of a Statement of Complaint against gaiaguys to the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria by the Ordo Templi Orientis Freemason cult operating in Victoria. The cult has approached the Equal Opportunity Commission  because of the way our coverage of their activities "adversely affects, or has the potential to adversely affect the interests of the OTO or the interests or welfare of the persons it represents"! This complaint was accepted by the Commission to the extent that we were notified and (apparently) required by law to respond.

"The Commission has received a complaint against you under the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001 (Vic). Ordo Templi Orientis, on behalf of David Bottrill, alleges that you religiously vilified that organisation. A copy of the complaint is enclosed."

David Bottrill, on behalf of the OTO explains how the OTO is an international body of men and women dedicated to the promotion of Thelema, that the Book of the Law, written by the "prophet of Thelema", Aleistair Crowley, ("The Wickedest Man Alive") is the primary religious text of Thelema and that these (Thelemic) principles are, "taught through a graded series of degrees, or initiations, and understood through practical engagement with these mysteries in the initiate's own life."

Clearly the contents of the Book of the Law are not merely diabolical religious ideals but, according to this complaint against gaiaguys, are actually practiced by the members.

III, 11...Worship me with fire & blood; worship me with swords & with spears. Let the woman be girt with a sword before me: let blood flow to my name. Trample down the Heathen; be upon them, o warrior, I will give you of their flesh to eat!
III,12: Sacrifice cattle, little and big: after a child.
III,18: Mercy let be off: damn them who pity! Kill and torture; spare not; be upon them!
III,23: For perfume mix meal & honey & thick leavings of red wine: then oil of Abramelin and olive oil, and afterward soften & smooth down with rich fresh blood.
III,24: The best blood is of the moon, monthly: then the fresh blood of a child, or dropping from the host of heaven: then of enemies; then of the priest or of the worshippers: last of some beast, no matter what.

III,43: Let the Scarlet Woman beware! If pity and compassion and tenderness visit her heart; if she leave my work to toy with old sweetnesses; then shall my vengeance be known. I will slay me her child: I will alienate her heart: I will cast her out from men: as a shrinking and despised harlot shall she crawl through dusk wet streets, and die cold and an- hungered.

Also, take your will and fill of love as ye will, when, where, and with whom ye will!

III, 46...I will be at your arms in battle & ye shall delight to slay. Success is your proof; courage is your armour; go on, go on, in my strength; & ye shall turn not back for any!

For over two years Victorian Police Commissioner Nixon and her staff have known about the existence of this group, and victims, who independently describe being subjected to rituals that fit the description above, and who have independently named some of the same members, and still no investigation.

The OTO website, which also provides the above information about the group, has existed for at least two years. Now, Mr Bottrill has volunteered, in a formal approach to a government department, that his OTO practise Thelema - ( ie. torture, brutal murder, sedition and other violent and inhumane acts, as described above).

In an email to our ISP another OTO official revealed that the OTO is registered in Victoria as a not for profit, tax exempt, religious organisation.

Considering that the Victorian Ombudsman's Office, the Premier's Department, the Education Department, along with the various special branches of the police (eg. Crimes Against children) have only thwarted all attempts to bring these criminals to justice to date, we naturally conclude that the Ordo Templi Orientis is already enjoying a more than an equal opportunity in Victoria, Australia, while its terrified victims have no opportunity for justice at all.

Premier’s Justice Department

Police Commissioner’s Office 

Ombudsman’s Office

Labor Member for Parliament

Education Department


12 December 2005 update - Please check this article for updates concerning the subsequent June 2005 defamation action taken against us by the OTO through the Australian Capital Territory's Magistrates court. In this court OTO executive Steven King claims that the OTO is about promoting "artistic endeavours".

Please read our reply to the EOCV and our appeals to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

or go here for an overview of all our files on this matter.

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