"Recently I made a speech in which I highlighted the code of silence which protects worldwide child sex networks including people in the judiciary, parliament, clergy and the public service. Many of these people live in an abhorrent culture in which is included, as a spoils of office, the right to have sex with children...." (excerpt)

 From a speech in Australian Federal Parliament on 29 May 1998 by New South Wales Senator Bill Heffernan -


 And also in the NSW Legislative Council Hansard, quoted by the Hon. Franca Arena.


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Dear Lawrence,

I am sure you are aware that both Anna Bligh and Anne Warner were key players in the shredding of the Heiner report into pedophiles at the John Oxley Youth Detention Centre by the Goss Cabinet in 1990 (Who was the high profile pedophile

named in that report that made it's destruction necessary???).

However a CMC investigation into these pair, will be another whitewash (like the cover into the vote routing scandel). The CMC is where all the pedophiles hang out.

Following is a report tabled by Bill Heffernan in Federal Parliament you may not be aware of about the Murder of Philip Wood by a pedophile and former CJC directer back in 1998.





Three Stories, Same subject .Which one do you belive?


Hidden away in the Senate Hansard, 19/5/98, p3225, is a speech by Senator Bill

Heffernan (Lib N.S.W.). Apart from a brief mention on a radio station, it has

not been reported in the media. An edited version is reproduced below.


"Recently I made a speech in which I highlighted the code of silence which

protects worldwide child sex networks including people in the judiciary,

parliament, clergy and the public service.

Many of these people live in an abhorrent culture in which is included, as a

spoils of office, the right to have sex with children. These people put

themselves at continual risk of serious compromise in their work places as

perpetrators, as too doo those people who knowingly ignore or turn a blind eye

to this ultimate betrayal of our children. Honourable senators should be

concerned at recent developments involving the Criminal Justice Commission, the

body set up to investigate official corruption in Queensland after the

Fitzgerald iniquity. One of the senior members of this body, Mr. Bob Hailstone,

a former priest and manager of the ABC in Brisbane, and director of the

corruption prevention division of the CJC, has left the CJC in what could only

be called exceptional circumstances.


In November last year a Queensland police paedophilia task force raided

Hailstone's house in Bardon and took possession of a great deal of obscene

material. Last week Charles Goh, a man who lives with Hailstone, appeared in the

Brisbane Magistrates court on charges of possessing for sale indecent or obscene



These charges raise serious issues of concern. I have in my possession a letter

which I will now read into the public record, which records disturbing incidents

alleged to have occurred at Mr.Hailstone's house. The letter was written by Mr.

Phillip Wood.


Hailstone recently resigned from the CJC rather than face disciplinary charges

including association with an inappropriate person. It seems to me that the

whole period of Hailstone's service with the Criminal Justice Commission should

be examined, particularly as this body has failed in the past to investigate

paedophilia allegations. The letter written to a Brisbane solicitor reads as



Dear John,


On 30 June 1996, I attended a luncheon party at the home of Mr. Robert

Hailstone. In attendance were a total of 14 persons, including Mr. Robert

Hailstone...During the course of the luncheon, some of the guests and the host

were talking about having sex with young Asian boys, especially during their

holidays in Thailand. This conversation was somewhat disturbing to me as I

regard paederasty as anathema, but I said nothing.


Later on the conversation was about the church and their involvement in it, some

of the group having been to church that day. This triggered a hostile reaction

in me and I asked them how they could be involved in an institution that so

vocally condemns homosexuality. This prompted an outburst of abuse by one of

their number to me, with me responding by calling them a bunch of churchgoing

paedophiles and saying they should be outed (meaning to publicly expose them).


I then left the house.


As I was reversing out of the driveway, I clipped the wing mirror of one of the

other cars. This brought the lot of them out onto the driveway, shouting abuse

and kicking the driver's side of my car, breaking the driver's side window...I

was covered in glass, bleeding and very shaken up, but I drove to my home in

Victoria Point without incident.


Mr. Robert Hailstone, who is a director of the CJC, had stated to me on a number

of occasions that he could have anyone in Queensland arrested on a trumped up

drug charge. With this in mind, I was afraid to report the incident to the

police. I paid for the repairs to the side of my car ($920) and made two

separate claims to the NRMA insurance company for the damage to the front

($2785) and rear ($870) of my car. I hope this account is comprehensive enough.


Yours Sincerely


Phillip J Wood.


Madam President, this letter was dated 8 November 1996. Mr. Wood was found dead

in his home on 10 November 1996."


There are None so Blind, as That Refuse to See



4 February 1998


CJC Chairperson Frank Clair revealed today that the lengthy and exhaustive

investigation into the activities of CJC Director Mr Bob Hailstone had failed to

produce evidence to support any criminal charge against him.


"I have been advised by the Director of Public Prosecutions Mr Royce Miller QC

of the results of the investigation which was carried out by the Queensland

Police Service over some 15 months," Mr Clair said.


The investigation was initially conducted under the auspices of the

Connolly­Ryan Inquiry but, when that Inquiry was shut down by the Supreme Court

for apprehended bias, the investigation was placed under the supervision of the

Director of Public Prosecutions.


Mr Miller has advised as follows:


"I have no hesitation at all in informing you that the evidence gathered in the

course of Mr Jefferies’ extensive investigations would not justify the laying of

any criminal charge under the laws of the State of Queensland against your

Commission’s employee, Mr Robert Hailstone."


Mr Clair condemned the publicity which has surrounded the investigation.


"The investigation was commenced on the flimsiest of evidence fed into the

Connolly­Ryan Inquiry from the office of a politician," Mr Clair said.


"It was then pursued with an over-zealousness which attended many of the

activities of the Connolly­Ryan Inquiry when those activities were directed

against the CJC or one of its officers.


"It is highly unfortunate, indeed tragic, that the fact of the existence of this

investigation was touted in various quarters and ultimately found its way into

the public arena.


"I say tragic because, in the hubbub which followed the release of the

Children’s Commissioner’s Report on Paedophilia in August of last year and which

culminated in the resolution of Parliament to create a Crime Commission to

address, among other things, the issue of paedophilia, some public comment and

some political capital was made of the fact that a senior CJC officer was

reportedly under investigation for ‘paedophilia offences’.


"An intensive investigation has been carried out — it could not have been more

intensive — and those allegations of paedophilia have come to nought.


"In the process, the identification of Mr Hailstone as the subject of

allegations has impacted severely upon his career as Director of Corruption

Prevention with the CJC.


"Further, the existence of these unresolved allegations has cast a pall over the

CJC during a crucial period in its existence.


"They have been used in the worst possible way. It has been implied in some

published articles that the CJC may have been soft on paedophilia because there

was a paedophile in its ranks.


"Such assertions, implied or otherwise, were outrageous, but security concerns

surrounding the investigation made it impossible to deal with them fully at the

time they were made.


"I have no doubt, however, that the suspicion created by the mere existence of

this investigation was used as one of the blocks to form the sacrificial altar

on which the CJC was laid out in recent times.


"It is ironic that the progress of the Fitzgerald reform agenda, designed to

achieve a fair but effective corruption free system of criminal justice, should

be set back as a result, partly at least, of such abuse."


Mr Miller also advised that he was of the view that disciplinary proceedings

were warranted against Mr Hailstone in respect of some incidental matters

arising out of the investigation.


Mr Clair said that the CJC has already determined that those disciplinary

matters should be addressed but had to await the outcome of the criminal

investigation before doing so.


The disciplinary matters do not involve any suggestion of paedophile activity,

or relate to the shredding of papers at the CJC on 11 November 1997 C the

investigation did not reveal any evidence of impropriety in that regard.


Mr Clair also said that there was no evidence that ‘Mr Hailstone was counselled

at the CJC in 1991 because of concerns about his behaviour’ as has been alleged

in some media articles.


The ‘former CJC staffer’ referred to in those articles was interviewed in the

course of the investigation and rejected the assertion that such a counselling

took place. There is no record at the CJC of any such counselling, or any such

concerns ever being raised.


"The investigation did not find evidence to support the charge, made in media

articles, that Mr Hailstone had threatened to have people ‘set up’ on drug

charges through the CJC if they ‘gave him trouble’," Mr Clair said.


Mr Clair said the CJC cooperated fully with the investigation in every possible

way. It will now address the outstanding disciplinary issues and advise the

results after the proper procedures have been followed.


Issued by Media Liaison Officer, Christine Henderson: (07) 3360 6344 or 0417 787

276 (note new mobile number for media queries)




CJC Chairperson, Mr Frank Clair, today announced that Mr Robert Hailstone, the

Director of the CJC's Corruption Prevention Division, tendered his resignation

on 7 May 1998.


Mr Hailstone's resignation was accepted at a meeting of the Commission on 8 May

1998. Mr Hailstone's letter of resignation, dated 7 May 1998, was in the

following terms:


"Acting upon medical advice following extensive consultations with my doctors, I

tender my resignation as Director of the Corruption Prevention Division of the

Criminal Justice Commission effective from today."


"Mr Hailstone had been on unpaid leave since 26 November 1997," Mr Clair said.


"The Commission had reviewed a substantial amount of material which resulted

from a Queensland Police Service investigation concerning Mr Hailstone and

others, and as a result, he was due to appear before the Commission in relation

to alleged disciplinary breaches of the Commission's Code of Conduct on 13 May



"The alleged disciplinary breaches did not in any way relate to paedophile

activity. There is no evidence of Mr Hailstone's involvement in such activities.

This is supported by the determination of the Director of Public Prosecutions.


"With Mr Hailstone's resignation, the disciplinary proceedings are brought to an



"The CJC has kept the Parliamentary Criminal Justice Committee informed

throughout the disciplinary proceedings, and had agreed last week to provide a

report to the PCJC today.


"In keeping with my undertaking on 4 February 1998 to make the results of any

disciplinary proceedings public, I decided on Friday to issue a media statement

today about the matter, following the provision of advice to the PCJC."


Mr Clair said that the Courier-Mail newspaper had repeatedly published false and

misleading articles which distorted the facts in this matter and falsely accused

the Commission and its Chairperson of wrongdoing.


He said that in view of this unfair and persistent campaign, a formal complaint

would be lodged with the Press Council about the behaviour of the Courier-Mail

and its Editor.


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From: Leader <Leader@opposition.qld.gov.au>

To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sent: 20 Aug 03, 8:38 PM

Subject: Family Services



Dear x.xxxxxxxxx


I refer to your correspondence of 29 July 2003 concerning revelations regarding child abuse and the failure of the Department of Families.


As I’m sure you know your representations are among many that I have received that outline further concerns regarding the Department.


The Opposition is not satisfied with the actions of the Premier in referring the original report regarding the failure of the Department to address reports of child abuse by a foster family despite representations from both sides of politics to the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC).


I believe that an inquiry cannot be limited to the issues about a carer family. It must be about the systemic failure of the Families Department and its administration by two Ministers who have arguably presided over the cover-up of ongoing abuse.


In any case I believe that the CMC is not the appropriate body to examine the numerous and complex issues that have been brought to our attention.


Under section 176 of the Crime and Misconduct Act it is for the Commission itself to determine if a hearing is held or not. I believe, however, that this is a fundamental matter of public policy for the Government and/or Parliament to determine, not an appointed body.


In addition, by Section of 177 of the Act, the hearings are generally not open to the public. This issue is one that cries out for a public hearing so that all affected individuals and the community can have the opportunity to state their case and have confidence in the outcome of the inquiry.


By Section 178 of the Act the chairperson must by law conduct a public hearing. If another person is to be appointed by Governor in Council to conduct a public hearing then the current chairman is required to stand down.


I cannot see how, given the potential size, length and time required to be devoted to a public hearing in relation to these allegations, the Chairman could possibly continue other duties as Chairman of the Commission, whilst conducting such a public hearing.


The Chairman of the Commission has a responsibility to ensure that the CMC continues to fulfill the role vested in it by Parliament of continuing the fight against organized crime, as well as carrying out its function of ensuring public sector accountability.


The resources made available to the CMC are in my view obviously inappropriate to enable it to continue to maintain its Legislated functions, as well as conducting an inquiry of the width and depth necessary to assure the Queensland community that problems inherent in the Department of Families are being properly investigated.


Any attempt by the CMC to undertake this investigation by other than a public hearing will only leave the CMC open to the allegation that it is an attempt to cover up a gross failure of public policy. As such, the long term role and operation of the CMC will inevitably suffer and its capacity to carry out its legislative role will fall into question.


Obviously the Opposition does not have the resources to inquire into the matters which are being brought to my attention so I believe that I have no option but to refer the matters you have raised directly to the Commission in the first instance so that the Commission will realise the number and complexity of the concerns.


Such an action should result in either the Commission agreeing that a Royal Commission is warranted or their investigation of the issues you have raised.


Current legislation also imposes significant restrictions upon those matters which can be publicly disclosed even in Parliament so I believe that my making personal representations on your behalf to the Chairman of the CMC is the only suitable option available to me at this stage.


If, as I hope I am successful in having a Royal Commission established naturally I will refer your concerns to that body.


In the meantime may I ask you to take every opportunity to support my call for a Royal Commission in the interests of the Children of Queensland?


Yours sincerely


Original Signed



Leader of the Opposition

Leader of the Queensland Coalition

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