Be advised that this material deals with EXTREME violence, sexual references and adult themes.

Waking Up : From Grass Roots to Galactic

By Vivienne Legg 2nd July 2003 


This article is for those who recognise that we are empowered by knowledge and that knowledge is necessary for us to act logically with wisdom and in love for a sane and just world - something we must do decisively for ourselves now. It is not negative to address terrible things. In fact I think we have to have a positive, creative frame of mind in order to deal rationally with negativity. True positivity takes a holistic approach.


"Each person must first acquire an optimistic attitude solely for himself, and from this will initially result the progress of expansion through which his fellow men will be prompted and will join in. And if people think consciously in this direction, then they will make the amazing discovery that all means and all hopes for a true progress exist only when they start everything by themselves." (Quetzal, Plejaran Commander, from "What the Plejarans Wish for the Earth Humans".)


We, Vivienne and Dyson (the gaiaguys) have no trouble accepting the genuineness of Reina Michaelson's horrific story of an untouchable pedophile and satanic network operating in Victoria, Australia involving high government officials, leading politicians, television executives, top tv presenters and the police. It is clearly not an isolated case.

With quite a bit of combined personal experience now, with three superficially separate and excruciatingly drawn out whistle-blowing scandals, we have become familiar with some themes that dominate Reina's story. Iím not referring to the ritual, high-level child torture, the reality of which the work of many others confirms. I'm talking about the astonishing patterns of cover - up employed by the perpetrators. Perhaps most disturbingly and significantly, we are becoming increasingly familiar with how these cover-ups are carried out so thoroughly and successfully largely by an unseen network, making the story unbelievable sounding to many and making the story-teller sound paranoid. I provide the following story summaries, some rather personal, others outrageously global, in an attempt to paint a picture from the bottom up, that helps to show that these crimes are real, they effect real people and are not the stuff of paranoia.

I'm drawing firstly from our own modest experiences at very local corruption fighting here in Northern New South Wales, Australia. Although these may appear at first to be isolated cases (we certainly counted on this being so) fairly quickly the isolated cases broaden out and reveal a widespread pattern of corruption throughout the community - both private and public sectors, destroying the environment, destroying businesses, destroying individual lives. The ramifications, or implications of this corruption remaining unchecked are profound. It's no exaggeration to say that we are on the verge of destroying, at a global level, the very life on which we depend. We don't accept that it has to be this way here on Planet Earth.


  • Corruption in a Government Department

    Valuer Generals Department, Grafton, New South Wales - routine harassment, falsification of files for Land and Environment Court.

  • Destroying the Environment

    Pine Brush National Estate, Clarence Valley, New South Wales - Government Minister gives Public Nature Reserve to a mate for gravel quarry.

  • Private Sector Crime

    Maclean/Yamba, New South Wales - Police assist Government Minister in development scams, money laundering, intimidation etc.

  • Child rape and Torture

    Elite Pedophile/Pornography ring, Victoria - Top politicians, police, media personalities and government officials involved in ritual Satanic abuse and torture of children

  • The Brotherhood

    Freemasons and related secret societies

  •  The ET/UFO Reality

    United States based Disclosure Project - 500 military, government & intelligence community witnesses with first hand experience pushing to testify before Congress.




We begin in the north of the state of New South Wales, Australia. Dyson started out on his journey of discovery in the mid 1980s. He began, naively enough, trying to blow his tiny whistle from within the Grafton Regional Office of the Valuer General's Department (subsequently downgraded to the the Valuer Generals Office). He worked there as an ungraded clerical assistant, responsible for making the tea. The New South Wales Valuer General's Department supplied current market value land valuations for taxing and rating authorities throughout the state. Our rates are determined by this valuation (now supplied by the Valuer Generalís Office.) His story goes something like this....

It was Dyson's hope then to simply earn an honest, uncomplicated living in order to sustain a quiet life on his bush property near Grafton. Instead, he found himself one of the several victims of serious, routine harassment from three higher ranking office staff. The grade one clerk, who was supposed to be the immediate supervisor, would frequently use obscene language and insults, make loud, inappropriate and embarrassing remarks, often of a sexual nature, invade personal space and engage in inappropriate touching (and he refused to supervise except when it suited him). The Assistant Regional Officer would persistently stare invasively in the direction of the male staffís privates, instead of addressing their faces and kept a file open on her desk of illegally collected, highly personal details on them all. The Regional Officer would, after hours, rummage through personal items in desks, and during office hours hide behind file cabinets or the like to eavesdrop on conversations. These three, (any one of which would have been sufficient to poison a whole office, according to the Union) engaged individually and together in other psychologically soul destroying behavior as well. This was intended to distress and humiliate the mostly female and often very junior staff, often bringing them to tears, and naturally this in turn also distressed Dyson.

Eventually, when the Departmentís Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator visited the office soliciting for complaints, Dyson was urged to join his increasingly distressed co-workers and make a complaint. The EEO appointee was shocked at what she heard and duly promised action. Naturally it was expected that something would be done. But months passed and nothing came of her promises at all. However retribution ensued within the office. More months passed. Nothing else changed while repeated attempts were made to get through to the EEO appointee. After many months had passed eventually the Valuer General arrived from Sydney on a "routine" visit so Dyson raised some complaints about how the office was run, with the junior staff terribly overworked, making it impossible to fulfill their obligation to the public and resulting in their rapidly decreasing morale. The Regional Officer reluctantly confirmed the truthfullness of this situation. The Valuer General was clearly displeased, and his assistant took details and assured the clerical staff that this was very serious and would be seriously dealt with. But afterwards nothing appeared to change at all. 

After months of inaction and repeated entreaties to Head Office from the Grafton clerical staff, the Valuer General eventually ordered an investigation by a Head Office internal auditor. This auditor duly arrived and spent several days in Grafton and appeared to be treating the matter very seriously. Dyson and his co-workers were hopeful again. This time something was sure to happen, they thought. But there was no follow-up by head office and the harassment only worsened in retaliation. Months passed again while daily obscene verbal abuse, inappropriate touching, blatant racial vilification and invasions of privacy continued. 

Dyson warned head office that if nothing was done by the Department about this increasingly outrageous behaviour then he and his co-workers would have to seek a solution externally. When still nothing was done he made a formal complaint to the NSW Privacy Committee (set up by the Government to field such complaints). This complaint focused on the Assistant Regional Officerís collection of personal files, since it was such a clear and demonstrable breach of privacy legislation. The Department Secretary finally arrived from Sydney and personally heard the complaints from the junior office staff. He promised justice and that action would be taken to stop those who were behaving badly. This gave them all great hope that at last their very real concerns would be acknowledged. He spent hours listening carefully to harrowing stories from some of them and took copious notes, promising to not reveal to the subjects of the complaints what the complainants had told him. However he turned around and did exactly that, with predictable results. He then chose to replace the boss of the office, the elderly and ineffective Regional Valuer (not one of the offenders) and he sent the Regional Officer on long service leave, who, of course returned after his leave. (He had actually been caught by the Departmental Secretary crouching outside the interview room door listening during the interviews and then sprinting down the hallway.) 

At least the now extremely stressed clerical staff were hopeful that the replacement Regional Valuer would quickly act to clean up this shocking behaviour. (The Department Secretary had promised that they would be getting a "super manager".) But remarkably, he began his new job by putting a colour photograph on his office wall of himself holding his exposed genitals! And, he would leer at the females staff and make sexually suggestive comments. The clerical assistants couldnít believe what they were experiencing. Complaints about this situation were made to the Union, to Head Office, to the Anti-Discrimination Board, the Public Service Board and the Privacy Committee but were fruitless, except that he was eventually made by the Union to take the picture down, after some weeks. (He then took it to the women one by one to examine with a magnifying glass. ) The staff were made to pay for their complaints with even more harassment. It seemed like the clerical assistants were just about always on the verge of tears, day in, day out, month after month. The new boss then insisted that no further complaints were to leave the office and reported that the Valuer General was "most upset" that complaints had reached him in head office. He told the staff that all voluminous notes and files created during the last investigation, the result of a long, trying day of interviews with the distressed complainants, had been destroyed. 

In the words of the Union, this new Regional Valuer then completely hijacked the agenda by directing the three clerical assistants who had been interviewed by the Departmental Secretary to falsify (hide) evidence to be relied upon for the Land and Environment Court. (If you exercise your right to object to your land valuation, and your objection is overruled by the VG Department, then you have the right to appeal to the Land and Environment Court. Your solicitor has the right to subpoena all V.G. documentation to support your case. That's when the scam hits you.) Being instructed by the regional valuer that no complaints were to leave the office the clerical staff approached the Union representative with this news and were told that the Union would gather this information up with all their other complaints to present in a future meeting with the Valuer General in the not too distant future. (The Union representatives strangely ineffective predecessor had written up a report and over many months previously and had reassured the staff that something would be done. But to the dismay of the complainants he had never acted on his report or passed it on. He eventually retired without even advising his replacement of the outstanding matters.) 

The Valuer General reportedly only received the news of the direction to falsify files for the Land and Environment court just before he arrived in Grafton again to personally deal with complaints, although the Union rep. had previously complained to head office, possibly to the Deputy Valuer General, who reportedly laughed him off saying, "All departments falsify files for the Land and Environment Court". Still the VG only just learned that the Union was now involved and was talking about taking serious action. He seemed very angry at the matter of file falsification being perused this way. The complainants were extremely distressed and anxious at the possibility of having to meet with the Valuer General himself. He reportedly gave the union representative an undertaking that he would not approach them in person. Despite this, while Dyson was absent during a lunch period he chose to berate the two tearful remaining female complainants, having called them into the Regional Valuerís office, AND growling, "There will be no winners in this matter!" He then deliberately physically confronted Dyson on the stairwell, an evil grin on his face, after watching (through a window) his return. He ordered Dyson to meet with him in the afternoon at which point he advised that disciplinary actions had been instigated and more would ensue. These actions from head office (and a union representative) took the form of interrogation of the victims as well as the victimisers in a windowless room, and in Dysonís case, with one interrogator positioned behind the complainant (a psychologically distressing tactic). Only more misery arose out of this. Eventually the two female staff left the office with nervous breakdowns. Though presumably reprimanded, the immediate supervisor, the Assistant Regional Manager, the Regional Manager and the Regional Valuer remained in place. 

The Union representative was outraged to then learn that Dyson, a chief complainant and victim of abuse, whose many complaints were clearly backed with written evidence, was now to be given a formal disciplinary interview by the Deputy Valuer General (Now VG) He accused Dyson of deliberately withholding the information about the falsification of files to maliciously damage the department, when in reality he had been told by the Regional Valuer that no complaints were to leave the regional office. And it was the Union that had delayed the telling of that information. On top of that the Valuer General had written to Dyson after his latest visit that nothing improper or illegal had taken place in regard to falsification of evidence for the Land and Environment Court, (despite the fact that the clear documentation existed as proof). 

The disciplinary interview was something that had reportedly only happened to anyone once before in the department, (and then shortly preceding a criminal conviction for the theft of a departmental vehicle). But the union representative encouraged this interview to go ahead anyway, being of the view that the interview, being so grossly inappropriate, would provide more ammunition for the union to press ahead with its claims. 

This kind of mad, complicit behaviour was to continue relentlessly, each appeal for help only resulting in more harassment or exacerbation of the original problems from the very entities supposedly set up to assist. When Dyson made the twelve hour train trip to Sydney for a meeting with the president of the Anti-discrimination Board, who had arranged the meeting herself, (after she had instructed Dyson to send her photocopies of all his files) he was told at the last minute by a junior staffer that the meeting was cancelled and there was nothing they could do for him. Aware that his complaints were partly regarding sexual harassment this physically large man approached Dysonís face within centimetres, giggled and breathed on him. The Anti-discrimination board had failed to take any meaningful action. Dyson eventually left the VGs office with reactive stress related illnesses. He noticed with some relief that the newly created Independent Commission Against Corruption was inviting complaints. He presented his complaints to ICAC but " the Commissioner was advised [by its operations Review Committee] that this matter should not be investigated". It said it wasn't set up to address past injustices, but to prevent future corruption. Since Dyson left the office the harassment only worsened and of course the matter of the falsification of files for the Land and Environment court had been merely swept under the carpet. 

His Grafton solicitor had led him along for years, at one stage telling him he had appealed against a Legal Aid rejection as Dyson had employed him to do. After a year of trusting and patient waiting Dyson discovered that this solicitor (immediately thereafter to become Grafton mayor) had done no such thing. His explanation, after keeping Dyson desperately waiting for a year (often literally for hours in his waiting room prior to the many, many very brief appointments) was "I didnít think there was any point." He told Dyson the matter required a more specialised solicitor and was referred to one in Coff's Harbour who was immediately very hostile and accusatory. But he was Dyson's only chance in seeking compensation having finally been forced out of his employment with stress related illnesses. Government solicitors working for the department were later to provide Dyson with a document to sign which would have prevented him or his successors from ever suing the Valuer Generalís Department for damages. That document was itself reportedly illegal, and he was told that if he did not sign it he would never receive any compensation. Dyson did not sign it. Years later it was very selectively stolen from a locked file cabinet in our house. 

Like so many others before him, Dyson was eventually forced permanently out of the public service on a "whistleblowers pension" still suffering from reactive stress. He had chosen to hire a private psychologist so he could be counseled about what was being done to him and it was also an important step in seeking help, a required move to continue to receive his sick leave entitlements. Suggestions had been made by his obviously crazy "supervisors" that his problems were of a psychiatric nature but his psychologist actually concluded that he is unusually sane. Dyson was strongly encouraged by his General Practitioner to take medication for his stress, which he declined to continue with, given that the problem was clearly not internal and he had a strong adverse physical reaction to the medication. When eventually attending court to be granted his compensation Dyson agreed with the judge that his stress was in part due to his co-workers and him being directed to falsify files for the Land and Environment court, (one such falsification leading to the suicide of a land owner victimised by the still unresolved corruption). No charges were ever laid against the Department. 

Even after he left his desk Dysonís boss had managed to interfere with his life by holding up his sick leave payments by lying about the payment options, even phoning the Department of Social Security and telling them that Dyson was still at work when he had been gone for weeks. He was never sent his personal files from the Valuer General's Department, although this is a legal requirement of the Department. 

In 1986 Dyson wrote to the Public Service Association solicitor, "I have never been forced to participate in, nor indeed ever imagined that I would be forced to participate in, an exercise so devoid of avenues for the prompt and just resolution of obviously legitimate grievances." And this coming from a young man who had been through quite brutal U.S. Air Force training during the Vietnam period. At least three other clerical staff were driven out of their jobs in the Grafton Valuer General's office during this period and at least two more were suffering stress related illnesses. Even the newly appointed grievance counsellor Ė one of the later complainants - was too afraid to make further complaints, and eventually left her desk, for stress related workers compensation, in uncontrollable tears. The sneaky Regional Manager retained his position and the grade one clerk - the most obnoxious of the three and the main perpetrator of harassment - was eventually promoted into the position he coveted when the Assistant Regional Officer decided to leave the Public Service instead of accepting a transfer to Sydney. Itís worth mentioning that this supervisor at one stage frankly told Dyson that, originally, he (Dyson) was simply being "used" by the Regional Officer to lever out this lazy and odious Assistant Regional Officer who had indeed eventually been forced out. 

Dyson never approached his Member for Parliament about these problems during this period. Nor did he go public because he was advised by the Department, the Union and Solicitor that such disclosure by public officers outside the Department was grossly unlawful and would result in a penalty equal to the degree of disrepute this would bring on it. They had no way of finding out if this was true or not of course, with ALL the authorities involved demonstrably lying and cheating or turning a blind eye. Who could they possibly have turned to? However the Department was actually disbanded apparently as a result of this series of events there was a widespread spill of staff throughout the department and the Valuer General had lost his position.

What this story reveals clearly has serious implications for not only harassed and mistreated public servants but also for those who they are intended to serve, in this case - considering that the corruption extended all the way up to head office - it effects land owners all over the State of New South Wales.


In 1993, some time after Dyson finally received his much reduced "compensation" from the Valuer General's department and a short time after I joined him here, he and I learned that our local Member for Parliament, the National Party State Minister for Natural Resources, had "freeholded" a very high conservation value piece of public land, adjoining our property. This was ostensibly done for one of this Minister's oldest and dearest friends, who paid the Lands Department just a dollar an acre for it after previously only having the modest grazing rights. Although the relevant document was missing from Lands Department files and National Parks and Wildlife Service files, in 1978 that Crown Reserve had been registered by the Australian Heritage Commission as part of Australiaís National Estate. This was because it was judged that its high conservation values should be conserved for future generations. We only discovered this National Heritage registration some time later from leaked information from the NPWS.



Outraged at this behind the scenes sell-off of sensitive public land we thought that this Minister's political opposition, including the Labor Party and the Greens Party, would cry blue murder, and the media would have a field day. In order to achieve this conversion Minister Causley had ignored very recent advice from an interdepartmental task force, composed of representatives from three government departments, that the land should NOT BE converted, but be reserved for future generations. He had threatened departmental staff, having one Grafton Area Manager transferred from here on the coast to the icy highlands for his opposition. He had demonstrated a clear conflict of interest by representing his constituent (his mate) in pushing for the conversion, while as State Minister for Natural Resources knocking back a State Forests application to have the same land dedicated as part of the Public State Forest system. Bypassing local department offices, he had organised an on-site "inspection" of the rough and lesser edges of the land with Department Heads flown up from Sydney. The local office of the National Parks and Wildlife Service were not even informed that the conversion had taken place or that it had been approved by their Natural Heritage Conservation Division Manager from Sydney. This was despite their long-term goal and efforts towards acquiring the land for a Nature Reserve. 

The conversion became known to the local Environment Centre and we began phoning the media about it when the Minister began lying on air that there was "not one decent millable log" on the visibly huge-timber covered hillside and that it is just an "ordinary" piece of land of "no great value" and that it "would not be logged" as conservationists feared. There would only be "a little bit of grazing". He threatened certain media entities with legal and other threats. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation local radio station, to it's credit, covered the story to some extent, but did little to challenge the Minister with the available documentation, although it aired a few painful talk-back radio sessions until the threats from Causley got too much. The local newspaper printed a slanted "No Political Pressure over Lease Conversion" article and did nothing to expose the Ministerís heavy handedness and duplicity. Causley's political "opposition", well in need of an opportunity to weaken this corrupt warhorse's grip on the electorate, did absolutely nothing. 

Eventually we personally approached the local Labor Party organiser with all the documentation we had gathered including that detailing the Minister's conflict of interest. He then became quite excited, since the Labor Partly were still in opposition at a state level, and he spent a week in Sydney informing the Labor Leader (who was also said to be excited) and, we were told, they planned questions to be asked in State Parliament. It was coming up to election time. But Parliament was prorogued before the questions were asked, and then the Labor party dropped the matter like a ton of bricks. They had won the election, after all. When we requested our files back we were told that they had been passed on to the state's number one newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald, so that the story could be handled that way. The SMH had produced a cursory article prior to this after considerable prompting on Dyson's part. But no follow up was done when more evidence became available. We were told by the Sydney Morning Herald's staff, when we phoned to ask, that they had shredded all our (original) files. We were forced to obtain new copies where possible. 

After this land conversion the National Parks and Wildlife service, previously having earmarked this Crown Reserve for a Nature Reserve under it's care effectively covered for the pro- "development" Minister by employing scientific fraud and being inexplicably unable to locate certain environmental values that it had documented previously, like the rainforest remnant 200 metres from our house. Our numerous documented and registered letters to the National Parks and Wildlife Services' Director General were repeatedly and "regrettably" lost by that office. After appeals from us our new parliamentary representative, Labor Party's Harry Woods, asked the Department of Land and Water Conservation (under the Labor Party) to "investigate". But it decided that there had been no irregularities in National Party MP Causley's hasty conversion, although he had carefully steered it through a two week window of opportunity between two moratoriums on such sensitive conversions, the Minister had had a clear conflict of interest and misled the department heads about the true nature of the land and he had clearly acted for a crony. 

Prompted by us pursuing these matters every way we could through the appropriate departments two successive Labor party Environment Ministers then lied to Parliament about the bogus Voluntary Conservation Agreement drawn up over the land. The Voluntary Conservation Agreement was originally agreed to be conditional for the sale to go ahead according to NPWS Heritage Division Manager. It was intended to cover the entire land and protect everything, but it did not even end up including the prime conservation values. These values include the remnant rainforest (confirmed by top New South Wales rainforest expert in the employ of National Parks), the most threatened schedule one plant species, (confirmed by top NSW rare plant specialist) aboriginal sites (confirmed by University of New England archaeologist) and most of the unique 180 million year old sandstone rock formations (previously documented by NPWS). Nor did it include the best timber (documented by the Department of State Forests). The land owner, who was illegally removing ancient sandstone rock formations (ridges jutting above rare aboriginal sites) and illegally quarrying high up the ridges above Department of Soil Conservation stipulated heights was praised in the local Grafton Daily Examiner for his environmental sensitivity. This was just before he began heavily logging the only intact remaining old growth forest in the Lower Clarence Valley. 

The Independent Commission Against Corruption chose not to investigate Minister Causley or the other Ministers, the NPWS or the Lands Department. The Ombudsman's office became involved in a limited capacity only after persistent dogged nagging when the Causley-approved illegal quarry developed on the land, (from which many hundreds of thousands of tonnes of below-minimum-standard gravel was removed illegally) and which, despite it's blatant illegality, was to be approved by the local councillors, half of whom had a pecuniary interest in it. (Their own legal advise advised against it.) It was not until we obtained photos of the illegal quarrying of the National Estate's unique 180 million year old sandstone covered ridges that a parliamentary candidate for the State Greens party raised the story in a radio interview leading up to a state election. It was only after we presented the story to the Internet did he eventually raise questions challenging the first Labor Party Environment Minister when she lied and covered for her opposition college and the NPWS duplicity. But the Greens Parliamentarian failed to even notice until months later that the Minister had responded at all. Then he simply accepted the Minister's position as a lack of her understanding, despite the hours of documentation we had prepared that demonstrates the opposite. 

Needless to say we suspected deals and schemes were going on behind the scenes especially with a new gravel-greedy highway bypass promised the electorate by Minister Causley. Our whistle-blowing efforts were rewarded with a fire lit at our front gate on a 40 degree (Celsius) gale force winds day while we were away (shortly after we talked on talk-back radio about the scandal.) Also, our mail box has been ripped out or damaged on three occasions and our house broken into and files stolen. This was the file burglary, (shortly after we got on the Internet) in which the illegal indemnity from prosecution, given Dyson by his Valuer General era solicitors, was stolen. No finger prints were taken after initial interest was expressed by the attending police officer and who, a little puzzled, noted that the muddy boot marks left throughout our house matched his own. When we phoned to ask what was happening (since our house had been ransacked, and we were asked not to touch anything) we were angrily told by police that the fingerprints would be too old to detect after a maximum of just three days Ė plus another dayís delay by the police. Although files were stolen in that event, a gold watch in the same smashed open file cabinet was not. Interestingly when MP Causley attempted to thwart our Internet activity by issuing a legal threat during the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony he did this with the assistance of his solicitor, former Grafton mayor, the same solicitor who had led Dyson along for years during the Valuer General fiasco. 

It's fairly obvious that what this Pine Brush debacle revealed has terrible implications for the environment, at least that in the "care" of these government departments, ministers and parliamentarians. That is, at least all over the state of New South Wales, Australia.

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In 2001 some of our more serious suspicions about Member for Federal Parliament Ian Causley, (also now the Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives) were confirmed when we became acquainted with a local sugar cane farmer, Bill McDonnell. Bill was trying to blow the whistle on the same Member for Parliament and his criminal cronies (which include his former political "opponent" the Labor Party's Harry Woods). Billís story initially focuses on the local sugar refinery in the Clarence Valley - the Sugar Co-op, its board of directors, and friends and family of Federal MP Ian Causley. These were benefiting from the associated scams and deals while the ordinary cane farmers we being ripped off. The cane farmers eventually found themselves with a debt caused by "mismanagement" of the sugar refinery, but details of the finances were being kept from them. There were rigged contracts and unapproved developments. In addition Ian Causley was providing National Party supporters and friends with government loans that he retrospectively turned in to grants, and was turning a blind eye, for example, to a relative's illegal removal of protected mangroves for a farm extension. The Sugar Executives Office had taken illegal actions against Bill. His cane testings were rigged with tonnages altered and downgraded. In an effort to have these things investigated Bill personally visited the Register of Co-ops in Sydney, and locally the media and the police. He also reported these things to the Labor Party (theoretically National Party Causleyís opposition) but to no avail. He has unsuccessfully sought an investigation into the co-op financial records. Bill was harassed for his trouble, as were other complainants, by those involved in the scams. This story has profound implications for all farmers of the Clarence Valley. (A very similar story exists surrounding the National Party and the Dairy Industry a little further north.)




Meanwhile Bill had also learned of a money laundering scheme surrounding a coastal development in Yamba at which he was employed as a machine operator. This scheme involved MP Causley and the Maclean Shire Mayor each receiving payments in order for the sensitive development to go ahead. Bill was asked by the development boss to take part, but he refused. This is when he really became a target for serious recriminations. He reported these bribes and money laundering to the managers of the banks at which the laundering accounts were held. He believes that one account, created by the developer's solicitor in his name (unbeknownst to him) was being used to launder money. Bill also reported this scam to the local police. But no investigations at all were ever carried out by the banks or by the police. In Sydney the senior investigator of Westpac, who Bill approached for assistance, actually refused to show Bill the account of concern with Billís name on it, although he acknowledged that it existed. The Maclean Mayor, said to have been involved in yet another local quarry scam with Causley, where the two men were receiving a percentage, eventually resigned. (This Mayor did attract some attention from ICAC). Before he resigned, the management of Maclean Shire assisted the money laundering, coastal developersí solicitor in Bill McDonnell's ruin. 

With "assistance" from this solicitor (Holder), Bill had bought in to some investment sheds, innocently leaving the paperwork to the solicitor, whose true affiliations were still unclear to him. Solicitor Holder and McDonnell had agreed to be joint tenants, but after the sale, unbeknownst to Bill, Holder altered the contract so that Bill only held a quarter share, a fact that was later confirmed by the Law Society in Sydney to whom Bill later took his complaints. When Bill attempted to sell his share he discovered what had happened. The Law Society did not allow Bill to provide additional testimony at the ensuing hearing into this matter and after Holder admitted to his " errors of judgement" they merely fined him. He was found guilty of "altering a contract for sale of land so as to avoid the payment of penalty stamp duty, and altering documentation concerning the purchase (sic) in the contract for sale and transfer (of the business) without the vendor's prior knowledge and consent." This solicitorís partner once told Bill, "we deal in hit men." Previously promised Law Society investigators were never sent and no police action was ever taken, even though Bill had been advised by another solicitor that he had a solid case for fraud. 

After discovering Holder's duplicity Bill had hired an investigator to determine the extent of it. This investigator was soon threatened by someone over the phone. But rather than persisting or withdrawing he then actually started to play a role in assisting Holder and Bill's accountant, the Maclean Shire and Sugar Co-op and associates, bankers and local business men in Billís ruin, even eventually taking legal possession of his cane farm. Bill was illegally sued by the Maclean Council after he had neglected to pay rates for just a few months. But he had no-one to turn to for justice. Billís accountant, his investigator and solicitor Holder refused to show him his own files and he was given no assistance from the police. The bank told Bill he hadnít been making payments when he had, and also refused to show him his files. The sheriff who issued Bill with his eviction notice didnít think he would be able to get his files back from his former investigator. Billís land was sold to one of the Sugar Co-op board members, an adjoining land owner, by this Co-op memberís real estate agent friend, who never had the legal documents to sell the farm, and subsequently shredded many original documents. There were no police investigations into this fraud although Bill reported everything to various authorities including the police, the state Premier, ICAC and others. 

One afternoon Bill reported his knowledge of Causley's Yamba development scam and sugar mill corruption to the Grafton Daily Examiner, declaring that he would have these matters revealed one way or another. The newspaper produced no articles, but late that same night a number of armed police turned up at his home and threatened him, weapons drawn and lights flashing. He learned that this visit had been ordered by Ian Causley. The police soon withdrew when Bill confronted them with their own roles in covering up in "a certain rape case" and other crimes of Causley's. Bill wrote to the new Police Commissioner asking him to investigate the sugar mill theft and another police visit of harassment that had taken place (ordered by Westlawn Investmentís Jim Dougherty, a close friend of both local MPs Ian Causley and Labor Party's Harry Woods). Bill also reported on the Yamba Development contractor money laundering, a rigged court case involving rape (with Holder's firm representing the accused) threats to his life and he asked that investigators be sent from outside the area. Just days after sending this letter his wife was brutally bashed in a park in broad daylight. The police never took a statement from her. No charges were ever laid. 

When local police approached Bill to sign forms for "conciliation" after which an apology would be extended to himself and his family by the police and the matter closed, he instead approached the Ombudsmanís office, as is his right. The Ombudsmanís office did not investigate as it felt that conciliation was sufficient after all the harassment he and his family had been subjected to, and the police failure to follow up any of the crimes Bill had reported. On another occasion he phoned the Ombudsmanís office again, requesting assistance and said that he would be taking his story to the Internet. Bill, assuming that his call was confidential, was surprised when moments after he hung up the phone the police Area Commander phoned him and told him he would be sued if he went to the Internet. The police harassed Bill on a number of other occasions. One time uniformed police were seen attempting to enter his caravan. He had files stolen from his home. His drivers licence was taken from him, although to the surprise of Road Traffic Authority staff no meaningful records of the reason for this exist. He simultaneously lost all his machine operating licences, preventing him from earning a living that way. His social security payments were being delayed, unpaid or lost as were his new wifeís. He even became a victim of fraud by someone working at the Social Security office (Centrelink). All the while he was keeping high ranking police, politicians, media and others in Sydney informed. 

Bill's letter to the Police Commissioner was never directly acknowledged. He took the precaution of sending copies to NSW Premier Carr, Labor member for Clarence/Page Harry Woods, the Minister for Police and the NSW Ombudsman. The Police Integrity Commission, acknowledging that Billís complaints were of serious police misconduct, said it had no funds to look into it and referred the matter back to the local police Area Command, which had been the subject of some of the complaints. The Coffs/Clarence Command wrote responding to Bill's letter to the Commissioner, saying that no further action would be taken. (None had been taken in the first place.) One police officer who appeared to Bill to be genuine about clearing up the corruption locally was pushed out of town, seemingly set up. Police officers involved in the cover-up and harassment, those who have been named in Billís letters to the Police Commissioner, suddenly resigned and received enormous payouts. 

Labor Partyís Harry Woods, officially Ian Causleyís opposition, when originally approached by Bill for help gave his assurance that he would personally follow up on the matter and get in touch with the local police Commander. After some time and no reply, Bill contacted the Commander himself who was adamant that he had neither received any word from Mr Woods or spoken to him. The state Labor Party Premier refused to acknowledge all of Bill's letters appealing for help in which he reveals that he had been told by local police Detective Graham that his body would be found floating in the Clarence river if he didn't keep quiet. The Premier even had Bill, who had travelled to Sydney for justice on a number of occasions, escorted from his office. Mainstream media outlets were alerted to Bill's material shortly after it was published on the Internet. Two days later he was visited by a local senior NSW Labor party man who offered him $250,000 to buy his silence. Bill had long been aware that one police officer involved in harassing him had also performed certain duties for the National Party, and he had turned a blind eye years ago as licensing officer to the various "transactions" taking place in the pub then owned by Labor MP Harry Woods. Bill was a problem for them all. This problem increased exponentially when he became acquainted with us. 

The former Police Minister, Michael Costa never once acknowledged receipt of correspondence from Bill although since going to the Internet various police investigators have exclaimed that the crimes committed are extremely serious and "something has to be done". And the Independent Commission Against Corruption chose not to investigate. Bill and his wife are now homeless, travelling around in fear of their lives, while police " investigator" after " investigator" pretends to take action, pressured only by exposure on the Internet. 

It had been Bill's visit to the Grafton Daily Examiner one evening that triggered one police visit to his home a few years ago. Over the years Bill circulated copies of different letters to some TV. media and newspaper personnel, all expressing initial excitement and promising to get right back. Not once did any of them returned either a phone call or provide further acknowledgement of his cause, not even to ask one question. The Grafton Daily Examiner was among those issued with copies of letters and were unwilling to cover any of the corruption that Bill was endeavouring to enlighten them about. However the newspaper regularly prints articles elevating these criminal individuals as they carry out certain "good works" in the community. 

Meanwhile other victims of police cover-up have approached Bill, including parents of pedophile victims. When these parents reported the pedophillia to the local police those police officers, the same ones who covered and threatened for MP Ian Causley, threaten to kill them. The pedophile offenders, at least one a high profile local community business leader, remain protected. On December 4th, 2002, Dyson contacted the Child Protection Enforcement Agency seeking advice about this terrible situation, and with no action offered from that department either he published what they told him on the Internet. He was then shouted at and threatened with legal action, and the next day, Bill McDonnell tried for some justice and got loudly verbally abused for his trouble too. Federal Senator Bronwyn Bishop, who recently chaired a NSW police Corruption inquiry completely ignored our email alerting her to these unchecked crimes involving police covering for paedophiles, here in northern NSW even though unchecked crimes involving police covering for paedophiles was exactly the matter under investigation in Sydney too. 

In a proper police interview, so far denied Bill, he would be referring to the cover-up of pederast activity and laundering of drug money including what he firmly believes is Labor Partyís Harry Wood's involvement in the cover-up amongst other things. But now that " investigators" are finally, after increasing exposure on the Internet, making a pretense to interviewing Bill he justifiably cannot trust them not to simply inform their criminal colleges of how much he knows. He was left with no alternative but to go to the Internet. 

This story obviously has terrible implications for ordinary farmers, and individuals involved in agriculture industries, not to mention victims of police assault, and sexual assault and victimisation by the very politicians and other authorities who are supposed to represent us. And on that note we move from Grafton and the Clarence Valley in Northern New South Wales to the Southern State of Victoria.


(Names in the following story have been changed.)

 When Reina Michaelson's story was recently drawn to our attention we were horrified to learn that in Victoria, Australia, some top politicians, media personalities, police and other elites are operating a pedophile/child-pornography, satanic ritual occult ring in which children are raped, tortured and killed (their organs even consumed) along with small animals. But guess what? Finally we had wised up. This time we were not at all surprised to learn that the special police unit set up to deal with sexual crimes against children had intimidated deeply traumatized child witnesses and refused to interview numerous victims and witnesses, including adults. For instance, one group of 15 year old child victims/witnesses had not been interviewed because "they were too young". We were not surprised to hear than the Police Ethics Unit Detective, later appointed to investigate the head of that special unit, was his close friend and colleague, who had left the unit about the time the complaints had been made known. We were not at all surprised that the Deputy Ombudsman (police complaints) when initially approached by Reina obstructed a meeting she sought with the Police Commissioner, or that he inserted false information into notes given him by her and refused to allow the independent taping of Reina's interview with him. 

Another Ethics Unit Detective, assigned by the Deputy Ombudsman to head his investigation into the pedophile/pornography ring and police involvement in it, also assisted the pedophiles by not interviewing key witnesses and he did not pass on information about video evidence and other corroborated evidence of police participation in pedophile satanic activities. And he judged the failure of the earlier police investigations to be mere incompetence. Then the Ombudsman judged this Ethics Unit Detectiveís actions to be merely incompetence. Thatís right. He dismissed this Detective Senior Sergeantís failure to pass on information specifically relating to police active involvement in child pornography and pedophila, on two separate occasions, and his then demonstrable lying about (not) having done so, as mere incompetence.

When Reina finally had her interview with the Police Commissioner she explained that she had the names of the members of the elite pedophile/pornography ring. Admittedly, we were a little surprised to hear that the Commissionerís Office never asked for them. And that office judged the Ombudsmanís actions, and lack of results after two years of investigations as merely "strange". Meanwhile these child victims suffer bashings, rape, torture and terrible retribution at the hands of the pedophile elite.

In this case one media outlet involved, Network X, was obstructive in itís airing of an interview about Reinaís child abuse prevention work and organisation, refusing to give out the phone number for donations. And it has been actually producing hard core child pornography in it's own studio. Reinaís interviewer, named by child victims as one of the pedophiles, is still employed as one of itís most popular, long standing show hosts.

Topping this all off, after Reina won a prestigious national award for her child abuse prevention work in Victorian schools her organisation actually became infiltrated, then effectively thwarted by a high-profile, powerful group of child sex offenders, comprising the Editor-in Chief of a major Australian newspaper, the former head of a child-focussed service club, the head of the largest agricultural society in Victoria, the partner from a well-known law firm, an extremely wealthy businessman and former Network X board member, the head of a well-known accounting firm, the head of a successful advertising company, and others. Two of these, a well-connected government official and the General Manager of one of Network X, (who became President and vice president respectively) had been part of the panel who selected Reina for her award! They succeeded in discouraging previously promised funding and publicity. One board member who did propose a launch of the organisation, suggested it be in the form of a beauty pageant for 12 year old girls. "Prettiest Girl on the Shiniest Pony". A photo of her on her horse would be used as a centre-page-spread in the leading newspaper.

What other entities covered up and abused Reinaís trust? At one point (Police) Crime Stoppers promised Reina they would take names she had provided of police who were reportedly protecting this pedophile ring straight to the police Ethical Standards Division (internal investigations) and not to the named officers, especially as Reina feared retribution. Crime Stoppers then sent the names straight to the head of the offending police unit and not to the ESD. The Education Department and even the principal of a school at which a repeatedly offending pedophile teacher was employed were very supportive of this teacher. The Principal had gone over and above the call of duty in protecting this pedophile teacher and arranged for his transfer after he came under suspicion. This, even after he had admitted to some of the alleged offences on students including inviting girls to see his penis after school. He also admitted to physically attacking one boy at the second school. Despite all this that teacher has since been cleared by the Education Department of all wrong doing. The head of the Department of Education Complaints and Investigations Unit wrote a letter exonerating the teacher on all counts "because the witnesses (which Reina had provided) cannot substantiate your claims". He interviewed only one of eight witnesses, and that one had supported Reinaís statement. Existing records of his more recent offences were simply wiped from his file.

One of the newer board members, the new President of Reinaís organization was intimidated by another worker from the child protection field who advised him not to associate with the board and Reina because of her complaint about the police special branch. Even some Mormons were assisting the pedophile elite in Victoria by conducting surveillance on Reina and her family.

Reinaís story clearly has profound implications for children and other victims of untouchable elite pedophile networks everywhere, as it does for everyone else who needs and deserves protection from the police, and who requires assistance and justice from the established oversight departments.





The Hidden Threads. The Brotherhood


Although it was not at all obvious at the time, during Dyson's Valuer General's experience in Grafton there was clearly a lot of criminal collusion going on behind the scenes. Not surprisingly the most blatant sign that there existed an established system of protection of wrongdoers was provided by his immediate supervisor who would brag that he could do what he liked because his father was a high-ranking Freemason. This physically intimidating and obnoxious man even succeeded in intimidating his superiors. He had certainly succeeded in getting promoted rather than charged or removed for his criminal behaviour. Dyson was made vaguely aware by others that there were people involved who were protected by their Freemason connections, although at that time he could not comprehend the extent of this and found it hard to believe. But the consistency and widespread nature of the cover-up, and the relentlessly persistent failure or hijacking of investigations could hardly be explained any other way but that some kind of brotherhood was looking after itís own. 

With the Pine Brush Scandal we were astonished by the bipartisan nature of the cover-up of the actions of the right wing politician Ian Causley. It was as if he had no political opposition in the whole state, even though the state seat of Clarence has been held only marginally. In his various dealings it was clear that Causley used threats, bullying tactics and political power to get the results he wanted. It wasn't just the fact that his so-called opposition never failed to support him with their inaction that was suspicious, but the sheer relentlessness in the lack of appropriate attention to the matter. But it was only when we met Bill McDonnell that we learned that Ian Causley is a high ranking Freemason (as was his father) and that this meant a lot. He was untouchable. Not only did he avoid losing his state parliamentary position with all itís lurks and perks, he took on a new Ministry (Agriculture and Fisheries) then switched to Federal politics and later was actually honoured by the additional position of Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, where he remains today (see below). This was despite the great embarrassment he had apparently become to the National Party as a result of our unchallengeable webpage exposure of his activities.






In Bill McDonnell's case it was clear that solicitors, real estate agents, bankers, police, social security staff, local council and even postal workers had been used or had conspired to destroy him once he persisted in trying to expose sugar mill corruption, the cover up of rape charges, money laundering and other development scams, all largely powered by Ian Causley. One of the main personalities behind these crimes, close friend of Causley's and manager of Westlawn Investments, far from denying his involvement in attacks on Bill's livelihood once laughingly declared "We've all got you stuffed!" We? Who is we? Bill is quite confident that most of the main participants in his downfall have been Freemasons. This manís father, a local well-known business man, is involved in the scams and is also a high-ranking Freemason. Bill has heard reports of missing money from Freemason ledgers which was used to pay various people to set his wife and himself up. One local man even admitted to Bill, after a few drinks, that he had done terrible things to set Bill up. 

Bill believes that the real estate agent involved in processing falsified documents to sell his farm (another who did not deny his involvement when confronted) is a Freemason, as are the solicitors Holder and his partner Hargreaves. (Learn about the Freemason solicitors in this case. Freemasons Stole My House.) As for the police, in Billís case the police cover-up extends right to the top, with some officers who had helped cover for the fraud and perverted the course of justice surrounding rigged court cases (relating to sexual assaults) later rewarded with large payouts. Many others involved in the criminal acts revealed by Bill McDonnell are also known to be Freemasons and Bill is certain that this has been a major factor adding to the strength of the collaboration between those determined to destroy him. 

The following quote is from the book 'The Brotherhood' by Stephen Knight who died suddenly, just 18 months after itís publication. The cause of death was listed as a cerebral tumor. He was 33. (You can read more excerpts from Knightís Freemason exposé, by following the links below. Knightís work was referred to in the British parliament in relation to a recent series of enquiries into Freemasonic corruption of the Judiciary. 

"Only the fighters have any hope of beating the system once it's at work against them,' he told me. 'Most people, fighters or not, are beaten in the end, though. It's . . . You see, i ... You finish up not knowing who you can trust.

You can get no help because your story sounds so paranoid that you are thought a crank, one of those nuts who think the whole world is a conspiracy against them.

It is a strange phenomenon. By setting up a situation that most people will think of as fantasy, these people can poison every part of a person's life.

If they give in they go under. If they don't give in it's only putting off the day because if they fight, so much unhappiness will be brought to the people around them that there will likely come a time when even their families turn against them out of desperation. When that happens and they are without friends wherever they look, they become easy meat.

The newspapers will not touch them".  

When without any notice Bill and his wife were evicted from their flat in Yamba some months ago they wrote, "not only have we had to deal with the threat to our lives but are about to be evicted and they've made sure our name is mud with fabricated lies and set-ups." At least the tribunal hearing at Grafton Courthouse determined the eviction notice to be invalid and that there had also been a breach of privacy legislation.

Take a closer look at whatís going on in Britain in regard to Freemason police, lawyers and military personnel.  

See half way down this page to read what the British Parliament is doing. "As a result of a number of scandals involving Freemasons in the Judicial System in Great Britain TWO successive British Governments - one Conservative and the other Labour have conducted THREE formal inquiries on the extent of corruption and malfeasance BY Freemasons in the Judicial System and in Municipal Government. " Here's another one to check out.

Of particular relevance in Australia is the fact that former New South Wales Police Commissioner, Tony Lauer is now proudly the Grand Master of the New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory united Freemason Lodge.


 Former New South Wales Police Commissioner Tony Lauer


In May 1993 a reluctant Liberal/National Party (conservative) government launched the most spectacular inquiry into police corruption Australia has ever seen - the Wood Royal Commission - to investigate entrenched corruption in the senior echelons of the NSW police force, under Tony Lauer. In 1996 Lauer resigned two weeks after the Commissionís interim report concluded that the police serviceís internal security, ICAC and the Ombudsmanís Office were all incapable of dealing with police corruption. In 1996 Lauer said of the corruption "It is in this case a figment of the political imagination."  

According to child victim(s) with whom Sarah Connor has worked, the pedophile elite in Victoria at the centre of her story appear to be members of the Order Templis Orientis. This is another secret society which around the turn of the last century formed and incorporated Masonic rituals and practises, and itís founder, famous Satanist Aleister Crowley, is said to have purified or revised them to be clearer and more theatrical. The O.T.O. is not a Masonic order but it claims to be in sympathy with traditional Freemasonry ideals and requires that it's members are high ranking Freemasons to be admitted to the inner circle as illuminated and initiated members. Crowley liked to be known as "the great beast" and "the wickedest man alive". He claimed that the O.T.O. had the key which opens up the Freemasonic and hermetic secrets, namely the teaching of sexual magic. Crowleyís " revelation" "The book of the Law" is valued as the O.T.Oís sacred text. 

Crowley was apparently once expelled from Italy due to rumours of drugs, orgies and magical ceremonies involving the sacrifice of babies. Many who associated with him died tragically, including his wife and child. According to what victims report to Sarah, the elite pedophile ring in Victoria performs rituals that involve sacrificing small animals and even babies and children, and the consuming of their blood and organs. One victim of the group, enlisted to recruit smaller children, reported being forced to clean up after these rituals. The O.T.O. webpage reports that it has approximately 3000 members, and is active to varying extents in about 42 countries. It has an Australian website. If you are in any doubt about the motives and activities of the O.T.O or that it exists today just visit the Ordo Templi Orientis Australia website. Whether the group in Sarahís case is the O.T.O or not it certainly appears to engage in the same activities. What does the O.T.O. group feel about the street children and orphans on which it apparently preys? 

"We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit: let them die in their misery. For they feel not. Compassion is the vice of kings: stamp down the wretched & the weak: this is the law of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world." (The book of the Law)

 ."there is no law beyond do what thou wilt." (al iii:60) 

Sarahís work revealed a network of personal connections between those professionals supposedly involved in assisting her. Not only was she consistently thwarted in her efforts to gain justice for the child abuse victims, by the institutions and organisations responsible for helping, but those particular individuals who thwarted her seemed strangely to know each other, and at least several seemed to be members, or friends of members of that same secret society responsible for torturing the children. The Manager of Network X (who later became Vice President of Sarahís organisation) introduced himself to Sarah by saying he had never heard of child sexual abuse. On another occasion he admitted to knowing the head of the special police division set up to investigate sexual crimes against children, although he had previously indicated otherwise. Both the manager of Network X and the head of the special police unit just happened also to be good friends with Greg Neckett, the powerful Victorian politician know for his crimes against boys and for his weekly "business trips" close to Goldtown, where the cult group was very active. (Necket was described to Sarah by another politician as being "really into that" when she spoke about sexual crimes against children.) Also named by victims of this Goldtown Satanic occult group was entertainer Gerald Oanasis. His professional partner Ernie Old, working for Network X, was known to be producing hard core child pornography. The multiple offending pedophile teacher in Sarahís case was temporarily transferred by the Department of Education to that same country town, Goldtown. 

At one time the Network X Manager told Sarah about his religion, which she describes as being the opposite to her Christianity. Someone else who had worked with him described his religion as being "weird shit". Sarah writes, "The satanic cult is very powerful within the country town where the pedophile teacher had been transferred and was reoffending. The cult was headed up by the most powerful and influential families. ...The members of the cult were extremely powerful members of society. There were numerous politicians (mainly from the conservative party). These people would often speak of important events before they would actually occur. Mick was also sexually abused by Gerald Oanasis, the famous television personality and professional partner of Ernie Old."  (Read about the Franklin Cover-up scandal - a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies .)

Sarah noticed another disturbing connection when the President and Vice President of her organisation arranged a meeting with the senior managers of the Department of Education. "When we all met, the men acted as if they did not know each other and were meeting for the first time (exchanging business cards, etc). However, when the men thought I was gone (I was in fact standing just out of their sight), it was very clear that they not only knew each other, but that they knew each other extremely well. They were saying things such as "Great to see you again, mate!" and slapping each other on the back!"

Another clue about Illuminati connections in Sarahís case was revealed in the remarkable comments of a "potential donor" to her organisation, the CEO of a major charitable trust and personal friend of members of the Board. He asked Sarah "Do you ever think that by preventing children from having sexual relationships with adults that you are actually HARMING them?" This was explained away by the president of her organisation as "Tom just thinks on a very high intellectual plane. High above yours". By following the above threads it becomes apparent that these "llluminati" types actually believe themselves to be superior in intelligence (this is why they should control the world) and their engagement in the child abuse and other ritual activities is seen, at least by some, as being a superior type of behaviour.

Have a look at this webpage of material belonging to Illuminati cult survivor, ex-programmer (torturer) "svali". This Illuminati group, according to Svali, are another powerful, elite organisation with very similar practises and goals, not the least being the enslavement and torture of children through sexual and psychological abuse. (Please be aware that the term "Illuminati" is used fairly loosely in many circles to refer to all of these groups, at least to their upper levels, but is also used specifically in Svaliís case.)

And if you are doubtful that these Illuminati groups could share any common ground with Freemasonry take a look at the Freedom Project website where you will be enlightened about the extent of Freemason pedophilia in Great Britain. Similarly you can take a look at the work of researcher and abuse victim Lynne Moss-Sharman who has revealed connections between pedophilia and Freemasons in Canada and the United States.

" Again, initially it was an overview and personal descriptions of having gone through cult ritual abuse, and then we began to realize that a great percentage of the survivors had also been involved in Masonic cult ritual abuse. Their fathers or their grandfathers were Masons or Shriners, again in different parts of the country, and we started looking much more closely at that because it seemed to be a common thread. Once the Presidential Hearing had been conducted in Washington in 1995 and the survivors of childhood mind control experimentation came forward with their testimony and that became part of the public record -- we were then able to publicly come forward with the information about the mind control experimentation that had been described by certain survivors, and the military connection began to come in there, and again the Masonic was also a common thread."

"Research has been conducted by Dr. Stephen Kent, a sociologist at University of Alberta who researches cult practices, deviant religions and it is a focus of his work that the Masons seem to be the secret society who come up over and over again whenever cult practices are disclosed by survivors or investigated by researchers."

The following quote is from Dr Stephen Kent.

"Early on in my research when people were coming forward with accounts, some accounts appeared about deviant Freemasons - some of the people making allegations were indicating that their fathers had been Freemasons and that somehow their alleged abuse they thought was connected with the Lodge or Freemasons. Occasionally, abuse accounts, and I can't say definitively, but if they were true, seem to have occurred inside Masonic Lodges and so on. I was really quite perplexed by the appearance of Freemasonry in a fairly significant number of accounts. I was not getting any allegations about other kinds of philanthropic or civic groups. I was not getting accounts about Kiwanis or Lions Club or Knights of Columbus or Rotarians or whatnot, it was only allegations about deviances involving Freemasons sometimes in Masonic Lodges. My sense all along is that even if some of these allegations are true, ordinary Masons would be appalled about the allegations I was hearing but nonetheless, I was faced with the dilemma of trying to make sense out of what I was hearing."

Alarmingly, Freemasons who are not fully initiated and are ignorant about these top level satanic rituals are well trained to carry out the necessary cover-ups through their well-established and promised blind loyalty to the brotherhood.

"The Freemasons and the Illuminati are hand in glove. I don't care if this steps on any toes, it's a fact. The Masonic Temple at Alexandria, Virginia (the city itself was named after Alexandria, Egypt, and is a hotbed of Illuminati activity) is a centre in the Washington DC area for Illuminati scholarship, and high ceremonies. The leaders in this Masonic group were also Illuminists.

This has been true of every large city I have lived in. The top Freemasons were also top Illuminists....are all Masons Illuminati? No, especially at the lower levels, I believe they know nothing of the practises that occur in the middle of the night in the larger temples....the group helped create Freemasonry as a Ďfrontí for their activities.í" ( Svali, from part 4: the Illuminati - Freemason connection)

(At this point I must also make a passing reference to the Yale University based Skull & Bones Secret Society, to which George Bush Senior and Junior belong.)

Also be sure to read what these people say about the hoax behind False Memory Syndrome.

It has to be pointed out on a more local level that one of Ian Causley's close associates, a Freemason and well known business leader, and one heavily involved in the aforementioned scams has been named by local victims as a pedophile. Local police have apparently covered for him. I reiterate that police from the most local station right up to the police Commissioner have covered for those locally who have harassed and intimidated Bill and others in the valley. It is noteworthy that the solicitor responsible for ripping off Bill's farm was also involved in representing another local pedophile and also the rapist Member for Parliament in local court proceedings, cases at which Bill had been attending as a witness. (Bill even witnessed the Shire Clerk bullying a child victim to lie to the court in favour of his attackers, but again no action was taken by police to whom Bill repeatedly reported these things.) This solicitor later moved to Inverell (west) where he is said to have purchased a child care centre along with one of the police officers involved in intimidation of victims in the Yamba area.





The ET/UFO reality


Do you feel like you're going through the looking glass with Alice? That's a perfect result for those who engage in these hideous crimes. Itís all just too hard to believe. Too weird. Too horrible. But itís not beyond understanding. And these people are not infallible. Itís worth remembering that their weak point is their arrogance and their sheer audacity. Now itís our responsibility not to be blind to it but to start applying critical thought. And some of these schemes are very, very clever. During her work Sarah has learned that the pedophile elite carry out some of their terrible crimes in strange places so that if the victim talks, he/she will never be believed. (See the U.S. McMartin case) Sarah learned how top Victorian politician, Greg Neckett, intentionally rapes children in strange places for this purpose, like in a helicopter. This too-crazy-to-believe technique is apparently well understood by the power elite. It is precisely this which has made it so easy for the "high cabal" to keep the lid on the extraordinarily well documented extraterrestrial/UFO reality (the cover-up having more to do with child abuse than you might think).

 So far weíve been dealing with land scams, government corruption, police corruption and protection of the pedophile elite in Australia, at least in Eastern Australia (Northern New South Wales, Sydney and Melbourne and country Victoria). How does this all connect to the great super power of the planet? Let's go international.

After the September 11th tragedy we became aware of the existence of the U.S.- based Disclosure Project which now consists of over 500 military, government/intelligence community and corporate sector professionals, seeking to testify before the United States Congress about their first-hand, personal experience with UFOs. Backed by thousands of declassified government documents these largely U.S. based, respected professionals include astronauts, aeronautical engineers, NASA photographic technicians, radar operators, commercial and military pilots, generals, scientists and officers in charge of nuclear weapons facilities and more. As a group they are seeking to testify about secret military AND extraterrestrial vehicles and the even more extraordinary cover-up of these things, which has been going on for well over fifty years. The witnesses are telling us that secret, rogue, military organisations have completely escaped government oversight. (Sound familiar?) 

In addition to establishing the reality of these things, the witnesses' extensive and consistent testimony and supporting documentation establishes the existence on Earth of advanced energy and propulsion technologies which are ready to go which would provide us with free, non-polluting, non-resource depleting energy which would enable us to have decentralised abundance. (Also there exists a cure for cancer and all other known cellular diseases.) These systems are on the shelf ready, but are being withheld while we destroy our Earth though fossil fuel dependence and destroy each other through raging wars due to conflict over these diminishing resources. But thereís more. 

"A Clear and ongoing threat to the national security and world peace has arisen due to unsupervised actions that have led to the targeting and downing of these extraterrestrial objects. Related covert plans are in place to weaponise space. Since it can be proven that we are sharing space with other civilizations, it is critical that a full disclosure of this subject take place and that the National Missile Defense System/SDI be re-evaluated by policy makers in this new light."

(Disclosure Project "Background Briefing Points for Congressional Hearings & Legislation") 

The urgency in revealing this knowledge also arises because the secret unconstitutional, transnational military organisations who control the secrecy are employing their exclusive access to these unimaginable technologies to hoax "alien" abductions. 

"We have identified people who recall, despite chemical "deprogramming" over a three-day period, being in special para-military units and being "abductors". (Dr. Greer "Extraterrestrial Contact" , Not All That Glitters is Gold)

 Greer tells us that yes, implants are involved, as are cloned entities (you don't think powerful criminals have already tried this?) The whole false "abduction" is enhanced and made convincing by the use of mind control devices, well documented by non-UFO related researchers, and from Government sources.

"These secret projects are so bizarre and sociopathic, that they are their own best cover. Who would believe it?" (Dr Steven Greer, Disclosure Project Director, from " Extraterrestrial Contact" - Not All that Glitters is Gold)

All this is not so unbelievable when you consider the political reasons behind the cover-up. These entities answer to no-one, taking advantage of the military need-to-know protocol, they are now beyond the control of even presidents. Under the ruse of "plausible deniability" to supposedly protect senior officials from being implicated in anything found to be illegal or immoral or embarrassing, the truth has been kept from heads of state. As far back as 1974, during the Iran Contra scandal, in a speech to Congress Senator Daniel K. Inouyi said,

"There exists a shadow government with it's own air force, it's own navy, it's own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself." )

Further back in 1961 President Eisenhower warned ominously in his final speech to the nation of the real danger of the unchecked power of the Military/industrial complex.

"In the councils of Government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the Military Industrial Complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist...We should take nothing for granted."

Apart from being largely unbelievable how do these projects remain secret? The military in the U.S. has indeed been largely privatised. (Imagine it.) The projects have sunk many levels deep secret, outside the constitutional chain of command. In May 1996 Dr. Greer wrote, "actual policy and decision making seems to rest predominantly at this time in the private, civilian sector, as opposed to [with] usap* related military and intelligence officials, though some information indicates that there is significant relative autonomy in certain areas of operations."

*USAP - Unacknowledged Special Access Project

During his efforts in the ealy 90s initially to ensure his citizen led CSETI ufo contact project would not be interfered with, Dr. Greer was told by senior intelligence leaders then senior senate investigators, top defense officials and heads of state that they had no access to UFO data on past or present projects related to the topic, nor could they gain access to it. Even people with high security clearances don't have access, unless they have the need to know.

These projects are so compartmentalised so that those working on one part of a project would have no knowledge of the other parts or of the whole, unless there was a need to know. This clearly serves to keep the projects secret. For added security, if you are working on one of these projects, known as Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs), you are required to lie about it's existence, even to your superiors. You don't share the secrets. Sound familiar?

Evidence suggests that these rogue entities are not only controlling a lethal cover- up of benign extraterrestrial contact, they have targeted and shot down genuine, non-hostile ET vehicles and are secretly mass producing advanced vehicles in order to hoax false extraterrestrial hostilities on a large scale. Unbelievable? This is how it's meant to work. A hoaxed extraterrestrial threat, will justify further weaponsization of space and weaken us through fear (as September 11 was used to justify further militarisation and weaken us through fear - see Gore Vidal). In reality it appears that the extraterrestrials involving themselves with us now are not hostile, and they do know a lot about our history and about these underground secrecy- based organisations and it's affiliates which has held our evolution back centuries, if not millennia and that includes spiritual evolution. Check out this intriguing crop formation.

Now, what happened when 20 of these Disclosure Project witnesses testified with supporting evidence at the National Press Club in Washington DC in May 2001? (The event was funded by a White House correspondent.) What happened when 70 more, including a former UK Minister for Defense, Astronaut Gordon Cooper, scientists, Russian Generals top military analysts and others published their accounts in book form and also made their testimony available on video and the Internet? Aside from a few ridiculously inadequate regional articles or downright skewed and twisted discrediting articles the media did nothing, the government did nothing and it all passed as if in a dream.

So we turn to the ufologists and their publications. Do you think they who have struggled for decades against ridicule and worse, made a fuss about it? Just as the powerful elite covertly take control of media, banking, government institutions, universities and the police in order to manipulate and keep a lid on their activities they also take over UFO "investigations" and "investigators". Think of Sarah's experience with police protecting (and being) pedophiles. Remember how the Anti- Discrimination Board harassed Dyson when he complained of sexual harassment. Remember how Bill McDonnellís investigator conspired against him to take his farm and how the Ombudsmanís office betrayed him to the abusive police. Think of how the National Parks and Wildlife Service assisted nature destroying Minister Causley in his land conversion. And where were all the big Environmental organisations? For that matter, where are they now as Greer and his team reveal evidence of Free energy systems, on the shelf ready to go now? Where is Green Peace? Who sponsors Green Peace? 

See? If you were trying to cover up the truth about extraterrestrials you'd make sure the UFO investigating organisations are set up, inflitrated or funded by your best disinformation personnel. If you search on the Internet now for the Disclosure Project and Steven Greer you will find most of the UFO/ET related sites either don't even mention his 500 strong team of professional witnesses or they disparage his extraordinary efforts and muddy the water with disinformation. Many ignorant people have innocently accepted that disinformation second hand. It is important to point out that many of these organisations support the idea that widespread evil alien abductions are taking place. They reject Greerís evidence and that of others like Helmut Lammer Ph.D.("MILABS: Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction", Illuminetpress, see that these events are largely the result of disinformation and actual rogue military hoaxed events. But more on this later. If you do go to search the UFO pages for Disclosure Project information be sure to compare whatís presented against the original Disclosure Project material. They rarely correspond.


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