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"Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them." Paul Valéry, 1871-1945  

National Estate Registry PBNE entry of the Australian Heritage Commission

Our published (.pdf file) submission to the House Of Representatives Inquiry Into The Impact Of Conservation Controls Imposed On Land Holders


The Government of New South Wales is systematically misleading Parliament without opposition or censure. And we prove it here.

We are not intimidated by obscene phone calls from politicians, nor more violence.

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in the spirit of


Exposing lies.

We are not a commercial, political or religious organisation of any kind.

We (Vivienne and Dyson) are merely two low-income, untrained and unpaid volunteer community workers who call ourselves gaiaguys.

Please note: naturally, not all information presented in this website is intended as an example of corruption, but simply provides background and context.

(Greens show that social justice comes first)


Greens' Media Release about this website

"...I am deeply concerned that our whole system of government is being exposed to international contempt by issues raised on gaiaguys.net, a whistleblowers' website that reveals grave and compelling evidence of corruption at the highest levels of local, state and federal governments, backed by extensive documentation obtained under Freedom of Information legislation."  Clarence Valley Greens Candidate, Mr Mark Purcell

Read the most recent (Christmas 1999!) apparently ignored media release from the New South Wales Opposition about the same unresolved issue.



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This edition #79 was updated on September 22nd, 2000

 Most of our constant updates are now accessible from our new opening pages, as this above format was superseded.


This web site was started on August 27th, 1997. It's since grown to more than 3000 files, which include more thana thousand graphics & 12 tunes (9 original).

A Brief Overview

And what's here in this website? 

It's heaps more than just whistleblowing!

Pine Brush needs YOUR help NOW!

Were it not for the WWW, you wouldn't know about this.

We invite the traditional media and investigative journalists to assist. Please use the uncopyrighted government documentation (which we privately purchased and publish here) to expose the abuse of public trust, revealed therein, to the public whom you serve. A Catch-22 reason for the mainstream media blackout has been given to us, but it's pretty unbelievable.

Pine Brush also needs the help of individual netizens!

The U.N.connection.


More documents which we purchased under Freedom of Information legislation prove:

97% of the Schedule #1 (Endangered) Quassia species "B" have disappeared from Pine Brush National Estate in the past year! Only 15 plants have now be found of the 500 formally identified in 1998!

Click here to read the news as it broke on our #72nd website

So on November 10th, 1999, the Shadow Minister for the Environment, Ms Peta Seaton, asked the Minister for the Environment, the Honourable Bob Debus Questions on Notice in Parliament about this shocking fact.

Four months later those responses are revealed.

APRIL 4th, 2000

Environment Minister misleads Parliament!

Yet ANOTHER package of DEMONSTRABLE "ERRORS OF FACT" from our Environment Minister!

And we prove it right here using his government's own documentation!

  This latest round of Parliamentary mendacity attempts to dishonestly support the previous deliberately incorrect Parliamentary statements about the protection afforded the Pine Brush National Estate made by our previous Environment Minister on November 11th, 1997.


the thoroughly documented continuing political cover-up of the covert and fraudulently represented private sale, for ONE DOLLAR [approximately U.S. 60¢] AN ACRE, of 492.5 hectares [1,217 acres] of Australia's publicly owned NATIONAL ESTATE wilderness - prime koala habitat (only 12 kilometres [7 miles] from a city of 36,000 people) - now being obscenely damaged in the climate of violent community intimidation, ongoing government corruption (including conspicuous WHITEWASHED lies to Parliament!), and self-censorship from the mainstream media.

In brief
I want the free book! 

How much longer will it be before we get

Premier Carrís

promised results of his February 18th, 1999 enquiries?

After six months, the overseas environmentalists who prompted our Premier's enquiries finally gave up on him, and wrote him this.

We think the fact that he never replied to it is a tacit admission of his GUILT.

Why not ask him yourself?

See if he answers YOU. He won't answer anyone else.


The NSW Opposition has issued a media release on this topic

But all efforts by us to learn more are ignored.

Much of the the hypertext below acts as a quick index of some of the major links within this website.


ďA Register listing means that a place has been recognised as part of Australia's natural and/or cultural heritage, and that it deserves to be conserved. Listing helps people to appreciate why such a place is a significant part of Australia's heritage. All of these places - the internationally renowned, the locally treasured and the sometimes unappreciated gems - are what make us distinctively Australian. They form our National Estate - the natural and cultural places which should be kept for the future and which have aesthetic, historic, scientific or social significance or other special value for future generations as well as for the present community.Ē 

A.H.C. information pamphlet.


"You have a lovely bit of rainforest there.

Very interesting. Very complex."

Famous botanist and rainforest expert, Alex Floyd  May 12th, 1997

  Click here to have a look at that (as yet) untouched rainforest

 which some important people in Sydney now say no longer exists!


Or just glance at this little picture below to see current land management practices applied to our Natural Heritage here.


Some quotes about Pine Brush


(President of the Legislative Council) The Honourable Dr. Meredith Bergmann, M.P.


Federal Environment Minister Senator the Honourable Mr. Robert Hill, M.P.

Australian Democrat Leader Senator the Honourable Ms Meg Lees, M.P.

Australian Greens Leader Senator the Honourable Dr Bob Brown, M.P.

Other Parliamentarians:

(now former) State Attorney General the Honourable Mr. Jeff Shaw, M.P.

(now former) Shadow Federal Environment Minister the Hon. Dr. Carmen Lawrence, M.P.

Shadow State Environment Minister Ms Peta Seaton, M.P.

(now former) State Minister for Natural Resources the Honourable Mr. Bob Martin, M.P.

NSW Greens Leader the Honourable Mr. Ian Cohen, M.P.

NSW Democrats Leader the Honourable Dr. Arthur Chesterfield-Evans, M.P.

NSW Minister for Regional Development & Rural Affairs the Hon Mr. Harry Woods, M.P.

NSW Greens Party Member Ms Lee Rhiannon, M.P.

NSW National Party Member for Monaro Mr. Peter William Webb, M.P.

(recently re-elected Mayor of Pristine Waters [a.k.a. Ulmarra]) His Honour Kerry Lloyd

Scientist, Author and Media personality Dr. Karl S. Kruszelnicki,

and (investigative journalists) Mr. Chris Masters and Ms Pilita Clark.

And lastly, a comment from (the new private landowner of Australia's National Estate)

Mr. Trevor Kratz about,

"cunning comunist [sic] policies"

More quotes and comments from the Honourable Ian Causley, M.P.

and the Honourable (now former) state Environment Minister Pam Allan, M.P.

can be found if you just keep patiently scrolling down this opening page.





We pay $690,000,000.00 for one sports stadium

yet we sell the lower Clarence Valley's very last tiny burgeoning remnant of once vast lowland rainforest, contained within Australia's precious National Estate, for


(Six dollars and thirty-eight cents)

so it can be destroyed.

And nobody seems to care.

Six miserable dollars and thirty-eight cents!

(3 hectares @ $1/acre)

-That's about three greenbacks -

We live in a world gone utterly mad.

Have a look at our Special 1999 NSW Election Edition

It explains a lot.



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This major work of non-fiction NAMES NAMES and is too hot for conventional publication!


It is free of charge available only on the Internet.

Updated 10th Edition, July 10th, 2000

 Vivienne's gripping exposé, all about this shocking scandal

or simply download it in our speedy .zip file, if you prefer 

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Parliamentary questions and seemingly deliberately misleading "answers"

NPWS "Flora Survey" which missed almost everything of significance

Voluntary Conservation Agreement placed over the wrong area

Letter to (former) Environment Minister from the Environmental Defender's Office

(Minister Allan was dumped from cabinet on April 6th, 1999)


Networld-Project are Internet-based U.S. environmentalists who have taken Pine Brush to their hearts as one of their projects, and, in the absence of the mainstream media, now work with us in attempting to expose this shocking criminality to the rest of our global family via the World Wide Web.


NETWORLD'S (ignored) International Media Release

And NETWORLD'S (ignored) follow-up!



Our beloved I.S.P.

NORNET has wisely recognised the community service gaiaguys provides. Thanks to all our friends at NORNET.

Go get 'em, Nornet! 



"Members of Parliament, our community leaders, they are elected for that purpose and high standards are expected of them. Serious, deliberate and dishonest departure from those standards should not be swept under the carpet, should not be subject of cover-up. They should be brought into the open, and ICAC is the mechanism that has been set up for just that." April 30th, 1998.

"Continual cuts in real terms to the ICACís budget by the Government mean the Commission will no longer be able to meet the communityís realistic and reasonable expectations concerning complaints of corrupt conduct." "The community rightly expects high ethics and low corruption from taxpayer-funded services, but while its elected representatives speak in support of such matters, the resources they provide for this function contrast starkly with the wishes of their constituents."  December 22nd, 1998 

-Mr. Barry O'Keefe, (former) Commissioner of the

Independent Commission Against Corruption

Excerpt from Chris Masters', INSIDE STORY.

(Published by Angus and Robertson, © 1992) pages 187 & 188:

"I have seen enough to know Australia is an appallingly corrupt country, with none of the excuses that helps explain corruption in the third world. Here we are corrupt not because we are hungry, but because we are greedy. I am sure this would be less so if more people knew what was going on, and were more conscious of the pain that corruption causes, even to themselves. The only reaction I cannot bear is : 'I wish you had not told me that'".


Click here for just a few REALLY BREATHTAKING EXAMPLES  

of "serious, deliberate, and dishonest departures" from "high standards". 


Don't miss this!

March 25th, 1999 Grafton Daily Examiner article



"Minister Allan has misled parliament as to the protection of the landís values. The Greens MLC, Ian Cohen, tells me that he has continued to make representations to Pam Allan on this"

" His challenge to Pam Allan over her misleading parliament remains ignored."  

(Minister Allan was dumped from cabinet on April 6th, 1999)


"A Voluntary Conservation Agreement was negotiated and finalised covering a portion of this parcel of land which adequately protects the significant conservation values of the site."

- the Attorney General, representing the Minister for the Environment

Pine Brush Nature Reserve - November 11th, 1997 - Questions Without Notice in the New South Wales Parliament

Page :1429 Legislative Council Article


NSW Greens letter to the (now former) Environment Minister

informing her of her Parliamentary errors of fact

"As discussed in the meeting concerns have been raised regarding the response you gave (in Parliament) and I seek clarification regarding the protection of endangered flora, Quassia species B listed in Schedule 1 of the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995. Please find information enclosed concerning the location of the Endangered species and their positioning outside the Conservation Agreement, could this point be clarified as it contradicts the response you gave to my question and I therefore consider it to be a priority." Ian Cohen M.P. June 28th, 1998

Click here for the source document of this cropped map.



Don't miss our big "Introductory Excerpts" Page

Miscellaneous links index within our site

All our talkback radio transcripts

And here's the newspaper article about our subsequent murderous arson attack.

Then we had our house entered, our file cabinet smashed open, and documents stolen.

Our N.S.W. National Parks and Wildlife Service "WHITEWASH" correspondence.

Our correspondence with The Honourable Pam Allan, the (former) New South Wales Labor Party Minister "for" the Environment, who has been corrupted by this scandal, and who lied to Parliament about the nature of our National Estate here at Pine Brush

  Read about the politician with the vested interests who started it all!

(above, a hotlinked excerpt from our government files purchased under Freedom of Information legislation)

The Honourable Ian Causley M.P

Sydney Morning Herald, August 23rd, 1993. 

Click here for .jpg scan of this clipping 

'"It is a very poor piece of land. I would like to see it emblazoned on the front page of every newspaper to show how hypocritical these people are!"'


"Mr Causley said he grew up in the area and as the local member he knew the owner and had been told there was no intention to clear the land as conservationists feared."


The above photograph was taken on our National Estate in October 1998 and shows about 80 huge logs.


"I donít know what they call rainforest..... whether itís something that rain FALLS on, but, ah, ah, yí know, it is a, itís not a great block of land!"

- August 17th, 1993. The Honourable Ian Causley, (rebel) National Party Representative for the Northern New South Wales Federal seat of Page, Howard back bencher, quoted from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's public regional radio.
  December 7th, 1993 NEWS EXTRA SBS National Television with Helen Vatsicopolis

The Honourable Ian Causley MP: ďI say this is an absolute beat up! This is a beat up of the greatest proportions! I, I mean, foh, what the hell are you on about?! A, a piece of land, thatís been converted! Of no great value! Of no great value!"

"If you want to have area managed then you need people like Mr. Kratz! Theyíll, at least, manage it!" 

What has the Honourable Ian Causley got to do with the recent United Nations' condemnation of Australia's racism??

A very considerable amount ! ! ! !

All our email correspondence with the National Parks and Wildlife Service about the ongoing theft of our National Estate's unique and beautiful 180 million year old Kangaroo Creek sandstone rock formations.

Here's the state of play with the Ombudsman's involvement.

Check out the photos of the smashed rock formations!
 And here' s the Sydney Morning Herald's recent identification of part of the problem here

1998: Notes on Some Significant Features of the Vegetation

from a very respected independent botanist and rare plants expert



Australia desperately needs the world's help!



H E L P ! ! ! ! ! !


(This little guy died from North Coast logging shortly after this photograph was taken by Dailan Pugh) 




Say goodbye forever






Ten simple ideas whose time has come - from our collaborators at The Networld-Project










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