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Be advised that this material deals with EXTREME violence, sexual references and adult themes.




( Amnesty international has described Satanic Ritual Abuse as the worst example of human rights abuse there is.)


 Satanic ritual abuse by a Melbourne Catholic Priest + On-going high-level protection of blood sacrifice cult, the Ordo Templi Orientis + A protected Satanist is the real Balangalo backpacker Murderer + Above top-secret military/corporate project at Pine Gap connected to blood sacrifice cults,

January 6th, 2007



Article by gaiaguys' Vivienne Legg

The latest in Melbourne Victoria Australia re: Pedophiles in high places (articles here.)

November 22nd - 27th 2006

"Any attempt to suggest OTO is part of a satanic pedophile network involving a major TV network, high-ranking politicians and police is a false claim and a vilifying claim," counsel Jane Nixon said. 

(Please read following articles at above link)

The Age

We don't sacrifice children - Group denies claims


Herald Sun

'Cult' fights claims of child sacrifice


Australian Broadcasting Corporation Victoria state radio news

Groups settle row over website paedophile claims

 December 24th, 2006

Article by gaiaguys' Vivienne Legg


November's mainstream media articles didn’t remind readers that child psychologist Dr Michaelson’s evidence, partly coming from her personal experience and professional contact with victims, was never followed up by the police even after her claims about police sabotage of investigations were partly addressed and confirmed as true by the damning Ombudsman’s report as outlined by the Victorian media in 2004. As Dr Michaelson told The Age,

"I'm working with victims whose experience included police presence, police actually involved in the sexual offences that were committed against them."


The latest on the South Australian case re: Pedophiles in high office...

DPP takes dismissed case to highest court

Jeremy Roberts (The Australian)  - December 5th, 2006

THE South Australian Director of Public Prosecutions wants several politicians and political staffers to give evidence in the state's highest court to dispute claims of pedophilia in high places.

28th June 2006


since the bloodthirsty cult, the Ordo Templi Orientis Inc. (a.k.a. Eastern Templar Freemasons), succeeded in triumphantly suing us,, in the Australian Capital Territories' Small Claims Court for defamation. (MAKING INTERNET LEGAL HISTORY) Meanwhile still no action has been taken by ANY APPROPRIATE AUTHORITIES to act on the the substantial evidence behind our campaign or even to remove the OTO's tax-exempt legal status in Australia.

Neither has the OTO preceded further with its plan to bankrupt us. A deadly silence greets us.



December 2006

"Matter Stood Over Generally"

At this link you can read that the second round of defamation claims against us by the OTO through the ACT Magistrates Court (ie. seeking damages because we continue to publish the 'offending' material) was "stood over generally" on the 14th November.



 (by gaiaguys, 7th December 2006)

With demonstrable disregard for the evidence we provided for our claims against this group [The Ordo Templi Orientis] Magistrate Burns has now made serious charges against us of breathtaking recklessness, complete disregard (for his reputation) and even malice (towards him) for our subsequent web page presentations about this matter.


A Warning to All Freemasons

November 6th, 2006

"The ignorance of any lodge dupes aside - who lend their good name (if they have one) to the entire spectrum of Freemasonry - it is incontestable that the lodge retains its Inner Squalor for the privileged elites. Aleister Crowley and his OTO Beast Cult is simply a crystallizing of that kabbalistic sanctum of blood and depravity. If the 'bad name' of the 'Wickedest Man in the World' negates their 'good name' by the connection, they cannot solve the problem by denying the connection." - Craig Heimbichner Blood on the Altar


(Many thanks, for the above, go to cartoonist "Bill Morgan".)


Sydney Morning Herald
 Former judge says Vic police are corrupt
January 11, 2007

Mr Stewart - who has conducted three royal commissions - says Victoria Police and the state government oppose a royal commission because they do not want the extent of corruption within the force made public.

Sydney Morning Herald
Whistleblower cop claims union bullying

February 11, 2007

Victoria's police force is led by a "mate-ocracy" under the control of the highly influential police
association, whistleblowers say.

And they say the so called mate-ocracy rewarded loyalty more than ethics.




"The most extraordinary thing about today’s allegations of murders during satanic rituals involving a Melbourne priest is not that they’ve been made, but that the Catholic Church admitted in writing that it accepted they were substantially true."  

Investigative journalist Gary Hughes, May 26th 2006 (scroll down for more)


For the all important background and detail leading up to this page, and for news of the reprehensible child abuse events of 2005 you need to go here.   AUSTRALIAN HIGH LEVEL PROTECTION OF PEDOPHILE NETWORKS - THE MAJOR NEW DEVELOPMENTS OF 2005

Here is our list of the main gaiaguys items about the Ordo Templi Orientis cult and its protection by the powers that be


We are still expecting legal judgment against us by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal  for "religious vilification" of the Ordo Templi Orientis whose law openly advocates torture, child sacrifice, gratification of any sexual proclivities at all, bathing the world in blood, etc. The next pre-trial in Melbourne has been set for November 2006. Please see our summary of main points leading up to the latest VCAT pre-trial of February 2005.

Please see our BREAKING NEWS on for the latest legal developments.


The following excerpt is from the work of the Ordo Templi Orientis Prophet, Aleister Crowley in The Old and New Commentaries to Liber AL 

The Beast 666 ordains by His authority that every man, and every woman, and every intermediately-sexed individual, shall be absolutely free to interpret and communicate Self by means of any sexual practices soever, whether direct or indirect, rational or symbolic, physiologically, legally, ethically, or religiously approved or no, provided only that all parties to any act are fully aware of all implications and responsibilities thereof, and heartily agree thereto.

Moreover, the Beast 666 adviseth that all children shall be accustomed from infancy to witness every type of sexual act, as also the process of birth, lest falsehood fog, and mystery stupefy, their minds, whose error else might thwart and misdirect the growth of their subconscious system of soul-symbolism.

"when, where, and with whom ye will!"

The phrase "with whom" has been practically covered by the comment on "as ye will". One need no more than distinguish that the earlier phrase permits all manner of acts, the latter all possible partners. There would have been no Furies for Oedipus, no disaster for Othello, Romeo, Pericles of Tyre, Laon and Cythna, if it were only agreed to let sleeping dogs lie, and mind one's own business. In real life, we have seen in our own times Oscar Wilde, Sir Charles Dilke, Parnell, Canon Aitken and countless others, many of them engaged in first-rate work for the world, all wasted because the mob must make believe to be "moral". This phrase abolishes the Eleventh Commandment, Not to be Found Out, by authorizing Incest, Adultery, and Paederasty, which every one now practices with humiliating precautions, which perpetuate the schoolboy's enjoyment of an escapade, and make shame, slyness, cowardice and hypocrisy the conditions of success in life.


In light of all the media coverage and comment regarding the highly unpopular Victorian Religious Vilification laws and how they have already been abused the message sent to Australians by the media's absence of focus on  the Ordo Templi Orientis case couldn't be clearer. Meanwhile there is no hesitation by the commentators in repeatedly railing about the others who have already made use of this legislation. Here is one of the latest of those articles written by Russell Savage, Independent MLA for Mildura.

Repeal this law with its fundamental flaws

(Click above to read his whole 11 May, Melbourne Herald Sun article.)

"Two Christian pastors, one of whom risked a death sentence in Pakistan because he is a Christian, found themselves in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal after three Muslim converts attended a seminar on Islam run by a Melbourne Pentecostal church." " A Christian councillor found himself at the Equal Opportunity Commission because a transgender witch complained about him warning against the influence of satanic covens. Then the Salvation Army offended a pedophile who justified his behaviour because he said he was a witch. He complained to the Equal Opportunity Commission because he said a mainstream introduction to Christianity, which is offered to prisoners, makes a number of disparaging comments about witches."

(Ask yourself why Savage and other commentators wanting to argue against this ludicrous law DID NOT  then include the following.)

 "And then a secret society whose religious law advocates torture, child abuse, blood sacrifice, pitiless revenge, and which gruesomely mocks the prophets of other religions, complained to the Equal Opportunity Commission about claims that it is a pedophile cult. "

The OTO itself said in its December 2005 press release about us...

"Coverage on our complaint to date by newspapers has been confined to two articles when the complaint was first made."

The information we cover on these pages is too far out for most people. We know that for many our inclusion of so much is seen as discrediting the less bizarre material. (Is there any?). But if we took the approach that we should only expose "believable" doses of information the real profoundly bizarre material would never see the light of day and would never become sufficiently part of people's reality that it could be effectively addressed. Victims and activists do know that largely what sustains these horrendous crimes is disbelief. lets get over the disbelief by logically considering the evidence. Also please consider also that the reason this material is so wacky sounding is because the mainstream media persists in keeping the true extent of it from its audience!

Don't be depressed. These crimes rely on our ignorance to flourish. We CAN do something about that.

Melbourne Catholic Church covered for Satanic ritual-sacrifice priest

May 2006 was marked by a groundbreaking story published in some of the mainstream press.


Priest was a killer, says victim  May 26, 2006, by Gary Hughes,10117,19254550-2,00.html

'Extraordinary" claims true: Catholic Church May 26 2006 by Gary Hughes

The victim first contacted Victoria Police in 1998 and was told details would be passed to the homicide squad. He says he heard nothing more.

In his interview with the victim, Mr O’Callaghan confirmed that details contained in the statement “is a series of criminal offences, but it doesn’t appear that anyone has ever been apprehended for those offences, or will be”.

Journalist Gary Hughes wrote how the Catholic Church in Victoria accepted as true testimony from a man that he had been subjected to Satanic ritual abuse by a Priest and that the rituals in which he was forced to participate involved at least three human sacrifices and mutilations.

"In the statement he details at least three murders – a young girl, a youth and a young child. He says the victims were mostly drugged and appeared to be in a daze before having their throats cut or being hacked with an axe.

He says he was forced to take part in the rituals and was sexually abused during them by the priest and others involved in the ceremonies. "

"The most extraordinary thing about today’s allegations of murders during satanic rituals involving a Melbourne priest is not that they’ve been made, but that the Catholic Church admitted in writing that it accepted they were substantially true." - investigative journalist Gary Hughes

Hughes followed up his original story, and the subsequent internet blog comments at , with Ritual Abuse Victim Responds.

[excerpt from victim's response published on the 29th May 2006 at   Hypertext added below is gaiaguys']


"There is also the question of collusion by the police. Police corruption is a fact of life. No force is exempt from it. Gary Hughes’ reporting is largely focused on this issue and there seems to be no shortage of stories.
One of the commenters, Dyson Devine, mentioned Dr Reina Michaelson who has fought long and hard against sexual abuse and police corruption. If you visit her website you will find credible allegations of police involvement in Ritual Abuse at a Mornington kindergarten and it’s cover-up. Dr Michaelson
has published the fact that she has an audio tape of an interview with staff from the Office of Police Integrity where one of the officers says that they are not interested in pursuing an organised paedophile ring even if it is still in operation. To my my knowledge this is still the case.
Dyson also mentions Dr Michaelson’s legal battle with a group known as the Ordo Templis Orientis (OTO).
If you visit their website and affiliated sites, as Dyson and another commenter, Mary Wilson, said it is quite instructive as to “what is out there” in plain view. "

"This particular priest was known to have associations with other paedophilic priests and it would be reasonable for an investigator to question whether any of these or other priests were involved in the cult.
 Mr O’Callaghan
[abuse investigator for the Church ] didn’t ask me any questions along these lines, or any other lines for that matter, then or since. "

 The media coverage of this story was minimal. It appeared in the Melbourne Sun Herald, online at and was also published in the Hobart Mercury. Extremely interesting is that  INITIALLY ALLOWED OUR POSTING on their discussion board of a direct link and reference to our expose of the high-level Satanic Ritual Abuse ring in Victoria ... for a day... before removing the link. Nonetheless the connections were made to Reina Michaelson's case, and the comments of Dyson Devine(!!), (one of the gaiaguys whose web site and own legal battle is, bar one exception, excluded from media coverage and comment).

Bloodthirsty Ordo Templi Orientis cult still enjoys tax exempt status and widespread high-level protection in Australia

A year has passed since the bloodthirsty cult, the Ordo Templi Orientis, succeeded in obtaining an extraordinary defamation finding against gaiaguys (MAKING INTERNET LEGAL HISTORY) in the Australian Capital Territories' Small Claims Court. Meanwhile still no action has been taken by any appropriate authorities to remove the OTO's tax-exempt legal status in Australia!. You pay your taxes. Meanwhile they call for blood, revenge, pitiless torture, mutilation, blood sacrifice, etc. Would you be happy about this even if they were only talking about these things and not doing them? Certainly there are many in the world who would support those values...The below mentioned political party want to legalise violent child pornography and lower the age of consent to 12.


Sydney Morning Herald. May 31, 2006

Dutch paedophiles launch political party

"We want to make paedophilia the subject of discussion," he said, adding the subject had been a taboo since the 1996 Marc Dutroux child abuse scandal in neighbouring Belgium.


 Then there are those on discussion lists like the ones on about this case. Yes. The discussions rage largely in defence (!) of the Ordo Templi Orientis, but here is a welcome intelligently written exception  by "dock6", which has saved us the trouble of summarising these points ourselves. (The below hypertext was added here by us, gaiaguys.)

"It's clear the OTO used every card in the pack to try to discredit, i.e., 'silence' Gaiaguys.
Yet all OTO achieved was to attract suspicious public scrutiny of itself, the Masons, the police, the judiciary, the political octopus. Leaving the public with the firm conviction that (1) OTO and its friends-in-authority must have had a LOT to hide ... and (2) that the Gaiaguys claims about OTO/Masons must have been VERY close to the mark ! Instead of trying to blame the victims and destroy the messengers --- secret societies would be better employed in ridding themselves of the depraved lunatics who lurk in their midst."

Importantly dock6 makes the point that lower Masons often have no idea what's going on at the higher levels. This is something we have made clear elsewhere. But we hasten to add that this doesn't change the fact that their blind sworn loyalty for goodness- knows- what to their brethren allows these horrors to continue, hence our continuing focus on the Freemasons as a whole.

There is, " …a danger inherent in all secretive societies for their cellular form devised by the founders for the security of the movement, can as readily be used to 'hoodwink' the leadership, who thus become unwitting 'front men ' for activities they would never countenance." - - from Stephen Knight's The Brotherhood (see previous hypertext link).

 - The defamation finding was made against us on the 28th of June 2005. Ask yourself why no media covered this travesty of justice which constitutes a historic legal precedent. The next question you have to ask is why aren't the OTO proceeding with their legal right to bankrupt and evict us? And why didn't they produce a further press release in January 2006 as promised?

 Real Balangalo backpacker murderer is a protected satanist

Belanglo Murderer DNA Found on Recent Murder Victim

"Ivan Milat's family were officially informed that the DNA did not match Ivan Milat or any member of his family, nor did the DNA match any of the known victims. Police explained this by pointing out that the judge in his summing up of the case against Ivan Milat stated that there was no way one person committed these murders alone, and that the murders had a ritual-satanic aspect which would suggest a group of people being involved."

This case also connects the real Satanic ritual murderer to former Woolongong Mayor Frank Arkell who was among those who New South Wales parliamentarian Franca Arena tried to have investigated in 1996.(This Satanic ritual abuser, whose own children reported being forced to participate in human sacrifice etc. is still at large. )

[the following are quotes from Victorian Police corruption whistleblower, Raymond Hoser, in his book Victoria Police Corruption -2  - Including What the Media Didn't Tell You , published 1999.]

  " In November 1996, Arena stood up in parliament and named retired Judge David Yeldham and former State MP and one-time Mayor of Wollongong, Frank Arkell as Police protected pedophiles. She went further and accused the Wood Royal Commission into the NSW Police as protecting his own by not investigating Yeldham. Immediately there was an outcry over Arena's alleged abuse of parliamentary privilege to 'slander' these two supposedly upstanding members of the community."

 "Along with fellow former Lord Mayor Tony Bevan, Christian Brother Michael Evans, Catholic Priest Father Peter Comensoli and Wollongong Alderman Brian William Tobin, Arkell made Wollongong the unofficial child molestation capital of NSW."

The Belanglo Murderer DNA Found on Recent Murder Victim article, linked above, was posted on the18th of May on  the indymedia and gaiaguys websites. Just four days later  the Sydney Morning Herald reported that, suddenly, further murders from 26 years ago have now been linked by police to Ivan Milat. Ivan is SUDDENLY fingered for yet MORE embarrassingly "unsolved" disappearances, while the above is SHUNNED. (Please follow same link for SMH article).

"IVAN MILAT is expected to be named today as a prime suspect in the disappearance 26 years ago of two Sydney nurses - the third time since his 1996 conviction for the murders of seven backpackers that he has featured as a "person of interest" at a coroner's inquest." would very much encourage your support of fellow activist Gerard Crewdson by reading the following article just placed on Indymedia and providing appropriate comment and ACTION to encourage him. Gerard may well soon find himself behind bars simply for defending the disabled and for telling the truth about the pedophile-protecting public service and judiciary.


Pine Gap - Australia: blood sacrifice cults are connected to the very highest level, trans-national, covert military-corporate projects

US- based Disclosure Project founder/co-ordinator Steven M. Greer M.D. provided this evidence in his new book, Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge, published in May 2006.

Dr Greer established his credibility in 2001 in his monumental efforts to expose the equally bizarre matter of UFO cover-up and fake ET abduction programs. Among Greer's 450 military/government/corporate witnesses to the 50+year UFO cover-up are a former British Ministry of Defence Chief and official, astronauts, NASA and NSA employees, high level CIA, Admirals, Marines, etc. Greer draws on one man's testimony (one of many) which described the (in his case) prerequisite exposure to, and participation in, satanic rituals involving sacrifice and torture in preparation for working in a deeper covert level of the hoaxed abduction programs. Please click here for Chapter 32  -  Behind the Scenes

"He explained that he witnessed a Satanic ritual initiation. Those present shared blood and there were sacrifices going on and torture. He was being acculturated to the programs of Satanic worship and Satanic sacrifice and the love of the bloodthirsty killing of innocents. He told us that once he got to that level, he had to take a vow to Lucifer. And he did.

This is not the first person who's told me about these programs. He was transferred to Pine Gap, Australia, and said it was the most unusual experience. "

At the deepest levels of the UFO cover-up, and the cover-up of top-level child abuse rings, are Satanic cults. That’s seemingly not all that is involved by any means. But with this connection we can learn more about each scenario by reading about the other. We can trace the common threads, and we can begin to understand the deranged mentality driving these projects and finally do something to stop it.

They get away with it because it is so unbelievable.


 Conspiracy of Silence

 U.S.American Nationwide Child Abuse Ring Revealed in Free Discovery Channel Documentary

"Conspiracy of Silence" is a powerful, disturbing documentary revealing a nationwide child abuse and pedophilia ring that leads to the highest levels of government. Featuring intrepid investigator John DeCamp, a highly decorated Vietnam war veteran and 16-year Nebraska state senator, "Conspiracy of Silence" reveals how rogue elements at all levels of government have been involved in systematic child abuse and pedophilia to feed the base desires of key politicians.




ABOUT THE BACKGROUND PICTURE, being the official logo of the West Australia Police Force.

[Below quote from victim's response at regarding the Melbourne satanic human-sacrifice Catholic Priest]

"There is also a related problem for Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors in contacting the Victoria Police and that is their badge! It prominently features an upside down five pointed star. This inverted pentagram is only used elsewhere in Satanic symbolism.

The upright pentagram is used in Satanism but also by a lot of other organisations and bodies. For instance, the Mormon Church, Freemasons and the US and the now defunct USSR military amongst many others. But the inverted pentagram is only seen in connection with Satanism and, unfortunately, the Victoria Police. If it was an innocent mistake by the founders of the Police Force, then it is a particularly unfortunate one. Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors are familiar with the cults including in their number many people who are in authority in civil life and so would find this badge/symbol particularly off-putting.

If on the other hand, if it was not a mistake, it could go some distance in explaining the apparent paradox of the reluctance to pursue organised paedophile rings. "


This is the official emblem of The Order of the Eastern Star - the branch of Freemasonry reserved for women.

Thanks to:

Please see for more on satanic symbolism, and please also see and

Embroidered logo patches (above) for sale from the New Zealand Ordo Templi Orientis (Eastern Templar Freemasons)

Please read some very iconoclastic background information.

Sydney Morning Herald

Salute to those who started it all

Date: June 12 2006

September 28th  2006

We thought the following comment by the Sydney Morning Herald was noteworthy and a frighteningly accurate assessment of today's moral climate in Australia. It refers to another figure, the recently deceased Abe Saffron, "Australia's most notorious crime figure".

"In one court case, Saffron was alleged to have whipped a girl at a party and was described as 'completely depraved'. Today he would have been offered his own game show and a spot on Celebrity Big Brother."

Also noteworthy and consistent with what we have uncovered is that, "Despite his wide-ranging activities and his appearance in a succession of royal commissions, Mr Saffron served only 27 months in jail."


June 17th, 2006

Five pertinent articles on the same day from the Sydney Morning Herald

Hidden sins of the church "I can only describe it as a journey into the valley of Satan himself,"

Lawyer wanted child sex, court told "desires to sadistically rape children and animals"

No apology, but church opts to pay up "...this diocese is neurotically obsessed with sex."

(Gary) Glitter appeal rejected "Glitter evaded a more serious charge of child rape"

Exposing the myth of Third World aid " ... the West's efforts to help ... have been ... counterproductive..."


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