AIDS: Its Origin and the Guilt of Those who Act against Nature

AIDS: Its Origin and the Guilt of Those who Act against Nature written by "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier


Concerning the AIDS epidemic, the Semjase Blocks state the following: “This disease epidemic, which is still incurable for the Earth person, is the product of a virus, which is deformed and mutated by force, which completely paralyzes and even destroys the human body’s self-defense system, and this must inevitably lead to death on occasions of even the slightest illness or injury. The Earth people themselves bear the guilt for this deadly epidemic, namely those who act against nature, wherewith those who act sexually against nature are addressed, whose actions are inexplicably endured, tolerated, or even encouraged by many Earth people.” So this speaks of sodomitic, degenerate, homosexual men and sodomitic, degenerate, bisexual men. “Both correspond to a breach of law that is contrary to nature, which must inevitably lead to serious consequences and even death, for what is natural cannot be ignored, disturbed, and avoided for many millennia, without it avenging itself one day. Normal homosexuality and normal male bisexuality are naturally against nature, but they are not reprehensible and are not transgressions against nature, just as bisexual relations and same sex relations among female life forms are normal and lawful (see “Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports” and “The Law of Love” = FIGU). Basically, the AIDS epidemic was caused by the sodomitic, degenerate anti-naturalness of homosexual and bisexual men, who gave themselves over to sodomy. In particular, the epidemic was caused by the combining together of different active agents that only simian life forms carry in themselves, and these could unite with humans through the disgusting, sodomitic sexual activities of men. Actually, the resulting transmitted and already very old and dangerous disease could have still been curable by earthly medicine, but because the sodomites sexually squandered among homosexuals and bisexuals, the epidemic pathogen continued to change to such an extent that it became an absolutely lethal factor, and now, medicines and defensive means must first be found and be created against this. It is to be feared, however, that these medicines will first be found when the epidemic already runs rampant worldwide, which can lead to similar events such as at the time of the plague, which was also able to demand so many victims through human guilt.

“The reprehensibly-acting, sodomitic, degenerate, homosexual and bisexual men, who act contrary to the laws of nature, bear the guilt for this epidemic. But also guilty for this epidemic are all those who tolerate and advocate sodomitic, degenerate homosexuality and bisexuality and also sodomy in particular, even though these forms of sexuality are absolutely contrary to the laws of nature, and with the pursuit of these, in any case, it must be counted on sooner or later that deadly or at least life-threatening consequences will appear, to which many kinds of life forms will fall prey. This will also occur in this case because those who are jointly responsible and also those who are innocent will soon be attacked by the AIDS epidemic, so including the heterosexuals, the so-called “normalsexuals.”

“The AIDS epidemic, like any other dangerous venereal disease, is transferable, namely through direct contact, especially through sexual activity, through blood-kisses and open wounds, but furthermore, also through indirect contacts, such as union with bloody saliva, etc. That the pathogens of the epidemic can settle on certain materials, such as on toilet bowls, glasses, and towels, etc. and survive for a long timer and, thus, can also be contagious to other people, that’s not the case.” The AIDS pathogens, in this respect, also behave the same as pathogens of other venereal diseases (like with syphilis and gonorrhea, where the pathogens can only be transferred directly or indirectly, so not through deposition and resumption, such as on glasses, towels, and toilets, etc.). In every case, however, the Earth person must exercise the greatest caution; otherwise, the epidemic will begin to run rampant very quickly and will become global in the shortest time. Direct contacts with strangers or with such persons, whose health one cannot be certain of to the largest percent, should be avoided. With hand greetings, the hands should be promptly cleaned again, and greetings with a kiss and the like should be completely omitted, as well as physical contacts of all kinds – up to the unlawful bad habit of the Earth people in maintaining frequent sexual relations with other people, without it concerning their actual, own partners, a bad habit that is as contrary to nature as sodomy, which, in the first form, likewise produces its consequences through CARIBBEAN HERPES, which is a mutated and degenerated form of the globally spread GENITAL HERPES. Also, Caribbean herpes, or the American-named HERPES, is a degenerative disease of incurable form, as has already been explained, but in the coming time, it will continue to degenerate and become as deadly as the AIDS epidemic, if the Earth person doesn’t immediately order a stop to his sexual degeneracy.

The Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports mention other epidemics of the future: “Unfortunately, these aren’t the only diseases and epidemics, for in the foreseeable future, still other and very much worse ones will follow. On the one hand, the new diseases and epidemics to be expected will go out from humans and through their guilt in a direct form; on the other hand, indirect consequences will also appear, through the destruction of nature and the destruction of the atmosphere by humans, and furthermore, new agents of diseases and epidemics will also be brought in from space by the space capsules, etc.”

Source Contact Report 248


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