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The two articles below deal primarily with the efforts of the top international professional skeptics to debunk and/or to duplicate the UFO photos, films and video of Billy Meier. The challenge to do so was issued by me to CFI-West/IIG, in 2001, after their lead case investigator at the time, Vaughn Rees, declared that Meier's photographic evidence was an "easily duplicated hoax". My challenge was accepted by Mr. Rees at that time on behalf of CFI-West/IIG. He was then replaced several years ago by Derek Bartholomaus, who took up the same challenge and also made a scripted presentation in The Silent Revolution of Truth. As you will see below, after the release of the film, Mr. Bartholomaus subsequently retracted his claim that Meier used "the same model tree and model UFOs", which has been the foundation of the skeptics' claims against the authenticity of Meier's photographic and film evidence.


These five articles show unexpected support for Meier's evidence from both an Academy Award-winning special effects company and a - former - Swiss skeptic, as well as the best efforts by an amateur skeptic to duplicate Meier's UFO photos and films, and the latest analysis authenticating of one of Meier's most controversial and important photos.


The following articles pertain to the Wedding Cake UFO (WCUFO) and all of the attempts to debunk the object as simply a model made by Meier. It should be mentioned that, to this day, no one has been able to come even remotely close to duplicating this highly detailed, impeccably machined object (which apparently existed in three different sizes!) of which Meier took 63 different photos and one video. The truly torturous explanation by the skeptics for this video is that Meier used a technique called "forced perspective", which is immediately ruled out on several counts, especially by the hazier appearance of the distant WCUFO and the tree, in comparison to Meier in the foreground. The skeptics also like to believe that the WCUFO is nothing more than a "garbage can lid" with various decorations on it.


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