Visiting SSSC

Visiting Semjase-Silver-Star-Center (SSSC)

If you are planning to visit the SSSC you will need to notify the centre that you are coming. You should know that the only visitor's day is Sunday, at which time you can have the opportunity to sit with one of the core group members and ask questions.

Otherwise, if you come at another time they ask that you voluntarily work with them. If you work for a day they provide one meal. For additional meals they ask CHF 7 (Swiss Fr.) per meal. With regards to accommodations, there is a bed and breakfast (Freihoff Gasthaus) about 5 minutes away where one can reserve a room. There is also the option to camp on the property, but of course, with permission.

If you are planning to work at the SSSC it is a requirement to fill out an application form from the FIGU Switzerland website.

Also, in May, during the Annual Passive Members Meeting, due to space restrictions, priority is given to passive members to work and camp at the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center.

Here is information from FIGU Switzerland about travelling to SSSC.


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