Clarification of a Defamatory Claim

Clarification of a Defamatory Claim written by Hans Georg Lanzendorfer, Switzerland


This defamation is nothing more than a primitive lie and despicable imputation!

Within the circle of sympathizers, friends, members and "Free Community of Interests" FIGU study members everyone knows, of course, that Billy Meier, true contactee and prophet of the New Age, is repeatedly portrayed by his opponents as a sectarian, charlatan, fraud, guru or cheat. With malicious, slanderous public actions, narrow-minded and arrogant opponents of the truth are attempting at various times, even on television, to expose the Billy Meier case as a fraudulent or sectarian scheme. They do this in their quest to be considered and celebrated as the big heroes within the world of pseudo-ufology, for instance, and to be capable of boasting about their pseudo-exposés regarding the Billy Meier case. Their undertaking cannot and never will succeed in any manner, shape or form, of course, in spite of their intrigues and defamations, since the real truth can only be briefly suppressed or falsified. Ultimately, truth will demand its dues. A classic example of a primitive, false claim made against Billy Meier is the defamatory statement by small minds, would-be-bigshots and pseudo-ufologists, that Billy himself claims to be a direct reincarnation of Jesus Christ. This stupid claim, however, is based solely upon a horrendous lack of knowledge and false interpretations by negative element who either deliberately and deceitfully falsify Billy Meier's and FIGU's written works, or who falsely interpret them through their horrendous stupidity and lack of understanding. To explain these falsified matters in very blatant terms once and for all, certain vital segments must be disclosed and explained at this point regarding the circumstances surrounding Billy Meier's incarnation lineage as the prophet of the New Age for the following reason:

Billy Meier is truly NOT the reincarnation of JESUS CHRIST; and he has never made such a claim.

This example of falsified contexts and false interpretations concerning Billy Meier and the identity called Jesus Christ demonstrates, that the true relationship could be grasped and recognized through a truly exacting, thorough and detailed study of the Meier texts. The reader, in so doing, could circumvent rumors and false interpretations from the very beginning. Frequently it takes only a small deviation from the path of truth to becoming fertile ground for a wildly flourishing rumor through inattentiveness, carelessness or lack of thoroughness. In Billy's case, personal opinions, premature or false interpretations of the connections very rapidly generate malicious slander or a rumor that is greedily snatched up by his worldwide enemies, and then held against him. For example, it is through people who feel animosity toward Billy Meier, and former uncomprehending FIGU members, or outsiders who are equally uncomprehending, that this malicious rumor began spreading early on, tainting his name even to this day.

Never has Billy Meier ever claimed to be the direct reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Any claim to the contrary is false and defamatory, and is truly based solely upon the speculation by a few mistaken individuals and misunderstandings which will be enumerated and clarified in great detail in this enlightening text.

In his function as messenger of the spiritual teachings and the truth of Creative-universal correlations and laws, Billy Meier performs a self-imposed obligation that consists of fulfilling a mission in collaboration with extraterrestrial intelligences from the planet Erra (Plejares star system), and completing the task as the sole "prophet of the New Age" through his own spiritual labor.

His factual function as a prophet in ancient times as well as in the New Age, has been repeatedly mentioned throughout Meier's written texts and contact reports, in transmissions by the spirit levels Arahat Athersata and Petale, and in his own accounts, statements and written material. The following are examples:

Arahat Athersata (German version), chapter 6, page 97, verse 36:

He, the recipient of this our message, is the great prophet of your time ...

Arahat Athersata (German version), chapter 4, page 84, verse 403:

They will be taught the truth by the prophet of the New Age and subsequent truth messengers ...

Talmud Jmmanuel (German version), page 165:

As contactee (since age 5) to highly developed extraterrestrial intelligences, Eduard Meier fulfills the mission as a prophet of the New Age ...

Dekalog (German version), page 32, verse 222:

Our teachings and messages, however, will now be truthfully written down and transmitted to you by your new prophet.

Even Ptaah, the Plejaren Jschwjsch (JHWH), addressed Billy Meier in various contact conversations, such as the recent contact #236, April 26, 1990, with these words regarding his tasks as prophet of the New Age:

"You are the prophet of the New Age for the entire terrestrial world and all human beings on this planet."

Meier's own words describe his task as prophet of the New Age with the following phrases taken from the Spirit Lessons (German version):

"I founded the "Free Community of Interests" (FIGU) to fulfill my mission, a ten thousand year assignment, which states that I have come to this Earth in another incarnation to proclaim once again the truth of BEING, Creation and love to the people on Earth."

Not once does Billy Meier ever personally claim to have a reincarnation-like connection between his own person and the name or purported person, Jesus Christ. Likewise, the high-spirit levels Arahat Athersata and Petale have never once mentioned this; nor have his main extraterrestrial friends and visitors Semjase, Quetzal, Ptaah or others.

Furthermore, reincarnation represents facts upon which the majority of mankind on Earth have spent very little consequential thought. Even for FIGU's "Spirit Lessons" students reincarnation continues to present a great many unresolved mysteries within its deepest processes. For this reason great confusion remains inside so-called esoteric circles, where teachings about rebirth and false stories portraying incarnation bloom in crazy abandon. This is also one of the reasons for FIGU's refraining from reporting any relationships or matters from individual's past lives, or shedding light on such events. The lack of understanding, coupled with the danger of misusing this type of information, is simply too great nowadays and would lead, in turn, to new false teachings. This rule of silence regarding these matters extends, of course, also to any information and speculation about the dead who may have existed in Billy Meier's past as well as his direct incarnation lineage, unless these matters an persons were clearly and explicitly revealed and mentioned in the texts for specific, significant reasons. One thing is absolutely certain, however: Jesus Christ was not one of these persons.

At this point a very important and often neglected factor regarding reincarnation or rebirth must be wisely scrutinized: the spirit form, i.e., this minuscule particle of Creation in every human being has the task, at rebirth, to incarnate into a new human body. It is well known that at the time of a person's death, the spirit form leaves the body to spend a certain amount of time in the spheres of the Beyond. There it has the task of absorbing all accumulated knowledge from past lives. During a new reincarnation, the newly procreated, growing human embryo is reanimated on the 21st day by the reincarnating spirit form that has returned from the Beyond to this temporal life. This process, i.e., the entry of the spirit form and the entry of the collective consciousness block that had remained in the accumulation levels, is no personality-related rebirth. This renewed reincarnation has absolutely nothing to do any longer with the material consciousness of the previous material body, even though the spirit form and collective consciousness block functioned together in the previous life. After the spirit form and the collective consciousness block have reincarnated, the personality of the new human being is formed a new due to the old impulses from the spiritual realms of the reanimating spirit form and the knowledge from previous lives, among others. Parts of this process are also thinking, feeling, emotions and actions, etc., of the respective new individual. Therefore, every human being shapes his or her entirely new and individual personality after the renewed reincarnation. This signifies that no connection or responsibility of any type can be in effect retroactively toward the person's personality, actions, deeds and manner of thinking - hence, the material consciousness - of the previous body.

If mention is made in some texts of the New Age prophet's incarnation lineage, therefore, one must consider that each individual of the seven main prophets, from Enoch to Jmmanuel and Billy, was and is in each case an absolutely autonomous personality. These personalities did not, nor do they, have any retroactive, personality-related connection with one another after death.

The story of the New Age prophet and his incarnation lineage is revealed, among other things, in the book called OM (German version), canon 20, verse 95, from where the following passage is taken:

The human races and peoples of Earth were provided prophets from ancient days, and for this reason were sent to Earth Enoch (Henok) and Elijah (Elja), Isaiah (Jesaja), Jeremiah (Jeremja), Jmmanuel and Mohammed in direct succession and with ensuing rebirth ...

In the An Open Word (German version, page 186, verse 1368, while pointing out the reincarnation lineage of prophets, Meier mentions that Mohammed, the sixth prophet in this line of prophets, was a direct reincarnation of Jmmanuel:

... that he Mohammed was Jmmanuel's direct reincarnation and that he brought the truthful teachings of the spirit for the exclusive purpose of ...

Furthermore, the OM, canon 33, verses 102 and 103, reports the following text regarding the prophet of the New Age and his rebirth:

Verse 102.
And the son of man shall be in torment for a long time, and he shall be reborn in many lives as prophet; and he shall begin his mission on Earth as Enoch and return another time as Elijah, then as Isaiah, whom he shall follow as Jeremiah and Jmmanuel and then as Mohammed.

Verse 103.
And he shall be the prophet of the New Age, when the time of times will be ripe, and when his name shall say that he is the guardian of the treasure ...

It is a known fact that Meier's full name is 'Eduard Albert Meier'. The name Eduard is interpreted as follows by the Dictionary of First Names (Naumann und Goebel, 1987):

Eduard, male, Anglo-Saxon: Eadweard: ead = possession, property: weard = protector.

This little illustration suggests that Billy Meier is the true prophet of the New Age, for his name's meaning "protector of the possession" permits, too, the meaning of "guardian of the treasure" as indicated by the Extraterrestrials (e.g., Contact #239 with Ptaah, December 20, 1991).

Then I would like to remain with "Eduard". It means "guardian of the treasure", and this name applies to no one more than to you, my dear friend Eduard.

In the OM, canon 43, verse 223, another indicator of the New Age prophet's incarnation lineage is provided:

Verse 223.
One of them was Enoch, for instance, then there were also Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jmmanuel and Mohammed in an incarnation lineage.

Billy Meier also received a very interesting photo negative from Harald Proch of Munich at the end of 1977 which Harald Proch had received in his business from an unknown person. Later Billy Meier was informed in a letter that the negative contained the photograph of an ancient fragment of a written document that an Englishman had purchased for his "black" collection on the Egyptian black market.

Based upon his knowledge of the old language reproduced thereon, Billy Meier was able to translate the written text, which contained extremely interesting information that pointed to the prophet's incarnation lineage from Enoch to the New Age. Additionally, the Pleiadians, who were astounded at its mere existence, thoroughly examined this written text. They validated its age to be nearly 8,500 years.

The fragment's text also states among other things:

"I am the herald of truth, and in this mission I will be once again amongst important times by the names of:
Elijah - Isaiah - Jeremiah - Jmmanuel - Mohammed - Billy, so I shall serve the people as prophet seven times until their way of thinking changes to that of heeding Creation's laws and directives."

There is, however, no direct indication that shows the seven major prophets' incarnation lineage from Enoch to Billy in the ancient fragment. Yet, one is able to observe the incarnation lineage and identical state as mentioned in excerpts taken from the OM. Jesus Christ, as a prophet, is not mentioned in this fragment either as being among the New Age prophet's lineage of prophets.

In this incarnation lineage, Jmmanuel appears as the fifth prophet. Jmmanuel was the same prophet who nearly 2000 years ago, under Jshwjsh Kalatan, attempted to spread the spiritual teachings in Israel. It has become an known fact that this herald was the true prophet Jmmanuel, with whom Billy and Asket personally visited during their time travel in 1956.

Billy's incarnation correlation with the fifth prophet Jmmanuel, as revealed in the above-described text segments, has led, through the passage of time, to severe misunderstandings, false interpretations of the contexts, and defamations.

The Jesus Christ of the New Testament was simply, but incorrectly, placed into the same time period as Jmmanuel; he was considered and even presented as the identical person. This occurred in spite of clear and explicit explanation revealing that the term Jesus Christ was only invented approximately 150 years later, after Jmmanuel's activities and alleged death on the cross. The misconception was generated at a very early stage, however, by Jmmanuel's brother Jacob along with an individual known as Paul.

As previously mentioned in his various conversations 2000 years ago, Jmmanuel's true spiritual teachings were greatly falsified shortly after he performed his activities in Palestine. The emerging Christianity initiated and established from his person a fictitious cult entity known as the "only-begotten son of God the Father".

The fact is that Jmmanuel himself 2000 years ago stated to Billy the following words during Meier's time travel:

"Truly, they shall make a cult from my real human existence that will result in great harm. They still see in me only the human being I really am, but soon they will turn me into something slanderous and as being equal to Creation.

Truly, I foresee these events of the future but cannot change them even though I resist them."

Jmmanuel knew very well, even at the time, that his true spiritual teachings would be inscribed and greatly falsified some 150 years after his alleged death on the cross. He was also aware of the fact that Juda Ihariot would steal scrolls from Judas Iscarioth, and from these would originate a so-called "New Testament". Jmmanuel was equally conscious of the fact that from the stolen scrolls there would originate the Jesus-Christ false teachings which, truthfully, no longer had anything to do with the spiritual and Creational teachings. They would be Christian erroneous teachings containing a "New Testament" that was brimming with false teachings, half-truths and religious paradoxes. Even Jmmanuel's true name would no longer be mentioned in this text and, indeed, it would be eliminated from history altogether. Jmmanuel would no longer have anything to do with the teachings of the "New Testament", and the text itself would be attributed to an imaginary, concocted person called Jesus Christ, who had never truly existed.

Jmmanuel was very familiar with future events as they pertained to the invention of the imaginary person called Jesus Christ, and he confided the following words to Billy Meier, some 2000 years ago:

"Truly, this is a vile insult, foreign to any truth.
This name has never been mentioned up to this point in time that I now speak to you.
It will only be introduced later by a person whose mind will be confused.
Once I am associated with this name, however, I will be accused of unrighteousness and lying.
This name wrongs me and I am saddened to know that I will be known by it in the future."

Therefore, the actual flesh-and-blood human being known as Jesus Christ has, in fact, neither lived nor existed; not on Earth nor in any other location throughout the entire Universe. For this reason, therefore, it is impossible for any human being to be the reincarnation of this so-called Jesus Christ.

According to his own words, Jmmanuel states that he has had nothing to do with the concocted teachings of the imaginary Jesus Christ. It is well known that the term Jesus Christ is simply the invention of some elements who lost their way in religion, and falsified history. The instigators who first created this nomenclature were Jmmanuel's brother, Jacob, and a person called Paul.

In actuality, the name Jesus Christ appears frequently in the FIGU texts, e.g., in contact report #57, where Semjase defines certain correlations regarding the term Jesus Christ. The name is also mentioned in the Decalog (German version) on pages 95 and 111; in transmissions reproduced in Genesis (German version), page 93, verse 18; in the Arahat Athersata (German version), chapter 8, page 149, verse 34; occasionally it is also found in the Spirit Lessons (German version), e.g., Letter 6 (page 57) and Letter 9 (page 94). The name Jesus Christ is mentioned in the Instructions to Meditation (German version), pages 4, 78 and 254 and in An Open Word (German version) page 42, verses 307 and 309; on page 45, verse 333; page 46, verse 336, and many other lines of the same book on pages 47, 48, 54, 55, 64, 66, 74, 79, 86 and 90, etc., etc. In certain contexts the name Jesus Christ is mentioned even in the Talmud Jmmanuel (English version) on page 1 of the foreword, and in chapter 26, verses 38 and 43. Not all references in the above-specified texts are given due to their great number, but they merely impart the historic or philosophic background. Nowhere is any mention made of Jesus Christ's reincarnation lineage to Billy Meier. The plain and simple reason is that there exists no such lineage. Jesus Christ is an alias term for the prophet Jmmanuel. It is fundamentally no secret that the Talmud Jmmanuel was intended to represent the modern "New Testament" had the latter not been so blatantly and irrationally falsified.

The "alias" term for Jmmanuel simply reveals the falsification and substitution of his name by those who have falsely renamed him Jesus Christ some 50 years later.

The Wahrig German dictionary provides the following definition for "alias":

ali as different, other; also called ..., actually

This definition clearly and explicitly states that Jmmanuel, according to history, was turned into someone else who had nothing in common with his origin, i.e., the actual person. Two totally different stories and persons emerge - the actual Jmmanuel on one hand, and on the other the fictitious Jesus Christ. The two are completely different from each other.

One story is Jmmanuel's spiritual-universal teachings; and the other entails the confused religious teachings of the so-called Jesus Christ that provide the basis for Christianity and have come to be known as the "New Testament", and each differs in all basic, pertinent aspects. Both types of teachings continue to offer certain facets of similarity, though. The similarities, however, must be credited to the scrolls that had been stolen from Judas Iscarioth and were later falsified beyond recognition.

In contrast to Jmmanuel's true spiritual teachings, the confused teachings that refer to a Heavenly Father by an imaginary Jesus Christ, contain negative ramifications of lust for blood, of death and destruction, as is also the case with the Bible. By pronouncing the words Christ or Jesus, and based on the true meaning of these words, their evil significance is released through cabbalism - a negative ramification full of negative excesses and manifestations. The same also holds true in this context for the terminology "Jesus consciousness", "Christ consciousness", "Christ principle", "God principle", "God consciousness" and the like. Furthermore, Christianity's "New Testament" elevates a human being into an emissary of Creation and allows the person of Jesus Christ to become a cult worship figure. Jesus Christ's confused teachings point to the veneration of an almighty Creator-God who sits in heaven as creator of the entire Universe and organizer of the fate of the world and all human beings living on it. These are confused, nonsensical Christian false teachings whose absurdity, horrendous contradictions and insanity can hardly be expressed in words. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for human beings on Earth to revert back to the true Creational teachings, and to squelch once and for all every word formation that may be associated with the fictitious cult figure Jesus Christ, no matter how slight.

In countless sections of the "New Testament", Jesus Christ makes mention of a father in heaven as a creator-god with his creations, which is in complete contrast to the teachings of Jmmanuel. Here is one example:

Matthew, chapter 7, verse 21:
Not everyone ... will enter the kingdom of heaven, only the one who does follow the will of my Father in heaven.

Matthew, chapter 23, verse 9:
And call no one your father on Earth, for you have a father, the one in heaven.

These false and confused Christian teachings regarding a creator-god by the so-called Jesus Christ are cult-religious spheres of interest, of course, and can certainly not be brought to coincide with Jmmanuel's teachings and those by Billy Meier, the true prophet of the New Age. Two thousand years ago in his unadulterated teachings, and in contrast to Jesus Christ, Jmmanuel has explained the following regarding the subject "God the Father" in Heaven:

Talmud Jmmanuel, chapter 28, verses 59-61:
59. God and his Sons of Heaven are other human races who have come in their metallic machines from stars in the vastness of space.
60. Creation remains immeasurably high above and beyond God and his Sons of Heaven, who are but guardian angels.
61. Creation alone is the immeasurable enigma that creates life and remains immeasurably high above God and all life as well.

Billy Meier, himself a part of the incarnation lineage of the seven prophets as prophet of the New Age, currently writes in his book An Open Word:

An Open Word, page 3, verses 17-19:
17. The fact, namely, that the God mentioned in the Bible is not Creation - and never shall be.
18. Creation itself exists inaccessibly higher than God, who is nothing more than a human being who has merely served as the primary ruler over various human races since ancient times.
19. The biblical God, beyond the shadow of a doubt, is a human being - who even is, with extreme certainty, a star traveller.

This comparison between text segments about the identical subject matter regarding Jmmanuel's teachings and the confused teachings by the fictitious Jesus Christ, shows clearly and explicitly that these teachings are based on completely different origins. If Billy Meier were a reincarnation of Jesus Christ, he would obviously be proclaiming the same teachings in the New Age, not their complete antithesis, for Meier would have had to be affected by the impulses of the old Christian teachings himself had they truly corresponded to the truth; which is not the case, however.

Even Jmmanuel's birthday conflicts with that of the imaginary Jesus Christ. Jmmanuel's true birthday must be established as February 3 in the year 0, which is identified in the incarnation lineage of the prophet's succession list and extends to the prophet of the New Age. The birthday of the so-called, albeit contrived, Savior Jesus Christ has been set for December 24th. This is one more piece of evidence that the two men could not have been one and the same person, nor did they live during the identical period. Had this been the case, indeed, they would logically have to be born on the same day 2000 years ago. Due to the fact, however, that people had to agree on a birthdate for the contrived character Jesus Christ, who was born of a temporal mother and purportedly procreated by the Holy Ghost, they simply chose December 24th as that day.

The name Jmmanuel denotes the virtue and meaning of "he of godly knowledge", which, of course refers to the knowledge of an Jshwjsh, i.e., the knowledge of a human being with extremely high learning, of an initiated and wise counsellor. On the other hand, the title Jesus Christ contains the value of all that is evil, excessive and murderous. Christ is the English version of the Old Greek word Christos and is a direct reference to ancient, mysterious cult activities. That is to say that the title Christos was applied to the actual cult rite during cult and unreal rituals, when anointment and unction sacraments were performed on sacrificial offerings and idols. If we speak here of anointments and unctions, it does not refer to ointments and oils, but the blood of infants, girls and virgins, who had been brutally slaughtered and their blood gathered in urns. The votive offerings to the idols and gods of the cult were then smeared or "anointed" with this blood Moreover, in most cases these sacrifices and votive offerings consisted of human tributes who were offered to some bloodthirsty, sacrifice-demanding gods. Only later were these human sacrifices and human killings slowly superseded, an the human blood substituted by fragrant ointments and oils. In place of human sacrifices, people used increasingly more animals fruit or vegetables and the like. But it is for all these reasons that even today the title Christos or Christos stands for absolute negativity, contempt for Creation and evil with the numerological value of 666.

This correlation to idolatrous and sacrificial cults was one of the reasons why Jmmanuel rebelled at the time against the name Jesus Christ. He was perfectly aware that his spiritual teachings would be greatly falsified and coupled with an insanely contrived person called Jesus Christ. The same holds true also of the title Jesus. Hence, if Christians speak of a "Jesus consciousness", "Jesus principle" or similar things in reference to the Christian religion's false teachings that came into being as a consequence, then they are behaving very negatively and evoking all negative forces into an excessive reaction.

Therefore, if somebody now wishes to defame Billy Meier and claim that he is a direct reincarnation of Jesus Christ, indeed that Meier states this in his own words, the accusation is a completely stupid, illogical and primitive lie and imputation beyond words. Meier cannot do anything nowadays with such nonsensical lies and insane and confused teachings that are recounted and taught in the "New Testament", nor can anyone else associate them with Jmmanuel who lived 2000 years ago. Let us refer one more time to the references in Billy Meier's written texts, the OM and the ancient fragment he received from England. Nowhere is mention ever made of a Jesus Christ who is supposed to appear in the incarnation lineage of the seven prophets from Enoch to Billy. There exists not one book nor any written text where Billy Meier makes any reference that shows his connection to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is not mentioned in any way throughout the entire line of prophets and their incarnation lineage. Whoever claims the opposite is a deceiver, fraud, cheat and a primitive, brazen liar.

Sectarians and opponents of the truth are obviously attempting to correlate Billy's teachings with religious ideologies via Jesus Christ and Jmmanuel in order to generate confusion. To this end they probably hope to lead Meier's teachings toward absurdity so as to falsify the spiritual teachings anew and to incorporate them into the Christian false teachings.

Every conscientious seeker, scholar and informed reader of the spiritual teachings, contact reports and all other written FIGU material, ought to ponder these considerations. Each should thoroughly examine these facts to finally put an end to this rumor that Billy Meier's incarnation lineage leads back to Jesus Christ.


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