Effecting Good

Effecting Good written by "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier


When I had to struggle with obstacles of all kinds, when I had to very strenuously pit myself against my existence, when the strength of my thinking and feeling and the strength of my will and my body had threatened to fail, when morale and all hope had started to sink and everything in myself became very and unendingly difficult for me to persevere in life and to single-mindedly do my duty and fulfil my responsibilities, then I searched for my most secret spiritual-fine-sensitive-feelings and feelings, which, as a very quiet breath, whispered to me that there are unutterably few happy and content human beings on this planet since they all are plagued by immeasurable grief and sorrow as well as problems and worries which they are unable to get under control.

The cognition grew always within myself - how very much worse off than I these human beings must be. Yet, like I, they all can only find the way out of their entire misfortune when they effect good in themselves, when they dedicate themselves to contemplation and through this dedicate themselves to the source of cognition which brings a release from all miseries and ills, from grief, sorrow, problems and worries. This cognition lies in the real observation of all things, that all is worth living, the negative as well as the positive, and that only the living out of the good as well as the bad makes life worth living and brings immeasurable learning experiences, events and values.

The mission of life, namely to evolve in the consciousness, and the fulfilment of this mission is the source from which those who are sorrowful, grief-stricken, downcast with problems and under work pressures, constantly draw new strength, moments of quiescence and recuperation, joy, love, harmony and peace. That is my cognition and it teaches me that when good is consciously effected then the good becomes all-pervasive.

Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, Hinterschmidrüti

January 19, 2005, 00:15 a.m.


Translation of Billy's essay “Gutes Wirken” by Willem Mondria


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