Excerpt from 234th Official Contact Report

The following unofficial and unauthorized translation update by Mariann Uehlinger, Switzerland, and Bruce Lulla, USA, February 24, 2015,
is from Informatives - Kontaktmauscheler written by “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier.


Two hundred and thirty-fourth (234th) Contact, Friday, January 19, 1990, 12:07 a.m.

Ptaah: It was one of the reasons and just as important for us as that which is about to come next: Through the loving assistance of the level of the 'High Council', namely, it has happened that your level of origin has contacted the level 'Petale', and 'Petale' now wants to speak to you in the possible, onesided form you know in order to give some important information to you, as also the level 'Arahat Athersata' wants to do this, who considers the identical information necessary as well. Therefore, you should now direct yourself to this and create the necessary state of equalisedness in you, so that the onesided information transmission can come to pass.

Billy: – Wow, Ptaah, that's quite a thing. I would have never dreamed of this; this really is something! But I will do as you say. It'll take some time to equalise myself and to bring the swinging wave to the necessary height and to adjust it.

Ptaah: I will be patient and wait.

Billy: I'll surely need 15 to 20 minutes to adjust myself.

Ptaah: I will be patient and wait, as I have already explained. Make an effort now, and create the neutralising status and the necessary swinging wave.

12:32 a.m. You are realising in you words of the highest level of swinging waves, called for understanding, PETALE. So we know about the machinations of dishonest form by human beings of terrestrial origin on the very planet, who claim in untruth that they would stay in a communicating wise with us or with the level ARAHAT ATHERSATA, or else with forms of the life of an extraterrestrial kind, or with forms of the spirit of any other than material Earthkind. Truly, what there is to reveal about it, is that we, the level PETALE, in the highest form of the power of all cognisance, have to make known that we, in the control of all things in the entire material and spiritual existence of the creational-universal realm, have to confirm that knowledge and truth in all things is our own and therein exists no cognisance at all about a fact that would say that apart from you another human life form on Earth would have contacts to US or to the level ARAHAT ATHERSATA, or would be capable hereto. In a conscious wise there are absolutely no human life forms present who would master the powers and capabilities in order to have connections with human life forms of a different form than terrestrial life itself. Equally, there are no human life forms at all on the planet Earth who have mastered their powers and capabilities to communicate with fine-fluidal forms of life of any kind, to receive messages from such, or to be taught neither by forms of the fine-fluidal spiritness on Earth nor outside of it. Given are only the forms of that connecting kind of communication, which is limited to one-sided impulses, tuition, messages and information that proceed from human life forms outside of the terrestrial world, and that are received in a very limited number by human life forms of Lyrian origin, who live on planet Earth in line with their mission. None of those would, however, openly proclaim themselves nor would they go public or call themselves human beings not born on Earth. If, various human beings on Earth nevertheless do this in such a way that they call themselves human beings borne on Earth and living in that place, or human beings coming with a place of origin from a planet other than Earth, it is given in a very clear form that they are speaking untruths in the same forms as those who untruthly claim to stay in communicative contact with us or with the level ARAHAT ATHERSATA or with fine-fluidal or coarse-substantial life forms other than the human being of Earth himself/herself. Finally, it has to be pointed out that all necessary explanations were given in a conversation with JHWH Ptaah on November 17th, 1989, as well as in a further conversation he had with you on December 1st, 1989 and which were completely based on information which was given to him through the level 'High Council' which the 'High Council' had received from the level ARAHAT ATHERSATA, which, according to our information out of the absolute cognisance of all things of the material and spiritual realm of the existing universal space, has transferred to the 'High Council', and the 'High Council' has transferred the information to JHWH Ptaah, who then informed you through his conversations. Therefore, through this the real truth and the course of things is given, as they truly correspond to the facts. So given, for your information and knowledge and also for all those who are bearers of the truth on planet Earth.

1:04 a.m. We, the ARAHAT ATHERSATA, therefore issue the word to you in order to proclaim to you in a short declaration that all kinds of machinations of a dishonest form, by those borne on planet Earth, are of no rightness at all, who in truthlessness and truthfalsification as well as in evil-natured untruth claim that human beings of Earth would stay in contact with us or the PETALE level. Equally, untruth and unrightness apply there where assertions are equally made and supported that Earth human beings would stay in contact with human life forms from worlds other than from Earth. By the same token, this also applies to assertions of those who themselves boast through untruth with supposed contacts to spirit forms of any kind in this world or the other world, or terrestrial-foreign worlds of coarse- or fine-fluidal form and kind. All explanations that had to be made were given to you through JHWH Ptaah on November 17th and December 1st, 1989 in a talk hereto with you, you who have already begun to spread this information. The explanations mentioned contain all necessary information which clearly describe and explain all facts as such, and to add more to those is of no requirement or necessity, because they leave nothing to be doubted.

Billy: I am glad too. But tell me, Ptaah, what do you think of the fuss and kerfuffle all around the world? All this which you told me on November 17th and December 1st of last year is actually happening now. Indeed, I am not astonished or shocked due to that, because I know well enough that you would never make any predictions that were not right, but nonetheless it is somehow always appalling how everything comes true and nothing can be done against it. You said that it would not take very long after the first signs of peace and freedom had appeared in the various countries around the globe, before once again, terror and murder and manslaughter would come about anew, and a further spilling of blood would put the human beings into a state of anxiety and horror until new wars would break out again. Thereto you said as well that often hidden, dirty and agitating machinations of foreign countries would have to be blamed, which would infiltrate the diverse countries with dirty packs of agents for the purpose of intrigues and for the creation of confusion and unpeace and to the upbuilding of anarchism and terror. Now it actually has come to the point in the so-called free countries all over, that all hell is breaking loose even more so, creating terror everywhere, furthering a spilling of blood, unsatisfaction and anarchism, no matter whether it is in the GDR (German Democratic Republic = East Germany), Romania, Lithuania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary or Armenia, Erevan, Azerbaijan or others. Everywhere this damn terror is made and it is shouted for blood. Mikhail Gorbachev especially is the greatest victim, because he – through his fair thinking and acting, through his putting Perestroika and Glasnost into action – is the one who brought freedom in an enormous form and was an ideal for many countries which followed suit. In return, however, he is now being deceived and getting into a hell of a mess because the populace has been incited by the foreign pack of agents, and therefore he has become the bogeyman. The whole thing is escalating and getting out of control, and it has already come to the point where the straitened governments have no other choice, than to re-establish order with military and armed force. If this, however, goes further with this insane framework of terror and anarchy, incited by the population and the dirty pack of agents, then it will come to blows very soon, and the greatest civil wars will rage across the countries. And then it's not a far cry from the third world war, particularly not if those responsible for all the terror can dirtily 'potter about', without being able to put a stop to their lousy activities.

Ptaah: Your words really are truth-bearing regarding the current threat you have mentioned. The irrationality and excess of all those who stir up trouble and revolution with Gewalt through anarchism and terror in all politically changing countries, lead thereto that a great spilling of blood will come over them and over many others and, furthermore, over uninvolved and innocent people, which has already begun today.

Billy: Surely in Russia, near the Persian border? This is where it will come to blows because the terror of the population is greatest there. Presumably the army, which has been sent to the area, will have no other choice but to use the force of weapons to re-establish order, or attempt to do so in a way that requires the use of weapons, and many people will have to pay with their blood and lives for their irrationality and their terror (terrorism), wherefore once again, all those lunatics, revolting ones, as well as the ill and false humanitarians, along with the help of the Western powers, will nonsensically place the responsibility on the Russian government, even though it simply does exactly what every other government would do. But because it is Russia, the others pick on it, while everyone keeps silent about the criminal assault by the Americans on Panama, along with all their other criminal activities before and after through the Americans, or even praise and support them. I don't want to get involved in politics, far be it from me, but these are facts in view of which one must not remain silent. Actually, the whole world should realise the discrepancy of the entire American propaganda machine of freedom slogans on the one hand, and the contradictory actions concerning capital punishment and the warmongering machinations and criminal assaults on foreign countries on the other hand, but this is unfortunately not the case; and indeed on the one hand because certain countries are dependent on America – for both the military and the civilian sectors – and on the other hand also because America is feared. Known only too well is that America does not shrink back from any machinations whatsoever when an advantage can be attained for the USA.

Ptaah: Now you are talking dangerous words as you heard them also from me on December 1st of last year.

Billy: That may be so, but it is the truth. Certainly, many terrible things and machinations are also originating from all other countries of Earth, but in these things America is really the non plus ultra. It has no rival, also concerning lies, swindle, cheat, and terrible machinations of the dirtiest kind in order to suppress the truth, as this is especially the case concerning me and my contacts with all of you. And this quite apart from the fact of the incredible lies of all those many Americans who cheatingly claim of having contacts with you or with other extraterrestrial human beings or spirit forms, and so forth. The impertinence of all these dirty creatures knows no limits, and they are probably the greatest and slimiest "Hundsfotte" here and even beyond our universe. This, I really do want to state thoroughly and clearly once again in this conversation. As I have already previously said, such liars, swindlers and cheaters also exist in many other countries, particularly in countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy and France, but, with only few exceptions, the people of these countries are in no way able to hold a candle – in this respect – to the lying Americans. The victims are those Americans who are open and honest, and who honestly try to be a human being, to find the truth and live according to the creational-natural laws and recommendations.

Ptaah: PETALE and ARAHAT ATHERSATA spoke of this as well. Through them the truth was revealed, and no further explanations are really necessary. Our conversations on November 17th and December 1st of last year also contained all the necessary explanations, descriptions and facts, therefore we do not need further words of clarification, at least not for the moment.

Billy: This is of correctness, if I want to react to your words with Quetzal's phrase. Nonetheless, however, I have a great need, once again, to call all the penetrating and slimy contact liars, contact swindlers and contact cheaters, as well as the liars, swindlers and cheaters, etc., who claim to be extraterrestrials themselves, among other things, what they really are, namely nothing else but the most despicable "Hundsfotte" of the entire universe who have not the slightest spark of decency in them, let alone that they would have one iota of respect for the truth or even for the love and greatness of the Creation, because how else would it come that they were so disgracefully audacious to treat the truth abominably and claim, with the most blatant lie, that they would have contacts to material life forms other than to human beings on planet Earth, and to fine-fluidal life forms of other-worldly or extraterrestrial or of a purely spiritual nature. And all this, even though it should be clear to any merely halfway rational human being that all the liars, swindlers, cheaters, and the human being on Earth in general, is neither evolved enough nor capable in any wise at all, of building up such contacts, not to mention maintaining them.

Ptaah: These are additional words that correspond to the truth, however I think we have discussed all these concerns sufficiently, and from our side there is nothing more to be explained. If we did so nevertheless, we would only get unnecessarily agitated, as this happened to us uncontrollably about 50 days ago, on December 1st.

Billy: You are right with this, and it would probably be better not to grapple with it any longer, although I still would have more to say, and also wanted to say, concerning the mendacious, defamatory and cheating machinations of all those Americans who show a "Hundsfotte-like" Wesen and behaviour and also think and act suchlike. They really have no decency, no honour in dignity or respect, let alone honesty, venerability or anything else which would show positive value. When I just think of – which also happens, but much less frequently in other countries, in countries foreign to America – how my texts are being stolen, copied, wrongly or partly wrongly translated, and spread for a lot of money which also applies also to all of my photos, etc., then this says clearly and precisely to me that all those criminal creatures who fall into the designated categories, do not yet deserve the name "human being." Which also holds true for those who have the audacity to lyingly call themselves contactees of yours or PETALE, ARAHAT ATHERSATA, of higher spirit forms, the 'High Council' or of those from the other world, or other such life forms who are not of a purely material, terrestrial-human nature. And that all of them, all the supposed contactees, mediums, channelers and other lunatics, are liars, swindlers and cheaters has now been fully confirmed by PETALE and ARAHAT ATHERSATA, and indirectly by the 'High Council' as well.

Ptaah: That is the case, however the 'High Council' confirms the fact of being in concordance with PETALE and ARAHAT ATHERSATA and with us not only indirectly, because I am obliged to inform you on its behalf that it, as well, is having no contacts whatsoever with any human life forms from or on Earth, since it would be absolutely impossible due to the low evolutionary level of all human beings living on Earth – except for your person, you, however, who does not make use of this connection-possibility and leaves it to me in all honour in dignity to maintain this contact-possibility, although you would be more appropriately entitled to it and since time immemorial would also have the possibility to do so.

Billy: You talk too much. Once we were one with each other, it was on our Great Journey, that we would keep these and several other things a secret.

Ptaah: … But this is not of importance, however, indeed more likely this, that the record clearly and precisely has to be set straight, that neither we nor you, or your groups, are racially hostile or otherwise racially discriminating or racialistic. This, we are, all of us, in no kind and wise, although various calumniators of terrestrial human nature claim this to be the case, especially Americans and America-friendly persons of other country’s nationalities. This, however, only because we distance ourselves from America and cannot have any connection with this country and its inhabitants, wherefore the reasons have already been mentioned several times. These recent lies and calumnies, originating, of course, once again in America, have been spreading in the USA for several days now, and so it won't be long before this further calumniation campaign will spread to Europe and the rest of the world. Thereupon, I would like to prepare you and your group and ask all of you not to take it to heart, because it is never and in no wise worthwhile getting agitated over lies, calumniations and other dishonest, mendacious and characterless machinations by those who are villainous, insidious and otherwise vile in their character.

Billy: This, I also have always handled like that and have pointed it out to the group members as well. As for me, I only laugh about lies, swindles and cheats and calumniations of all kinds. Furthermore, I know from experience that calumnies, lies and other terrible things I and the group have maliciously been imputed with, always were for our benefit and brought us immeasurably great success freely adapted from the principle, "Whoever is of low enough intelligence to disparage the next one, to want to do harm to him/her, to make up lies about him/her and to calumniate him/her, need not be surprised when the calumniated one and the insulted one, reaps great success and riches therethrough." This is a fact which has proven to be true for us again and again, since particularly I and my work are being calumniated, and everything is being dragged through the mud. In spite of this, I would like to agree with your words that neither I nor the group members are racists or otherwise racially discriminating ones. All people are equal to us, no matter what race or skin colour or language etc. they belong to. Neither does it matter to us in the least what their nationality is, and so therefore also not the politics. If we however, just like you, distance ourselves from Americans and Israelis, then this has other background reasons. However, this distancing only refers thereto that we hold ourselves back from all those dirty elements of whom we know that they are characterless scalawags and other antisocial people. Those Americans and Israelis who are decent and truly searching for the truth and likewise striving for the truth and living accordingly, we never put obstacles in their way, however, and many can prove this. We correspond with them and maintain hearty, good and friendly contacts and very often also have a cordial togetherness. Unfortunately, this has always again and again been made use of by slimy toadies and other useless antisocial people, subsequently resulting in more unpleasantness and new lies and tirades of hatred, which are thought up and produced by these characterless scalawags, because they simply cannot accept that their lies, greed-for-profit-machinations, contact cheatings, channeling lies and other swindlings and medium rubbish and who the-devil-knows what other nonsense, will be equally disclosed by us, as their mendacious supposed being human, their hypocritical inadequacy and their various dirty machinations with regard to lies, cheating and swindle for the purpose of the own profit in psychic or material form, always to the disadvantage of the fellow human beings. They are the Americans and Israelis we simply ignore and resist against. Therefore, the Americans and Israelis are particularly mentioned, because it is they who stand at the forefront with their terrible machinations worldwide, far ahead and with a wide and great gap from the next ones. Therefore, because specially in these aforementioned concerns and besides other things, the Americans and Israelis stand at the forefront, therefore we do not endeavour in a special measure to make propaganda for the mission in America, as the same is the case with Israel. According to their own convenience, un-understanding and sense for profit, they deny and falsify our writings and the truth to the greatest extent, without having the slightest scruples thereby. They build up calumnies, lies, cheatings and swindle, so that such shameless impertinence makes one's hair stand on end. What else were we to do, therefore, but to behave as required, just as you do. Now really enough of this, because we do not have to vindicate ourselves, and the fact that we are not racists or anything similar, is best known to those who consciously and unjustly accuse us of such things, and who spread such calumnies all over the world, simply because they are themselves the worst screamers, inhumane ones, misanthropists and abnormal ones, so therefore racial haters and the worst sort of racists.

Ptaah: And in this respect America stands again, along with South Africa, at the front line.

Billy: Exactly. One need only think of what America has done and still does today to the Native Americans. Their rights are tread down upon with the feet and disparagingly trampled into the dirt, let alone all of the other terrible things that appear. One simply has to think also of how people were kidnapped in Africa and in other countries a long time ago and brought to America, where they were miserably enslaved, mistreated and removed from any human rights; how these human beings were persecuted because of their skin colour and even today they are being persecuted, mistreated, locked up and hunted and murdered as outlaws through sects and criminal organisations, such as the Ku Klux Klan, then it is not only enough to make one's blood boil, but the naked dread and the icy horror is racing up inside of oneself. Who can be astonished, that in this country the great masses still vehemently take a stand for the preservation of the death penalty and let loose a blood-craving roaring of joy when a human being is executed, or when the military, criminally and in a warlike wise, invades foreign countries, or when Intelligence Officials and other agents commit political murder or simply deceitful murder, in order to prevent those from speaking up who have the courage to shout the truth into the world. Something that can also happen to me, because I can neither keep my trap shut nor can I leave these dirty machinations unnamed.

Ptaah: You voice a true word, but this word is actually dangerous, because to voice the truth in this form means great danger. Those spoken of do not feel happy about knowing such facts to be openly verbalised.

Billy: I know that I evoke therewith still more enemies for myself and danger for my life.

Ptaah: This is actually the case, because your words correspond completely to the truth, and the guilty ones do not like to hear it.

Billy: What is said is said, and I don't have to take back one word. Finally, someone must voice the truth and, well, that's now me – although it could become rather unpleasant for me. But now really enough of this …


Hundsfott = (an individual's character called a "Hundsfott" is without any decency; it is cowardly, rotten and morally detestable and extremely contemptible)


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