Excerpt from 338th Official Contact Report

The following unofficial and unauthorized translation by Larry Driscoll, USA, October 12, 2013,
is an excerpt from 338th Official Contact Report, Monday, February 24, 2003,
from Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports - Block 8, pages 495-497.


German Original English Translation

Auszüge aus dem 338. offiziellen Kontaktgespräch
vom 24. Februar 2003

Excerpts from the 338th official contact conversation
from February 24, 2003

Florena: 19. …

Florena: 19. However can I ask you a question with regard to the spiritual teachings?

20. …

20. Your explanation should certainly also be of interest to the group members.


Billy: Does it concerns a question, which is answerable and still falls into the possible explanation area for the group member?

Florena: 21. …

Florena: 21. Yes, this is certainly the case, because you are very knowledgeable in these interests.

22. …

22. As a result of my lack of knowledge, the question has arisen in me, from what does the collective consciousness block of the human being develop?

23. …

23. Has this been created since the creation of the spirit-form by Creation for a reason through a creative conformity law in a way, so that each spirit-form one such is assigned, or does it form a separate unity, which first originates in a human being, when a spirit-form reincarnates in him?


Billy: This should however be known to your spiritual leaders, for this question I have in my lengthy writings answered for the spiritual leaders. However, your question is interesting, and I mean, because recently a core group member came to me with a similar question.

Florena: 24. …

Florena: 24. Your work for our spiritual leaders must first be reviewed by them, which will take up considerable time.

25. …

25. After this then the total will officially be conveyed to our entire humanity in a teaching way.

26. …

26. As I know from Ptaah, you have for months on end worked for our spiritual leaders on a lengthy lesson, which should take five to six years for them to review.

27. …

27. I would like however not to have to wait so long for an answer to my question.

28. …

28. If it is permitted, therefore can I ask for an answer?


Billy: Of course. It is a great honor to me. So listen then: The collective consciousness block of the human being traces back surely to a creative conformity to natural law, however it is not integrated into the spirit-form for a reason. Actually in fact, this block is first created by the spirit-form itself, precisely by power of the creative laws, that the spirit-form must consist of the two poles negative and positive in the existence of the material body. The spirit-form itself then constitutes the positive value, whereas the collective consciousness block embodies the negative value, which stands in direct connection with the material consciousness coming from it, which itself through its own power thought forming influences and also evolves itself. Similarly the material consciousness exists also in a special form in connection with the entire material body, which is why it also means, that the material body constitutes the negative value. This applies also regarding animals, etc., only that here a collective instinct consciousness block and an instinct consciousness exist and also no conscious consciousness. But now back to the spirit-form, which in the human being creates the collective consciousness block, or in the fauna, etc., the collective instinct consciousness block. At first it is just an ignorant new spirit-form – with humans as with animals etc. -, which still has no collective consciousness block respectively collective instinct consciousness block at its disposal, as a result of which it itself is able to create from itself a human conscious consciousness respectively a material consciousness or with animals etc., an animal instinct consciousness. Even if we speak now just only about human beings, arrive therefore, a still ignorant and, a for the first time a material body inhabiting new spirit which creative and in the spirit-form impulselike stored law is in force, to create the collective consciousness block from itself . Then this creates from itself the conscious material consciousness and consequently therefore the actual personality, which then the material life copes with, learns and after the passing away of the material body likewise passes away. Associated with the spirit-form, which after the passing away of the material body goes over to one of its own beyond areas, this occurs similarly with the collective consciousness block, which likewise enters into its own beyond area. In this the block reviews through its neutral energy together with the personality still all totally, which is still not assimilated from the former current life . When this review is completed, then through the power and energy of the collective consciousness block the personality is dissolved into pure neutral energy, which in no way whatsoever contains old personality impulses. This neutral spirit energy finds then from the collective consciousness block for its use, to create from it an absolutely new personality and therefore a new consciousness, which with the dissolved and former personality respectively, in no way whatsoever exhibits similarities with the old consciousness. This new personality is then, together with the reincarnation capable spirit-form and its collective consciousness block born into a new human body. From this also it follows, that no personality and therefore no human being can be born again, because this only and alone remains reserved for the always constant spirit-form. Thus, only the spirit-form is arranged through creative law capabilities to reincarnation, however not the personality.

Florena: 29. …

Florena: 29. It is simply wonderful and fascinating, how thoroughly and clearly comprehensively you always are able to explain everything.

30. …

30. My heartfelt thanks for your valuable explanation.

31. …

31. I wish myself, that I had similar ability regarding this, like this is characteristic of you.


Billy: Thanks for the flowers, but I think, that you can learn this also and that there are still many other human beings in the entire universe, who equally are able to do this. It requires of each, that one is about the matter, to thoroughly study and be familiar with the material and never entertain a superficiality.

Florena: 32. …

Florena: 32. Just now, you could not have explained this better.

33. …

33. What you say sounds very simple too, but the reality is in fact, that everything is extremely difficult to learn.

34. …

34. So, it requires a thorough learning of this ability.


Billy: Yes, this is unfortunately the key point, at which countless human beings fail.

Florena: 35. …

Florena: 35. Unfortunately this is also the truth.

36. …

36. But now, dear friend, …


Billy: Of course, now you really must go.

Florena: 37. …

Florena: 37. That’s right.

38. …

38. Good bye – and greetings am I still to pass on to you from Quetzal.


Billy: Thanks. Then Salome. So long.


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